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PVC Coaching Call Transcript 5.20.21

So anyways. Yeah. But I'm happy to have a nice little cushy job working inside with air conditioning and zoom and all that stuff. So the dream, exactly. Yeah. The digital marketing agency, obviously that's what I'm doing too. We have that in common.

[00:00:14] I don't have the film background I'm w I'm winging it when it comes to the. It's been an interesting shift because what I've learned from after I started, I'm like, all right, this is what I'm going to do is a lot of my film background, just basically given the way, cause everyone's yeah you're spending too much time on, on those videos.

[00:00:33] Yeah. Yeah. Use your phone, speak to the camera, get it done, keep it moving. And that's what Matt's going to help us with. Find that balance. Yeah. It's one of the, yeah, it's one of the, it's one of the, one of the odd things, when I was first trying to figure out how I could best help people.

[00:00:52] And both of you have been following me for a little bit when I was trying to figure out how I could best help people. When you're around the digital marketing world a lot, it's all about this sort of. Quick and dirty make it, like the shittier the video, the better, because like it's it's just an odd thing.

[00:01:12] This is a very odd thing. But and then one of the problems that I've always had not knowing I hadn't known, I hadn't really known until recently how I could best help people because I had a lot of limiting beliefs around because I knew I had a lot, I have tons to offer, but, and Tyrone, I know you've been following me for a while.

[00:01:33] I've never really had coaching because a lot of people they just don't want to do video at the end of the day. They're just like coaching people that don't do video to do video has always been something that I've struggled with. Not that I've struggled to coach them.

[00:01:50] I've struggled to get them to see the value because at the end of the day, they're just like, okay, they just have somebody to do it for me. Yeah. And so then I realized I'm talking to the wrong people. I need to talk to people that already know and love video and help them create businesses.

[00:02:03] Because right now they're hearing the same thing that I'm hearing. But video is by far the sexiest thing in the world. So why isn't anybody teaching you how to build a video business? And there really aren't any, at least not in the way that, and I'm doing it in any blows. You're the first one that I've found.

[00:02:21] So I. Since I sold my restaurant and started doing client work three years ago, there's a huge gap between people's either knowledge of video or ability to get it produced and hired and make it effective for their business and what they actually have. Cause anybody, any client that I would take on, it seemed like that was one of the first things we needed was video.

[00:02:42] Of course I was clueless too. I had been as a business owner, pitched by plenty of people to come in and shoot commercials and do different things. And I had everything from the free TV, commercial as long as you sign up for three months of stuff on back in like traditional media days, but then to like college kids coming in and doing it as a project and posting it on social media, I tried everything to shoot and ugly stuff on my phone, but then when I started doing client.

[00:03:13] Yeah. And then doing media buying specifically, I just, I realized that when you're running ads and you have a campaign running on Facebook, you've got to have a mix of video and static images, and most people have the needs were around the video. So I started looking for resources to help me figure out how to produce this for them or help them.

[00:03:34] Cause they weren't really paying me for the creative, but if I could add value there that makes me, look better to them. And but I'm definitely more of a, I'm a marketing strategy guy first, and I'm looking for help finding that balance with the film side. And then I know a lot of filmmaker guys are talented.

[00:03:53] Visual designers and photographers, and may not have the marketing background, but it's it's finding that spot in the middle. And getting the messaging and the strategy down first, before you start creating. And that's what I'm looking to master and find that process where I can just confidently go get clients and be like, Hey, like you said, make video produced videos that make them money.

[00:04:15]That's what the, that's what they want. And that, so what really resonated with me in my search for these solutions for clients, I was like, okay, people will give you checklists, you need a pattern interrupt, you need a strong call to action. All these things you need in your videos.

[00:04:31] But what struck me when I went to that ad skills workshop that you spoke at the idea of empathy, I think you just, I think you nailed it because it's like the one thing you need is. Like you said, give them that mirror. And if you can nail that, the rest of it is just all gravy, right? Any tricks or cool shots you can come up with or just gravy, if you can create that empathy.

[00:04:53] So that was a light bulb moment for me. And I was like, if I can, so it's and that, but knowing they need knowing you need that in your video is one thing, knowing, having a process for doing it every day, repeatable process, that's the hard part. So that's what I'm definitely looking for at this point.

[00:05:10] So sorry to ramble.

[00:05:15] Yeah. So I'm excited. I'm excited about it. So that's, and I've got a client, like I told you on the call Friday that I'm working with and a couple of leads here and there. And that's my goal is to go to them because what the media buying client that I have right now, Understand what video can do for them.

[00:05:33] And they don't make a whole lot of video. Everything I've done so far for people has been with stock footage or with their own talking head stuff. And I haven't really had a lot to work with. And so I'm wanting to get more into shooting some things that when it would be appropriate for that, but then also being creative and finding footage that helps tell the story and and be able to do it quickly.

[00:05:55] Cause I, I can, definitely get stuck in the rabbit hole of making things perfect too. I think we all do, but it's okay, you've got, you need to limit it, to an hour of this and an hour of that and be done. I've been having that problem with my YouTube videos lately.

[00:06:10] I've been leveling up the production quality of my YouTube videos so much lately. That video yesterday that I put up that was six and a half minutes long. It took me all fucking day. I could sales call. I was on sales calls and stuff too all day, and like meetings with clients and stuff. But still, it was a six minute video that I, I'm color grading.

[00:06:33] I'm like, dude, it's like very deep in the weeds of all that stuff. That might pay off for you. Cause those videos live for a long time out there and we'll get you leads. So I think that'll that those are assets worth putting some effort into, for sure. I started to quick and dirty it for a while when I first started.

[00:06:51] But as I, as my knowledge of it all improved and I don't know, it's just it makes a difference to, it makes a difference, I think to just seem, I think that one of the things. And again like how we create video for clients is totally up for grabs based on what they need, but one of the great values of shooting good content is that it it projected it's value.

[00:07:21] Yeah. Just by how it looks visually. You, can you that would which overcomes one of the biggest objections that people have of buying things online is that they are just like, oh, is this another piece of junk? Is this just another course? Is this just another guru? And video can actually counter all those objections.

[00:07:42]And that's really where that's one of the ways that w that's where we're going to live. And I I think that you're right. I think that There are a lot of people that are going to be in this program that are filmmakers that don't know how to speak the language of business owners, and that's why they get stuck.

[00:08:00] And so we're going to work on building, helping that help with those folks. I'm going to help them get where they need to be from a language standpoint, so they can charge more and build sustainable businesses from your guys' side, you're in the digital marketing arena, but you're both still somewhat new to it as well.

[00:08:19] And you're still trying to figure out your niche and and then figuring out where video fits in, because both of you seem surrounded by a lot of internet marketing thingies. And so most of that is Hey, can you get some like hot 20 year old girls? Hold up a product and say, I love this.

[00:08:38] And then like how much resources can you put into that and that stuff can do well. It's just it's just you also have to mix it with what you want to do and you have to be able to like speak the language. One of the things that I want to talk to you guys about today on this call is that as I said in my little announcement yesterday, we're going to be accelerating the, you getting clients stuff and making it a bigger part of the program, because that's why you're here.

