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What We Can Learn From Disney

Hope your holidays are going well - the kids, wife, and I are doing well. I'm about to spend the day Christmas shopping after a few Vesta calls.

This morning I put on Muppet Christmas Carol for my kids. A Classic. To get there I navigated my way through our Disney+ subscription where there are hundreds of hours of pure gold.

I was thinking about all the disparate things Disney is a part of - from the Muppets, to Mickey Mouse, to Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar.

Disney has been responsible for a ridiculously high level of quality over nearly a century. How amazing is that? To have millions of people involved in producing products for your company and delivering incredible, consistent quality across the board and over time. It's amazing to think about.

It got me thinking, what can we learn from that? How can we create something that consistently valuable?

A dogged, relentless pursuit of innovation and quality.

The online business world is poisoned right now by an obsession with advertising. A session on your laptop now feels like a busy highway lined with billboards by brands you've never heard of.

There has never, in business, been such a lack of brand building. It's all funnels and direct response copywriting. I can't tell you how many clients have come to me asking me to build them a funnel without any interest in creating organic content whatsoever.

The problem is, nobody is seeing the forest through the trees. Even if you were able to pull off a successful advertising funnel with direct response and no content and brand, how long do you expect that to last?

Can you get rich going to the casino just one time? Probably not.

So why are we treating our businesses that way? Without consistent value, and that relentless pursuit of innovation, quality, and brand building, you're not building a business - you're playing a slot machine.

So what can we learn from Disney? You're only as good as the dreams you have to bring wonder and delight to your customers. Create relationships not products. Build bridges, not walls. Have the courage to care.

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