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The Psychology Behind Creating YouTube Ad Campaigns That Convert

The act of advertising and marketing, at the end of the day, is the act of persuading human beings to take specific actions. And if you don't understand the particular psychological space your potential customers are in when they encounter you, you're leaving money on the table.

This week I spoke to Tom Breeze, who many consider the top mind in the world in YouTube advertising. Tom studied psychology at a high level for years before transitioning to marketing, and in this episode we dug deep into the underlying drivers behind the actions people take on YouTube. We also talked a lot about what folks are doing in YouTube in the first place, and how that can direct our strategy. It's an incredibly insightful look inside the psyche of why people take any action they take on YouTube, and how to craft your campaigns accordingly.

Tom Breeze is founder and CEO of Viewability, a company specializing in YouTube Advertising, boasting an impressive client list of international personal and corporate brands. With a "Pay For Results" financial model, Viewability oversees over $100k/day in ad spend. Tom is also a speaker, author and consultant, teaching businesses around the world how to advertise successfully on YouTube.



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