[00:09:07] Like we can like mentally the all day long about this stuff. And I know how to shoot. I know how to edit. We can talk about that stuff forever. And we will like, we'll talk about whatever you want to talk about anytime for the next year, that's the deal. But and I can troubleshoot that stuff.

[00:09:21] Great. Listen, you guys paid a few thousand dollars for this program to sales is going to get you your ROI. Let's get that fast, just move on with and just move on building this huge business. Like fast and you'll figure it out as you go. And I just want to give you all the tools to do that.

[00:09:40]But one of the things, this is interesting. One of the things that I was talking to my coach about yesterday, when I was talking about how the program and everything is, he was inspiring me to be a little more flexible about what you guys want to create. And I love it. So that's my sort of new message.

[00:10:01] And what I want to talk to you guys about today is finding your niche and then building what you want to build off of that. And if that ends up being product videos, great, I can help you do that. If that ends up being, if you really want to do local businesses or you want to shoot people in yoga pants or whatever it is that you want to do you can, we can build a funnel to get those clients and then talk about delivering extremely high quality stuff to them, which they will love so that you can get more referrals, bring more people into your business.

[00:10:34]I'm going to be going back and I'm giving you some new content about niche, specific stuff and doing the persona exercise and everything for your stuff. And you'll see, on week two, you're going to hit all sorts of new trainings about offers and positioning and funnel building. And we're going to be, we're going to be moving really fast here, which is awesome.

[00:10:55]But what I want to talk about today so that we can catch up is how can we mix what's in your heart with what's in your heart? Oh, I like that. That's good. I'm really good off the cuff. I am, it's one of my gifts, but I only have two gifts it's because I used to be a sports broadcaster when I was in, when I was much younger.

[00:11:18] Like when I was in college, I was the sports director at my college radio station and that was I'm 39. So that was like two decades ago. But it trained me to be a master of just talking endlessly if needed. I used to have to do play by play for games. And I was the only one sometimes like I would just go and I would do play by play for two hours and just talk to myself.

[00:11:39] I would do the play by play and the color for a basketball game and just, I'd be like, drives down the lane and lays it in. That really tells you a lot about the defense of Kentucky. They're really starting to, I just have to hear that. I can hear that voice now. Like when you did the play by play I'm I can see that now.

[00:11:57]I don't know. I don't know if I have any of that stuff in the archives. I'm wonder it was all radio. Try, ever try if you want the biggest challenge of your life, try doing radio play by play for hockey. Like the fair is the puck ever, like it's in fact I lied a lot, cause like they don't know they're on the radio, like John clears it out now down the side boards and then stolen away by that's hilarious.

[00:12:22] But yeah, that's how I learned to talk to myself. Which is good because I'm actually pretty introverted overall. But when I'm talking to people, I can turn on the charm, but I mostly stay to myself. I don't have any friends really here. I just, I'm just a dad. That's me. I'm, my life becomes more like that every day.

[00:12:40] It's dad is a business owner, like everything's online. I don't know. I have a lot of friends, on the internet at my softball league. I have my softball team on Monday nights. Yeah. But yeah, let's talk a little bit about that. And I know you probably haven't thought about this a whole lot, but I want to dig into it a little bit.

[00:13:00] Does anybody want to start with how they're, what they're feeling most drawn to let me start with a simpler question. If you were to choose any type of person or business to make video content for who would it be?

[00:13:21]Let's see. I guess I can start, I, my mind. To what I'm familiar with first because I think I've worked with more coaches, info product people, and so I've got a level of comfort. Do you like it? Yeah, I like it. But I don't think it's, I don't like about it is that it's hard to create some it's hard to create original footage for them yeah, exactly.

[00:13:48] Yeah. And that's just impossible. It's been impossible lately and I believe it would be not as easily from a budget perspective in most cases to make happen and time commitment. So that's the thing that attracts me to product videos is that I can set up a home studio and here's the other thing that about me.

[00:14:06] I don't know if I've got, add, everybody says they have add, but I like to do, I like to do things. I like to get excited about something and dive in and go all in for half a day or day and a half. And I like to shift gears and do something else. And I like the tangible aspect of that because I've got something physical to tinker with in my house.

[00:14:31] And then I can go sit on the computer and do some editing. That workflow is suits me very well. And my background is a as a restaurant guy, I had that physical nature of the business. And, there were people, there were things like food, there were all these things that I could have my hands get my hands dirty.

[00:14:50] And so I missed that part. And so when I started looking at a product videos and messing around with them that it filled that kind of void for me. And it got me really excited because it. Yeah. You mentioned, having a ton of friends or, your life is really about being a parent and having a business.

[00:15:06] And I'm single on top of that too. So it's I've got a lot of free time. And so I want to, I've got hobbies. It's been tough the past year to do a lot of things that I used to do, go to concerts and travel and stuff like that. But but I would spend more of my free time doing hobbyist stuff and the shooting videos.

[00:15:26] I could see moving into that realm a little bit. So that's what attracts me about that is that you get that tangible hands-on aspect. And then you can shift back into the, sitting at the computer for a while for the next couple of days. And over the course of a week, you might produce something super bad-ass that you can make some money from or whatever that timeframe would be.

[00:15:47] So I like, that's where my heart is taking me. I just don't have any experience doing it. That's great. That's great. Okay, cool. Yeah. I can definitely help you with that. And I think that what you want to think about to the next level is, oh, Lorenzo's here. Welcome Lorenzo. Hi. Are you guys hearing me? We can hear you, buddy.

[00:16:10] We can hear you. We're all here. All right. What's up? What's up? Yeah, we're just talking about a breads niche. We're finding niches today. And so within that, Brad and Lorenzo, what I was telling, what I was telling everybody hopefully you got a chance to, I know I emailed you to watch my video yesterday about.

[00:16:30] A little more open to the types of niches that people can go into in video. So certainly I know Lorenzo is drawn to life coaches let's, we can find a way to make that work 100%. So Brad, I hear ya and trust me, it's awesome. I, this wooden table behind me, this and my go docks 60 up there.

[00:16:53] Yeah. Pretty much. That's my pretty much my set up my cannon M 50. That's pretty much my, and I can shoot some pretty bad-ass product videos. I edit everything in Divinci and. I've got other gear, but I even, I don't even use it much. Yeah. That's really what you need.

[00:17:15]So yeah, that's super attractive. One of the things that's interesting that I've found, this is something that you'll, that you might find as well, is that videos with a human component do tend to work a little bit better. So one of the things that I'm working on in my product videos now, as I'm continuing to hone this cause listen, like I could never coach you guys and create a course.

[00:17:37] That would be just static. Everything changes all the time. And this landscape is part of the reason we're working together for a year. So you can continue to evolve and adapt the having that and, it's just my fricking book. It's just empathy. When there's that human element in there, when it's not just something about a device, so I think that as we're as you're going to see in the first couple of, in the first couple of lessons next week is you're going to, we're going to be talking about positioning and we're going to be talking about what I call like the IPS and coming up with your IPS, which is your innovative positioning statement.

[00:18:12] So that's the way that you can discuss what you do, how you do it and what problem you saw. In a very specific way, that feels like a new opportunity to people. And to be honest with you since obviously, like we're going to have to send traffic to these funnels, I have found that the more specific you are, the better it is for your whole funnel.

