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PVC Coaching Call 7.22.21

We have 11 people in this wonderful program now, so I'm sure there'll be trickling in, but you guys are here first.

[00:00:12] Your gums were cash, or do you guys want to jump on in first? Anybody want to jump in?

[00:00:20]I guess I'll go first. Okay, awesome. Yeah, no. So I was actually I was doing the last one cause today I believe the second week just opened up for me. So I hadn't had a chance to go over the second week, but I was doing the exercise, a persona one, and I posted it. And you put some comments on it.

[00:00:40]And you had mentioned in the post, if my persona or my avatar was a business of a CEO I was a little confused about that because I didn't think that's what I was trying to go after. But I'm still struggling a little bit to understand that persona exercise it's who I want to work with.

[00:01:00] Correct. When guessing. Okay. So for example, let's say I want to work with a brand, let's say Nike I would have to try to build that. For people who purchase Nike, because that's what they're going after. Like they're going after the person or someone from Nike is, that's what I think I'm still trying to understand.

[00:01:26] Gotcha. So the goal of the persona exercise in week one is for you to drill down on who you want to work with,

[00:01:40] what they give a shit about and what keeps them up at night. So if that, you're not going to work with Nike, eventually will, like if it's a certain kind of business owner or community organization or whatever, it may be, they have somebody that makes the decisions about who they're going to hire, do their video content.

[00:01:59]And so that's the conversation that we're fueling. So in order to sell to that person and market to that person, you have to understand that person. So if, for example, you keyed in on, oh, I want to work with and make video content for like adventure brands then. You would pinpoint. Okay who's the decision maker in these, mid-level these small to midsize business adventure brands.

[00:02:27]That's going to be almost always the CEO. So then that he becomes your avatar and that's who you do the persona exercise because when you're marketing to that person, it's his, or her problems that are going to be the star of that show, because you are there, like you exist only to solve their problems, right?

[00:02:50]Nobody wants video. They want what video will do for them. And the reason that they want those things is because of. The problems that they have. Does that make sense? Does that clear it up? Yeah, it's clearing it up. So it's, for example, let's say I want to work with a sports team, maybe a local sports team, or let's say an adventure, maybe apparel brand, a backpacking brand or something I'd have to go after the CEO and what he has, like his pain points for his company and what he's wanting.

[00:03:29] Okay, exactly. Yeah. Because he's the one you're going to be selling to. That makes sense. Yeah. Yeah. So that's really the goal of the persona exercise is to get really clear on who you're going to help and how you're going to and what they need, what they want. Definitely. Okay. That makes sense.

[00:03:47] Yeah. Okay, cool. So that helps. Yeah. That helps. That definitely helps. Yeah. Okay, cool. Yeah. Anything else you need that I can think of? No, unless maybe someone else has something else and I can maybe piggyback off of that. Sure. Yeah. Absolutely. Man, absolutely. You're off to a roaring start. I love it.

[00:04:12] Yep. Thanks. Okay. Who wants to go? Oh my gosh. You guys, we are getting so bad. How many people we have here. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. We have 8, 8, 8 of our 11 are here. That's amazing. Who wants to jump in?

[00:04:33] Just want to jump in real quick. Introduce myself to the group. My name's Mike I'm with beautiful mass media. I'm new here. Hope everyone's doing well. Awesome. Let's go on Mike. Good. Pretty good. Yeah. Who's first coast. So this is Mike's first call. I think Sandy, is this your first call? Yeah, that's my first call as well.

[00:04:57] Okay, cool. And then we have old veterans here, like Brad and Tyrone, and recash has been in the program for quite a while. I love it. Remember when they use only used to be three or four of us. All good. Who wants to happen?

[00:05:21] I'll begin. Actually, I like the Facebook, this new one. You're doing the Facebook lead generation thing. Yeah. So we're trying to create, it's, it's it's it's half marketing play to get people into this program and half just a way to, honestly, it's all there to help.

[00:05:44] All I want to do is help. And I'll just be able to help more people there. They're there, but they're, they're not going to get any sort of one-on-one or any level of coaching or anything like that, but it'll be a place where they can talk to each other.

[00:05:55] And I'm thinking about breaking it out into having some products that I sell from that association to whatever certify them or whatever. Maybe create some job marketing lists so that we could potentially have people come to this association to get work. So we're just starting small with a Facebook group, but yeah, hopefully building it up, building a nice little community, a community there it'll never be anything like this little inner circle though.

[00:06:23] Of course it's just a place for the people that aren't ready to bite the bullet. You can use it for this though, to get clients go me. It's you can, without the landing page,

[00:06:33]Listen, like ultimately It's just it's just it's just a value ladder, right? Like it's just something that you see where not everybody is ready to make a decision about something. There's different stages of people have different stages of readiness in their ability and their desire to build their video business.

[00:06:56]Or some people are skeptical or whatever it may be. So this is just a place where from a marketing perspective they can warm up to the idea of them building a business and warm up to me a little bit more than I can through my regular emails that I send. And from a non-marketing purpose it allows me to hopefully there'll be enough resources in there and people helping each other that because, there's some people that don't feel they're ready for this program, which is ridiculous because I can help anybody.

[00:07:29]It's meant for people that are starting, but your ability to believe in yourself is not necessarily equal to my ability to believe in you. So sometimes people need a place to go where they can just feel like they're a little bit closer. Two two at all. Does that make sense? It's why I'm doing it.

[00:07:48] Yeah. Yeah. Sure. So for us, then we should stick to the landing page and going from Facebook to the landing page. Yeah. Oh, I think you're getting confused. Okay. Okay. So there's a few things, there's a few things here. So I wrote about the Facebook group thing. That's just the thing that I'm doing and it'll be awesome with it'll be awesome.

[00:08:10] Like to have you guys in there, but it sounds like you're talking about the lead, the video I put up yesterday about the lead ads, to be honest with you, I would just rip those. Like I would just rock them like that. Like I would just do it and just see what happens. Because they're cheap and they're not like a high percentage of those people are not going to book a call necessarily because of the way that it works, but you have their phone number.

[00:08:46] Like they're a lead they've said, Hey, I'm interested. I ran this for 24 hours and I got 10 leads and I didn't even spend very much money on it. It's not a bad, as long as you're up for calling people and basically setting an appointment, I don't think it's a bad idea. So I think the landing page is a good idea too.

[00:09:04]Like I've tested them, both. They both convert. One is like the landing page is going to give you slightly higher quality leads that are going to book calls with you. The other one will just get you leads. And if you want to hustle it, like it's still inbound leads. Like it's not cold calling or anything.

[00:09:21]These people are like, Hey, I'm interested in your offer. And basically the way it would work is, and I'm having Kelsey test out some of the copy on this right now, because I'm still running the funnel and getting we're getting leads in for it now all the time. And I'm just having her call and she'll give you more insights on how best to appointments that.

[00:09:42] But basically what I would do is create a spreadsheet of these people and call them as soon as it comes in. Or text them, but like ideally call them and then you just be like, Hey what's going on? My name's, Rob from Hughes consulting you responded to our ad about performance-based video ads.

[00:10:06]Do I have the right person, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Do you have I was hoping to just schedule a call for a call where we could talk about this a little bit more. Are you free tomorrow at three? And then you pin it down? I would never like when you're, as a general rule, what I've found is if you're trying to get somebody on the phone for a meeting, it doesn't work super well to to be like, when are you free?

[00:10:34] It's good to suggest the time be like, how does Wednesday at 2:00 PM look for you, or what about tomorrow afternoon? And they can, and then they can take it from there. It's a different process, but it's going to get you leads really fast. And it's like to say, to put aside 45 minutes of your time.

[00:10:54] So it's just 45 minutes for the interview. You mean when you do book the call with them? Yeah. So you say so is it so they could go straight away? So you got a lot of free Nash, so you'd go straight into it. Yeah. Would you do that or would you say look, I haven't got time now.

[00:11:19] Yeah, I would probably go into it. Yeah. I would probably go into it. The only thing is you just have to make sure that you always want to make sure that they're like gonna focus, right? Like never talk to somebody who's driving. Never do a sales call with somebody who's driving or like screwing around the grocery store or whatever.

[00:11:40] Like you'll never close that deal. Cause they're just not paying attention to you. And like even their act of doing that is like sending a signal that they're not taking you seriously and you can't work with any, you can't work with someone like that, and you won't close them anyway, because you haven't taken control of the call.

[00:12:00] That's the, if you've gone through the sales module, that's what you gotta do, you take control of the call. So yeah. So basically I would say are obviously now just calling you out of the blue, it's fine, but how's tomorrow at 3:00 PM set aside 45 minutes to just, or you can just say a half hour, but you can block it out 45 minutes to an hour and then send a calendar invitation and a zoom link or whatever, and then have the call.

[00:12:21]Oh, yeah, free. Now, why don't we just talk now? You can be like, okay, great. Are you sure? Is this a good time? There's a, we're going to go through a number of questions and things like that. So I can really understand your business. Is this a good, is this a good time for you to do that, to have that conversation?

[00:12:36] And if they're like, yeah, I'm good. I'm here. I'm ready. Then you could say, okay, great. And then you launch into your pre-frame which is okay so here's how these calls work. I'm going to ask you a lot of questions about your business, just so that I can get a sense on if this is a fit or not or what, and what's going to work for you.

