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PVC Coaching Call 7.8.21

So far, how's everybody doing? Good.

[00:00:11] You Rob, you look like you're dressed for winter. I know it's winter in Australia, but is it cold? Really? Yes in the nice he gets rid of Colbert during the day. It's fine here in t-shirts in the day and wrap up at night.

[00:00:32] That's your winter? My winter involves a snowblower all the time. I can imagine. I can imagine. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Let's get started. Who wants to jump in first?

[00:00:48] I don't mind. And then I'm I'll miss last week, which was unfortunate, but we have to do it through the recording, which is good. So I'm not sure what to do now. So does he at that stage? Do I set up my landing page in the what's it called? The system compliant.

[00:01:11] Playful. Thank you. Where did you wherever you left off, like where are you at? What have you done? I did the persona.

[00:01:21] I did those three personas and then it was like, so I've set up a domain name, register, registered domain name was ready to point to click funnels once I set up that I haven't set it up yet because I wasn't sure. So if I set that up and then set up a landing page, And then the main and then start up Facebook ads.

[00:01:41]Have you done the USP work though? Have you done the have you done the ISP and USP work from week two, the lesson called positioning your offer? I probably actually positioning yourself, positioning your business.

[00:02:03]Okay, so that's something I'll look at then I just need you to, I need you to, oh, it's a different angle of Christian and got 80 webcams over there. Dude. I do too. I have three. I'm good. Yeah. Right now I just swab real quick. Yeah, dude, I just dropped $650 on new wifi equipment. I was just like, I didn't know what to buy.

[00:02:32] So I just bought the most expensive stuff. That's like really top of the line, but it's not plugged in. I didn't have time to plug it in. And I was like, oh, I'm going to be late. So I think I'm on like seven megabytes download right now, which is why I'm surprised this is working. But anyway yeah, this is my most flattering webcam angle.

[00:02:50] This is my fancy camera. Yeah. That lesson at the beginning of week two is definitely the most important lesson in PVC.

[00:03:06] Aye. I don't want to slow you down. So I won't, but I'd like you to do that. Now that being said, you can do it. It's not like you have to like, do that and wait another week and come back and talk to me next week. We don't need to do that. You could do as much as you, you always have access to me on circle, but you can also go through anything as much as you can.

[00:03:29]But I would like you to do that exercise. It's going to make you, it's going to give you much better shot at getting clients. So step one, watch that lesson again and then do the homework associated with that lesson and then drop that in circles so that I can see that so that I can really see how you're framing your business. Okay. Then, and you wanted to do the life coaching. Yeah. I was probably going to niche down from that, but I'll start broad niche down.

[00:04:10] Is that right? Or yeah I think that's fine. And what was the idea like, what was it that you wanted to do for them, create a video suite of video ads for them? Are you thinking, is that what they'll mostly use you for or what's the problem that you're solving getting clients, getting customers, how are you going to do that?

[00:04:35] I don't know yet.

[00:04:40]It was through videos through video and then Facebook ads are like that and set up like a probably a ClickFunnels landing page system. So you want to do a full, like you want to take on coaches for a full advertising package? I presume so, yeah. I haven't really thought, I thought that was the way to go, but you can do whatever you want.

[00:05:07] I'm just trying to figure it out.

[00:05:11] Do you have experience in any of that stuff? I've created landing pages, websites and all that sort of thing again, but not an expert in it. But I can do it. I can do probably a bit, a couple of actions, stuff like that. Sure. Okay. Okay. If there's an easier angle, no, it's obviously that's fine. You can do whatever you want to do for sure. Let me show you guys what I've been testing this week, because I've validated that it can get leads at a good clip and it may be something you guys want to play with to get on the phone.

[00:05:54]I hope sharing my screen is going to work with my current internet connection. Okay, Brad. All right. Let me share this with you.

[00:06:13] Oh, my gosh, my internet connection is pretty bad. So we're testing a couple of different funnels for you guys and we're, we're just, I'm just spending my own money to test these funnels and get leads in the door. And this is the one that I wouldn't say that I've spent enough money on it to fully validate it.

[00:06:32] But it's gotten leads some pretty cheap leads in the door, and this might be something as some of you guys want to test to start with, because it's so much easier than doing a VSL and everything like that. You can just start getting this up while you're working on a VSL and you're starting to build some case studies.

[00:06:52] This is a, I basically designed this funnel that it leads with the offer with a sort of pay us on the results we get for you with our video offer. And the offer is designed for people with no case studies or testimonials. So a lot of you guys it's designed to be able to get people on the phone with you and to take them through the sales script.

[00:07:29] And so basically it's a landing page and. Yeah, pretty, relatively generic. You'll there's one testimonial from me on here, but otherwise there's no other like testimonials and stuff. There's stuff about my system. There's stuff about who we can help there's stuff about me, but there's nothing here that is like the real juice is in the facts about video and the copywriting.

[00:08:02] And I designed this so that you could rip it and anyone should be able to plug into this and get leads. And so this is a, this is working relatively well for us right now. And it might be something that you guys want to look at. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to have Kelsey put this in the course and we'll put, I'll put it in circle too.

[00:08:27] And just tell you about how to use it, if you want to just this is an offer that it's not going to always bring in the best leads possible, but because it's obviously going to bring in people that have money that are sometimes money scared for obvious reasons, because it's, we're saying you only pay when you get results, but it gets them in the door on a call with.

[00:08:52] And basically the idea behind this funnel and I used to run a similar funnel for a different business. So it was already, it's already, I've already validated it through something other than just strict video. The idea being you have to, as it says here, there's a disclaimer. Please note, in order to qualify for this opportunity, you must have a proven advertising funnels to be investing significantly in advertising.

[00:09:13] So during the first call in the sales call, if for those of you that have gotten to week three, you go through the sales modules, you'll see what our sales script is. The funnel is designed so that you qualify them on the first call, which is what you should be doing anyway. You're interviewing them.

[00:09:34] So you're qualifying them for this offer. To just to be clear, this is not like an a lie. This would be great. If you get somebody in the funnel that qualifies for paid on results, that's amazing for you because you'll make much more money off of it. So the idea is if they qualify, they have to be spending at least I don't know, they have to be spending at least.

[00:10:01] And this is specific for video advertising offers by the way, for people that intend to use this, to get clients. To get sales, they, the idea is they're spending something in the realm of at least $30,000 a month on ads. So if they were to basically they realistically could make, $15,000 off of this video.

[00:10:30] And if you were to take 20% of the revenue of that video, that would be $3,000. So the idea is unlikely. We would say that we'll do the first 60 days of revenue share. We'll basically do revenue share on the video if they are significantly investing in advertising. And that's great. You make a lot of money.

[00:10:51] You'll make six grand doing that. Or so if they're spending that much money in advertising, you've validated it. And this is something I've validated many times over with videos I've made for people that for clients or my company's made for clients that are spending that much money on advertising. If they do not qualify and most won't.

[00:11:13] You just simply say you don't qualify for performance-based pricing, but I still think that we have something that will work for you. And then you make them an offer. You pitch them, whatever it might be, whatever your offer is. A video ad suite for three to four or $5,000, one single video for three, four or $5,000, depending on how the first call goes, where you see that they're investing the most, what their business needs, the most, where their problem points are and how you can best help them.

[00:11:45] When that is the case, then you can move them through that process. And this is exciting because this, again, these aren't always the easiest sales calls, but they are the cheapest and it's going to get you practicing. This is how I cut my teeth when I was in your position. Like I would just get lots and lots of leads and just be on the phone.

[00:12:08] And let me tell you, this is going to be a lot, like back in the day when I was running this offer, I was running it for basically three month contracts with $3,000 retainers and $10,000 initial setup fees. You guys with video are going to have a much a much easier time selling people on the. At that it's a lower price point, lower commitment.

[00:12:36] You're mostly going to be selling a one-time thing, and then you might be able to move that into other things. So if you decide that you want to do this while you're making your VSL to get some calls or you, that you have to have gone through the positioning lesson and week two, but cause it's important for you to define that for yourself, but this is going to get you on the phone.

[00:13:01]So I wanted to, I've spent, I don't know how much I spent on it. Maybe 300 bucks, 400 bucks, not a whole lot so far, but it is bringing in leads. And I just wanted to get you guys a funnel that I could validate gets leads that has no, like you have need know case studies and it's easier than a VSL because you don't need case studies and testimonials for the video sales letter funnel either.

[00:13:29] But it takes longer to put that together and it takes longer to validate that, there's so many moving parts. This funnel is literally just a landing page. The sales mechanism is the landing page and it's highly reliant on the offer. Any questions about that? Anyone.

[00:13:58] Your offerings companies that are already spending a good chunk of money on advertising, an option to get a video made and then share the revenue they derive from it for some period of time that's contract dependent. How do you think that they derive from it? You would get, you would just track it through whatever ads platform they're using and Google analytics.

[00:14:26] And I can show you how to do that, obviously when you get there,

[00:14:32] but it's relatively easy to do. I'm going to tell you right now, though, 70% of the people you get on the phone with won't qualify and what you're going to be selling them is something different. You'll just be selling them a video, or a video package, whatever it is that they need. So on that map, do you have to create the video?

[00:14:53] Cause you say get results before you pay. So you create the video and everything like that. And then when they get the results and they pay, or if you go revenue share with them. Yes. And what kind of revenue share would you do? Would you like 10, 15, 20%. Yeah. So I just did the math on it. If they qualify, it should set you up to make at least $5,000 for that visit.

[00:15:18] Five to $6,000 on a 20% revenue share. But again, this is not stuff that you would even go over with them unless they qualify. And if you go into the PVC sales process, it's a two call close process. The first call is X it's D it's a discovery call. It's all fact finding you are in control and you're interviewing them.

[00:15:44] They're not interviewing you. And I know that's a lot. That's a lot of people, you, you're not used to that, but that's how you sell. So you need to interview them and you qualify them for this. They're going to know, I have, I've done this ability. Hey, Robin's got his peak video creators shirt all the way to Australia.

[00:16:03] That sucker one. There we go. Very nice. Kelsey's superwoman. So does that answer your question? So if it does that, if it does go that far, it's like a 20% revenue share. You wouldn't even get into that conversation until the second call and only if they qualify. And that will be a small percentage.

[00:16:25] This is really designed just to get. It's a hook. It's just marketing 1 0 1. Like it's just, it's a hook. It gets them in it's ethical because if they qualify you won't gladly do it because you both will. It's a win-win because they'll get a great video. They're going to make a lot of money from, and you will make what you're worth on that video.

[00:16:44] For sure. If they don't qualify, then you pitched them something different and maybe it's 3.5 K or 3000 or something like that to do a few videos for them. And obviously you would have taken them through the sales process to see how crucial they need, this, how much they need this, but you wouldn't even get through it until the pitch.

[00:17:05] And obviously I'm here. I can hear coach you through all of these. But does that answer your question? Yeah. Sure. And is this aimed at everybody in anybody or is this like at your leisure? This could go for anything. Obviously the first thing that you're going to want to do is slightly customize this page.

[00:17:24]But you don't have to customize it much. I did a lot of, I did all the hard copy writing for you. You can change the color if you want. You could try to make, like it's just a case of ugly landing page that converts, Change the logo change out the logo. You could change, you could tweak the headline to be a little bit more niche specific to whatever niche you decided to go to.

[00:17:48] This is, I specifically wrote this to be a generic niche, like basically all business owners. So you just need to slightly tweak things about this. Obviously change a customer. If you could get any quote about your work here and put a picture, it would be fantastic. Whatever your picture or your like, your, a bio here and all of your credentials, the stuff about your system, which is why the ISP is so important.