[00:18:39]So I would urge you to think about okay, but within e-commerce, because it's so broad, what kind of product videos would you like to make the most? Is it tech? Is it I mean you, and you could even go into subcultures attack, you can make videos just about cameras, so you can make videos just about.

[00:19:00] Sharpie, I wouldn't do that, you, you could make you I would pick a niche with any commerce. I've been in the e-commerce space a lot and it can be pretty competitive. So the more you're able to like laser focus in, you can get those CPMs down more and you can really like, just start to be, just meet the perfect people with the perfect offer at the perfect time.

[00:19:22]So think about how to drill down on that a little bit more, because one of the things, the way that I'm going to be making a few changes to what week one's going to be, and week one's going to be a little bit more about finding your niche and position and space. And so as you go into week two, you'll see that we're already figuring that out.

[00:19:45] So that's what we're talking about on this call. So think about what your specific is there something you're jazzed about? Any, anything. Popping your mind. Yeah, I can definitely, like for me it would never be clothing. I'm not a clothes guy. I'm just not. Yeah. I think a wardrobe this week, because I went to Costco this past weekend.

[00:20:05] Costco is Costco always sucks you into the, you gotta buy a season. Oh, it was, this is from Costco. These shorts are from Costco, all Costco. I'm an easy, I'm a simple man, but I, but I've got thousands of dollars in tech, like the same here, I'm obsessed with technology and I don't care, I think like I would probably go from like a reductionist standpoint.

[00:20:26] I would probably start, like you said, eliminate clothing. I can jive with that. And then it'd be, what would be nice for me to go through would be like maybe a, somewhat of a comprehensive list of categories and start to cross things off and maybe find. Ones that I'm drawn to a little bit more and then maybe see what's the opportunity in that niche?

[00:20:46]Is it how competitive is it? Cause it's if it's like a car holder gadget for your dash or something where there's 18 of them and they all have super slick videos, all running on Facebook and it's already really saturated. That's probably not where I want to go, but it's like maybe if you can find that emerging.

[00:21:04] So part of it would be like what you're drawn to, and then also testing it out a little bit and see if it's something where there's maybe some opportunity, a little bit more blue ocean, right? Oh, of course. Yeah. And I do think the more specific that you can get the better yeah within e-commerce I'm just like I'm picturing marketing your offer and.

[00:21:30] I just know that I just know that because I've done, I've just I've spoken, I've marketed to this audience so many times and spoken to so many of these business owners that have these online stores. Like if you're saying like, do you want an e-commerce products, commercial that will actually convert for you into leads into sales and have a flood of customers coming into your business?

[00:21:50]It's harder to resonate with that. And have you really, I don't know. I don't know. Who's read my book. Tyrone's private book. Oh, okay. Yeah. So you remember the seed system where I talk a lot about specificity. That's true for everything. It's a great system to make headlines, and I'm going to be asking you to basically come up with a headline for your business, which is part of what the exercise is in week two.

[00:22:11] And If instead of I'll make a killer product video for you for your e-commerce business, if you could say something like I'll use my unique video methodology using human emotion to make your pool gear fly off the shelves at Walmart. It's just going to be sexier. Now that's probably too niche like people that sell pool gear are going to be like, oh yeah, that's amazing.

[00:22:48] Nobody ever talks to me about that stuff. It doesn't make any sense to me. And you can see even now, and this is where our program is going to be so unique. Like I'm speaking the language of business owners with video when I'm doing it. So I'm able to say, okay I know that you want your stuff to fly off the shelves.

[00:23:08] I know that you want a bunch of purchases to come through. I know that's what you want. So I'm going to tell you that I have a unique way, again, new opportunity. I have a unique way of creating video content that will lead to X result. Yeah, so finding that niche could be very powerful, if you sell whatever you sell camera accessories, or if you sell, I'm trying to think you gotta find that like slightly bigger like for example, like probably like the biggest I would go would be like tech cause it's so like broad, which could be everything from like a computer monitor to a cell phone, to this road, wireless go to which I highly recommend.

[00:23:51]And I'm in love with too.

[00:23:56] To yeah. The spine in the niche find your niche within the niche. It's gonna, it's gonna really help you out a lot. It definitely will help prospecting at first because it narrows down your target market by quite a bit. And then, like you said, when you create a funnel, then it just your messaging is going to really hit home with them a little bit more.

[00:24:23]So yeah, it's just kinda okay. Nobody has to make any decisions about anything if it's not working or you don't like it, you just change it. Yeah. And I know and I've set up funnels for clients where they had multiple niche niches and they had multiple landing pages, that's a possibility too.

[00:24:40]It's no, usually just that, that can get complicated. Just one. Yeah. Yeah there's there's a few pieces to it. What's my knee that we're going to be working on over the next couple of weeks. What's Mo what's my niche. What's my offer my front end offer, which is what is my sales mechanism.

[00:25:02] And then what's my backend offer. What will I actually do for them once we're talking? So that those are the things that we're going to be really the we're going to be really thinking about. But that sounds great. That sounds like you're really on a good track. Yeah. I'm excited to have to have the small group and the help, because it's, I feel like we're super, hyper-focused on exactly what I need to do right now.

[00:25:27] And I've been in some coaching programs where it was a little bit more broad and I just didn't get. The specific help that I needed. I might've learned a lot of good things, but I don't know. I feel like this is super hyper focused on what I need right now, which is why I'm here.

[00:25:41]Yeah. And I've got a lot of time and dedication on this, so I'll be trying to move quickly through it. So whatever you throw at me, I'll holla get right on that's for sure. Great. That's awesome. Okay, Tyrone. Great. I wanted to say real quick, Brad thank you for posting your your homework.

[00:26:01] Yeah. When I saw how you laid it out, I thought that's a good way to do it. That makes. Did you see the bottom. So just to give you some insight, so I've done a lot of copywriting. I've done a lot of, since I've been media buying for clients for a year, for years now. So I've got, I've gone through this research process a lot, and and that's usually, so when I'm filling out avatars, I'm doing it based on tangible research, so I'm pulling those actual snippets of, of phrases from Facebook comments and from Amazon reviews and things like that. And it just, it, cause I can never make up the words. Like I never find the right words but when you pull it from from something real. So I just, I fill in that bottom of that spreadsheet with those real phrases.

[00:26:49] And then I make up my fictional character with the best, the most logical combinations of those things. That's how I approached it. But I love maps. I love maps framework because what I like to do fit in well, with the way he did it. So it made it really easy. And yeah, no, you're yeah.

[00:27:07] You're welcome for, yeah. I'm glad we got to collaborate on and you've got the marketing psychology worksheet to write in that. That's a cool one, because that gets you thinking about video a little, because you have to actually visualize it a little, like you have to put the pain, make the pain tangible, that's what I need help with.

[00:27:31] So like the last question on the psychology worksheet, that's the hardest one, right? That's the, what is the visual representation of the pain? And so like my answers there are pretty weak and, but that's there like a starting point. Like I feel like that's the goal. As is like you put, you go through the avatar and you fill out all the top part, but then what you come up with as the visual representation of that pain.