[00:12:54]And at the end of the call, I should have a good sense about whether this would work together or not. And then we can we can schedule a second call at that time if I feel like it's a good fit. Does that sound good? Sound good? Okay, great. And then you launch into the questions

[00:13:09] and then you do the follow up call the next day as as a game plan. If you've already done your first sales call. So we do it. So it's a two call sales process that I recommend for you guys. So at the end of the first call, you book the time for the second call. So the way that you is, it should be all be in the sales module.

[00:13:33] So at the end of the, at the end of the first call, you're like, okay. I really think that I can help you. I'm going to, I'm just going to talk to the rest of the team and just make sure that things are cool. But let's schedule a call for tomorrow and so that we can, talk Turkey if everything works out.

[00:13:50] Okay. All right. Are you free around three, four? So I would do it within the next, like 24 to 48 hours of having that call, but don't get off the first call without booking the second call because they'll ghost you. And you don't really have to have the landing page ready for this. Do you, you can still work on our own page separately.

[00:14:08] You can just work off Facebook page. Brilliant. So that's why I wanted to test it. You can have it up in a half hour

[00:14:14]If you want to do it. I don't know, who knows what it's going to be like when you call these people? How many what percentage of people are going to pick up the phone when you call? I don't know, it might be 15%, but still the cheap leads and you can keep trying. So I would keep I would keep always leave a voicemail and follow up with an email and I would keep a spreadsheet and follow up with them at least two more times.

[00:14:40] Because they've raised their hand. They said, I want to, I'm a lead. I want to work with you. Cool. That's good. That's good. Being in Australia, I just approached people in Australia might as well just do that. Yeah. There's no point in going worldwide yet or, oh I, yeah, no, I saw that.

[00:14:56] I saw that question and I did answer you and and quite, quite the contrary, I'm wondering I'm wondering why not worldwide?

[00:15:08] But what's the reason like why Australia y'all are locked down anyway, right? Yeah. I know this is why I'm going to get things moving. Australia, so I was thinking whether life coaches or this business owners, small business owners, because I'm just thinking just go broad and just like attack anybody and say that you can create a video and I can rank it for them on Google.

[00:15:30] So instead of going for life coaches, I was just thinking, go for business owners. Yeah, absolutely. Although you still need an offer, like if you're going to use my performance-based hook, you have to wrap that in there. Like I will, it'll be something like I'll rank it. And if you don't get resolved.

[00:15:49] Would that work that we do together, you don't pay it would be like that kind of hook. You need a hook. And is that worth doing though? So basically how does that work? If I say, once you get the results, aren't going to make the video goes through all that and then rank them. And then if they get results and how do I get payment after that?

[00:16:13] Once again, though, they have to qualify for it. So most people are probably not going to qualify, like the way that it works, the way that the hook works. It's that if you, and it's not unethical, it's, I've done, as I've said many times before, it's a hundred percent ethical, right? Like you would love to work performance-based with let's just take who our target is here.

[00:16:41] This is people that are like actively advertising and putting money behind their advertising. Not people that aren't doing anything at all, or they're willing to You would love to work performance space with those people because you can work out a deal with them where you can calculate the number, the amount of sales brought in by that and take a percentage of that.

[00:17:01] And you would end up making much more money than if you charged a flat fee and then you could even potentially do more and charge more. Maybe it's monthly. I don't know. It's basically a revenue share on that video, but you're probably not going to do that with 90% of the people that you get on the phone with, because they're not going to qualify, but there's still a lead and they still want to work with you.

[00:17:28] So you're going to make them a different offer at the end of the day. And you're going to find that people aren't even going to remember what they signed up for right there on the phone with you. They like you. It's good. And I've taken hundreds of calls with this hook. Trust me you bring them to the second call and you're just like, okay here's what we've put together for you.

[00:17:46] That, that dah, you want this video to make you a hundred thousand dollars or you want these videos to make you a hundred thousand dollars. So this is only going to cost you $3,000. So does that make sense? So you're not necessarily right.

[00:18:08] Yeah, it makes sense. You're not pitching performance based. It's just a hook if somebody qualifies great. If you guys saw my YouTube video that I put up today on the video ad, if anybody watched that those guys are awesome. Like I would love to be, I'm not performance-based with them because of the way that it adapted, but I would love to be performance-based with them because they've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the videos that I've made for them and made the millions as a result and amazing.

[00:18:40] But a lot of businesses are not going to be in that position or have that mindset or even be doing any of that. So ultimately that's why it's really important to drill down on the pain, the problem, all this stuff in the first call, most of the issues like if you don't close a deal, you will find that most of the issues that most of the reason that you didn't close, that call is in, in the first call.

[00:19:10] And so just out of curiosity, if you go to the performance space, what percentage, how do you know like from so it's basically on their products and services. Is that like price range? If it's high ticket item, then obviously you can go lower on percentage. And if it's low ticket item, then it, and you go higher percentages.

[00:19:32] You mean, if you did go performance-based yeah. You just you broke her an individual deal. I've done the math on it and it looks really good for e-commerce products that can bring in, but ultimately if they're spending like a lot of money on advertising, that video is probably going to make at least 20 to $30,000 a month.

[00:19:54]So just do the math, like whatever type of revenue share that you would do with them. So if you did 15%, that would be $4,500. If you did 10%, it would be $3,000, which probably makes a little more sense depending on what it is. But again, they have to be spending that much money on ads and you're just not going to come across very many.

[00:20:21] Okay. The other thing as well is let's say they sign up, let's say they go for it. So you look get like $3,000 for a film and video. So I would then send them like a PayPal invoice and wait for them to get the payment. And then the process after that which I haven't gone through the training on yet.

[00:20:41] Yeah, go through the training. It's all in there. The way that you mean like after you pitched them, so you pitched them and then they're going to have objections and you're going to have to deal with the objections and overcome the objections. And then ultimately, hopefully they'll say, all right, let's do it.

[00:21:00] So they'll verbally close. And then the next thing you do right away, send a contract and an invoice. Don't use PayPal, that's garbage sign up for a Stripe account. Take, send a Stripe invoice, send a contract. There is a sample contract that I made for you guys that you can just copy and paste in week four, I think.

[00:21:22] And you can use something like hello sign or rocket lawyer, or Adobe sign, or any of those just to get them to just so they can put a digital signature on it. And then take it from there and that's it. And then you follow up with them endlessly, okay. Yeah, of course. I'm excited to see, are you going to launch the lead gen? Yeah, I'm going to just set up the Facebook page. I had an old one, actually, it was just social media for business. So I re did it all and set it up for his consultancy video marketing and came up with an injury system.

[00:22:01] Very nice. Very nice. You don't have to put too much thought into the Facebook page was to go through that training. I think there's a training on that where I talk about setting up the Facebook page, but like literally get a cover photo in there. Have a nice profile photo. Cause that's what everybody will see.

[00:22:21]Yeah, don't get too crazy about that. Okay. It doesn't matter. It's not actually a social media channel. It's just just for advertising. It's just for advertising. Yeah. Good luck growing an organic Facebook channel these days. It's like losers game. So yeah. Yeah, there's no reason like, honestly, Rob, I gotta be honest with you.

[00:22:43] There is no reason this should take you more than 45 minutes to set up. Just get in there and start getting leads Bo. Okay. I'll be doing that today and tomorrow the next day. Seriously I had this idea that I wanted to test for you guys. I had it up in 20 minutes. This whole ad. And I forgot to check.

[00:23:07] And then the other day I was like, oh, I wonder how this is doing. And it got in 10 leads overnight. And I was like, oh shit, that's great. So let's do it now. Kelsey's calling I'm setting appointments and we're good to go. So anyway, acquaintance, no, those look good. Actually, I'm looking forward to do getting going.

[00:23:23]But the question actually, just one other question that came up with a lot Dan and everything like that, we're obviously not allowed to go around and go, Hey, but you can use stock, photo and video and everything like that. Can you can do whatever you want. You can make whatever video you want.

[00:23:39] Okay, cool. Whatever works, whatever does the job, ultimately remember like your job in business is to solve people's problems. So whatever video is going to solve their business problems, that's the video that you make. And that's what you do. Cool. Cause this is really about the storytelling really isn't it.

[00:24:00] And the hope and all that. Yeah. Okay. I was telling Michael, I was telling Michael and we had our onboarding call four and I was telling him, I taught myself how to use after effects and edit video like 10, 12 years ago. And I got really good at that and really good at writing. And I didn't learn how to shoot well until a little less than a year ago, because I was listening to your book actually.

[00:24:24] So that's what I thought was yeah, there you go. Yeah. I don't even talk about shooting in there. When I wrote that book. I didn't know how to do any, I didn't know how to shoot video. Like I knew the basics, like I learned how to shoot video in journalism school, but I wasn't like a filmmaker or whatever, like I, anyway, it's you don't need it.

[00:24:43] I built a huge viral video teams at New York magazine. And now this that we like almost never shot anything for our daily work. And it was super successful. You don't need that. It's about the writing. Now there's a ton of value in well shot stuff, tons of value. But every problem that you need to solve is different has a different solution.

[00:25:04] So that's why I don't think there's any reason to worry about you being locked down here in the U S we're free as a bird. COVID is basically over here. We don't wear masks anywhere. Nobody even talks about it. It's different here and also I've done a lot of advertising in Australia.

