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The Biggest Facebook Ads Mistake 95% of Marketers Make

Have you ever run a Facebook ad and had a super high click-through rate but nobody was buying from you?

There's a very good reason that is happening and it's one of the biggest mistakes beginning and even intermediate Facebook advertisers make. It probably has nothing to do with your product. I'm going to go into the biggest one in a minute, but let me cover a couple issues quickly because they are basic and often missed.

Where are you sending people?

First thing that I look at when ads are getting a lot of clicks and no sales is, where are we sending people? Specifically the conversion rate, a percentage that expresses the number of conversions you had divided by the people visiting your page or site. So if you're an e-commerce store, that number will be the percentage of people that visited your store and bought usually about 3% or higher. If it's a webinar registration or a lead magnet, you guessed it, the percentage of people that opted in based on those who have visited the page. So if those numbers are really low, like below two to 3%, that's the first problem that I would fix - make sure you are sending people somewhere that enables you to complete the sale.

Are you attracting the wrong people?

The big thing to look at, if you have a high CTR (click through rate), like above 1% or so on your ads and no sales and things are not working, is am I attracting the wrong people?

This comes right down to the creative, meaning the copy and image or video you're using. Sometimes people think if the CTR is high. The ad is never the problem, right? No, that could not be further from the truth. So how do you make sure your ads are reaching the right people? The problem solution framework.

It's a tool that I created. It lets people self identify themselves based on empathy. So there's two parts of the problem solution framework. This assumes you've got your ideal target customer locked in. If not, get that done! I made a whole video on that.

First we rate how problem aware our avatar (ideal target customer) is on a scale of one to 10, meaning how likely they are to know they even have the problem that your product or service solves. Second, we rate how solution aware the avatar is on a scale of one to 10. So how aware they are that there's even a solution to the problem. The problem solution framework allows you to use the golden rule of marketing, my favorite, meet people where they are.

Are you being clear about what you want people to do?

The third (and biggest) piece to this is, are you being clear about what you want people to do? Meaning if you're sending people to register for a webinar or buy something, you should tell them that because if you don't, you're going to get a ton of clicks to your site from people that have no interest in becoming customers whatsoever, which can ruin your entire sales funnel.

You want to create video content and write ad copy that takes people from their current problem and solution aware state to self identify that they have that problem and that your product or your webinar or your service is the only solution. I made the perfect video to explain how to market to a cold versus warm audience.

Once you address these three things, your ads will be much MUCH more effective!

Full video at the top of this article! Subscribe to my YouTube.

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