[00:27:57] Like to me, that's where you make your money. If you can, if you're really good at that's going to be, your videos are going to kick ass. Yeah, absolutely. That's why that exists is because it's to help you as a leaping off point for that. But it's not as hard as it looks. Just thinking about it.

[00:28:13] So for example, like we have a client We have a client sole mender there, they were on shark tank and they have this roller that you put your foot on to helps with plantar, fasciitis and everything. It's a freezable roller anyway, long story short, if you have like plantar fasciitis, AKA like chronic foot pain or whatever it may be, or you're like working at a restaurant or something where you're on your feet, like eight hours a day.

[00:28:37] You're Lorenzo's yup. When I'm cooking pastries, that's all I do. Yeah. You're it hurts. And so like when I did this worksheet for them and it was I did a few examples. It's pretty, pretty simple. It's like it's a before and after, right? Every, like it's always like pain agitate release.

[00:28:59] And so what does that look like in visual story form? So it's I think that I was like, for example, one I can remember was like a 65 plus avatar that would get this. And they would it would basically be like best friend or wife wants to go on a morning walk. He absolutely knows that he needs to get out and be energetic and do something with his life since he's retired and he just cannot get off the couch because he has plantar fasciitis and it just hurts.

[00:29:27] And he asked to painfully say, no, I just, I have to just sit here and just do nothing today. And that is the visualization of the problem. And the visualization of the solution, of course. Is that person saying, yeah, let's go. Let's go walk around the neighborhood. Like I'm 25 again, let's rock and roll.

[00:29:47] Like I feel younger and have energy now in this moment. That's how you market that product. And so that, that's what I'm looking for in the visual representation. What is the pain look and feel like? And then that's how we translate that to video content that helps sell. And really you should go through this exercise, honestly, for your niche.

[00:30:08] Once you pin it down for your avatar, what are they, what is their pain look like? Like I have for example, one of my pains as an entrepreneur is just having too much shit to do all the time. And just so many obligations pulled in so many different directions all the time. And I could feel like basically like a visual representation of me sitting here.

[00:30:37] Frickin windows and notifications popping up all over my damn computer and phone and everything like, oh, you have a meeting coming up in 10 minutes with Steve and oh, Hey, you have 13 slack messages from somebody who wants an answer from you about something. Oh, and Hey, my wife just walked into the room and wanted to remind me that we're going to another kid's birthday party this weekend.

[00:30:59] Oh. And by the way, it's her birthday in a week. That's actually true. What are you going to get her? What are you going to do? And this is my freaking life. And so that if you were to compartmentalize all of that pain into one visual scenario and you could see that video, then you're like my empathy would be off the charts.

[00:31:17] If I saw somebody going through. And then to be able to reveal that like I've been agitated pain, agitate, solve pain, agitate solve. And then when I get into that situation where it's released, it's amazing. So w so for example, wife walks into the room and says, Hey, do you want to just go out to lunch day?

[00:31:38] And instead of me, like Steve popping up and all of this stuff, I'd be like, yeah, actually I don't have a lot to do. So for example, this could be an ad for a virtual assistant service or something, and you'd be like, yeah, actually, it's yeah, I guess I'm free. Let's go, so you should do that for your avatars as well, because it allows you to really think about the visual representation of the pain that they're feeling so that you can help them through it.

[00:32:04]But yeah, I can definitely see how that works. I think. That's going to be like, there's a muscle that needs to be developed there. It's just like doing it over and over. You've obviously done it a lot. And so that's what I'm excited about is to be able to take a stack. Cause I've done a little bit, cause I've done videos for people and I've really, I haven't really made a whole lot of videos since I read your book and started, I haven't really gone through your system a whole lot.

[00:32:32]So I'm excited to have some help, cause it's going to be a lot, it's going to be a real creative process to do that. And a lot of choices and things like that, that we got to get the clients first. That's what we're going to do first. Yeah. Yeah. I know we were, we're about to start with Tyrone there, but I've, I'll say this, like I've got that meeting tomorrow with somebody that I reached out and booked the call.

[00:32:54] And he's in the real estate space, so it's not a product. And I've got to decide how much I really want to go for this, because it may not be my ultimate, niche, but it could be a good opportunity to, have some, get some experience, but they sell what they do is they sell 'em. If you own a bunch of property, you're a landlord.

[00:33:14] You use them to list your rentals on all the major listing sites, and then they screen your tenants and they manage, they help you manage your property with a SAS solution kind of thing, as far as managing like maintenance issues. It's a low cost. It's a low cost property manager.

[00:33:31] So there's software basically. It's yeah, I think it's probably a SAS type solution is what it would be considered and software as a service. Yeah but I he's another add skills member. And so I posted inside of ad skills has a slack channel with a thousand people. And these are all like media buyers and business owners and they have a marketplace channel.

[00:33:50] So I just posted in there. I was like, Hey, anybody need help with video content? I'm your guy. I'm wanting to shift in this area. Do you know, I've got some good opportunities, so and then he responded to that. Is that how you became a lead? Yeah, he responded and he's the director of marketing for this company and they're pretty good size like they've got, so I think it's a good opportunity.

[00:34:08]I'm meeting with him tomorrow afternoon. And I looked on their YouTube channel and their social channels, their videos that they don't, they definitely need help with their video. They, I can tell that they've got a a big need there. So I've just got to figure out if I can really come up with a good offer for him.

[00:34:26] Like maybe. I need to figure out like if he wants to spend a bunch of money and get a pro, like right now that knows that market, I may not be the right fit, but he feels if he's looking to save some money and w maybe go through this process with me, I can, maybe over the course of a few weeks, make a few videos and see what he thinks about them, and then maybe turn.

[00:34:45] So I'm, I guess I'm just trying to figure out what's the best way to get started with him. What's that offer that he'd have a hard time saying no to get started. Okay. Yeah. Hard truth here. It sounds like you don't have sales training. Let's get you some sales training. Yeah. So we're going to, so we're going to do that.

[00:35:01] We're going to do that. We're going to figure out all my clients they've come through, like referrals, like warm referrals. I've never had a, I've never done a lot of prospects. But it's still sales even referrals is, or our sales. So the first thing you need to think about is to not think at all I would focus on.

[00:35:25] Lists on listening. So here's how it's going to go. You're going to go through this in week three. There's a whole, there's a whole sales team, but I'll tell you how this is going to go. I have this because I'm doing like a billion sales calls a day for this program. And I've got these little things in front of me and I'll tell you what they are.

[00:35:45] Number one is I know it's overexposed because I was using. My Canon to shoot video. So it's not my webcam today, but number one is my list of sales call questions. Number two is my objection handling worksheet. So here's the way, here's the way that it goes. Has anybody here been through any sales training, Lorenzo been through any sales training?

[00:36:13]I did. Telemarketing back about 10 years ago. So yeah, maybe a little bit. So maybe a little bit if you've been through it maybe a little bit. Yeah. Listen, here's how here's the basics. Listen, I have all these crutch words. If you watch my YouTube videos or any of my content, you probably know them.

[00:36:30] I say, write a lot. And I say, I say, listen. And I say at the end of the day, I don't know why I always do that. Where is my. So here's how every, and we're going to go in there. There's a whole module on this one week three, but here's the, here's how it works. Number one thing that you need to realize when you go into any sales situation is that you are in control of this situation.