[00:25:21] It's just fricking small, man. Like you run out of people after a while. You might as I would just go ahead and target all English speaking countries, New Zealand, Australia UK, Canada, United States, and just see what happens. Sounds good. Thanks, man. You mean may fail a little bit here, but just keep me posted like you, you may not set up the Facebook stuff perfectly or whatever, send loom videos, send screenshots, whatever, like I'm here for you and I'm pretty sure I went through everything in depth on that video.

[00:25:55] Yeah. You guys can see, I'm always like, I'm always like making content for you guys. So eventually as I, and I want to get it to you as fast as possible, but I'll eventually move that stuff into the course, but you can find it all in circle for now so that you can dig through it. I think I went through the whole setup.

[00:26:12] Yeah, it looks pretty good.

[00:26:17] Yeah. Awesome. Rock and roll dude. Love it. Who's next?

[00:26:28] Yeah. I got a quick question. Just so everybody else knows where I'm at and you guys are probably in a similar position or we're in a similar position an hour from me, by the way. Yeah. Ironically. But, yeah, so I'm in the beginning stages. And my question is what do I need to have sent?

[00:26:46]I don't even have the website set up. I don't have really any social media presence at all. I know you said, just keep it simple. And that's what I want to do. I just want to keep it simple. But I know if, for instance, I'm just trying to play it out. If I go, I want to target a local business owners.

[00:27:00]I just have a feeling, if I go and try to pitch any kind of sale or play it out what do I have? What can I show them? Do I have to do the demo real thing and have it on the website? Santis website looks great. It's very a target base. It's, it pertains to this niche.

[00:27:18] It's really nice and clean. Do I need to have all that set up before I even started going through this? Or, what are your thoughts on that? Great. It's a great, it's a great question. No, don't set up anything. It's first of all, you can't really set up a website until we've done the work of week one, because all of the marketing messaging that's on that is going to be, it's going to be directed by the niche work that we do because your website, ultimately, people don't understand this about websites.

[00:27:51] Websites are not places to look. Learn more about you. That's a secondary or a tertiary reason for them to exist. The main reason for you to have a website is to get clients, otherwise, why have a website? So when you build that website needs to be structured, like a landing page so that you're moving people to conversion.

[00:28:14] And a lot of that is through messaging and messaging around the problems that your specific avatar is facing. It's not and this is just in general, how we need to like how I try to like, get you guys to all think about your business and how it relates to your potential clients. It's not like that relationship between you and a potential client is not about business owner.

[00:28:46] Y goes to Michael says, Michael, I want a video. Michael says, okay, this is how much it costs business owner. Why decides if he wants to pay it and then pays it, and then you have a gig. That's not how it works. The way that it works is this owner Y has a problem to solve. And Michael says, oh what problems do you solve?

[00:29:15] Or what what's going on? What problems do you have? Oh like revenue has been dropping. We had a big rally. We had a really big boom during COVID and now things are starting to level out and, yeah. Okay. So why are we talking about video? What do you what is it exactly that you feel like you need video for?

[00:29:34]Isn't video the best way to connect with people and oh yeah, sure. It's a great way to connect with people, but what's the biggest thing that you need right now? What are you missing? We need more sales. Okay. Got it. So where do you what have you tried to get your sales up? Like how have you tried to get your sales up?

[00:29:52] Oh, we've tried I tried doing some like Snapchat stuff. My daughter did some tech talks. I did a big like campaign around like a couple of neighborhoods. I was on a couple of podcasts. I don't know, nothing seems to be really like, sometimes there'll be a little flash in the pan and nothing really seems to be working all that well.

[00:30:12]Honestly, I feel like a, I keep hearing that every you need to be out there. In front of people, on social media doing advertising, but I don't even know where to start with that stuff. I just know that video's really important with that kind of stuff. Yeah, absolutely. I totally understand that.

[00:30:28]So where are you now and where would you like to be in six months? Know. Okay. So anyway, I've done enough. Like I'm going into character too much, but so it's basically, it's not like it's not about someone comes to you as a hired gun. You're not a hired gun, you're a business owner and you're going to decide if you can actually help, if you can actually help, you'll tell them eventually how much it costs and you'll get them.

[00:30:53] You'll get them to sign up with you. So all of this is to say long story short, the reason why I don't care, if you set up a website and all this stuff is because the reasons that people will buy from you, and this is like it's analogous to the way that I ran that fake sales conversation. The reasons that the reason why people will buy from you is because of the problems they have, not because of the video you will make for them.

[00:31:21]So w who cares, like about your website and everything you're going to make them an offer. In your initial, like they'll come into your business because you're going to build a funnel, right? You're going to do that. And in week two, you need a funnel, not a website at the beginning.

[00:31:37] And and then the whole point is just to get, just to have good conversations with people that like may need your help. That's the whole point. Again, this is something we were talking about in our onboarding call. People get really confused and they forget to focus, but ultimately all you're trying to do at this stage in your business is have as many conversations as possible, and just get as many leads as possible.

[00:32:01] And that doesn't have anything to do with like brand awareness, like who cares about brand awareness. Nobody cares about you. There's a billion companies out there. Just make an offer, get a funnel, get the leads, it's the only thing that's predictable the end of the day. And

[00:32:16]Yeah, I was going to say something else, but I forgot. Does that make sense though? Yeah, no, absolutely. And it shouldn't be a relief, right? Like it's keep it simple, stupid just leads, which is why I'm so excited about the Rob, the funnel that we were talking about, because you're not going to get the highest quality leads with this funnel with just like form fill out on faces.

[00:32:38] But you guys need reps, you need reps, you just need to get people on the phone and start having sales calls. That's what you need, and you're going to close one and you're going to be, you're going to be stoked and you just want to, you're going to want to keep going with it. You need reps more than anything else right now.

[00:32:53] Like your point in the business is defined both by your need to get more experience, to get better at running the business and to build the building blocks of what it takes to be successful. Yeah. I also wanted to comment on, I believe it was Santi correct me if I'm pronouncing it wrong. If you speaking about the persona exercise from the beginning I just had this thought while you were sharing them the little play by play there.

[00:33:20]And correct me if I'm wrong, the way I'm understanding it is when we're doing the persona exercise. We're trying to think of the bit, like for me, it's the business owner and his pain points exactly who he is, but then you actually think about who that business owners clients are when you're garnering the content that you're creating for them, right?

[00:33:42] Yeah. Once you're actually hired, then that's what you care about. And, I originally developed the exercise for that purpose, but it's just good for any company that's marketing, anything to understand. There's nothing more important than who am I talking to? What do they care about?

[00:33:58] Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Cause I remember he was asking like, do I, am I trying to create, the persona of the actual owner or who they yeah. Yeah. And that's my fault because I made some, I repurposed that persona exercise, video and reframed it. But I asked Kelsey to make that more clear, but yeah, in the exercise that you guys are doing, like all we're doing in the first two weeks of this course, like when you're looking at all the coursework, all we're doing is trying to get you clients.

[00:34:31] So there's no, like it's not it's irrelevant what the, what their avatar might be until they hire you. That doesn't matter. But it's a great exercise for that as well, and make sure to read my book and listening to it. I think Kelsey put it in circle at one point. I'll try to link you on that.

[00:34:50] Do you have it? No, I don't. Okay. Can I probably ask a little bit on what Michael is also, what's the purpose of finding the pain points for example, of the CEO? Like how does that help me knowing his pain points? If let's say his pain points don't even align to maybe his company's pain points. So what purpose would that serve me to know where his pain points has struggles if they're not aligned to his business?

[00:35:23] For example? It's always both. It's mostly company pain points. Okay. Do you need to necessarily like in this kind of thing do you need to necessarily know that? I don't know, maybe. Listen I guess the answer is, and I'm just tagging you on the book now.

[00:35:40]Michael mirrors. Okay. I tagged you on the book post. Does anybody else need the book, but need the book and don't have it.

[00:35:52] Okay, there we go. I'll tag you as well. What? Somebody say something. Oh, word. Okay. Let me put you in. Okay. Cool. All right, Sandy. Good question. Let's dig into this. People buy from people. Be there. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. People buy from people, so when you're on the phone with this human trying to talk to him about why they need to work with you, the reasons that people will, people don't just buy off of logic, nobody buys just off of logic. Like I see that there's an exact puzzle piece that I'm missing and I'm going to take the puzzle piece that looks exactly cut out correctly and put it in there.

[00:36:45] That's not how it works. There's an emotional side to it as well. And because a CEO of a company, let's say that one of the problems that they're facing is that sales have declined whatever, 30% year over year or whatever. And they're trying to find ways to recruit more sales. Okay, great. What do you think that does to the CEO?

[00:37:12]It creates in him if sales are declining, it creates, a problem when need in him to get more sales. Got more clients. How could it affect his personal life? Oh, it could definitely take time away from him, from his house, from his home. Cause he's probably more stressed.

[00:37:32]Exactly. And that matters. Okay. So it really does matter because the reason that people are going to buy things is not just a logical reasons. It's going to be emotional as well. They need to have logical and emotional certainty that this is this is the right. This is the right path.

[00:37:49]Ultimately we just all have to remember that. It's just people like we're all just people, right? So his stress level with that is super important. That's why they're coming. Like when they click on your ad or whatever, or they sign up to be a lead, it's not a logical move on their part. It's an emotional move.

