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Taking Responsibility for Being "Seen"

When Ivy Lee and Edward Bernays invented modern public relations in the early 20th century, they were solving an age old problem in business - how do I control the narrative and reach the public when I'm sitting here in my office and they are spread out all over the country?

The answer they devised was to use the media as their loudspeaker. Newspapers had a built in audience of millions, and that distribution was the key to amplifying messaging. With the caveat that it will also go through the journalist's filter before it actually reaches the public.

But we just don't need the media to do that any more. The age old problem of how I, as a company, can control the narrative, amplify my message, and shape my public perception - is my responsibility.

But this responsibility is an opportunity, not a burden. Without the journalist's filter, we get the opportunity to choose how we want to be seen in the world, and by who.

We do this by creating content: Videos, blogs, emails, text messages, and the tribes we create. Brand has never been easier to build, even though less companies are building brand forever these days.

With great responsibility comes great opportunity. It's our responsibility to be "seen," and that's the way we want it.

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