[00:37:02] Okay. So here's the, here's how the basic sales script is going to go step one, build rapport. So you're going to go into a situation. You're going to be like, Hey, what's going on, bro? So where do you live? Oh, I live blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Oh yeah. I usually meant I usually talk about my kids a little bit at the beginning just because it helps with empathy because people are just like, they can always, like parents can relate to each other sometimes if they have parents and it's just it's just like a friendly way to start so that it's not like people, because everybody knows they're going into a sales call and it breaks it, it breaks it up.

[00:37:39] So one of the best ways to do this is ask where they're from, where they live, something like that. Usually it leads into a little bit of a conversation there. That's what I like to do at the beginning. So a little bit better rapport, number two, frame framing the conversation. So this is where you really establish control of the car.

[00:38:06] And this type of stuff. This is, so this is important for everybody. This type of stuff is the difference between you making 20 grand a month and $20 a month, knowing this type of stuff as a business owner, a hundred percent. And I know that every single person here is being underpaid for the work they're doing.

[00:38:22] I know because I've talked to all of you. So this is this is one of the things that we'll fix that frame, the conversation. So the way that I like to do this is so we go and, we, I only let that last a couple of minutes, we just like a little bit of like chat just to get a note, get to know each other very briefly, like two minutes, three minutes, then it's okay.

[00:38:40]If you're ready to get started, we can jump in. So here's how I like to work these calls, right? So you're taking control. You have to take it. You will never sell somebody if you don't take control of the sale. So you basically say so, so here's how I like to do these calls. You don't have to say it like that.

[00:38:54] Here's how I like to do these calls. So here's how these calls work basically. I'll ask you a bunch of questions about your business and how you know, where you need the most help and all that type of stuff. And I'll figure out if I can help. And then if I do feel like I can help them, we can take the next step sound good.

[00:39:14] And then they'll say, sound good. And then you want to go two questioning, probing as well. You are in control of the conversation at this point. So for example, my list of questions here what motivated you to book the call is my first question. So for you, when you asked this guy, you'd say, so when I posted that thing in the slack, what sort of motivated you to read it?

[00:39:37]And they're going to talk about stuff and what you're trying to get them to do is number one, let's be honest, sales is service, right? So sales is a form of service, right? So you are actually like figuring out if you can help. Can I help you? And a lot of times the reason that we have a sales process is not to close people who are on closable it's because people are going, people have very strong limitations on their own ability to make decisions that they should be making anyway.

[00:40:11] And so we help them. So as we're going through this sales process with them, we are trying to get them to think about and relive their pain in a serious way that they don't really think about. No. So you're saying, okay. So what motivated you to like, like, why did you reach out on slack and be like, oh my video content is it was kinda crappy, like my boss, the CEO, like he's very, like he just cares about the bottom line and I know we need video and you probably know we need video, but like I have to convince them of it and, dah.

[00:40:43] Okay. So he's going to probably, hopefully we were we're going to get to the real problem because the real problem is not going to be, I need more video. It will not be the problem. People do not want video to have video. People want video to make money to whatever it is. So you're going to ask them like, okay, so what are you doing today?

[00:41:01]So you're going to ask them like, what are you doing today to solve that problem? So you gotta figure out what the problem is first. So you're going to figure out what the problem is. What's the problem. That, that's why he reached out what's okay. So what are you doing today to try to solve it?

[00:41:15] Oh I tried hiring like a couple of like local companies. It was crappy and honestly we've just been shooting stuff by it, with our phones and it just kinda makes us seem like a lame brand and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. You're like, okay. So why is that not working as the next question I'd ask?

[00:41:34]Because it makes us seem like we're cheap, but we're not, we're valuable. And another question I would ask might be if you don't fix this problem w what's going to happen? What happens if you don't end up with getting better video? What will that do it be like we're gonna end up making less money.

[00:41:51] Hopefully it's what they'll say. We're going to make less money because we're going to have. Oh, I forgot what the, oh, it's like a SAS software, right? So it could be like a, oh, it's like cheap via software or whatever it may be. So then you summarize you guys. Okay. So what I'm hearing is that you've got, you've done video content before, but it's like kind of shitty and it makes your brand look not very valuable.

[00:42:12] So it's hard for you to charge a really high price for it. And you're not sure what you need to do to make that happen. Is that right? And they'll say, yeah, that's exactly. That's exactly it. Okay, cool. Then you might then you want to understand the business a little bit more, then you want you to, so that you can start to logically help them.

[00:42:30] It's more about if they feel comfortable with you. If they know that you understand their brand, that will make them feel much more comfortable. If it feels more like you're just like a vendor, which is like the worst term, then you'll be a vendor. But instead you want to position yourself as a collaborator and partner.

[00:42:53]So you ask them questions about the business, right? Okay. So how much is is it a free trial or how do people solve? How do people sign up for this? Okay. So yeah, it's a free trial and then people get in and then, okay. How much does it cost? Okay. Then it's it's $1,500 for the year or something to do this software.

[00:43:09] Okay. How are you, how do you get people to sign up for free trials? We run a bunch of Facebook ads and when people come to the site we have a little bit of a landing page for them. Okay. And how is that working? How's that going? How much does it cost you to get a free trial?

[00:43:25] How much does it cost you to get a new $1,500 a year customer? How much is that? Cause again, once again, you're not talking to them about video. You're talking to them about their problem that you can solve with video, right? Because you might, because you can't make decisions right now about what you're gonna offer, because you don't know why he reached out.

[00:43:49] You have no idea because he might say right now my cost to acquire customer is really bad. And my CPMs are really high on Facebook. I know cause I'm an ad skills. So I've been running this stuff by myself. So I know all this terminology. So my CPMs are high on my click through rates are low and I need better video for the ads.

[00:44:09] And you might say, oh, So it's really expensive for you to get these customers. So it doesn't make sense, right? Yeah. All right. So where do you want to be at, so now you need to future pace, right? You have to make them see where they could be after this video. Where do you want to be at?

[00:44:25]I want to be acquiring customers for like $500, be a nice, like three times ROI over the year. I'd like to be getting free trial signups for a few dollars. And, I want our brand to feel premium so that we get people like spending a lot of money with us. Cause we've got a lot of other things we can sell them over time.

[00:44:48] Then you like, you can try to get them to put a number on it too. Okay. So what kind of revenue are you at now? Oh, we're at like $20,000 a month. Where do you want to be like, oh, we want to be doing six figures a month. Definitely pretty soon. Okay. So why do you want to get there? Or what's the, like, why does the company want to get there and keep in mind, Brad, you're going to have a slightly tougher time here.

[00:45:10] Cause you're not talking to the business owner. So you're just talking to the marketing person. So if you were making six figures a month and you had these people in what would that what would you be able to do if you got there? What would you be able to do? I'm just reading off my sheet by the way.

[00:45:23]And then, okay, so you want to be at six figures a month in revenue from this software, you're acquiring your customers right now, but it's way too expensive to acquire them. And you're saying because you don't have you don't have any diversity of creative, there's no value in your product. In, in the way that it's shown in ads and you don't have anything on the page, that's helping move people down.