[00:38:07] And they're saying in a very small way, maybe this person can relieve some of the stress. And so ultimately they want more sales and you're going to help them do that. And that's how you're going to talk about it. But you need to know, and you're going to, and you'll be talking to them about how this is impacting their life.

[00:38:25]Because people are more, people are not robots. CEOs, they're not. Are not just people that run companies and nothing else. Especially entrepreneurs who is mainly who a lot of you are going to be working with. We eat live and breathe our businesses. So it's, and it's impossible to talk about my business without talking about my life.

[00:38:46] It's like impossible. Does that make sense? Yeah, also, I guess in the sense of what then every average car. Technically be the same because they all boil down to this similar thing. Cause I'm guessing we're all not working with just individuals we're working with brands or with companies or something like that.

[00:39:07] So we don't necessarily, then we all be targeting CEOs who are trying to get sales and trying to alleviate that stress because I haven't seen other exercises from the other people here on the course that, they target for example, Sarah hiker. And she is, she's a mom or does this and that.

[00:39:28] And I don't know if we're targeting like individuals or actually targeting like CEOs or people in charge of these brands. You're targeting the people in charge of the brands. They're not all going to be in the same people or different. There's going to be slightly different problems and pain points in certain types of businesses.

[00:39:47] For example, if it's a seasonal business or if it's like a like highly mission driven business or a nonprofit, or if it's a business in very competitive market, like makeup and skincare or something, they're going to have slightly different pain points. That you'd need to focus in on. Does that make sense?

[00:40:06]It's new it's nuances, but yeah. Everybody's going after the decision-makers and businesses and first for lower for smaller businesses, that's always going to be the owner. Okay. Okay. Yeah. They're all stressed. So yeah, that, that's a pain point of almost all business owners.

[00:40:22] They all have stress, it can be for different reasons. So for example I have here my, my thing, I put here, the what here, right? What your brand and what is the main product? The main product is? So what I wrote was a sports fitness and adventure brands who sell athletic oriented merchandise as well as providing entertainment, like a sports team or something like that.

[00:40:45] So then who is this person who is this avatar, I'm guessing an 18 to 35 year old male that they're sporty, they're adventurous, they're outdoorsy. And I gave him a whole name and it's backstory type of thing. So I put his pain points was that he wants validation. He wants to make life happen and not let life happen to him.

[00:41:06] So like for example, that pain point. That's cool. I don't know what, how that pain point pertains to like the decision maker or a CEO. The, for example, I think Brad put, he wants validation or make and make life happen. He's like this adventure thrill seeker. Ah, yeah, this is a problem. A lot of students make that's not a pain point.

[00:41:30]Because think about the way that you phrased it, he wants something. So you need to phrase it. That's not a problem, that's a solution. So why does he want validation? Why? Cause he probably has fear of missing out or he has fear of not being seen, which I'm like the exercise that you posted.

[00:41:49] He has fear of not being heard, not being seen by who by,

[00:41:59] I guess by the people that surround him, the people he admires and cares about. Like maybe he created this business and if it fails, everybody's going to think that he's full of crap and he's a failure, right? Yeah. So that's a pain point. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Alrighty. Like I, I always, I, like for example, people say they want more money, but Nope.

[00:42:32] Where's the slate. Alexa, turn on the office. Light. People will say that they want more money, but they don't actually want more money. They want what it feels like to have more money and the opportunity that will give them. And the reason they want that freedom and opportunity is because they have a pain point and a problem now where they feel too tied down, unable to move.

[00:42:56] They have a lack of freedom, a lack of mobility, and they feel stuck, right? So you can trace that all the way through, but when you talk about the pain points and the problems, that's where the real stuff of it is, and that's mainly what we're investigating because people will buy things because of the problems that they have and then the outcome that you're going to give them.

[00:43:22] Okay. That makes sense. No, it's good. That was super important for everybody to hear and so awesome. Awesome to go through that.

[00:43:30]Who's next?

[00:43:41] Nobody.

[00:43:47] What's up. We still have to wear masks out there. Yeah. Cause I, I'm not vaccinated at all. Oh, you're not vaccinated. Yeah. Gotcha. Makes sense. But yeah. Okay. So two-part question. One of them is what I'm thinking about the revenue share. Remember I was telling you about that dance company I was working with.

[00:44:08]And so essentially I've talked to them, I talked to him and I'm doing them for I'm a happier getting paid. I was wondering if there was a way to move into doing a revenue, share with them. Cause talked them into taking some of their videos and actually selling them as courses instead of just posting them on YouTube, but converting them.

[00:44:26] And we're like, so now we're transitioning to make the videos to actual courses instead of just fun videos. And so I was wondering if there was a way to move into revenue, share with them. And how would you, I guess propose that to them. And then at what detail would that be? Like three to six months at five, 10% or something that, yeah you're still gonna get paid the flat fee for doing all the production work.

[00:44:52]Yeah, this is just extra, right? Because yeah and I'm not getting it's like a pretty low pay for the individual videos, but it's like a wholesale thing. It's maybe like 30, 40 videos for 17,000. And I'm trying to figure out a way if there is a way to do like a revenue share with them, or if you think that's even a good idea or just keep on what like why the courses, like, where did that come from?

[00:45:15] So they own they just their dancing is doing really well and they're planning to franchise, but right now they're doing courses to help teachers. I'll have teachers set up a dance studio and cause they pay $12,000 a month or something like that, or maybe 1200. Sorry, I dunno.

[00:45:32] Something like that for a group that they meet and talk with other like on Facebook. And so they just want to create a course for other teachers in those groups to be able to do it without having to pay this $1,200 for a Facebook group.

[00:45:48] Oh they, so they pay $1,200 for a Facebook. Yeah. Yeah. With other teachers that are like helping each other out, talking to each other. So they gained a lot of experience from that by the past year and it's helped them. And so now they're just like, we're just going to streamline it specifically for teachers.

[00:46:05] And we're going to market this class and course to these people who are in that group as well.

[00:46:12] Okay. First of all, don't change any of the way you're getting paid already. Don't change any of that. But if we're just talking about something that's like extra I think the biggest thing that concerns me about it, my, my general rule of thumb with going performance-based for the most part with clients is they have to have a sort of regular sales thing already a proven marketing funnel already built.

[00:46:45] Cause I just it's not easy to market courses. And a lot of people, like sometimes I talk to people and they're just like, oh yeah, I'm just going to put it up there and, put it in a store and, and then people can buy it and I'm just going to keep sending people there and telling people about it.

[00:47:01] And it's just it's not going to work. So it needs like strategy. So my concern is that you'll end up doing a lot of work for like very little money. So I probably wouldn't, I probably wouldn't do that. Because it's just it probably won't be profitable. Like I run my life because it's so much about the offer.

[00:47:29] It's so much about the offer. That's some people don't understand it's about the offer. I worked with a, I D I was doing YouTube ads for this one, like pretty famous dance teacher once. And she was trying to sell like a specific type of stuff to other dance teachers. I'll tell you, we had a hell of a time getting traction on that offer.

[00:47:49] And of course I, I w I didn't have anything to do with the offer. We were just, doing the marketing yeah, that just goes to show that it's definitely not like an ACE in the hole, so I wouldn't recommend doing that. You probably won't, we probably won't make any money off.

[00:48:03] Okay. Okay. Let's see what else. Okay. Nice. Thank you. And then the only question was, so I put myself in this predicament. He literally just called me, but I shot some photos for him and he was just gonna use it for his menu. And so he paid me like $250 or something, and I'm not like a restaurant owner and photos.

[00:48:24] And then he was like oh yeah, like how much would a video be? And I was like could you look at 30 minutes, a 30 seconds minute for for 500. And so he's he's okay, let me talk to, cause he had two other partners. They're like, the Chinese guys and then they came back and they're like, sorry, we can't afford that.

[00:48:39] And I was like, okay. And then I was like, shoot it anyways. And then I'll show you what it's like, and if you like it, you can pay for it. And so I just put a watermark and I sent it to them well now they want it. And I made this mistake where. Essentially it's on Vimeo and I can't download it until I played for plus.

[00:49:00] So I was like, Hey I can't give it to you to download because it's a paper plus. And then they're like, okay can you just give it to us for free? Or can you just give it to us? Or how much are you gonna charge me? And I was like, oh my gosh, like, how did I get to this place? So I don't know how to navigate it now because he's become like a friend, and so now it's awkward because he owns two restaurants. They're pretty successful and I don't want to get on his bad side, and be like all weird and sketchy and be like it's going to be this much now. So I don't know. I don't know how to go about it.

[00:49:30] Yeah. That's all right. Yeah, I definitely don't do that again. Somebody won't pay $500 for a video. It's just. It's just trouble. Cause they don't they don't understand the value, but part of that is because you didn't put them through a sales process. This is all fine because I know this is hopefully pre our work together. But I know we haven't worked on a lot of sales stuff.

[00:49:52]But as soon as the, so just as a revisionist history if you if when he said, oh, I love, how much would a video be? It's like you're not talking price for a bit. You'd be like, all let's like I don't know exactly. Why don't we just talk over and we can figure out exactly what's going on.

[00:50:10] And then you have a conversation with him where you figure out why he wants this video. And what are you hoping to achieve with this video? Because this is what I always say. Like when you have a, if it's just like what I was talking to Santi about. People don't make decisions just because of like logical reasons.