[00:18:15] We need your system in here. Go ahead. Somebody asked something. Oh, that was me. Oh yeah. If they asked for proof or like what's a guarantee that this will work for me sort of thing. And what is that? Is there an obviously there's no gap. The only guarantee I have for you is that if you don't fix the problem that you have, everything will just be the same.

[00:18:46] Okay. So you need to go through the sales module as well. So because that's just a, that's just an, that's just an objection. That's just a sales objection. People he's just nervous people saying, Hey, what kind of guarantee will I have that this will work for me. Should never, you should never guarantee you should never guarantee, okay. Yeah. It's just sales. It's just sales stuff. The reasons that people will buy your stuff will be because of the problem and pain that they have. Not any other real reason. But I do know that from a mental aspect, it's important for you guys to feel like you can deliver, which is why I have been urging you guys in these calls to find some spare time to do a little spec that we can work on together, just so that you know that you and feel you can do it, but you can see in this example, you don't need that to get leads.

[00:19:47] You just don't. So you guys do not have to use this, but it will get you on the phone. So you get to choose it's my gift to you. The gift of sales calls, which you can't get good at them until you start them. You just got to get a dig in that's business. You want to start a business, you gotta do sales.

[00:20:11] That's how it works. And is it the same spiel sales spiel, this one already in the thing, is it slightly different? Yeah, I wouldn't call it a spiel. Yeah, it's the same thing. It's a two call process. The only difference to this. And when I released this I'm going to work on a video training around this in the next week or two, where I get a little bit specific on how you use this funnel.

[00:20:37] But for now, what I've just told you is good enough. And then you should just know that the sales qualification process, like that's the thing with the second call, right? It's like.

[00:20:59] Between the first call and the second call, you're basically saying, okay, great. All right. I got it. All that makes sense. Let me go back to the team or and noodle, all this stuff that I've thought about, and that we've talked about, all the things that you told me and let's book another call for a free tomorrow.

[00:21:18] What time works? Three. Okay, great. So we'll talk at three tomorrow and we can talk Turkey. I can tell you what the, what we found out after we went through. And I told everybody on the team and everything about what you're about what the situation is with your business, and then we can figure it out from there.

[00:21:34] Sound good? Okay. Good. Sounds good. And then you go into that call and then you pitch them and you will know by then, if you've qualified for performance-based or not, I'm telling you it does not come up. People do not even realize the reasons they click ads. They just have pain, they need more sales and they need video.

[00:21:54] That's why they click. But again, it's ethical because we will 100% do it gladly go performance-based. Most of my clients now are performance-based clients. The ones that we have on retainer in the agency, because we have skin in the game, which I like we have to keep creating and being innovative.

[00:22:14]It just keeps everybody on their toes and we make more money. We have a much higher ceiling. I have clients paying us eight to $10,000 a month. Because of performance-based just because we're taking a percentage of their revenue. And those are our clients and that's different, but how long would that 20% go for you?

[00:22:33]If you've got an end, is it like a year? I'm thinking it'll be 60 days. Yeah. That's the thought is that it will be a 60 day process, which if they, you might have to negotiate this but the thing is, it's not, you may have to negotiate it, but after you're going to do all this work in the first call to understand everything about the business.

[00:22:55] So if they did qualify, it would be very clear. You'll go. I'm sure that you guys will do this. You'll go into circle after call be like Matt. I had a first call. Here's what happened. Here's how it went, blah, blah, blah. You should always all record your sales calls, both for your own edification.

[00:23:12] And if you ever want me to listen to them and critique them and also as a backup in case you got behind on notes, Oh, yeah. A hundred percent. Yeah, a hundred percent. I never take notes during sales calls, but that's probably bad advice. You guys should do it. I try to stay present, but yeah, that's good.

[00:23:31] Hey Matt, can you share a a sample contract that you've used to Brad? Nice to see it. Thanks for showing up. I know. I'm just kidding. Hey, I'm there? Yeah, the sample contract in the portal. Okay. Okay. Because my first thought is okay, so you put 60 day timeline on it. You've got to make sure cause like videos I'm making for people.

[00:23:55]I, like I'll notice that they don't even start testing them for a week or two. So I guess you, you're like as soon as it's uploaded in Facebook or whatever, and they start running ads to it, that's when that starts. Yeah. It's probably like a 60 day timeline and a minimum spend put behind the video would probably be in it.

[00:24:14] Yeah. This piece of it is not in the sample contract that I have there, but it's going to be different for everybody. It'll just be something that goes in the bottom and under exhibit a, when you list out your scope, you'll see, there's a contract in there. I don't is it week four? I think it's week four, all this stuff.

[00:24:33] Yeah. And you can go through and see all that, all those things. But yeah, I think there's gotta be a minimum spend behind that video, so you don't lose your shirt or get swindled. Yeah. And you've got to be relatively confident that they know what they're doing as far as their media buying.

[00:24:50] Yeah. Yeah. But ideally you would audit them just have them add your email address to the account and drop it in there. And I can help audit the accounts or or maybe Brad can even help folks out because he knows ads as well and just see what's going on because that's how you'll know. But again, just to be clear, 90% of your phone calls will not qualify.

[00:25:16] It's a good, it's a good hook. Like you said, it's a good way to get them on the call because you're not using a case study to lure them in. You're using this kind of unique positioning, but yeah, I like this funnel a lot. I'm excited to try it. He'll get you on the phone. It will get you on the phone for sure.

[00:25:34]Yeah. I've got I've got a client I'm on my fourth or fifth video for him this month. And so we're, since he keeps as soon as I turn one in and invoice them, he's okay, start another one. And he just can't have him fast enough. And I want to get him on some type of deal like this, But we'll have to see about that.

[00:25:53] Yeah. We can talk about that. You might want to get them on a retainer maybe instead unless you'd make less money doing that. Or so I got billed them 6,000 this month. And so I'm pretty happy about that. It started, this is the one that started with the $2,000 video. And so I know, man, we've got that.

[00:26:14] That's why I said you got to drop us a little, you got to drop us a little PVC testimonial and making all this money off video. I remember like we worked on that sales process from day one. Remember we were like, I was like, dude, you gotta go in and take control of that call and you have to interview him.

[00:26:31] And then you have to not pitch him on the first call. Like you, you saved me on this one, cause this was a warm referral. It wasn't through an ad. And the fact that, I got off the phone after the first call, if I would have tried to pitch him, then I would have under valued myself. You would have been making 500 bucks to that video I guarantee.

[00:26:51] Yeah. Cause he was used to paying eight to $1,200. Yeah. And I got him from that 1200 to 2000 and then I've done a couple of them for less than that, but they didn't, they were a lot easier to do just cause I'd already grease the wheel a little bit. I knew his business and I didn't have to hire now.

[00:27:09]But now you hired me to do another one. That's actually going to be a little bit more complex. We've raised the price. And so yeah, no it's going great. And then I've got, I've done four other videos for another client this week, too. It's like in 30 days since I've been, I don't know how long I've been in this program, but the video business has taken off like big time.

[00:27:27] I'm doing a lot. I'm as busy as I can handle right now. So I'm already starting to think about how I can get some people to help me out. It's freaking awesome, man. It's awesome. Yeah. Yeah. So I, and definitely I, and I think like just what I learned from you from day one just helped me realize that I had the skills to do this and charge for it.

[00:27:51] I was definitely doing work too cheap.

[00:27:57] Listen, we all are everybody on this call is when we first started working together, you didn't have even like barely enough money to feed yourself. And and now you have more work than you can handle. So there you go. Yeah, exactly. You lost a bunch of clients. I think when we first started working together.

[00:28:14] Yeah. I had sold my business few years ago, so I had a nest egg from that. And so I was living on my things. Yeah. And then I had built up my client, I had built up my media buying business fairly well, but I had just lost a couple of clients because I had a partner and he, did something weird.

[00:28:31] And but like really within just a few weeks, I'm more than replaced that. And now I'm having, I'm doing better than I'm having the best months I've ever had. How much are you going to do? How much are you going to, how much revenue have you had in the last 30 days? I'm going to get close to 10,000 this month.

[00:28:50]Yeah, maybe within 30 days. Yeah. Cause I've got one, I've got two $2,500 retainers, and then I've got this guy that I'm doing videos for. That's going to take me, I, the second 2,500 retainer hadn't started when so anyways by next month I'll definitely be over 10.

[00:29:08]And that, and one of those retainers is going to go way up cause I'm they hired me to do their ads and I'm providing video for them as well, just cause I knew there was an opportunity there. And so I think I'm going to build, I'll renegotiate my contract with them to get, to include the video.

[00:29:27] So now I've just got to start thinking about how to scale it, like how I can get some people helping me with the editing and stuff like that, but it was, I'm having fun. I've got, I've made connection with this local acting studio and the guy that owns it is helping me find actors when I need, professional people.

[00:29:45] And so he's letting me use this studio to shoot I'm getting more comfortable with the camera. I hadn't, I'm not a photographer videographer, like I'm I'm owned a restaurant and ran it, ran ads and know a little bit about video. So I'm like, this is the fulfillment really is what scared me.

[00:30:02]A lot of, cause I was like, I don't know if I can handle this, but I just throw myself into it and it's, and I'm really enjoying. Yeah. Yeah. Sometimes people will let the fulfillment stop their sales pipeline, but then you don't have a business. So just throw yourself into the fire.

[00:30:20]I mean a lot of filmmakers will spend $50,000 on camera gear and have no clients because they think the gear will bring them clients, but it doesn't work that way. Like it doesn't work that way. Like nobody to the naked eye on the Facebook compressed feed is going to know if you shot that with a red camera or a or an iPhone sometimes to be honest with you.

[00:30:44]So if it's really well shot, to the naked, like layman eye. Ultimately, and of course, as we often talk about it's really about the storytelling and the marketing behind them, but yeah. And that's of for you, man, I'm happy. Yeah. Thanks. Thanks a lot. Yeah. The first video that I did for that guy for 2000, I shot with my iPhone, even though I had my cannon there, I did, it was just easier to do the iPhone.

[00:31:06] And for the style of video, it was, it worked great. But anyways, but I'm loving my camera now. Now I'm getting more comfortable with it, but yeah, now I've got a, I've got a script out this family. Version of that ad for that wave blog guy. I'm working on a script, so I'll give you some ideas on and I would love to, I know you can bust out scripts in your sleep, so I'll give you the basics and maybe you can help me make it awesome.

[00:31:33]Just for the point of teaching, just for the teaching side of it, why don't you take, give it a shot, put it in Google docs, drop it in circle so that I can look at it. Cause I think the last one I dictated and then you wrote it. So I'd rather have you take a shot at it instead of me dictating it.

[00:31:49] I assume since it's the same product, it'll actually be relatively similar. So yeah. Cause it's real, it's solving a similar pain point. It's still the same innovation, the same product. So you just need to prob I don't know. I don't really know what you're doing now but I assume that like it's a slightly different avatar.

[00:32:07] It sounds like. So you just have to think around what the slightly different pain point would be in scripted that way. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah, we're going after, we're just adding the kids into the video. So we're going to do more of a family angle instead of just the going after the female. We're going to talk about the kids and how much they use their air pods and all that kind of stuff.

[00:32:26]So yeah. So do you have multiple actors? Oh, that's going to be a whole thing. You should have the mom as the protagonist and like a couple of kids. And like with AirPods on doing various things. Yeah. I'll be interested to see for this script, you're going to have to be a little bit more I would recommend being a little more story-boarding about the videos.