[00:45:43] Okay. So what's stopping you. From fixing this problem and they'll be like, oh, we just, we haven't made the right video. I don't know. I just haven't hired anybody right. To do the video. Okay. That's some of the key questions right there and then you ask them, okay, how soon do you want to fix this problem?

[00:46:04] Say right away. And then you say, okay I think I can help. And in this case, Brad for each of you, depending on what your niche ends up, being, how you want to get clients who you want to sell, we're going to come up with a slightly different process for you. I would not pitch them on this first call Brad at all.

[00:46:20] I would say I would edit and be like, okay, I do think that I can help you. It sounds like your bidding biggest video needs really are around video ads. For Facebook so that you can lower your CPMs, get higher click-through rates, get more people moving through your funnel and then get them to convert at a higher percentage when they actually get to your page.

[00:46:46] So there's probably a few things that we need to think about as we try to figure out if it makes sense to work together. There's probably a couple of types of video ads and a couple of types of landing page videos that you're probably going to need to grease that funnel enough to be profitable so that you can get to six figures.

[00:47:04] So what I want to do is I want to take all this information back and I want to put together what I think would be a reasonable amount of video for you to actually reach those goals. So can we talk early next week? When are you free Monday or Tuesday, and then book the time on that call for the second call.

[00:47:30] I don't know how you're going to remember all of this. I to host the recording and then yeah. Can I interject for a sec? Cause I, I have to run because I have work in a bit. So I was just about to ask if the calls are being recorded. Oh yeah, of course. Of course. Of course they are ours and I can get to you really quickly if you I can get to you in a minute too, if you want to get in really quick.

[00:47:55]So does that make sense? Oh yeah. Yeah, that's great. And I've been through a lot of sales calls, and and that's I've picked up on that pattern and I've never really tried to develop it for myself. So this is You know exactly what I need to focus on because you're right.

[00:48:12] I've been in the situation where I've had prospects and I haven't closed them because I didn't take control of the conversation. And and yeah, if you don't take control of the conversation, you'll never close them unless you offer them a price so low that there's nothing they can do about convert.

[00:48:28] Yeah. Basically free. It's oh yeah, sure. I'll pay $200 for that. If it doesn't work, it doesn't matter because I didn't. Cause I didn't invest, totally. And that's not what he wants. That's not going to help him out. No, that's great. Yeah, no, I'll, I can work on that tonight. I can basically get my questions lined up and, give it a a run tomorrow and see how it goes.

[00:48:48] But I like the strategy of not pitching on the call because obviously, that's when you can. Especially if you're trying to close something pretty high ticket, yeah. Yeah. And I want to get to Lorenzo really quick before he has to run, but let me just say, and we can revisit back to this in a second, but let me just say

[00:49:03] this, that also puts you in more of a position when you have to end the call because you're not 100% sure. If, and how you can help you puts you in once again, a position where it's not them asking for stuff, it's you figuring out if you're going to take them on as a client or not. And it immediately starts making them feel like, wow, this person is valuable, right?

[00:49:28] It's just going to be way better for you. To call closes are generally the way to go. If you have time, I'm moving more to one call closes. So I'm just like, oh my gosh, like you get, you could be in 10 sales calls a day. If you have to constantly have two calls for everybody, but it is a great way to get into it because that first call that's where all the magic and money is actually in the first call because that builds a rapport and gets all the information and sets you up as the whatever.

[00:49:58]But anyway, yeah, we can get to that. We can loop back to this in a minute. Lorenzo, did you get my did you get my email earlier today? And did you see the video that I put in the group? No I didn't see the video that you posted in the group. Okay. So what, so the video that I posted in the group was basically talking about two things that you're going to love.

[00:50:17] Number one is We're going to focus much more on getting clients faster. So we're basically taking a lot of this stuff that was towards the end of the course to get you more leads into your business and get you closing business, making money. We're going to do that. Now. We're going to do that much faster.

[00:50:38] So you'll see that reflected in the course for week two, number two, and this is going to be great for you. I don't want people to feel boxed in to like product videos or whatever. Like I think that we like the goal of this is to create a video business that can make you a lot of money every month doing what you love and making really good money to do that.

[00:50:59] I can, and I can coach you no matter what your niche is. So we're focusing on picking our niche. Does that make sense? Yes. It definitely makes a lot of sense because for me, like it's really difficult. Real it's difficult for me to zero in on a particular need. Being that there are so many different niches out near, you're not sure how to really go about Ziering on that.

[00:51:19] And that would definitely help a lot. I think it's going to be you still have to pick something of a niche to start with because when you market, like, when you talk to everybody, you talk to nobody. So if you come out there with a message I will make you more money with video. Come on.

[00:51:36] Where are you? You're going to hear crickets. But if you start to say restaurant owners, I will get, I will make a video with my unique system that will get 20 new people in your doors every single night. They're going to say, oh shit, really? Okay, let's talk. So I think that picking that thing is going to be good, but it should be something where your heart is.

[00:52:00] It doesn't have to be product videos. I love product videos. And, but just because. That's my thing, but I think that I can help you guys with anything I've worked with. I know you love life coaches. I've worked with tons of life coaches on video. I've worked with local businesses. I've worked with so many coaches, consultants.

[00:52:19] I've worked with every kind of business. And so we can definitely get there. So Lorenzo, like this stuff, you're working, there's affiliate stuff. Like whatever offer you want to do, whatever business you want to build, we're going to build it. Just of, just really think about who you want. That's really a core question.

[00:52:35] Who do you want to help the most right now? Who do you want to work with? Like working with are drawn to, and that making video for them would make your heart sing and we'll make, and we'll find a way to get you those clients and make that money. Yeah, that sounds fantastic. All right.

[00:52:50]I'll think about it. I'll shoot you an email or, send a message in the group and just to zero in some more in-depth, but I have to go we'll catch up

[00:53:03] later, right? Bye. So going back to this bread, if be warned, if he tries to take control of the conversation, this is where it gets hard. If he tries to take control of the conversation, you can't let that happen. You just have to deflect and this happens. Sometimes I was on a call with a guy. I think he'll probably, I think he's probably going to enroll.

[00:53:29]But I was on a call with a guy earlier today and he's just talking a lot. Yeah. He had a lot to share about his story and he was talking and talking and then, he was fine. It was easy to control the call with him. You're going to come into people that are much more bulleted.

[00:53:42] Yeah. But at one point, like he talked for audio and he was like, oh, I've been talking all. I feel like I've been talking forever. So what do you do? Tell me what you do and how you help people. What's this, what's the deal here. And I didn't answer him. Because, cause I wasn't there in my, that's not how the sales process works.

[00:53:59] If I don't go through and ask him questions and go through a triage process to make sure that I could help him. And by the way, I do not pitch everybody that I get on the call list. If I can't help them, I do not pitch. And I think on both of my calls with you guys, it was the same thing. Like I probed to make sure that this is what you wanted to do.

[00:54:18] This is what you wanted to build. And I, that with everybody, because I only want to work with people that I can help. I was like, I just deflected. I was like, oh yeah. So let me ask you, let me ask you, like, how much are you making now? Like how much money are you making now?