[00:50:27] They make it off of emotional reasons and you also have to help people see if I say, for example, if I say Alex, you want to buy this pen? You're like, great. How much does it cost? Oh, it costs $5. You'd be like, oh man, I'm not gonna buy a $5 pen. I got. But if we had a conversation, I can actually bring value to this with just my words.

[00:50:48]I'd be like, Alex, do you want this pen? Oh yeah, of course. How much does it cost? This pen, this is actually the same pen that Alexander Hamilton used to sign the declaration of independence. And it's actually worth about, $50,000 in an auction, but I'll give it to you for 20, so I'm just pulling this out of my ass, but, you're, you have to create value around it, right?

[00:51:09]If you're having a, if you have a discussion with somebody, that's only about money I want a video. How much does it cost? $500. No, thank you. I'm too cheap for that. You've had you you haven't built any value around that product at all, but if you had a discussion with him and you drill down on why he wants the video and what he hopes to achieve with that video he was like yeah, I'd like at least five more customers in my store or I'd like at least 10 more people in my restaurant every single night.

[00:51:36] And I'm hoping that bringing where this video would help and you'd be like, oh, okay, great. So 10 people in average bill, like. What like 35, $40 a person was wine. Okay. So that's $400 a day. So in a week it's like 2,800. So over the next month, like you're hoping after this video, is in your hands, you're hoping that this video makes you at least like 15 grand.

[00:52:02]But yeah. I mean it loose. Okay, cool. Yeah. It's just 2,500 bucks then to make this thing, so then you've you've given him, you, and then it's it's like completely unfair. If he was like I dunno, I was thinking like 500 and then you're like, okay so you're, just to be clear here, like you're so you're hoping to make, you're hoping to make $20,000 off this, of this video.

[00:52:24]But you only want to pay 500 for it. Does that seem does that make sense as an investment? What do you think? No. Oh, okay. All right. Yeah. So anyway, hopefully that helps with how you would deal with that in the future. Cause you're never like, listen, like I say this in the marketing for this, like all of the stuff that I talk about with this program is legit.

[00:52:45] Like I can help you guys do all of this stuff. Yes. I want you to get paid more, but getting paid more. Means you have to go through the process of building value around your services and framing it in relationship to the problem and the outcome so that you, so that it's so much easier to to when you're in the sales module, you'll see that I'm a proponent of chunking up and chunking down when you pitch, which is exactly what I just did to you, right?

[00:53:14]Oh, you want to make a hundred thousand dollars over the next six months? Okay. Working with me, it's just going to cost you $3,000, and so when you put it in a frame like that, it seems like an obvious investment and it's not BS. This is how much they should be paying you to do this stuff.

[00:53:28] You just have to do some work to get them to come around to it as far as how you deal with this now. So basically you said it would be $500. So you dropped an anchor there, and now they're saying they want the video and you can give them the video. If you want, you have is they have the rough, right?

[00:53:47] Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So what are they saying? What's the issue? Trying to get the video without pain right now is that what's happening? Yeah, basically, but I was just trying to say, I was like, Hey, like I can't. I have plus on Vimeo. So he's okay, how much is it? And so I was like, oh, it's 90 bucks, but I find a coupon for 71.

[00:54:05] And he was like, okay, how much are you going to charge me for that? And I was like, I'm serious. Like, why are you going down all of this? I would rather, you get paid more, but you dropped an anchor of 500 and you said listen, I'm going to make it anyway. If you like it, then you can buy it.

[00:54:20] So you're going to charge them 500. I don't know why you got into all of this, like paid Vimeo nonsense. I messed up. I just was like, I think I told him I could give him the video because this was like three months ago that he's coming back to me. And so I'll just, I forgot which video is talking about.

[00:54:38] And then I just totally messed up.

[00:54:43] So essentially told him I'd give it to him. And then I told her, no, I can't because I can't have him download it. But now he's yeah, that's just bullshit. So now you're just messing, you're just like, you're just like, you're trying to backtrack on it. Yeah. It's tough. If I was doing that, if I was in this position, I don't know what you said to him.

[00:55:03] Like when you say that, like you said, you would give it to him. I don't know what you said to him. Exactly. My first case. And you said, yeah, I'll give it to you for free. Is that what you said? I didn't. No. I said, yeah, I can get it to you. That's I said download it. Okay. All right.

[00:55:22]And then he asked you how much you charge and that's where we're at now. I would just be like, okay, so we talked about like $500 before. So that's what I was planning on. Because I wanted to show you that, do you think this is this, are you willing to pay is this a $500 video to you?

[00:55:37]You drop the $500 anchor, right? So I feel like the negotiations have to start there. Never do a video for $500 again. Yeah. And it sounds likely that you're not going to get $500, so this one, but I really like okay. I would just recap.

[00:55:57] Okay. You guys really wanted a video. You asked me how much it would be. I said, 500. You didn't want to do that right now, but I wanted to help you. So I, said, okay, how about I make the video first? And then you can decide if you want it. And so you do want it now. So like the time it took me resources ever and everything, like generally 500 bucks, so is that workable for you? I know you love the video, and then see where it goes from there fricking cheapskates though, like $500 oh, and then I was like, what? I said $90. And he was like, oh how much you gonna charge me for that? As if he's going to pay $7 a month, $7 for the video.

[00:56:34] And I was like, I can't believe it. You didn't even pay me for the video. Yeah. That, yeah there's a lot of you're probably going to have to eat it on this one. But just do your best

[00:56:49] yes. Better advice. I would try it. Like personally, I guess my best advice is try to get $500 for the video, but I, or at least. Yeah, there you go.

[00:57:09] What a, what way? What kind of, what type of restaurant is it? It's called crazy,

[00:57:18] crazy crab where they have all crops. So they combine crabs lobster and then hit box. Oh, that's kinda cool. Hey, Brad used to own a restaurant and he sold it. You can always ask Brett, you can always ask for Brad's advice on business owner mentality from a restaurant perspective. Yeah. That'd be actually really helpful.

[00:57:41] They're all broke.

[00:57:47] They run as fast as you can and go find higher paying clients. But if you, if you want to get experience there, I used to ha I used to let college kids come in and make videos for me for free for their pro doing projects for them. And they were just building up, their real or whatever, but I paid for a few things, but yeah, I had a couple of restaurants for 10 years, but one of the biggest things you got to do is, establish the light like Matt, same with the value.

[00:58:16] The biggest thing for restaurants is trackable revenue. So they need, it needs to be a promotion, like a specific promotion, like a special. With a call to action, to come in. So that way it's pretty trackable. And hopefully they're, if they're not fairly savvy with their Facebook ads, I don't know that I'd mess around with it either.

[00:58:35] Cause I can just a regular branding video. Isn't going to do that much form, so I dunno, I would just be careful about wasting too much time with them. Cause they literally, they don't have much money to spend and and when they do it's going to be, it needs to be something that's, there's a clear value from it and trackable.

[00:58:56] So yeah, but I can definitely, I can help you out if you want to work with the restaurants. And when I left the restaurant, when I sold my restaurant three years ago, I started out trying to do marketing consulting for other restaurant owners because of my experience there. And I only did that for about a year because it just, it they're really hard to sell to and get much.

[00:59:18] So I moved on to other verticals, but I can definitely help you out if you want. It's a good place to get some experience working with local businesses like that. So there, there are some positives. I'm sorry. Can I ask a question about restaurants and businesses? I'm from Chicago and I live in an area where ass.

[00:59:38] Maybe 20 different restaurants and businesses on one block next to me, are you saying this that's not a good place to look for clients and the restaurants are not a good avenue? I'm just saying like for me, like I want to do like Matt, I want to charge thousands of dollars for the videos.

[00:59:54] So yeah I can tell you this right now, the only restaurant that's ever going to pay you more than a thousand or $1,500 for a video is going to be a multi location, small chain. And it's going to take awhile to get up the ladder to that person, that decision maker like a one, a single location, local spot.

[01:00:17]Those people are only doing, a thousand dollars a day in sales, maybe two or $3,000 a day in sales. Their profit margins are tiny. Right now their biggest problem is employees. It's not sales they're actually, most restaurants, if you looked at they have restricted hours because they can't handle the business because they don't have enough staff.

[01:00:37] So if I were going to go market to restaurants right now, I'd probably go make like employee recruiting videos for them early, something for them to help attract better staff, because that's the biggest thing they need help with right now. They've got their hands full with the business. At least that's what I'm seeing, but it'll yeah, a lot of entrepreneurial talking about people actually not working, wanting to work.

[01:01:00] I didn't understand that, but they want to work when they can't get people to work. This is weird. Yeah. Yeah. So cause when I drive down around where I live, we live in Memphis, but half the restaurant still have restricted hours. The fast food places don't even have their lobbies open.

[01:01:17] You had to go through the drive through the restaurant, everybody has now hiring signs on the door and so that their biggest pain point right now isn't that they need a flood of customers coming through the door. They need a lower turnover and better staff. So that might be something to think about.

[01:01:35]Because you could make a video that they could post on their social media to sell how great it is to work there. That might be something people would pay for it right now. But again, they're just, they're not going to have much to spend on it. So you'll getting it over a thousand dollars is going to be a tough cause.