[00:32:47]But you don't have to write out, draw out a storyboard or anything, but in that script template of mine that you have, there's the left column and the right column and just put in the right column, your sort of rough visual notes, that'll help you see what the story is going to visually be represented.

[00:33:04]Because for this, with multiple people in it and everything you're going to want to have a little bit of a better sense of how they're all moving in this space together. Yeah. I don't want to get some good B roll of them, like maybe at the park or playing outside or I don't, or maybe not playing outside.

[00:33:25] Cause it wouldn't, I don't know if they'd have to, I'll start with the story and let the bureau come after. Yeah. Start with the story. Yeah. So I'm to I'll start working on that and I'll have that posted here real quick, cause he wants me to shoot it next week, so great. I'll get it. Get it rolling. Great.

[00:33:43] Yeah. Thanks. Cool. I think a lot of it too, just I know that some of the newer guys in the group, a lot of it for me, like since I've joined your, your group here, it's like. Extra confidence, knowing that I've got you to bounce ideas off of, so I'm not going to be like stuck out in the cold, taking on a project and not knowing what to do with it.

[00:34:03]So that's definitely helped. So I encourage everybody to do the same thing, use me yeah. Use them. Yeah. No, it's fun. It's fun. Okay, cool. Rob, did we get through everything you wanted to get through? So you're going to do that positioning exercise and then take it from there, but you don't have to stop.

[00:34:25] I just, I want to make sure you do that exercise before we move on to the next step, but like just bang it out, just do it, critique it, and then you can start getting leads in. If you want to use this funnel, start getting some calls on your calendar. It's very easy to set up this funnel. You can easily set it up in a couple of hours rather than the VSL type funnel, which is going to take some time to think through right record, deliver everything like that.

[00:34:53]That was good. Yeah. It was one actually a client that had before creative videos that did a lot of work, but he hasn't got the money, but if I was to offer him a month, For six months. So I stay at 9,900. Wait, what could you do? What are we talking about? Did you want to go back to an old client and pitch them?

[00:35:23]Now he's coming back to me. Okay. So what did he so he came back to you and said, Hey, I want to work with you again, but I have no money. Is that what happened?

[00:35:33] break. But I did way too much work for it. I did everything from YouTube, getting them set up the GM set up Facebook center, the website. There's just way too much for way too little. So it's kind a lot. He's going to come back again. So some of us couldn't think of pitching and again, saying, okay, look, this new training here and you ain't doing it right.

[00:35:54] I can get the video up and get you some more clients. And so he's just shipping crates.

[00:36:03] Okay. So basically, just so that we're clear on the context, so he has come back to you saying he wants to start working with you again, and you're trying to figure out what to, how to maneuver it. All right. So have, and you're like, he's your, he's waiting for you to get back to him on it? No, he hasn't come back to me yet.

[00:36:23] He's on his way. He's like he has to sort, his website is getting an order form, put on his website and once that's up and running over the next month, Then he's going to come back to me, so right, Rob, I'll take on your work here, but I don't want to get into it'll be just video they'll do for it. So what is his business is shipping crates, but what they do is they flat pack, so it saves them on B.

[00:36:55] Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, it returns a saves money on return for it.

[00:37:04] So wait so he makes shipping crates and who uses them. I used to be in the exhibition industry and what happens is that the exhibition set up an exhibition. So it's massive, it's like always be shipping crates, come in and then after they've unloaded the CR or the black boxes, if you like, they flat packet.

[00:37:26] Now this saves on storage space and also shipping when they return it, because it's lighter because it's like you pay per square meterage. So that's his USP too. So he sells these crates to businesses that have to ship stuff. And his thing is, oh it'll cost you way less to ship my stuff back because they shipped flat that's the business model.

[00:37:51] And he could do all sorts of yeah, it is. And he does motorbike, sheep and crates. So that's what I was doing before. And I've gotten some work through that by making the the videos, but they were pretty boring, like with ones useful, and so I, but I ranked them all, ranked them in Google and he was getting work from that.

[00:38:12] Oh cool. Through organic Google. Okay. Yeah, but it's through a little software that I run that contract videos. So depending on keywords, I can rank a video in Google bending on YouTube or on Google, on YouTube, on Google. So YouTube favors Google favors YouTube. So if it ranks to the way it ranks is live streaming, I can like, my, you might, I know you want to go this life coach route, but this might be an interesting little package that you can offer because one of the things is one of the cool things about it is one of the issues a lot of people have selling video is the distribution side of it, right?

[00:38:56]Oh, I get that. You're going to make this video. But then what happens with it? It's just made and it's just, you gave me the file and what do I do with the file? How do I make money off it? So a good, like a business that is a little up, the food chain is a decent business, will not have a problem with that.

[00:39:15] They should know what to do with a video to monetize a video, but some of these like little tiny businesses or local businesses, like they won't even know what to do with a video. So you might be able to basically wrap those two services together, where it's Not only, like I'm going to make you an amazing video that will get leads in your door, and I'm going to use my proprietary method for ranking that video on Google. So your ideal customers come flocking to you. That might be a nice little package because then you're you're solving the problem that the video creates as well for those smaller businesses.

[00:39:54]And that's what I liked your like this landing page that you designed actually, because it can work for anybody basically. Oh, yeah. Could work for anybody. Absolutely. I wasn't going to release it this early, but I want you guys to start getting calls and I've at least proven that it can get calls in the door.

[00:40:09] So I'll keep testing it and keep you guys updated, but I'm going to give it to you now, if anybody wants to test it for themselves because it definitely gets leads, it definitely gets leads. You'll just want to substitute in your niche. And it's a click funnels template. Yeah. You can just click it and duplicate it into your account.

[00:40:30] The only other piece to it is that I would actually skip the,

[00:40:38]Let me go back and show you how this works. So the way that this works is you book your free game plan, call my Internet's really bad right now you book your free game plan, call, and it takes them to a form where they apply. Basically, I would actually recommend for those of you that are starting out, that we're just going to eliminate this step.

[00:41:04] And we're just going to send them right to a calendar, to book a call with you because you guys are starting out. Let's just get calls on your calendar. But what I do, and this is just something to do down the line. If they say do you have capital to invest in your business right now? If they click this and they click submit.

[00:41:24] They will, they won't even get to book a call. It just automatically sends them to a page that says, ah, sorry, not a fan. But for you guys. And so once you fill out this form, it sends you to this page, which is to book a call. If you guys have used Calendly, you all have cause you book calls with me or Ben.

[00:41:52]So yeah, I think what I'll have you guys do though, is

[00:42:01] basically have this button trigger a pop-up, which just has your calendar in it.

[00:42:11] And just do that. This is taking forever to load, but basically if it says like book your free game plan, call, they'll just click it and it'll just pop up and you can just put your put your thing in it. And what I'll do is I will have Kelsey create a verb I'll ever duplicate this and create a version where that is the case.

[00:42:37] See, if you go to show pop up, it's just there. You can just add the HTML code there. And and from Calendly sign up for a Calendly account, obviously. So like this is my one for our program. Add to website embed in line. Continue. Copy that code. Actually. I like the hide, the event details and the GDPR banner as well.

[00:43:06]Here we are. So you can actually just go to add new row, add new element. I'll have Kelsey put this stuff in there for you though. And then you'll just have to click this and then put your JavaScript in there. But I can't save it. Cause then it'll change this and I'm still qualifying this funnel, but basically when you click that button, it'll pop up in the calendar.

[00:43:30]That's the best way to go. Just send them a right to the calendar

[00:43:38] and then it will send them to, sorry, let me just so that we can go through the whole funnel here. I seem to have lost the edit side of things. It'll send them to. You go into your Calendly when you're setting up your Calendly and on the queue for the confirmation page, you click redirect to an external site and then it'll have this in there, the URL, which is this. And so this is what you guys saw. When you booked a call with me, you don't have to put a video there.

[00:44:10] A lot of you probably don't feel comfortable with that quite yet, but it's just a good place to send people that just serve because you want to make sure they show up for the call. Ideally you'd have a, because people are not going to show up for all the sales calls, it's generally like a 60% show up rate at best.

[00:44:25]Not at best. It could definitely be 80 or something, but that's like your benchmark 60%. If you're not hitting that we have to change something in the funnel. But yeah, that's where we're at there. Okay. Somebody had a question. What was it? Oh, I was going to ask it. If you were going to have both versions for us to choose from one with the, pop-up going straight to Calendly one with the qualification form I can do that.

[00:44:54] You want me to do that? I'll give you, I'll give you both versions. I'll give you the link to the live funnel that I'm running, because we're not going to I don't want Ben to get on the phone with everybody. And I'll also have Kelsey create a version that just pops right open to the calendar.

[00:45:11] No problem. Yeah. It's easy. Yeah. I was just thinking, I might actually want to keep that in there. Oh yeah, of course. Of course. The thing is you can always, if somebody replied, if you only send them to Calendly, you'll want to put that in the questions. So like how much do you make right now?

[00:45:31] How much do you want to be making it costs money? Are you broke or do you have money to invest in your business so you could cancel the call. Oh, okay. That's what we used to do. Now. The only thing though, if you're running Facebook ads to this, it I don't love that the pixel fires on the broke leads as well.

[00:45:50] So yeah, because then you're telling Facebook to start going after those types of people. So that's why I have recently switched all my funnels over to the form, but for you guys, you're so new. You're just like getting it. I just want to get you talking to people. But yeah, I'll put both, then you guys can decide it's also going to give you less leads by the way.

[00:46:11] It's just there's more friction with the form in front, there's just more friction. That's all. I didn't realize that the questions were encountered that you still had them in Calendly. I wouldn't if I have the form. Okay. So if I have the form in front of the scheduler, like I do.

[00:46:31] I would not put them in the form because they've already filled them out. But in the other version that doesn't have an application step, it only has a landing page. And a thank you step. I would put the questions in the calendar. Does that make sense? Yeah. And now that I understand that, I think really I made I think my original question is probably moot because I, I think the VR, the new version you're talking about making that go straight to county is probably just fine.

[00:46:57] Cause you're still asking those questions. I thought maybe you were taking that out all together. Yeah, no, you still gotta, you still gotta have to ask him questions for sure. And I would cancel calls where they say they're broke, although you guys might want to take them just to get practiced depending on how far along you are in your business.

[00:47:13]But but yeah I'll give you both anyway. It's easy enough.

[00:47:19]One I've got one more question while it's on my mind. Have you ever shared any type of onboarding document or process that, that you go through with new clients? Yes. I believe it is in week six. Have you gone through the whole course yet? I have gone through think it doesn't matter.

[00:47:38]It's in there. Okay. It's in their back and look. Okay. Cool. I think that it's in weeks. I touch on it in week four a little bit. And then I think I expand on it a bit in week six when I go into client communication basics and how to make happy clients and grow your business through referrals as well.

[00:48:01] That's part of week six. But yeah, I do talk about onboarding in there and the process that I recommend you go through with that. Sweet. Okay. Are you guys seeing me or the screen right now? You okay. I can't see you guys fully. My internet is so messed up right now, but if you can see me then we're good.

[00:48:24] Yeah. You're a little grainy. I'm sure. I'm sure my internet is seven megabytes down right now. So it's not going to be great, but if you can hear me and that's all that matters, I'll go to my phone and if it gets really bad, you can see my face. You can see my screen. I highly recommend that you switched to Telus, but again, so then I switched to what I have actually been really glad, like escape from comp crap and sister jealous what?