[00:54:31]So the questions are going to change based on your niche. Like with me selling people into this program, we talk a lot about personal stuff because it's about personal gains, right? Like you want to you're frustrated, you are working too hard, making not very much money. You would much rather build a business that was making you six figures a year instead of a, I don't know what the other metaphor would be.

[00:54:58] And it leads to a lot of emotional frustration. Cause you're just like, I can't get there. Like I just, I have no fricking idea to get there and it hurts this guy, the phone call with today, he kept, he was, he told me about how during COVID he went into a depression and drank so much, he was in a hospital and now he's refocusing his business, his life on building on wanting to build a video business.

[00:55:21] And I'm like fuck, let's go get in here. Let's do this. That's what I do. Like it's much more life stuff. You're not going to find that your call tomorrow is going to go anywhere near that. Yeah, it's the marketing guy and you're going to run into issues with decision-making with the marketing guy.

[00:55:38] I feel like you don't want to, he'll want to interview me and be like, talk about what I've made before. Maybe talk about Nope. That's how those calls go. Yeah. So just deflect, deflect get, yeah. Qualify them, that kind of thing. I feel a little uncomfortable the first few times you do it and I'm sorry about that, but yeah, this is how you, this is how you sell cars.

[00:55:57] So just, yeah. Going back to my background as a restaurant owner, all I did all day besides work, do all the other jobs. I worked in the dining room and establish rapport with my guests, but the way you do that in that business is you let them drive the conversation and you just, you fill in the awkward silences and keep it positive and fun and that kind of thing.

[00:56:19] So it's a totally different strategy. And because that's sales in that business, like it's a different so that's really great poor, by the way you're never going to want to break rapport. If you getting like wrestling control of the conversation, bag breaks rapport, then you've done it, then you've done it wrong.

[00:56:37]Like you don't want to break and you'll, you will have problems with this. This is a program like I'm coaching you through this stuff. Like it happens you don't want to, like it's going to fluster you. It was going to be like, so tell me about some of the stuff you did.

[00:56:49]If somebody tries hard quarter Russell, the conversation with me, I'll probably hardcore back to them because some people will ask you for the price first and stuff. I'm like, not even, we're not even going to talk about that today. What are you talking about? So what I will, I will always probably say listen, the first thing I need to do is figure out if I can even help, because if I can't help you.

[00:57:08] Then there's no point in us talking about anything. So that's usually what I'll do. That's what I'll say. If somebody goes like really hard at me trying to try and get interview me. So that's a good point. Yeah. Cause I think like where I come from and Tyro can probably relate to this, just starting out in digital agency is that in our minds, we're constantly sitting here going, are we, are we good enough to, for this person?

[00:57:36] Or how are we going to approve that? We're good enough to this person. And that's what we're trying to do on that call when we should be, we should flip it around and that's the hardest thing to do. So I love that we're starting here because it's this is this mindset shift that I've got to take.

[00:57:50] Cause going into video's a little bit uncomfortable because I've never been a video person. But I know I can make great videos for people. Not about though. Yeah, exactly. And and it's that's the stuff you'll figure out after you get through that first call, you've got a few days, then they come up with some killer ideas.

[00:58:06]And go back to that. But yeah. So I love that we're starting here and I've got a, I'm under pressure to figure this out a little bit within the next 24 hours, which is cool. You're not under any pressure. Listen to the replay of this call and just write down the list of questions, rapport pre-frame questions.

[00:58:27] Yup. Let's book another call. Yeah. And book the second call on the first call. Be like, listen, are you free Tuesday at two? Okay, great. Let's do it. Awesome. And maybe you'll close them, maybe a closing. Maybe you won't, but this is going to be like invaluable experience for you. And by the way, like. It sounds like you'll be able to do good video for this guy.

[00:58:49]Like it's a SAS company, so he probably, at the end of the day, don't tell them this, but at the end of the day, he's probably gonna need some good video ads and explainer video on how the software works. Yeah. Perfect. You can do that. Yeah. And I, I know them. I know the market too. I've I've worked in real estate investment and property management stuff before I've so I know the market pretty well.

[00:59:11] I know his avatar pretty well too, so it should be pretty comfortable for me, so that I, that helps a lot. That is just I love coaching. I love it. I love it. I'm sorry. We spent so long on it. Tyrone, is this been helpful for you to hear all this? I assume it has. Yeah, look I've been around, but anytime somebody's learning something, I'm learning right along with them.

[00:59:37]I'm not sorry. I'm super selfish. This is great. I'm just kidding.

[00:59:40]It's great. And I take for granted some of the stuff that I've learned building this business, it's so nice to be able to share it. It really is. It's really awesome. Okay. So tight Tyrone. What's the, so do you have everything you need for this call me? Yeah. Brad, you got everything you need for this call tomorrow.

[00:59:59] Oh yeah. I'll yeah. Fuel post the replay. I'll watch it go back. Cause I didn't take any notes. I just wanted to listen, but I'll I'll go back through and get those questions. And then if I have if I don't, if I feel like I've got some gaps, I'll post them in the group. And and I think my meeting's like 3 45 tomorrow, so I've got to record the call, my friend.

[01:00:16] Yeah, I'll do that. You know what? He invited me, he's already taken control of this thing. He invited me to hit on his zoom or actually a Google meet. He sent me the invite. He's a control taker. I guarantee you, that's what I'm going to run into with this guy. I'll tell you what I do.

[01:00:31] I actually do this with my coach, by the way, if you guys ever want to do this with me, I where's my phone. I just start a voice memo and put it by my computer speakers. Yeah. That's what I do. And then you got a lot of times with my coach, I'll have my assistant transcribe it and then I'll just start taking action on it.

[01:00:48] But you guys could go into Temi T M I, which is a 10 cent per minute transcription service. And just go going and just go to town. Just have it right in front of you. Okay, cool. Tyrone what are you thinking? What are you thinking for your knee? It's funny. Cause I, I had done a little bit of niche work before and I'm sure.

[01:01:08]You were doing this other program, right? But that was around local businesses window, but let's just busted open. Like I want to know what's in your heart now. So here's my background. I've recreated myself a couple of times and it's always get in line Tyrone.

[01:01:26] I have as but yeah, but it's always the same sort of things. It's always education. It's always I'm a yoga instructor. I taught massage for a little while. I thought I was going to be a chiropractor. So I went a little ways into chiropractic school and basically I like working with people.

[01:01:47] And that's, that is who I really want to focus on the people who care and and health and wellness is also

[01:01:57] are, and what they're dealing with. That's Tyrone, we lost you for a couple of minutes. We lost you because of the internet for a minute there. Can you repeat that? Spectrum even told me that they upgraded my internet and that was real shit.

[01:02:12]It amazes me in this day and age. I I can get a 12 megapixel camera in my phone with three lenses and I can get. Pictures where it's actually created. Do you know how the iPhone takes pictures? I'm not a huge iPhone photography fan, by the way, I'm very heavily like you have a nice camera guy, but it's amazing.

[01:02:31] It actually takes 20 pictures when you take a picture and in a bunch of different exposures and then auto selects through an algorithm, which exposure is going to be the photo. And all of this happens in a millisecond. Now this is the technology we can have on our lives, but nobody can figure out how to make the damn internet fast.

[01:02:50] What is the deal? Unreliable?