[01:01:52] Like I can go, I would have never paid somebody more than 500 or a thousand for a video. And so that's one of the reasons why I joined this to find out more is to get to that point. And I appreciate all the questions you asked part of it. My big question that we'll have, and I'll be real brief about it is when you get to that pain point where, like you just said it, that's what we're trying to sell to is, how would I convince, like you said, I've been disliked that even making that commercial was worth more than a thousand dollars, it will be probably better for me to go to a bigger fan of clients, which is saying, right?

[01:02:20] Yeah. Yeah. If there's a barbecue chain that has 10 locations or something like that, they're local, so they're headquartered there and you could get to the owner that's the kind of place you could target because then it's cause they may they may have 20 million in sales annually, with all those locations, but your single location businesses, they've only got 300,000 to 600,000 in sales, per location.

[01:02:46] A lot of those, and it's almost a waste of time and their profit margins are 10% or less. So like a typical restaurant, maybe doing half a million dollars in sales a year that they may be clear in 50,000 in profit for year. And like they just don't have that much money to play with.

[01:03:06] For their marketing. So yeah, definitely go for the big, the bigger ones Omar, as you go through, like the coursework you'll see how this all develops, right? First you start with who you want to work for, and then, and who you can help and you move to what they care about and what their main problems are that they're trying to solve in their business and their life.

[01:03:34] And then you move on to building a marketing strategy for those people. And ultimately putting all those pieces together is how you sell and, going through a real sales process, like I was just like mimicking with whoever I was mimicking that with. That's how you charge high ticket.

[01:03:52] Yeah. Brand new S thought it Tuesday. And I had a shoot Wednesday, so I haven't even had a chance to get past much of the first questions, but I didn't want to miss this meeting. So I am like really brand notes. And what's going on right now? Yeah, dude. Yeah. Dude, rock and roll. Yeah, absolutely. Bottom line.

[01:04:09]You want to charge more for what you do, build value around it by helping the person that you're selling to understand the return on the investment that they're making. Like what that is. That's ultimately what it is. Ju Alex like with Alex, it's Alex is client there. Oh, we're still restaurants.

[01:04:30] Alex is wait, when did we get away from me? That's what Alex is thinking right now.

[01:04:33]Alex ultimately if I was to like, if Alex sicked me on this guy and he was like, mad, I want you to tell him exactly what, like you told me, I would say so are you like how much money do you want this video to make $20,000 is, do you think that $500 is a fair investment to make $20,000?

[01:04:53]Sounds more like playing a game of roulette to me. So yeah. Oh Alex, I see your comment. Yeah. I didn't mean to jump in. I just, when you start talking the rest of rash, can I ring a bell for me? Yeah. Restaurants. It makes a lot of sense, right? Because it's highly visual, it's fun to shoot.

[01:05:14] I get it. I get it. Yeah. Just look for the ones who are running Facebook ads. So go into Facebook ads library and see if they have ads that are running, that are live, that they're spending. And the longer they've been running ads the better. And then that can be one of the first things you ask them to like, Hey, how much are you spending on ads that can help you qualify them a lot faster too, because if they don't even know what you're talking about, or they're like, oh no, if they're not spending money on ads and you don't even want to mess with them.

[01:05:46]Because they probably aren't doing any marketing. A lot of businesses do zero marketing and they wonder why they're not growing, yeah. A lot of restaurants don't do any marketing at all. They just live on word of mouth, like our pasta is so darn good that more people will buy pasta from me.

[01:06:02]Bread. I'm guessing. It does work that way a little bit. And then yeah, you can add, I ran ads a lot, but that's I knew how to do it. So I started running ads as soon as Facebook started restricting organic reach back in 20 12, 20, 13, 14.

[01:06:20] Then we started paying to boost our posts and then we figured out how to use ads manager. And and so we ran a lot of ads between 14 and 17 and 18. I sold out in 18, but yeah. It's they need to be spending at least. A thousand dollars a month for them to even think about investing in content, because otherwise they can grab their phones and just go into the kitchen and make a little reel or something, or, like a tick talk style thing.

[01:06:52] What's the thing that works for them is like they get their servers to make content with their phones and then they can post it. So they get a lot of free content. And so to get something produced, it's gotta be a really, you've got to make a really good case, strong case for that because it's easy for them to shoot a decent content and even edited on their phones and post it real quick and then run ads to it.

[01:07:21] One of the questions I have, a lot of people are doing no cell phone videos and Instagram. So they doing it from their phones. And so how did you I don't know if that's in the question that, like I said, I'm only a day and a half in, but how do we combat that in this era? We're not combating anything.

[01:07:35] Video is video. Video is wonderful. You want to make a cell phone video, make a cell phone video. If I was trying to sell a restaurant owner on video and I don't know much about them, but now I do. Cause Brad told me some things, I would probably sell them on a whole video marketing strategy.

[01:07:51] Cause the first thing that like Brad The first thing that popped out to me when Brad said the servers can make content and everything. The first thing that I said was how many of them were actually taking the motivation and time to actually do that? And a lot of them probably still don't know what to do when it comes to that kind of stuff.

[01:08:05]Yeah. I would probably offer them a video marketing strategy where it was like, Hey, you're going to have your, listen, like we're going to tell you we're not only going to create these videos for you, but we're going to teach you how to turn those videos into customers. And we're going to create a video marketing strategy because you, because I know because you and I both know that you don't want a video, you want more customers, so let's get you more customers, right?

[01:08:32] Yeah. I think any, if you're working with any local business period, you're going to have to lead with a strategy discussion because they don't connect the dots on how they can use that to, to make it work. They're not as sophisticated marketing wise as other business owners and other niches sometimes.

[01:08:51]So yeah, out, you'll definitely have to build that. You'll have to tell them what to do with it and walk them through that whole process. So the more you know about running ads is going to help. So yeah, it's yeah, I think strategy and then it's and listen, you're going to get your well-produced hero video.

[01:09:09] That's gonna make you look like you have the best food on the planet. You're going to get the user generated, looking content from your servers and from your chefs and from the owners. We're going to do a mock walkthrough video where we put a body cam on a cusp on a potential customer as they walk through and get served.

[01:09:33] And you're going to obviously give that person the best service in the world. Can you imagine what it's going to be like and how much, how many new customers it could bring in when they actually know what it's like to sit there with the servers and eat that food. And then I'm going to tell you how to actually distribute those videos, because it's because you and I both know that just having the video won't do anything, right?

[01:09:55] Like you can't just have a video, you've got to do something with the video. So anyway, I just came up with that idea. I think it's genius. I would have hired, you met right there. Okay. There you go. It's just sales, okay. Who's next? I got my bathroom break and while Brad was teaching, so I'm good to go.

[01:10:14] Now I'm energized. I just want to say, I appreciate that. It really helps me out. Cause I'm all the businesses in my area. They're all locally owned. There's 71 locally owned businesses, all small businesses. There's no chains in this little town. So it was very interesting. I'm probably going to be encountering that quite often.

[01:10:31]But I'm starting to conceptualize it. It makes sense. It definitely makes sense. Hey, one other thing, oh, I was just going to say one other thing and I'll shut up. I'll shut up. But the one thing you can do is there's always like some local marketing consultants and you can partner up with them in a way they, a lot of times don't know how to make good content, but they can, they're doing like the Google, my business and they may be running their ads or whatever.

[01:10:55] So that may be a way to filter out some of that too. Very interesting. They just had this 4th of July event and I went to scope it out ahead of time to see if there was any photographers or who was working the event. And I happened to run into a couple of guys, in the black shirts and stuff like that.

[01:11:11]Had some equipment on them. So I stepped to him. I said, Hey, you guys filming this event? And it was actually through an advertising agency. So I got their information and I looked them up and I was actually contacting them. So the photographer that they hired though, was a freelance photographer.

[01:11:27]And they do that often for events here, but they were filming for the actual city. And building content for this little city town that I'm at. But yeah, very good point. Thank you. Yeah, I think local businesses are just one of the what, I know that we've brought on a lot of new folks here, so maybe you haven't heard me beating this drum yet.

[01:11:50]I know that it may seem because you have a craft that is like you with camera in your hand, shooting stuff, with gear and lighting and tripod and everything you feed probably feel like just like naturally, like obviously I'll be working for local businesses because I can get to them with my gear, but I think that what's going to be really, what's really important for you all to realize. And I've told many of you, this who have been here for a bit is that you, there's just, there's no reason that you can't appeal to a huge audience. There's just no reason across the world. You can create this stuff anywhere.

[01:12:33]Now local businesses are different. You do need to be there to help local businesses very often. However, those are tough clients to work with. You're, it's going to be really hard to get paid what you deserve and you want to be able to find the, you want to be able to find the best leads so you can just look nationwide.

[01:12:51] So this is why, like in week one, we go through figure out your niche and then we really start to figure out where we can find these people, where these people are, like for example, I know we had this conversation with Rakesh cause he wants to work with like outdoor brands and stuff like that.

[01:13:05] And he was thinking about locally too at the beginning. And I was like any outdoor ish type brand across the country world. You can shoot a video on a canteen or a mountain bike or what, like you can shoot that stuff where you are, you don't need to go. And that's a value add for the business for them as well.

[01:13:26] So I would definitely, as you guys are picking your niches and trying to figure out who to appeal to, I would think big.

[01:13:38] Cause if you're a, if you're going out there trying to do real estate, all, like you're going to run into a lot of these conversations like Alex was getting into with this $500. Like they, and remember they wouldn't even pay $500. It's oh my gosh, forget that.