[00:48:55] I have 980 megabits up and down. No, I know. But to switch to what service tell us, see, I don't think we have that early. Yeah. I don't think we have that. Yeah. Files I want, but we don't have that either. Yeah. That's why I have the amount of fiber network, have fast internet with no, Datacap to be completely honest with you.

[00:49:23] I I believe the reason my internet is down is because I've been having some issues with it. And I tried to switch it to one gigabyte today and it worked, but it broke the internet in the process because my stuff wasn't compatible. So I had to run to best buy really quickly and get a new modem, but I didn't have time to set it all up for, I was getting on the phone with you guys.

[00:49:46] So I'm plugged into my old system, which is working at about 3%, what it used to work for some unknown reason. So I don't know.

[00:50:01] I didn't even see it, anybody here, I can't even see any video. So if anybody wants to talk, speak up, I can hear you. That's just for that. And you would follow you basically just put that on any website and linked to with an ad. Yeah. Yeah. You just gotta make yeah. Yeah. It's just like a funnel is just a website but if you're going to put it on I know you talked about how you wanted to put it on a different way.

[00:50:27] You're just going to have to recreate it from scratch. That's all like off the template instead of just copying it, which is fine. And then you just have to design a pop up to make the calendar come up and bed the HTML. And you're good to go.

[00:50:44] Cool. I think that'd be worth trying out while I'm working on the VSL. Yeah. That's why I designed it. I really worked hard to spend both time and money on that over the last week and a half or so, so that you guys had something to start getting calls before you started, doing whatever. So hopefully that'll be good.

[00:51:07] Hey, what's your cost per lead, then averaging for this, for what? For booked call this? The funnel is around like 35 to 50 45. That's not bad. Really cheap, but that's because of the offer. Yeah. That's because of the target. What's the target audience. I'm just like, I'm like, I set up a very simple ad.

[00:51:38] Which is just targeting like core business owners. Like it's I think that the, I think the targeting is like people who like business, like these, like all these different business magazines, layered with people that are Facebook page admins. It's really a high CPMs. It's not a great, it's not a great audience to be targeting because it's an expensive audience, but I wanted to validate it to the best possible audience, the offer.

[00:52:02] And and then I'm just using, I'm just, I'm testing a bunch of different creative to see what works the best so that I can tell you guys what to use. And I've been, I'm still in that testing process, but yeah, it's just entrepreneurs, just people that run businesses and are running are actively running ads on any platform, basically.

[00:52:22] Yeah. That's a real popular segment. So yeah, CPMs are high. So that's impressive that you're getting 30 to $40 booked calls. CPMs are a hundred dollars on this phone right now. So that tells me that if you could find it, which is way over KPI. So if you could get CPMs to 40 or $50, you could get even cheaper, but calls probably which we could figure out how to do for sure.

[00:52:47] Yeah. What kind of greatest using just a, the pitch of yourself sort of thing, or so I am testing. And again if anybody has a network or a way of getting a bunch of people to this funnel, other than ads go for it, it's the funnel, we all know ads are the most scalable way to grow a business.

[00:53:07]Where is the funnel? Don't look at the numbers. They're a lie. Facebook ad numbers are lies. Yeah, I've got a, I've got a campaign right now. That's showing like only a quarter of the conversions in ads manager. I would highly recommend the brand that you yeah, I would highly recommend tracking through UTMs.

[00:53:28] Oh yeah. We track UTMs and funnel metrics on some accounts, but then I also just manually count the from the backend. Yeah, for sure. And tracking a spreadsheet. So this is the setup. It's just like entrepreneur magazine, fortune, whatever, layered with Facebook page admins. And then it's, I'm just using dynamic creative and I'm just like unscientifically slicing off stuff that isn't working as well as other stuff.

[00:53:58]I've tried some images. But I think so far the highest click through rate is on this image, which is completely fucking unrelated to video because it stops the scroll. It stops the scroll. I have what I was trying a few different ones. There's a picture of me. There's the stop? The scroll one.

[00:54:17]Oh, by the way, hot Matt Johnson tip. I've never shared this with anybody because they didn't want to give away my secrets. But if you're ever looking for stop the scroll images, search for pop art, very colorful, like Lammy type images that you can put in. And I'm using images, not video because I don't want people to judge me on my video.

[00:54:37] Like I want them to book a call with me because of the pain they feel and the offer. I don't want them to judge me on my video ad and how good it is. And is that a reflection of how good a video I'm going to do? None of it. And then there's another one here, which is just texts, which is just, you can't see it probably, but it's just texts premiere video ads for your business results.

[00:54:59] So you don't pay it, which I just made in CAMBA. And then I've got two versions of the copy that I'm testing. One is like longer, which is in the like ADA format for copywriting attention, interest, desire, action, building attention with the hook performance-based video ad creative, guaranteed to work, or you don't pay.

[00:55:18]Then we're just setting up. It's just pain, agitate solve. Copy. If you're running Facebook or YouTube ads at any type of scale, that feeding the creative beast as a chore ad fatigue is real having video content that actually works is on that is on brand is a struggle. Every body keeps screaming at you to get UGC content, but you just want video that brings in sales and communicates your message.

[00:55:40] It's tough to do. Notice how I'm like, I'm all the stuff that I teach you guys like I'm this is for real, like notice I haven't talked about myself at all or anything. We're just talking about the problem, just talking about the pain, like that's the thing. And then I make the offer, right? And Hey, I'm just, I'm building desire.

[00:56:01] So we're taking all the risk out, risk reversal. And then there's another version I'm testing, which is much shorter. But I just put that one in, had simple headline. That's it, this is what I do for URL parameters, Brad, I have this set up and I just literally copy and paste this exact string into this column on every ad I create for every client and myself.

[00:56:27] I actually generated that. Not for this, I'm using high-risk my coaching funnel, but no, this is this is just, this is just a UTM thing. I'll actually, this looks like Jairus. Doesn't it? HSA. Fuck. Yeah. It shouldn't be, it shouldn't be, but that's awesome that you're using hydro, so that's like now I'm mildly concerned that I'm tracking these on hieros anyway, I'm easy barrels for my coachee.

[00:57:02] I'm using hieros for my coaching funnel. Yeah. Okay. So who's next to on sta who needs help?

[00:57:18] Great. You drop something in earlier, right? You want to take a look at that?

[00:57:26] Yeah. So that is the second of a persona exercise that I dropped in because last week I did the first one and it was completed. Like based off of me and it should be based off of like a avatar. Yeah. I don't know if you were able to look at this one or not yet? No, I wasn't. So let's look at it together right now.


[00:57:58] Now when you say media company, what do you mean? So since my niche is more for aerial videography, I was so I'm assuming that it was, remember your niches, what you is, not what you do, it's who you help. Okay. S side, I guess that I put media company because they could use like the skill that I could offer them.

[00:58:27] If that makes sense. Who what is that's a really generic term? What does media company mean? Okay. So it could be think. I guess companies that do, Ford commercials or or like a products product of some sort that they want to push out to the market.

[00:58:53] Okay. People that have a product, they want to push out to the market that is specifically,

[00:59:04] but you're going to target businesses, not the companies that make ads or you do want to target them. Probably more businesses then

[00:59:23]I guess what I'm getting confused as well. Let me think so. Yeah, I guess my target would be more business oriented then. Yeah. I would say more business oriented.

[00:59:41] Okay. So what problem do you solve?

[00:59:48]So the problem I would solve is, and I think that's where I'm being stuck.

[00:59:59] It looks like you tried to take a stab at it there and the persona exercise. You want to walk me through that? Yeah. So I know the first one I read it, wrote it more upon me, but this one was more of like the fictional avatar side. So like for the, who I said 20 to 60 year old most likely going to be male because that's, I feel like more of what my, what I would, or who I would benefit for.

[01:00:29] And I said more of the filmmaking like the person who currently creates like vehicle commercials or they want to create like the next best video. And as you can see in like the example, I just said, like for the fictional avatar names, Jack he's 35 years old and like his life story. And then like his pain points would be like, he needs more notice in his business and to engage with more clients.

[01:00:55] And then I feel like where I could help him with that is since I'm the aerial videographer, since those angles are, different than what typically could be used for a lot of things, is I could help him benefit his business, by getting those, those angles that you don't typically see every day.

[01:01:18]How would that solve the problem? Having atypical angles? I feel like it's, it could be maybe more engaging versus yeah. It's like more exciting versus like a, let's just say like a camera and a gimbal, like of, I'm just going to say like a car, for example, if you use a camera on a gimbal for a car, like sure.

[01:01:45] It's a cool shot, but I feel like something showing the car driving along the road or going on a road trip or something it's might be more exciting for the person to be like, Hey like we want to do that too. It seems pretty enticing to do that. Yeah. I think you're going to have to target a specific type of business.

[01:02:04]That need that, that basically

[01:02:07] like we shoot the unsuitable, right? Like a lawyer is not going to hire you to get more leads. Yeah. And like someone someone that runs a physical products that just like sits on the ground and doesn't do anything. It doesn't need you. So I think we need to. Make it a little more specific to products and services that are incredibly hard to shell.

[01:02:37] Okay. And since it's hard to show these things and heart, it's hard to tell these stories because it's hard to tell these stories. It's hard to market. Since it's hard to market, you can't make any money because you can't make money on something you can't market marketing is business. So you just have to figure out

[01:03:02]What that is like this male experience in filmmaking who creates video commercials. That's if it's like a B2B angle, like if you were like, oh, I want to sell to like me, like basically I want to sell my drone services to production companies, which you could try to do. Or if you want to go build a beat as a B2B business where you directly make where you make content directly for business owners, instead of being a vendor to a production company.

[01:03:35] Does that make sense? Yeah.

[01:03:41]So you said before you want to be more of a directly going to the businesses rather than being a vendor for production companies, right? Yeah, I think that's the better direction to go. Okay. Okay. And maybe the group can help out. How would you, what kinds of businesses are going to be are going to have their problems solved uniquely and powerfully through Christian's amazing FPV drone work and how can we verbalize what that niche is?

[01:04:14] What about the adventure sports area? Cause I know Jared mentioned the arena down your Dan, the roadway do this, the sports or whatnot, but it's not so much copying the the actual action is getting people there. So if you're doing the ad to get the people there, then you're approaching the whole business.

[01:04:36] And then there's like up here in Australia, this rodeo, which I'm thinking I'm going to this group that has jet skis and these bookie, these four wheel drive, farm things and all this much salt, but they need to advertise. They need to market those products and drone is just perfect for that store market.

[01:04:59]You get this jet ski on the water and you want to market these products. This is where I was thinking he going as well, because it's big money now. And if you can start doing ads and it'll be good, fun as well, you've got these big motorbike, where they do the bigger highs and the, and the big monster trucks and everything.

[01:05:20]If you're making the ads for those people to get there, then that's what I thought a good market. Yeah. Adventure sports, for sure. That, and the other thing that occurred to me was like events. Yeah. Yeah. Cause he's like just these like giant spaces that like hiring one videographer filmmaker to run around it with a gimbal for two hours is just not going to do the best job of telling that story.

[01:05:50] So yeah, that might be good. What do you think, Christian? Yeah, no, I liked that. A lot of the stuff actually lately that I have been doing is like the adventure action sports. So I did some dirt bike riders. I've done some stuff, which I think I might've shared you with the video map of the snow bikes and then the.

[01:06:12]Like they make they're called camp works. They make the little trailers. And then like the snow bikes, they're like these electric snow oatmeals, and it showed the correlation between the two, how the electric like camper can charge these bikes and show like how they can be transported from point a to point B and just like the lifestyle around that.

