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What Social Media Platforms Should I Be On (The Answer Will Surprise You!)

Do you get overwhelmed trying to keep up with all the trendy, new social media platforms? You are not alone. I will help you decide which social media platforms you should focus on to be successful in business and why.

Here's the deal, I'm going to slam you with value right off the bat...

You should not be on all social media platforms. In fact, you don't need to be on any and you can still be successful in business. Follow the money and listen. I'm not telling you to be greedy out there or anything, but the fact of the matter is people freaking lose their way.

Ask yourself this... Why are you on social media in the first place? Why are you chasing the latest, greatest platforms out there all the time? So you can get seen more, right? Because getting seen means more traffic. Getting more traffic means more customers, more customers means more money. Right?

I wish it was that simple. It's not that simple. That awareness does not directly correlate to money. It can. But nobody's saying it will because 99.99999% of people have no strategy in these social media platforms. They use zero. None. If you're just spraying stuff out there with no idea of how will actually make you money, you're lost. So what do you do?

You Need A Sales Strategy

Number one, you need a sales mechanism. This can be a webinar, a sales letter, a sales page, a baller email sequence, whatever. Something that creates a funnel to take people from cold to sold. All right. So you've got your sales mechanism. Great.

Now what? Well now you need traffic. People need to actually come to your sales mechanism and there's really just two ways to do this organic and paid. Organic traffic you drive through SEO or other stuff. People find you through Google or whatever, a social media, organic social media, or from speaking gigs or something like that. And then there's paid. Social media ads like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Google pay-per-click or whatever it may be.

So which one do you use? Who do you want to come into your sales funnel? I've got an avatar exercise, a persona exercise that I always do. Do that first to find your ideal target custom. So you do that work and then decide, will you find those people and get them to click on TikTok or your Instagram stories, or is your best luck going to be paid traffic?

Remember... and this is important. People always forget this part. Time is money and you have to value your time.

Sure, it may cost you $3 or $4 per click to get people into your sales mechanism when you're using paid traffic. But these can be great clicks. Not every click is created equal. Compare that to spending five times that amount of time posting on TikTok three times a day and draining all your energy. I get exhausted just thinking about it. Now, I'm not saying it's not worth it. I'm not saying organic social media is not worth it. I'm saying you need a strategy and that strategy has to lead you to making money in your business because isn't that why you're doing this in the first place?

And don't even get me started on Clubhouse... I don't have five hours a day to sit in a bunch of random rooms waiting for my turn to make my valuable contribution to the conversation. No thanks. Nope. I'll pass.

Remember, just start from the business goal and then work backwards. That way you can always make sure you're bringing in the perfect people at the perfect time and the perfect place. Then you're not wasting all of your important, hard earned cash and even more important time. You're actually moving the needle for your business.

Create Valuable Content

When you do find the social media platform that's a fit for your business, create content in it that you enjoy. That you enjoy making. If you love audio, create audio centric content. If you love video, video centric content. Love writing, writing centric content. And don't worry about what the platform is, just get creative. It's a limiting belief to think that you can't do audio centric stuff on TikTok that you can't do written centric stuff on YouTube. Get creative! You can make anything work on any platform. In fact, it's a good pattern interrupt. Maybe even a welcome change from the millions and millions and millions of cookie cutter posts all the time, all over these platforms anyways.

I hope this helped you navigate making the tough social media platform decisions for you business! Also, grab my free Cheat Sheet on How to Use Video to Steal Market Share From Your Competitors (look for the Green Button on the home page) This will help you to stop shouting into the void out there because that's not fun.

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