[01:13:56] Okay. Who's next. I've updated my formal. So

[01:14:04] critique. Absolutely. Did you should I go find the link from that post and circle? Hang on a sec. I will dump it in here. And Rakesh, did you see the video I put in yesterday in the group? I think I missed yesterday's watch it. Yeah. So we'll plan to catch up on videos today. Yeah, here I will. I'll share my screen here.

[01:14:33] So this where cash is just just what, watch this video. It might be worth just taking a look and seeing if you want to launch into this first. I validated an easy funnel that doesn't need a landing page to get leads that you could get up in a half hour. But watch the video and you'll understand more about that, but yeah, let's look at the landing page.

[01:15:00] No.

[01:15:06] Cool. Yeah, I wouldn't use that image. You're going to swap that out. Yeah, because I'm like, who is that woman? She looks terrified. Yeah. Because it's from a movie that I shot. Yeah. And it looks quite well shot, but yeah. I think that I was trying to switch it out. I'm just wondering if you have any suggestions about the kind of image to swap it out for.

[01:15:30] Yeah. Yeah. You're going to run this out to a niche audience of like outdoor adventure travel type stuff. Yeah. So I was thinking of digging up one of my nicer landscape shots and stuffing them here. Yeah. Something that feels like something that will like people like outdoor adventure brands would identify with.

[01:15:52]So you feel like you're on their team, so something like that. Are you ready to competition? I might say something about who the niche is here. That's the one thing I haven't altered yet because I haven't figured out how, what to write in there. Yeah. What's so who are we targeting?

[01:16:06]We've talked a lot about outdoor adventure travel. Is there a way to sum, sum that up in a short way?

[01:16:16] I don't know yet. I'll have to think about that

[01:16:22] outdoor sports. No, it's not just sports. I'm thinking travel and adventure. I would just see, I would just say,

[01:16:35] yeah, either travel and adventure brands probably not travel. I would just say like outdoor and adventure brands maybe. And maybe you could just try it with a similar headline and just calling that out, like outdoor adventure brands, are you ready to crush the competition, send a flood of sales into your business.

[01:16:59] and then you have the, and then you have that background there. Remember to get rid of this ClickFunnels thing. So you go to general settings settings general and then toggle off the the thing that says affiliate badge. I actually done that. Maybe. I didn't say that. Yeah. Yeah. Or maybe accidentally turned it back on when I was tweaking.

[01:17:24] Okay. This looks good. Okay. I added the questions, but the questions. Yeah. For the Calendly, let's take a look. Siri, you can get rid of this one. This is the stock one that it comes with. Yeah. Current revenue goal for six months. Do you have financial rivers as a business? Make sense? Yeah. Perfect. You don't have to have send text messages to just add the phone field.

[01:17:58] Okay. Or no, wait. Oh no wait. I don't think this is a field. This is probably just for reminders. Yeah. Yeah no, this is good. This is good. This is good. Yeah. So I would just make that one change. This is looking good. Can you get the, or you have to go into the, it says powered by county.

[01:18:13] I like to turn that off if possible. I think it's in the Calendly settings. If you go to account account settings, branding, and then toggle this Calendly branding off right there. Okay. It's a space there.

[01:18:40] Yeah.

[01:18:58] Yeah. Maybe also, just so that it segues better, just put something here. Ricochet is also the founder of the Hollywood system for high converting video ads or whatever. Okay. Companies selling outdoor adventure gear online, traveling auto droppers, hotels resorts. Perfect. Great. I wouldn't use the same image twice.

[01:19:24] Yeah. You can put something else in here. You could just put something stocky in there or something and it doesn't matter if it's a picture of me or something else. No. You only need one picture of you. Like you could even replace this if you wanted and just use this. Just one is fine.

[01:19:40] Just as long as we have the one I'm going to actually pop a landscape image into here. Sure. Okay.

[01:19:49]This is still linking to my company's privacy policy. So just copy my privacy policy, swap out gride guide social for my name or for your business name. And put that link in there. Yeah. Add it's a year winter light studios website, or just, it just needs to be on a page somewhere. If you end up, if you end up doing the other lead generation thing that I put in the group you'll need a privacy policy for that too.

[01:20:18] So it was just handy to have that link. And that's great. And do you have a, did you set up a thank you page? It's not fully customized yet, but I have set it up. Okay. Yeah. And then you just want to make sure it Calendly is redirecting there. So the, let me see if I can give you a preview of it

[01:20:38] is I thought you'd be able to see a preview here, but I could, if I booked a call,

[01:20:49] so if I can get a previous smear, I can just plop that over. Let me, I'm just going to book a call with you here, or girl assuming that you set it up, you th you set up the redirect. I guess we'll find out what the habits set up correctly. There you go.

[01:21:13] Nope. Yep. It worked. It's sending it to mine, but yes. Hey, what's up? Thank you so much. This is really well. No, it's not mine. It just has my video in it. Yeah. Perfect. I have, I got my invitation. We're good to go. So I don't have a new video to put in there yet, so I didn't do anything with that until I figured out what to do with it.

[01:21:41] Yeah,

[01:21:46] though. I did have to swap out the logo because I have years and they're still living.

[01:21:55] Oh yeah. That logo. Yeah. Okay. This is a very knowledgeable D you refresh your mind now. Cool. Nope, but it's probably cash. Okay, cool. And yeah, definitely watch this one too. And we'll see where we're at. What should I do for the video there? Should I just, I would start. I do. You don't have to do a video, like just don't do a video at the beginning.

[01:22:24] Just leave a, an image in there. Because if I don't put anything in there, then I ended up with a big blind spot. The layout is why I haven't moved it yet. Yeah. You can put an image in there. You can change the layout too. Basically it just needs to be like, it just needs to, eventually you'll want to optimize this page so that you get as much as many people showing up as possible.

[01:22:46]But yeah, right now it's just basically congrats, your call is booked. Please make sure to block out the time in your calendar. We have a blocked out, we prepare for these calls, please make sure you're there. We don't offer cancellations and reschedules for that reason. I'm looking forward to learning more about your business.

[01:23:04] And then you've got your little testimony. That's basically, yeah. Just to start, I would just put that like basic framework in there. So just write that in and prose and lead for still images. Yeah. Whatever. Yeah.

[01:23:25] All right. In that case that won't take very long to figure it's finished. And then that means, I guess I can make that revision, bounce the volume once more and then actually hook it up to an ad. Yep. Yup. And watch that other video to see if you want to start giving something up a little faster too. In the meantime, it's all about reps.

[01:23:49] I just want to get you guys as many reps as possible, right? So I'm rolling out a bunch of funnels here so that you guys can get reps. Eventually you will work your way into getting higher value clients, better leads, things like that. But right now you got to get on the phone.

[01:24:08] Good. You're in great shape, man. You're moving forward really nicely. So just make those tweaks. Shouldn't take more than 20 minutes and then let's get this thing. Let's get this thing rolling. Cool. Cool. Cool. Anything else I can help you with?

[01:24:28] Okay. I don't have any specific questions for you right now. So I do,

[01:24:37] you got it, man. On the good news front I do have, I did get attached to shooting a short film, so I'll get on set too. Congratulations. Should be fun. Is it going to be in Canada? Yeah, I can't leave Canada yet because I don't have my second year. Right in Vancouver. Yeah, I got my first dose, but due to the timing of when I moved and the fact that I waited until I got my MSP benefits card before I registered.

[01:25:09] Cause I didn't realize I could register without it. I didn't end up getting my first dose until June because the Q had got they've gotten pretty backed up. So as at three weeks lead time, when I got mail and it's seven or eight weeks for the second dose here. So yes man. Yeah. It's so funny perspective.

[01:25:38] Just so it's so done in the U S I don't know that's where you live. Maybe it does. Yeah. Here, it's not, there's nothing going on. You're in one of those. I think on paper, it depends on where you live, but in reality either you got your vaccination or you don't care if the women here in Ohio, only 50% of the people have vaccinations.

[01:26:01] So theoretically half of the people I see out on the street should have a mask. Ain't nobody got masks on where we seem to be. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. It's very honor system. Isn't it? All of the, every store has if you're vaccinated, don't wear a mask because it's not like they're checking. And obviously COVID was so politicized in the United States that, now it's just up for grabs.

[01:26:27]Yeah, there will probably be some more lockdowns. Yeah. That's too bad. Okay. Who's next. Anybody else? We saw, I'm sorry, Christian, if you had to leave, but that's okay. Most people have gone. Anyone else need anything? Brad, do you need anything? Tyrone DDD thing? I wouldn't, there's a question if nobody else wants to know video production.

[01:26:59]I've got screen part of it again. I'm looking at you and you're over here. Here we go. ScreenFlow. Yes, go ahead. And I got like a $60 a year to get stopped. It's great. That was just looking at other the forms, when the video production style. Sort of thing, is it, would you sign up to any of these online membership things where you can create videos, like there's one called in video that people are recommending and things like that, or would you set up, would you like to start to get a, go to work and get people like who had done over Adobe?

[01:27:35]First y'all may create the desk and start taking on people to actual create the videos and start to set up my advice. I have tons of advice and I know a lot of this stuff, but my biggest advice is don't sell don't build it until you sell it, right? Get a client, figure out what videos you're going to make for them.

[01:27:52] Then we'll sort it out. Don't spend any more money on anything else. So I wouldn't worry about it. I do have recommendations though, about those things, like my, for example, my, my favorite, like online editor, like online simple video editor tool to make text on screen videos is wave. I love wave.