[01:06:32]But I kinda liked the big events idea, whereas it'll show more of an overall aspect than just like an action yeah. It would be to get the the production of project promote those events. Matt says to put creating videos to promote hours or as well. Yeah, for sure.

[01:06:59] For sure. Yeah. So the only so I guess the question that I would grapple with, if I was two things, one, should we pick one of those or can we wrap them both into the same messaging? Like we help adventure brands and event brands. Oh, that's not bad. Get the shots nobody else can get or, and, whatever the monetary thing is, I guess it is a little bit tougher for an event.

[01:07:27] To figure out what the pain point is getting people into their event. If it's that. Yeah. I'm just thinking if it's a one-time well, yeah, I'm just trying to think if it's like a festival that is like for two days and you want people to go to that festival and you're shooting for the before of an empty field

[01:07:50] escape from where they're at to where they want to be. Yeah. I'm just thinking, I'm trying to think of what the footage would be. Like. I feel like a lot of people hire video for events because they want it documented. And so I'm trying to figure out how the documentation of that is going to be a strong enough pain point to sell.

[01:08:13] You know what I mean? Like clearly you can't sell document your event. Nobody's documented an event before, like I'll just send my intern around on their iPhone dude, like you have to really put it in pain business perspective. Like aerials are really popular and wedding videos, but that's the only event that I know of where that is actually.

[01:08:42] And then again, there's the that's a day of documenting type thing. That's helpful is something that you wouldn't be able to sell. You would probably have a really tough sell, trying to do only the areas for that. You'd have to be willing and able to actually do the entire wedding video and then incorporate their heels into the, yeah, probably lucrative.

[01:09:08] If you do the shooting and the editing

[01:09:13] want to do, man, you could be leasing. You could be getting three, three or 4,000 per wedding.

[01:09:24] If it's for a reoccurring event, you could almost use the video content that you create to be the drawing for the next year. So it can then be used for the previous year following or something where say, it's a festival for, and you do, you get B roll, you get some great aerials of the location of the fairgrounds, of the stage of the lights, whatever it may be.

[01:09:46] And then for whether or not they use it or as a Hey guys, look how great it was this past year. Thanks everyone for coming out. We can't wait to see you guys all next year and then they can reuse that same footage, the following year to hype up the event and hopefully get more people in the door.

[01:10:06] Yeah. If it's a recurring event, then it's just marketing material. And if you want anybody to come to your next event, do you need this? Yeah, totally. Totally. I think one of the things Christian that you're going to find with your niche specifically is that you're building something of a local business to start only because

[01:10:27]You physically have to be there with a drone like for example, like I can easily get deals where products are shipped to me. And then I shoot these product videos with actors and that's what Brad did for that other client that he was talking about. So for the FPV drone stuff, unless you were going to travel somewhere to do it, which would be another part of the expense and then becomes another monetary thing.

[01:10:52] I think it would mostly be local. You live in Colorado, right? So you can go there, you can go through Denver, right? Yeah. So you have a relatively big market that you can work inside of even just outdoor equipment, like any kind of that outdoorsy kind of Colorado is known for that. You hiking, whatever.

[01:11:11]You could do it, and this is more towards the product rather than the actual then if you do a product say for a hiking boot, that does that, that solves people's problems for certain kinds of feet or something like that. I don't know. But then you have the product shoe when its own way, would you have the capabilities of doing, and then you have a guy who's out on a crazy trail, up high in the mountains, and you can capture that big ongoing moment of that's where the hiker was able to get there because of these boots.

[01:11:41] This is the experience that you want, your customers to get or something, a way to pitch those kinds of outdoor, not just motor sports, but any kind of outdoor, bicycles, you even did the, like you said, the electronic snowmobile bike kind of thing. I think in you're in the perfect location of Colorado, you get great outdoor areas and a lot of people who are enthusiastic about it.

[01:12:02] So a lot of companies are going to try and market to those people.

[01:12:08] Totally. So what are you drawn to of all that Christian? Yeah, no I definitely liked that and I was actually thinking there's a since it's like a lot of outdoor action sports kind of thing near me, there's a place called IMI, motor sports complex. I would say it's about. 15 minutes up the street from me and they'll do like drift car events.

[01:12:35] They have, dirt bike riders there every weekend. They have, a lot of things going on there, but I was just thinking they don't really have anything. They don't, I don't think I've ever seen any sort of ad for their company on social media or I don't think I've ever seen any video that I guess shows like what kind of company they are.

[01:12:56] And yeah I wonder if I could see if I can do like a video for them and maybe even run an ad. I wonder if that'd be like a good idea. You good? Yeah. You have to take them through a sales process. So if you wanted to do that, the first thing that you would do is, and again don't jump the gun too much.

[01:13:16] Cause I want to make sure that you get your like next step is you need to go through the positioning exercise, right? Like once we firmed in your avatar as adventure sports, if that's what we're doing then you need to firm up what your ISP is and your USB is that's what the week two training is and the exercises there.

[01:13:38] And then you can just launch into getting the sales pipeline set up. But for the motor people, what I would do, if you wanted to do that,

[01:13:51] Again, do you guys want a video? Yeah. Okay. $3,000. No. Why? What will this video get? So you don't want to do this, like you don't want to

[01:14:01] let me see if I can mute Alex.

[01:14:15] I don't know. I thought I could, oh wait, there we go. Okay. Did, so I would go to them and be, and just the, do you know them? You don't know them, right? I don't know personally, but I've been up there quite a bit to do some footage mainly for just my personal sake, but yeah. Hey. Yeah. Yeah. So I will, I would just be like, Hey I you guys are like I don't know if you guys know this, but I make these like mindblowing, like FPV drone videos that can get loads of people into your stores or loads of people in for you.

[01:14:54] Do you want to have a call about it sometime or meeting, and then they say yes or no. And then you start taking them through the sales process. So you need to go through module three to know what's in the process, but it's basically like interviewing them. So you'd walk into the sit across and we'd be like, Hey, okay, cool.

[01:15:16]Thanks for taking the time to meet with me. Here's what I want to cover today. I just want to learn a little bit more about your business. I want to get a sense for what you need, how things are going where the issues are. And I'll ask you a bunch of questions about that. And then once I, if I really feel like I can help then I can tell you a little bit more what I do in the next call or in a few days once I process it.

[01:15:44] And and then we can, see if it's a fit. How does that sound good. Okay, great. How much money you guys make a month? Yeah, so you just follow the script. So that's how you do that. And it may sound overbearing cause you could just go in and be like, Hey guys, I want to make a video. It's going to look awesome.

[01:16:04] And they're going to be like, okay, how much is it going to cost me? And you're going to say how much do you want to pay? They're going to say nothing. You came to me, then you get to say, okay, a $500. They'd be like, Ooh, it's a little steep. And you'd be like, all yeah, I'll just do it for free because I really just want to build my portfolio.

[01:16:24] And that's how that'll go. And then you don't make any money. There's a lot of time. That'd be cool for you to have a spec thing. But I assume you want to make money on it. I assume that's why you want to approach them. So you need to take them through a sales process where you are positioning yourself as the expert.

[01:16:44] That's the only way you're going to get paid, what you deserve to be paid. So that's why we would go through that process. You got to have a conversation with them, get the call or get the meeting booked. And then you guys go in and have a meeting and then you gotta make them feel what the problem is that this video would solve.

[01:17:02] Not about I'll have a cool video, like the end result of any videos you guys sell should never be. I'll have a cool video made that I'll be excited about. That's not enough to sell someone on something. The end result should be resolution of pain point like whatever it is, like 10 more customers into their store.

[01:17:24] Which results in an extra $5,000 in revenue each month, whatever it might be. So something like that's the problem and solution that you're going to have video is just the vessel. So that's how I would go about that. So next step for you. I think we've got these adventure sports brands, and I think you can take that pretty broadly.

[01:17:45] Everything from like motor, like motocross to to, to just, as Rob said, like it could be products that revolve around hiking and rock climbing and stuff. Cause you have access to that kind of nature. And then if you were going to hire some like models or whatever, you could shoot that stuff anywhere. So it could run the gamut between those things and run some local campaigns in Denver, but and older too, like that whole area, but next stop is the, how is the unique stuff.

[01:18:21] I just need you to push through the homework at the beginning of week two, because it's just the most important lesson. And then it's go forth and open the flood gates to clients. So then do you think I should I guess for when I was talking about like the persona exercise. I should try to push towards that adventure like action sports like category, if that's what you want to do.

[01:18:50]It sounds good to me, like we just talked about, you could run the gamut between products that are about the outdoors that can take people to Heights and stuff like that. And to events around it, to physical things like the motorbike place like adventure and outdoor sports.

[01:19:08] Sounds like a good beginning niche to me. And you can see how it takes. You definitely, as somebody said, Jared, I can't remember who said it, but like you are in a great place for it in Colorado, obviously. So that's what everybody does there, right? Yeah. Do you think that nice could also fit with I guess traveling and yeah, I guess like traveling places or for example I'm just gonna throw out like TripAdvisor Expedia, like them do you think that could also feel really big fish?

[01:19:43] I think that in order to get like a video deal with TripAdvisor Expedia or like one of these bigger companies, you're going to have a really specific marketing plan. So I'm talking about mostly. Like those people aren't going to come through a funnel or anything like that, you would have to reach out to them.

[01:20:03] And I don't know have a real specific plan for them. But they're directly touch it through the media buyers and their producer in order to get them on board. And I think Expedia has its own in-house media company or division. Yeah. I'd rather just get you like, like there, there are, it may not seem like it, if you haven't been in the whoa, it's Armageddon rain here.

[01:20:31] Now it may not seem it if you haven't been in the business world for awhile, but there are just like thousands and thousands of businesses that are, hovering around 10 to, hovering around like a million dollars a year, $500,000 a year to 2 million a year, whatever that are just like desperate for this kind of content.

[01:20:55] So I'm looking at targeting those people first. Makes sense. Yeah.

[01:21:06] Yeah.

[01:21:12] All right.

[01:21:20] I have a question. Did you say, or did Kelsey send out a link to your audio book or some way to get that? Or did I miss that announcement? I thought he was doing it too. Is it in general? It might not be public. She's been sending it to people. Hey, can you a link to, I'll just have her put it out to everybody.

[01:21:47] Can you put a link to the audio book and Eva and circle as an announcement to everybody? Thank you. Just don't share it because I want people to buy my book on him. I actually don't care. It's not like a revenue stream for me. I would rather just have people read it, but yeah. So she'll put it out there.

[01:22:11] She's online too. She'll probably put it out fast. Is that an audio book or is it a PDF? It's both. She's going to link you to both so you can choose how to choose, how to consume it. Gotcha. One, I have another question as to what that, and to the beginning of this entire conversation about revenue that revenue sharing The strategy that you were talking about originally with that landing page and know 10% we're going to get there.

[01:22:37] How do you hold the client accountable? Or, how do you have them be transparent with their sales? So you can collect that 20% or whatever percentage that you have. I'm just curious to how, at a mutual version of trust, is it in a contract? Is it, how are those numbers transparent then a contract and you would make sure that you have access direct access to the data around the video.

[01:23:08] Okay. But so it would be direct access to the video, but what about their final, like their sales that they make on said, from said video, is that something that you would have direct access to the sales, the video created? So theoretically they're using at paid advertising to get those sales. So it would be clear that you had access to their ad account and their Google analytics.

[01:23:35] And you can put a little Brad and I were talking about UTM parameters earlier, which is a little tiny little piece of code that tracks things around. And then that would allow you to see directly in Google analytics, the amount of revenue that this video generated. And then you would just stipulate in the contract.