[01:28:11]I use story blocks for all of my audio video after effects, templates and photos. And what other tools do I use? I edit everything. I edit everything in DaVinci resolve for my company. We have a vendor we work with to, for like more simple videos. You want to outsource the video creation, then it depends on how much you're like, it's a business model thing, right?

[01:28:40]If you're going to get if you're, it depends on how much you're charging and it depends on what the delivery of those are. So it's really a business model thing. I'm all about outsourcing it. If that's the business you want to build, you just have to charge enough to do it. Yeah, if you charge someone $1,500 and it's going to cost you like $800 to get that fulfilled, your profit margins are looking pretty low on that.

[01:29:02]But if that's the only way to produce a good product, then maybe you have to do it. However, you probably shouldn't be charging that little in that case. It's just a business model question really. So sell it and then figure out how to fulfill it from there. All right. That was it.

[01:29:21] And actually this, I don't know if people know that there's actually a free privacy policy generator. If you type that in you type in your information, it creates one for you and then

[01:29:37] policies, the other terms and conditions. Yeah, that's a big one. That's a big thing. Cool. Yeah. That's helpful if you have a leg drop it in the chat. Yeah.

[01:29:53] I think that we still pay for rocket lawyer at the company, which is a great little thing. Like after you get up after you get your revenue up and you start hiring contractors and stuff it's 40 bucks a month. And basically you can create any legal document that you need to, and they make filling it out really easily.

[01:30:13]And Mo most of you I don't know, actually, a lot of old school people on the call, but for the first few of you that were here, I don't think you signed the terms of enrollment. You probably should, but the, we use rocket lawyer to send that out now. Cause it has a signature thing too, but like every time that I signed that I hire an employee.

[01:30:34] I TA I do an employee agreement in rocket lawyer every time. Like they have contract templates revenue share stock buys like all sorts of stuff. I've thought about getting rid of. Sometime like NDAs, that's something you may have to do from time to time, especially if you're going to audit somebody's marketing and advertising they've they may, a nondisclosure agreement, just basically being like, Hey, if you look inside my business, you won't tell anybody about it.

[01:31:00]That's basically it's just a sort of a standard procedure when you audit someone's marketing and they give you access. So it's not a bad thing to look into. I don't think any of you need it yet, down the line and short-term, if you guys needed any of that stuff made for you, you can just drop it in and I'll have Kelsey generate, generated document for you and you'll be all set.

[01:31:21] Okay. Anybody else?

[01:31:29] This is going to be like the shortest call on PVC history under two hours.

[01:31:38] Some are going to be short,

[01:31:42] short, they'll make up for next week and it will be seven hours. I'm sure. I'm sure. Yeah. It's been running about two hours and 15 minutes on average, but yeah, that's good. All right, everybody. Sorry, I just have one question. So let's say you get a client. What are the chances of getting more work? Like more video production.

[01:32:11]How have pretty good if you do a really good job for them and you ask for it? I think obviously, like it's very important to have a really good product, so the best thing that you can possibly do once you get hired to be able to turn that job into more work is crush it, do really good work.

[01:32:36] And and then it's very easy to ask for more, if you get into that position, so should be pretty good. Listen, like those of you that are selling online commercials and Brad will tell you this too, because he does a lot of this Facebook advertising stuff. You can never have enough content.

[01:33:00]So ideally some of these should, a good number of these should turn into repeat customers just to do some education about that. But yeah. Yeah. Just give you a little inspiration. So a client that hired me, a little over a month ago, I'm now on my fifth video for them. And basically he's told me that, they love him.

[01:33:24] They're working really well. And he wants them as fast as I can crank them out. So I'm literally editing, I shot one yesterday with an actor. I'm editing it right now, trying to get it to them by tomorrow. Then I've got two more basically specked out right after that. So it's, you just gotta find the right client, but this is an e-com store, like selling a physical product they're spending they've gone from $600 a day and adds up to $1,200 a day, I mean he's, but he's making 150,000 a month in sales from his store, those kind of clients right there. Like they literally can't get enough content. Like they need as much, like they gotta feed the beast. Basically the Facebook algorithm just wants more and more as, as they try to scale their ads.

[01:34:13] So yeah, the right client this one was a home run for sure. And and then I've got other ones that are the same way. Like I've had trouble getting to him I've been so busy with this one, I'm having trouble getting to him. But yeah, I've got some other projects I know I can tap into.

[01:34:29] So yeah, it's just the right clients for sure. And then, like Matt said over deliver just like the videos. Like the first one I did for him, I quoted him a longer time than I thought it would take. And then he immediately said, oh man, it'd be nice to have that done faster. I'm like, okay, I'll rush it for you.

[01:34:48] Even though I knew I could do that. And then I got it to him faster than I committed. And then when I sent it to him, I sent him an extra, like three versions with different intros. And so he was like super happy. And then basically the next day he texted me. He's Hey, everybody loves it. Can you make some more?

[01:35:06] So that was, I really put a lot of work on that first project and it's paid off. Yeah. Okay. That's good to know. Thanks man. Yeah. I think Google ads, Facebook ads. So when they went to the website, is it Facebook ads that send people to a sales funnel? So like a good landing page sales funnel and they take care of the funnel and everything like that.

[01:35:29] Just, yeah. Cool. Yeah. And that's basically everybody that I'm, everybody that I'm working with is selling either a physical product online or an information product online, like a course or coaching program or something like that. And I'm getting I'm doing more of the physical products now.

[01:35:47] I just leased. So I haven't told Matt this or posted it, so at least a studio space last week. So I'm getting all my stuff out of my living room. And I'm going to have more space and I'm going to be doing, I'm going to do a couple of the, try to do some cool, like kind of product videos where I do more closeups and cool shots, creative, artistic shots, but I'm not going to get, try not to get sucked down the rabbit hole too much.

[01:36:11]Focus on the scripts and the stories. That's what sells sign. The, I'm not, it's pretty cheap space, but

[01:36:18] thanks. Cheryl kids are happy. I shot the actor that I shot the video and I'm when I'm done editing, I'll post it, but that we did that in my living room. So we had a mom set up folding laundry that was a fame. And so that was in my living room. So that was about four hours a couple of days ago or yesterday.

[01:36:38] I can't remember. So anyways, hopefully, yeah, that's great. Having a blast. This is fairly new to me and when I started out, I didn't think. Be working with actors this quickly. I was wanting to do more kind of product stuff, so I didn't have to deal with really live people when I had my camera fumbling around with my camera, trying to figure it out.

[01:37:02] But it's gone really well. Yeah. Brad, I made a video. I know that was my they th they, they wanted a UGC type video, but I also wanted you to make one of those like spokesperson type videos. I made a video on that today on my YouTube channel. You should check it out. Where I where I go down and where I break down piece by piece like why I structure the videos that way.

[01:37:25]Cause nobody's doing them this way, but me and you now it's really, it's a really cool thing. Yeah. The yeah, the client has been like, I think like the, he was working, he hired some people to do video before and he was like, yeah, just the way the story comes together. It's just like more engaging and he didn't really know what it was, but he's this is just working so much better, cause it's actually marketing. Yeah. Yeah. It's not just look at this cool shit. That's what most ads are. Look at this cool shit. Yeah. Yeah. It might be like great footage and shot really well, but it has no story or meaning that people can connect with and then but yes, it's shot terribly and it has no strategy, right?

[01:38:12] Yeah. The next one's he wants me to do, or like he wants me to make him tick talks. So I was like, okay, so I'm charging them 2250 to make them two tick talks. And so my act, my actor, who I shot yesterday, I said, Hey, take some of these home. And then if you and your daughter come up with some ideas, make a tick talk.

[01:38:36] So I offered her 300 bucks if she could make the tech talk and then send it to me. And I'll, I don't know, I probably won't have to do much to it. But but I've worked for the other videos that I've done for $2,000. So I'm going to get a couple of easy ones that I'm hoping. Yeah. Yeah. Th that'll be, yeah, that'll be easy.

[01:38:56] I'm sure. And then I'm hoping w this one that I'm editing today hopefully will be one that'll give me something to point to, and then I'll be getting up to the three to 3000 and up range from now on. Good. Yeah, you're doing great, man. You're crushing it.

[01:39:17] Yeah, you bet. It's been a long journey. I've been doing this marketing thing for several years in I fumbled around, I've got into media buying that was like, where I really got some legs under me. And then that just became video because everybody that is buying ads for me, needs help with video.

[01:39:32] And then that was like, I wanted to do something creative, and not just crunch numbers and spreadsheets all day, but I still do. I still do that. Cause it seems like I need the balance, so I'm doing like, I've still got media buying clients and I manage that for several clients and then I do these projects and it gives me like a good balance through, through the week, and so yeah, it's going really well. And Matt, I owe you a video too. I keep forgetting to make that. So I'm going to make that for you before the week's over. Sure. Thanks, man. I appreciate that. Appreciate that. All right. What do you know? We did go over two hours to do okay. Everybody have a good day, the link for an ad and I shot a couple about a year and a half.

[01:40:32] Oh, yeah, I see it here with cash. I'll check that. She's in short. No, that's not cool donuts. Yeah. I'll check it out.

[01:40:48] Oh, okay.

[01:40:55] All right. Talk to you guys later.

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