[01:23:54] This is the number that we're going off of. Like this number in Google analytics is the number we're going off of which I can pull a fast one on yet. And you say that they only made 20,000 when they actually made 50,000. And that's what I was just curious about. Yeah, it would be in the contracts, you just write it into the contract.

[01:24:12]And again, like this funnel is not necessarily like when I've taken calls for this funnel. Again, almost nobody qualifies. I have clients now that qualify, but it's not meant to attract people of a higher caliber, but it is meant to attract people that you want a hundred percent consult do. You 100%.

[01:24:31] Okay. Is there a qualification, not checklist, but it's something similar to that, that's in one of the modules farther down the line that I just haven't gotten to yet it's too new. But I will I just built this over the weekend and started testing it, but I wanted to get it out to you guys, which is why I brought it up in the meeting today.

[01:24:51] It w I will eventually have all that stuff available for you in a training around the funnel. But for now, I'll just try to put as much as I can in circle. Basically. Yeah. So I'll provide context in circle basically though. You need them to be spending at least 30,000 a month. And they would need to commit to spending at least $10,000 on this video or six to $10,000 on this video of that spend per month.

[01:25:23]Because that's the percentage at which they hopefully make back. I got it. Yeah. Yeah. So again, not a lot will qualify. I have a ton of clients that qualify. It's just that there's tons out there. It's just, it's not going to be the highest percentage of people that come through, but it's going to get you on the phone with leads.

[01:25:43] And that's important when you're at this state, these stages in your business. Be clear, love it. Let me be clear here. And this is all in the sales module, but if you're closing 20% of your sales calls, that's about industry average traffic,

[01:26:04] but do the math, if you close two out of 10 sales calls and those people pay you $3,000 a piece, you made $6,000. And I'm under, no, I don't want to paint it rosy. Like you're going to get there right away because everybody. Sail like we, we can get you leads, but your ability to close people, sales is sales, you gotta learn, you gotta get reps, but I really want to get you reps.

[01:26:28] First things first, get reps, get calls and the way the way that and certainly I am not, I am 100% in favor of if you choose to charge a little bit less than I want you to charge for the first few deals, just to start getting some wins, I'm totally on board with that. That's how it works with I know Ben shares this with folks, this trajectory we have for students and how much money they'll make in the program.

[01:26:58] I'm expecting you to close deals at a lower price point at the beginning, because I know that it takes some stomach to charge three, $4,000 so that you have to build that stomach. But it's good to get some wins in the door. So anyways, I'm rambling, but you get the idea, right? Yep. You guys so good to say goodbye.

[01:27:23] I've got you. Thanks. It's great. Enjoy cool. Thanks Rob. Hi, Rob.

[01:27:34] What else can I help you with Jared? So I'm on the repositioning worksheet and definitely makes you think a lot of great creative juices coming out, trying to isolate where, what the selling point is of your business. And after already, going through that PR the persona steps really ends up at a cool point with the repositioning.

[01:27:55] So I ended up going along a, and that this is where I'm between, whether it be a livestock product oriented business or an equine product oriented business, being my target potential client. So I kinda went through the worksheet and I found that I like to my selling point is that I can highlight the connection between between animal and human kind of thing, that connection to create empathy from the viewing audience to then lead them to either the purchase of a product or a service.

[01:28:30] I think that's where I, my competitive advantage is strongest and my knowledge would be able to, convey that to someone. So I decided to not go as broad as pets, you decided to keep it at like Florida what kind of, what you said, try going. Try going close and if need be, you can spread the net a little wider.

[01:28:50] Is that still make sense? Is that an appropriate plan of action? I guess go for it. I don't have a sense for, I don't have a, obviously I don't know that audience very well. I didn't grow up across from a farm that accounts. But yeah, no I don't have a sense for it. If I was making the decision for you, if you were like, Matt, just tell me what to do and shut up. I would say go for all. I would just say, go for all animal products because you're just, it's going to be a faster route to success for you. But I, it's important that your heart is in it, but I do think that'll be a faster route to success.

[01:29:28] Okay. Keep it broad, but also I just have a lot of knowledge for the equine industry for the system method. I know you have the hero strategy or the hero system that you have on your ads and stuff like that. What you said just go and give it a shot. What kind of thing are you trying to show?

[01:29:46] Just how, what kind of system you implement that changes. That makes your, your business stand out. That's essentially what it is, your strategy, but it made you sound cool. Is that kind of what it sounded like to me, we're basically, you're coming up with a clever sounding name to describe your style.

[01:30:06] Okay. Instead of trying to change the way that I shared the term, trying to figure out how to create a marketing friendly way to describe the way that I make films. That's that makes sense. That's way I understand that way better. Totally. And it's not meant to be a gimmick or any of that bullshit.

[01:30:29] It's just simply meant, and it's not meant to change or lie about who you are. Like I use the hero system. It's legit. I wrote a whole book on it. I couldn't have written a book on it. If it didn't actually have substance, it has substance, right? It's about you dipping into your soul and figuring out what's unique about the way that you create video and what you enjoy about it and turning that into a system.

[01:30:51]Raquesh what is your system or method that you ended up going with right now? We're calling it the Hollywood system, because my background is in film and I have actually been informally working with an ASC cinematographer doesn't who added me to his mentoring program. Just in time for the pandemic to shut the whole thing down.

[01:31:21] Yeah. So yeah, I've been studying Hollywood based techniques and how to create video content. Okay. So we basically have zamar Matt's been working with me to basically come up with the catchy way of saying that we're trying to avoid it. Sounding cliche, like blows up. That's what I'm running into too, is the things that I come up with sound very cliche or almost, yeah.

[01:31:57] That's the hard part. It's been a hard part for me too. Cause you always want to talk about how creative you are, but so many people do that. That it's hard to avoid sounding like everybody else. Matt what's at what point does it, yours is the heroic system or something simple as when does it become too explanatory that it loses its let's call it flare.

[01:32:26]I can't talk in hypotheticals. Tell me what you've been noodling. All right. So I got a noodle right here. All right. I got the, oh the original human connection strategy. The OHC. Which is kinda emphasizing the, before all the technology, before all this, the humans made connections with dogs and horses and created a symbiotic relation between them and projected our civilization towards where we are today.

[01:32:55]So if I can play on that original human connection that we still have with pets, with livestock, with this, that is where I think I can essentially grasp people's attention and gain empathy from the viewing audience. So thoughts on that? Cool. And how does that penetrate the work? So the way that works is to show, rather than just say, all right.

[01:33:23] So let me do, rather than just being a horse, running through a field and saying, oh, this is a new type of bell boot, which is what goes on the horses foes that protect them from pulling shoes. Rather than it just being that show, the pain point of the owner of the horse or the owner, trying to have showing the owner's pain point and then have the resolution being happy, owner, happy horse.

[01:33:51] Yay. This is what the product can bring you. So rather than it just being a Singh, essentially adding the human element to it, The well, there's already a human element into most commercials. So this is adding the connection between the human element and the animal element via a product. And so I think that I can highlight that using certain techniques CLA in the sense of having like for example, like just touch is a huge, obviously a sensory thing that everyone works with horses and with dogs, that's just very similar as well.

[01:34:27] You can tell the attitude, you can almost understand a horse when you are in its presence. I don't know. I don't know. You don't have a lot of experience around horses, but there's, you can read off of different attitudes if they're pissed off. If they're happy, if they're this, you can tell that. And I think that the viewing audience already knows that because they're doing either recreationally or professionally, they already know that's part of it.

[01:34:53] If I can highlight that in a product video, someone who's coming in that doesn't know that would overlook it. And whereas I'm trying to highlight it. I think that's does that answer the question? Yeah. I was just Googling relationship between pet and owner to see if there was some sort of like word associated with that.

[01:35:15] Did you see anything? Nothing great. People call it the human animal bond. Cool bond. Isn't a bad idea, but yeah, bond is definitely something that often we talk about with animals, pets and humans bonding the original human bond instead of connection. Or just the bonding system, hunting system, the visual, probably not bonding.

[01:35:44] Is there like a sexual connotation to that bonding? I think bonding is like a form of a intimacy. Yeah. Like family. We want to promote that, but I think but something along those lines it's not real, cause it's not really the human side that you're bringing out. It's I get it, but like animals aren't humans. So there's like the other piece of it. And I guess some animals are different than others. I dunno for me, birds. I don't see how birds really bond to a owner or a.

[01:36:25] Kind of thing. Granted, I don't have experience in it, so that can definitely be proven wrong, but dogs, cats, horses live, those kinds of livestock things tend to, so just to say, just articulated again, out loud. Okay. So you feel uniquely capable of showing the relationship between humans and animals and letting that infuse the storytelling, correct?

[01:36:58] Yes. Okay. What are some animal movies? W you want Warhorse you want free Willy back in early to close it free will is a good example. That's not it, but that's a good example. What is Warhorse about the, what was it? World war one. I saw it. I don't remember it, but I saw it now that I'm thinking about it.

[01:37:21] It's about the struggling connection between, oh, Homeward bound. Good one, Alex. That's a great one. It's Homer. Yeah, no Homeward bound is between a human and that, but it's mostly just the journey of the cat and the two dogs running through the woods together, which has all sections in the Warhorse strategy.

[01:37:40] Or what happens in war, horse? It's the whole the, make the connection earlier on, in the video between this guy and a horse, and they ended up going into battle and going through these crazy experiences only at the very end where, the owner has to leave the horse walk. Cause it's stuck in a I think it's stolen.

[01:38:00] Is the horse die? Of course it does. Yeah. And that's the whole, it's the whole connection. Oh yeah. Steven Spielberg directed this it's a tear jerker, but anyway, what are some other ones with a happy end? You want like stripes or just a it's way more a kid friendly thing, but it's when a donkey or not a donkey to zebra gets lost out of a circus, found on a Kentucky farm, picked up by an X-Force race or whose wife died or whatever, from a race horse accident.

[01:38:39] So his daughter then raises the zebra to then they enter into the Kentucky Derby and the, it ends up winning where everyone's doubting. That's not a race horse that it's not a race horse, but then the zebra ends up winning. And then that's the whole kind of thing is no matter what, you start out, as you can still overcome everyone's doubts, babe.

[01:38:57] Great one. Baby's so good where it's the relation of a pig on a farm, understanding the hierarchy of what kind of goes on. He wants to be a sheep dog kind of thing, which is it, which again is ridiculous in hindsight, but he then again, keeps being persistent goes after at the very end, he is able to communicate with the sheep and it gets the most perfect score out of everyone.

[01:39:22] And then everyone who doubted the owner, who's like, why are you bringing it up? Take two, a cheap, good one. So this is where I'm getting. This is where we ended up with Rakesh too. Instead of trying to make some acronym, like I have, I'm just calling it something that creates appeal. That you can go into a system on.

[01:39:42] So that's why I'm I love the war, horse strategy. I calling it the core strategy. I love it. I don't love that. The, I don't love that the horse dies, but at the same time you could argue that emotional storytelling and that bond is deepest in that movie because the horse died.

[01:40:02] It's now not that you're saying that in the war, horse strategy, all the animals die. The other one that I had was I was just looking through this. I don't know if anybody's is old, I'm going to be 40 in September, but this one brings true to me, Turner and hooch. You guys know Turner and hooch. It's Tom Hanks.

[01:40:25] And and this dog oh yeah. Yeah. Like I I also loved the Turner and hooch strategy. I think that's you would really get a lot of people in with that. Alex said Beethoven. That was good too. Yeah, that was good too. Yeah. I think I'll run into copyright issues. Beethoven. So you can't say, and you can't use the babes strategy because Bain strategy, great

[01:40:53] air bud strategy. Can't do Homeward bound because there's no people in that. They're just like anthropomorphize pets. I Turner and hooch, but anyway and I kinda love Warhorse. So anyway, think about those types of things. I think that we're on to something here though. I really think that we're onto something iron will.

[01:41:15] Is that the name? Is that a name of a movie or a strategy? Alex is Alex is like a . I know he's killing it out here today.

[01:41:30] Iron will. Oh, okay. Cool. Name iron wheels. Pretty dope. What was the one that came out that Harrison Ford remade call the wild. I was just about to ask that. Oh, the wild, yeah. Call the wild, I think call the wild strategy. That's interesting. Balto the Balto strategy maltose. Awesome. Black beauty Charlotte lab.

[01:41:59] Yeah.

[01:42:04] Wow. The Charlotte's web strategy. That would be bad. Black beauty. That would be a good one to the black community. Although, I dunno, I don't want to get into any racist comments, the lathy strategy last. Yeah. There's obviously yeah, like Lassie, bingo, Benji, old yeller, the old yeller strategy, which is actually I kinda like that actually that would make me click the old yeller.

[01:42:31] Did he dies too, right? Yeah. That's not a great ending on the dog's part, but it's still a good, everyone knows where you're talking about Marley and me. I actually never saw that. Yeah. Go strategy. Animal farm. No, that's a pear. That's a political parable from the eighties

[01:42:57] or not the eighties earlier. And it was about communism. So anyway, 1999. That's not when the book was written. No, that was in the movie. I'm talking about the book. I don't know. We studied it in middle school or high school or something. Okay. Anyway you think about this and we can talk about it in circle, but I think that this might be the way to go.

[01:43:20] I really like these ideas. I think it's going to be really sexy marketing to use one of these as your system. And it's totally true to what you can deliver as well. Like storytelling that emphasizes the bond between humans and animals. I think it's great. Awesome. That's great. Thanks. Thanks for going over that with me.

[01:43:38]That was helpful. Super, super cool stuff. Yeah. Great. Awesome. Anything else that you need? Not that I have written down, so thank you. That was very insightful. And I'm excited to get to this sales, the next module as well. Yeah, dude, rock and roll. You're killing it. Killing conquer in that 10 K a month. That was a, Hey, w you can move as fast as you want. So are you in week two? So you have week three unlocked soon, but you have all week to unlock. So yeah, crushing that now. So I need to, I think Monday I get week three, which is good. But that was a really integrational story that which you call it that Brad was talking about how his in 30 days, how the results that he got, those were, that was really kinda cool hearing it from him and how his situation, what that kind of brought around to him.

[01:44:36] So definitely excited to get to that position. I wish I could work all day on video and doing that stupid nine to fives are killer. Yeah. It's tough, yeah. You have to do it on, early mornings, nights and weekends. I get it. I understand it. I've been there before.

[01:44:54] Yeah. But I enjoy it. That's why it's not a problem. That's awesome. But, Brad's great. A great example of how you can get there. And I was in all of your spots too, at one point. It's all there for you, it's all there, you're in a program that gives you, you're like, you guys are light years ahead of other people that are trying to hack it.

[01:45:13]Like how long would you guys have taken to make systems and funnels and stuff on your own? You wouldn't have, you wouldn't have done it, like great. You're light years ahead when Jared what's up. I was just curious, is there a module when you get into like click funnels and all of like HTML program, like all that kind of stuff, is that later?

[01:45:32] Like I just don't, I'm not too familiar. It's all in the second week. Yeah. And it's not, there's no programming or anything. It's all just drag and drop. Okay. All the funnels are in week two. I've made them so easy for you. And this one will be so easy that if you get click funnels, you can just click it and it'll just do, it'll just go into your account, then you just need to tweak it to make it your own.

[01:45:55] So there actually isn't a whole lot of, it's meant to be very plug and play for you. You just need to just make it your own a little bit. And just, set up the little things, make sure it's hooked to your calendar and stuff, but right. Do I know, do I need a landing page? Like I actually, I'm just going to crush the second model.

[01:46:15] That's what click funnels is. It's the landing page builder. Gotcha. So it's not like you have to have an established website that you then know their thing to that. No. Okay. Nope. No, that's cool. I'm good. Appreciate it. Thank you. I can roll. Who wants to go next? If you need something? Yeah. Sorry.

[01:46:41]Can you hear me? Yeah. Okay.

[01:46:47] My kid just had a circumcision today. That's why I was a little late. It's been a little intense. Yeah, poor guy. Oh my goodness. I think we did that in the hospital for both the kids. Yeah. I don't know why they didn't, they don't do it anymore. For some reason at the hospitals, we had to wait like a month.

[01:47:06] Yeah. Yeah. I think they did it the day after he was we have two boys. I think it was the day after they were born. That's interesting. Gosh, it's going to be a lot more painful after it was later on because when you just get born, these babies are out of it. I don't know what the hell is going on.

[01:47:23] So that's the best time to do it seriously. All right. Hopefully you sleeping. Yeah. Okay. So I finished like the system aspect and I put it in our circle. If you take a look at it and can we go through it and yeah. I went with a real kinda acronym. So it'd be the real system. And what I did was I called it role empathy, authenticity and loyalty.

[01:47:54] Oops. Let me just share my, okay. Where are we?

[01:48:07] Jared. Kelsey pushed that up. I don't know if you saw that. She she posted it. Yep. I gave a nice comment though. Oh, okay, cool. I haven't been back to the yet after our call.

[01:48:29] Okay. Oh, look done a fee. Then we help apparel companies boost sales up to 500% and cursor competition using our proprietary docu-style commercials and powerful system for human storytelling. We call that system rail system role, empathy, authenticity, loyalty, core pillars, real people, real stories, real transformation, real brand loyalty.

[01:48:56] There's nothing fake about it. I only work with businesses.

[01:49:27] okay.

[01:49:46] Dude. It's perfect. Awesome. I wouldn't change a thing. I know we spent the whole time on it last time, but it's perfect. I love it. I love it. It's feels very, and it feels very you, you feel very aligned. Absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah. Awesome. The next question is so moving forward, how do I implement that into the VSL that you said that's like that the template you got to go through the template.

[01:50:13] It'll be clear and it'll be clear once you go through the template, how it fits them. Have you gone through it yet? Yeah, I looked through it. But I did just finished my there's a section in it where you start, teaching and that's where it fits in. Okay. Gotcha.

[01:50:33] Okay. Now you were not here for the first part of the call. So I do want you to watch the replay of the first hour because I I showed everybody the new funnel that I'm testing, that you don't need anything, but a landing page for you just need the offer. And it's something that any of you could get up in two hours and start getting phone calls.

[01:51:00]So that might be something that you want to consider doing in the meantime, while you're doing the VSL and stuff, because the VSL takes longer to do and validate and everything like that. Whereas this funnel, you could just do it. Like in the means it's not a long-term strategy, but it's definitely a way to start getting reps.

[01:51:17] So I went over that all in the first hour of the call. So go back, watch the replay, check that out. And that might be a way to go to, because you could just start getting people in the door. Okay, cool. And then yeah, because I didn't watch it too. It's the system kind of element part of what I'd be using that part of it.

[01:51:38] Yeah. It's a it's a big part of the landing page as you'll see. So I've already built the whole funnel, so what you'll, I'm going to have Kelsey, give it to you guys and then you'll put it in your funnel, so you'll just have it there. And then you basically take my heroic system and replace it with your real system and like maneuver, configure it around like that.

[01:52:00] Okay. Good stuff. Yeah, man, I just want you guys to get results as fast as possible. And sometimes that just takes getting reps It works. It works. I need to test it a little bit more as you'll see. You'll see all of this, but I just wanted to give it to you now because it is getting me leads.

[01:52:18] It is getting leads. It's working. Okay. So I think it works well enough for the, that you'll be able to get some success there. Okay. Awesome. Cool. Cool. Thanks Rob. Did you have another question? I see you bumped in again, somebody occurred to you

[01:52:43] took a bit longer. Oh, cool. Cool. I'm just making sure I'm just making sure. Do you need anything?

[01:52:57] So I planted Ben to start working on the VSL weekend and I'm also going to reshoot part of the last video just for the record. Some of it. Yeah, I think that's a good idea. I'm going backpacking tomorrow. So we'll have a good spot to shoot it. Nice. Setting up, heading out into the middle of nowhere. Totally because the back country passes are so booked up that on the way I could find them was to get one. That was nice. Nice. That's awesome. It'll be a 15 mile hike.

[01:53:36]Great exercise. Yeah. Unfortunately the days are really long. I'm sure. I'm sure. Do you have a slider you can bring with you? Unfortunately not, it's not one and I don't have a portable enough slider that you don't need it. You don't need it. How's the, is there Ibis in that Komodo?

[01:54:00] No, no cinema camera.

[01:54:06]My cameras have IVUS. Yeah. So you'd need some sort of slider. I just bought this the other day. Oh, I'm not sure how I feel about it. If you can see it is the ETL Chrome slider, one V2 with the pan and tilt head. So it does a,

[01:54:32] what are they called when it pans and slides at the same time on the on the, it's. Yeah. Yeah. It's it does a parallel fact. I'm not super sure how I feel about it. It's nice. Does it have the remote control of it too? And the app that you can program it? It's in the app. Yeah. You have to run it through the app.

[01:54:52] Gotcha. I'll tell you what, it's heavy shit like this altogether. But it's, but these are attachments. This is a flex still had that I bought separately. Cause they, all these elk home products are meant to work together. Is it a built-in battery or is it separate detach? Good question, Jared. It is a detachable battery.

[01:55:13] It uses Canon LP, six batteries, which I already had a bunch of cars. My main camera is the , which takes the same batteries. And I have three of them, but yeah, this is the slider. So it's actually pretty small footprint, but if you want the pan, then you need to put this on. And then if you want to Mount it on the pan, you get some head, which is like this anyway.

[01:55:39] Yeah. I've been trying to find my temporary gave up cause it wasn't having any luck, but I've been trying to find good, lightweight travel, portable sliders, and probably the way to go. Because if you're only using the slider part of it, it's pretty small. It would fit into any camera bag. I will say that one that I really want, but it's out of stock, which is why I got the little Chrome one is that this shark nano this, I footage shark nano because it has pan and it has it all built into it.

[01:56:17]But it's out of stock. I can't get my hands on it. So you could look into those, but you know what recast you don't need it. I would focus on storytelling and doing all that stuff. First. I just like talking to you about gear. So when had a little moment, we talked about gear. I'm not, I wasn't planning to worry about the slider because I don't, you shouldn't do it.

[01:56:44] This was my father's day present to myself a slider. And I'm also not going to carry that weight 15 miles. Yeah, for sure. For sure. So what were you carrying a camera gear on top of my backpacking gear, everything else for 15 miles yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I do some shoots to that thing, but you're going to you're going to try this other funnel.

[01:57:13] Yeah. My original plan before you showed us that funnel was to start working on the search. I have a draft. It might be so done by the beginning, by early next week, Monday or Tuesday, then I think I'd rather set up the funnel and then keep working on the VSL. And not that I want to stop working in the VSL.

[01:57:36] I just want to get this funnel up and running. What sort of have it up there while I'm working on the VSL? Totally. They realize it's 70 pages long. And I was like, yeah, that's going to take a little while.

[01:57:51] Yeah, good. Or a lot of focus. But yeah, for sure. Yeah. It just, yeah I'm a fan. Get it up. See what happens. Just be very specific about your niche in it and you should be good to go well, since I've already been through the exercises, I think I have a pretty good idea about where to target those to begin with.

[01:58:13] So yeah totally. You're good there. You're ready for leads. That's part of the reason I was doing this. I didn't want you guys to get too slowed down by these other funnels. You'll get better leads with these other, with these lead magnet E webinar VSL type funnels, but it takes longer to build them.

[01:58:32] So I want you guys to get clients as fast as possible. So ultimately is a simple system to get clients right. Get leads, close. Those leads, deliver charge enough that's business and scale what's working. So if we can just get you on the phone, that's the great first step.

[01:58:59] Yeah, and I have next to no sales experience. So we get to get practice at that. Yeah. You learn very quickly starting your own business, that it's just sales. Like it's just all sales, which doesn't sound super fun, but listen, like it's the price you pay for having an unlimited ceiling? Like

[01:59:26] the places you can go, the money you can make endless, but you have to do the work to get good sales stuff like that. That's all. And you'll get there. You'll all get there. I'll help you with it. I have plenty of experience with it. So yeah, I'll have Kelsey put that in and you can rock that out for a little bit.

[01:59:49] Do you have, or should we use the same actually, I guess the scripts that we have right now don't include the qualification part. They do it's all the same questions. You'll just need to there, there might be a little bit of language, just like I was saying earlier, there might be a little bit of language you'll put in there about, like for example so you always need to be in control.

[02:00:16] Sales 1 0 1. So if somebody was to like interrupt or say right at the beginning or something like, so what's this thing about the videos free. If it doesn't get results or whatever, like you would just, you have to just steam roll them and deflect because you need to control the call and you're not lying.

[02:00:39] You just need to say yeah, sure. And we'll get into all that. But first I need to figure out if this even makes sense before we get into all of that type of stuff. Let me, so let me just go into these questions. So what the it, so you have, that's just if a lead ever tries to take control of the call, you have to roll over them like that.

[02:01:00] So it won't come up and you don't have to say it the way I set it. Like that. That's how I would do it. But, you could say oh yeah, no, of course you have questions about that. That makes sense. But first I have to figure out if this actually makes a fit, if you qualify for it.

[02:01:14]So you mind if I go into some questions where we go over and see if this makes sense to even have this discussion, because I don't want to waste anybody's time. Oh yeah, of course. That makes sense. And you can go into it another way to do it.

[02:01:30] The worst thing is when people like you never want people in sales, you never want people to make a decision about whether to work with you or not because of price, right? It's not about price. It's about the problem you will solve and the value you will deliver the opportunity that you are offering.

[02:01:53] That's what it's about. But often people will think it's just about price as the first thing, because like it's a lot, it's the way a lot of people were raised. So the first thing that they'll say is you'll get on the phone with them. Sometimes they'll try to interview you and take control. If you follow the script that shouldn't happen or you'll just take control back, you can just be like, oh yeah.

[02:02:15] And it's just, it'd be like, so what do you do exactly. I get that a lot. I just want so what is it exactly you do? And I'll be like, yeah we'll go into all of that. Totally understand. But first I just want to make sure if this makes sense. So I just have a number of questions that I want to go through just to make sure that this is even a fit and you just go into it always take back control.

[02:02:37]And if they come in and say I'm so really I thought that I would just book this call and just see what you do and how much it costs. So what's the deal. And then you don't answer those questions because you're not going to talk price on this call. It's a two call sales process. You don't know if they're a fit, you don't know if they qualify for performance-based pricing yet you have no information.

[02:03:01]I'm going to apply it on pulling that funnel, then that up on Sunday then.

[02:03:10] Yeah. Then probably go over the script again, that point also. Yeah. You gotta get the leads first. But yeah, no, totally pull it in, man. Get it going. Get some calls on your calendar. That would be nice. That's what we're here for.

[02:03:35] Alrighty. Anybody else have anything they want to go over?

[02:03:42]Just say something about the sales thing, actually, that was quite good advice. Remember, I've done a lot of sales. I'm not great, but I remember when I was doing a lot of cold calling and I hated it. And And I remember hearing Anthony Robbins saying, chunk it down. So maybe if you got a big hurdle, just took it down to what you can do.

[02:04:02] And so I made the goal of just cold calling, just walking into a business. And hi, my name's Rob I'm walking out, but that was the goal. So I do that and just go in a okay, now try and get a business card. So next step was like, introduce myself, try and find out who to talk, to get a business card, walk out.

[02:04:26] And I know it was bit by a bit, so it just trumped it down to make it really easy. It wasn't trying to get the sale because a lot of times when I was doing it before this, it was like I had to get that sale. I didn't get a sale as a failure. It was all that. And it's just really, if he took it, it piles on and it gets worse and worse.

[02:04:45] But if you just see it as, but now this is I'm just going back 20 years or something, but now I can go to anybody. I can walk into any business and say, Hey, how are you going, blah, blah, blah. And it's just, yeah. So with the sales, even I'm not great on tele sales, but instead of saying, instead of what a found is when I don't have that goal of trying to make that sale let go of that and just make the call and just get through sort of the one call two, call three, call.

[02:05:19] That's very good advice. Don't try to, yeah, it's not about selling at all. It's about serving really. Can I help you honestly? Can I honestly help you now? What I'll say is that the kind of sales we're going to do in this program are endlessly easier than what you're talking about. We're not cold calling people.

[02:05:36] Like we, we have people coming to us saying, yes, I am interested in your service. So we get the opportunity to take control and be the experts here. So endlessly easier than cold calling or cold logging into businesses. So that's good. And that, that advice about not trying to sell is great advice.

[02:05:56]Sales is just service. Can I help or not? That's what it comes down to. But he, it's hard. It's very hard. Sales is the most difficult part of all this, because you can get very emotionally attached to the result and it's very easily to get disappointed in yourself when a sale doesn't happen.

[02:06:14] And you just need to look at it like a numbers game, which can be hard, but it works. Do you know,

[02:06:25] if you can close 20% of your sales, you get, if you get 20 calls and you close 20% of those close calls and you close 20% of those calls. Even $2,000 each that, that gets you right there to 10 K per month. If you can close them at $3,000, that gets you to 15 K per month, it's just numbers, just math. It's just finds a scalable metric in the business and then scale it.

[02:06:58] Okay. We're like two and a half hours in three hours in, I don't know. How long have we been gone? You guys again? Anybody need anything else? I just, I had a question about the click funnel site. And week two, you talk about after if you already have a landing page that you would help create a funnel there, but with, cause I'm sorry, if you already talked about this, but it says a 14 day trial for it.

[02:07:23] What is it afterwards? And can you do everything within that 14 day trial should if we're going to start the funnel right away, should I just try it? I have to pay for it. It's a hundred, it's like a hundred dollars a month. You would have to pay for it. You can do the 14 day trial, but you would need it two weeks.

[02:07:38] Yeah. Okay. Gotcha. So would it be better just to do that and, or try to build it off of one of the websites that I have for it's totally your call. At the end of the day, It's a business expense. It would be easier to use click funnels because you can just, it just duplicates right in.

[02:08:00] But if you don't want to pay for that right now, you can. It's really at its base level, a funnel is simply a series of webpages that connect to each other. So you wouldn't be able to duplicate it in the way you would in click funnels, because that's just how I created them. And it has this feature where you can just share funnels.

[02:08:27] So it would take more work because you'd have to look at it and then recreate it on a webpage with a dragon like with Wix or something, but you could totally do it and it might not even take that long. And so if you want to do that, go for it. I don't have any problem with that. It's just a web page.

[02:08:45] Cool. Really? I think we're cash is going to do that. Although he's like an engineer. Not that matters. Obviously yeah, but you can use Wix, so yeah you could definitely do it in Wix. Cool. Okay. Yep. I'm leaning toward the end of the, because I'm already paying for the website. I already have my three domain, three different domains attached to it.

[02:09:11] Yeah. So go for it. I would make sure that it's as similar as it can be to what we have to what I have, because I just proven that it converts and then make sure the mobile looks good too. Cause that's has 95% of people are going to see it on mobile and yeah, I'm down with, it should translate over, fairly straight in a fairly straightforward way because it's all HTML and Java script anyway.

[02:09:43] Oh, you mean if you were to take the HTML from the ClickFunnels page? Yeah, I suppose you could do that. Alex probably won't do that. You'll probably just drag and drop recreate it, which is fine. It won't take that long and even the Calendly stuff, that's probably an embedded Java script widget. So it's yeah, it's an I frame.

[02:10:07] I think you can just chunk it in. That's easy that part's easy. It's all easy. It's just a web page. I've built funnels in Wix before. I've gone in and out during my career with click funnels. At this point with the amount of leads and the amount of money that I spend in ads, like click funnels is like nothing like having the convenience of ClickFunnels.

[02:10:27] It's like nothing price-wise to the revenue that it does bring in for me. So it's a personal decision and ultimately it's not super necessary. The only thing I worry about with Wix is that you and I will have to talk about the Facebook pixel issue thing. Cause Wix doesn't use HTML. They use like Wix code, what is it called?

[02:10:48] Corvid or something. So you gotta put stuff in there a little bit differently, but I've been down the rabbit hole with this. I think

[02:11:01] I think they're telling yeah, sure. They use it way under the hood. But when I, when you're putting in tags into the header and footer of sites, typically in an HTML site, you can just throw it in there. You can't do that with Wix. So we just have to figure that out, but we'll be able to figure it out a little deal.

[02:11:20] And the last site I'm planning on using is called viscera, which does have a template based tool, but. It's just a collection of HTML CSS. It's not like there's anything exotic there either. Yup. Yeah. Certainly for, go for it. Just don't let that get in the way of you doing it. Cause it would be easier and click funnels.

[02:11:52] So just go ahead. Do the work, recreate it, focus, set aside some time I'm going to recreate it right now. Put the focus on, do it and then, get her done. Yeah. Too much of a pain in the ass. Then I'll just break down and go click phones. I just don't want to have yet another website to maintain another one, actually that builder at all which is quite good.

[02:12:22] There's a new one coming up. I've heard of that. What is it called old? You can do one domain for $30 a month and then 69 a month. But it's quite good. If something I'll look at probably after doing click from us, but do click funnels first. Yeah. I'm not like a huge click funnels fan.

[02:12:43] It's just so damn easy. Great job on this new landing page a lot. I really like this idea.

[02:12:52] It's just so easy to be able to, and it's easy as a coach to be able to build something and then easily give it to you to plug and play too. But at the end of the day, it is just a website. So if you wanted to recreate it, you could pretty easily if you're adept at that stuff, I wouldn't do it in WordPress if you don't know much about this stuff, but something like Wix.

[02:13:12] Yeah, that's fine. Oh, he is. As long as you can get your hands on the HTML code recreating, it shouldn't be too hard for you. Save your cash. I think you underestimate what people know about HTML. I'm pretty tech savvy. And I don't, I wouldn't feel comfortable just ripping HTML from one place and trying to get it onto another site because I know that it would cause all sorts of it would not look the way I wanted it to look.

[02:13:38] I'd have to go in and tweak it. It might look okay. But yeah, the real issue is going to be the CSS. If there is any, I don't know what they're doing with CSS on that. I have no idea. No idea.

[02:13:56] All right guys. If there's nothing else, I will leave you be thanks for spending your time with me. Thank you. And I'll see you in the group, huh? Okay. I appreciate y'all. I'll talk to you soon.

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