[01:02:57] Fascinating. Okay. So anyway, I think you said something about health and wellness there. Oh, yep. So health and wellness is the realm in which I've spent a lot of time. So for business owners, I understand if you're in health and wellness, I get it. And I can speak to a lot of what their pain points are and where they're going.

[01:03:17]So that's where my niche seems to be developing more and more along the health and wellness side, local businesses. I like, but mostly sleeping, a little more specific that you've been noodling health and wellness is so broad. It can be everything from meditation to exercise, to eating right, to losing weight.

[01:03:37] What are you drawn to.

[01:03:43] Interesting. I,

[01:03:48] I am drawn to a little more of the yoga side of things, more towards yoga but I've worked with a friend that we call them the steak and whiskey obese. So the steak and whiskey yogis. And were those like the, no, like the, like less the less like pretentious, like I went and studied and did yoga with the Dalai Lama type people and more, and like the I live on a cloud in my mind, like type people.

[01:04:18]The, these are the people who are like, listen, I'm doing this yoga so that I don't kill somebody. That's who I like. Yeah. Yeah.

[01:04:31] Cool. Real people doing stuff for good. Are you a meditator? Do you like, are you into that world or mostly just like the physical side, like yoga and like that kind of thing. More of the physical side. Okay, cool. Cool. That's interesting. That's very interesting. And I also have had a lot of clients, one, one big client who works as a nonprofit.

[01:04:59] So I've done lots of video work for a nonprofit. And I like that sort of, doing good for the community it's community work

[01:05:11] and nonprofits. If you find the right one, they're willing to pay you. I had lots of people saying, oh, nonprofits don't have any money. You just got to get in with the right one and with the right pitch, you got to have the right message for them. Yeah. Another part of my journey when I was in, when I was directing plays by night in New York city, during my twenties, I was working in nonprofit fundraising during the day I had a little career in it.

[01:05:38] So I know that side of things very well. I haven't worked with nonprofits, but it's interesting. But yeah if you went to nonprofits and you were like, listen, I know how to make videos specifically engineered to make your donations flood in. They will be like, let's talk because every nonprofit, just like every business is focused on money.

[01:06:02] Every nonprofit is focused on donations. Yep. And so they're going to invest in fundraising. That's what they're going to invest in. So doing a video about their 5k walk might be what they've come to you about. Cause they're like, oh, wouldn't it be nice to document this, but they wouldn't have any idea how it would get them more donations or anything you buy.

[01:06:27] This is again why you have the sales conversations in this way, because you shape the conversation around like helping them realize even without doing it, even without saying you're helping them realize you are helping them realize why they really like what their real problem is. They want solved.

[01:06:45] We need better fundraising efforts by reaching younger people. Great. I can help you with that. And then it's worth more because you charge $3,000 for a video. If one person it's just like this program, right? You guys are going to get ROI back from this program, like hella fast, just if you make a $3,000 video for a for a non-profit, they get one, like they get to $1,500 donations and the video's paid for itself and it's probably going to do well more than that, so if you're charging $300, that's not business, that's not valuing your services enough. And there's a lot of people that are out there charging that kind of money. So yeah, that's interesting. And you could play with both of those if you wanted Tyrone. One of the things that to think about is

[01:07:44] just to think a little bit about what fulfillment would look like with yoga, you run into that. Issue. And again, you can build any video business you want. If you wanted to build a team and stuff like you, you don't need to be shooting stuff yourself. If you wanted to dispatch story hunter and stuff to, there, there are, to shoot stuff you could, and it would just be part of the business model.

[01:08:04] You charge enough to cover that and, make profit on it. It's just business. But yeah, you just have to think about what that looks like, do I want to go into you go into yoga studios and film, like Sizzlers for these companies or or at the end of the day, do they need better video ads to get more members or, and then I'll make video ads for them.

[01:08:27] And would that make me, would that fuel me and is that the business I want to create and you don't have to choose, or you could also just go the non-profit route, which would be probably a little easier. And you could just branch out a little. Just because you could go national with that a little more easy, easily.

[01:08:44]I don't know. I'm not going to be targeted for ads like this, but I have never seen an ad for anyone that is targeting a nonprofit. I wonder how they're taught, how they're talking to them. Sounds very interesting to me. Very interesting. And then if you position yourself as that, like ethical do good type company, it's just there, there could be a nice little something cool there.

[01:09:08]And I like what I really is the sort of collaboration and the the idea work and helping the business figure out what they actually need to do. So I like the, this sort of coaching call, I would sit with some of my clients. Where I think they got the most value was us talking for an hour.

[01:09:31] All right. What is it you need? Who are you talking to? Let's help you create an avatar, right? And then let's help you create a system that actually makes sense for your business. Because what I see for small businesses is they tend to think, oh my God, I need video. It tells me I need to be on social media and word on the curb is you need to be on all social media all the time.

[01:09:57] When, if you're running a business, if you are making and pizzas, you are busy trying to make a damn pizzas. You do not have time to be on Tik TOK and on Instagram and on LinkedIn. So it's that sort of comfort of having someone sit next to you and say, okay This is a strategy that actually makes sense for you.

[01:10:16]We're gonna, we're gonna help you design a video strategy where you create one video a week and I'm I will show you how to make those videos so that you can have your staff do it. I need to show up in your business, but if this is what your goal is, these are the type of videos that are helping make that goal.

[01:10:37] And here's how you make those videos, and let's start from there because the thing I've seen from a lot of my cohort who owned businesses is they, anything they do is better than what they're doing now, which is probably. So just giving them a roadmap and saying, this is where you need to go.

[01:11:00] And here's some steps for you to create it. You go do that. And then we'll upskill the next round. You start here, come back to me and we'll see what works and what doesn't, and let's make something a little better. That's where my real passion is actually helping people on a much more intimate scale.

[01:11:20] Yeah. I remember you telling me this. You're drawn to that strategy. That's great. It's just the product that you sell. And it doesn't have to always be done for you video, so it doesn't necessarily Yeah. Yeah. Again, as long as you can link it, right? There's really, I see a couple of things and you're going to be forced to do this with the new, with the training next week.

[01:11:40] But I see a couple of things here. Coming up with,

[01:11:47] I help yoga studios create a video strategy that adds 30 new members per month to their studio or something. Could be one thing that's not good. It needs to be more unique and stuff, but there's that, or there's I help nonprofits that are truly trying to make a difference in the world, 10 X, their donations.

[01:12:15] Emotional storytelling video with my unique system. Those are like two things I'm hearing from you that I think that are worth exploring. Yeah. I'm willing to explore it. Yeah. Think about it. If you want to do if you like those or maybe you don't want to work with USDA. Yes. Maybe you will.

[01:12:32] Maybe we want to come up with something for online yoga instructors. Maybe we want to come up with something like generally to help online fitness people that are trying to promote their online fitness business have better content, maybe it's that, just think on it a little bit. We can start to figure out, we can start to figure out where to, what to test.

[01:12:56] Yeah, good. Cause the other thing after having dealt with enough small businesses I don't want to deal with the ones that are too small because what as I've evolved my business over the last couple of years, startups, I thought, oh, I'm going to help people who are just starting out.

[01:13:14] Startups are

[01:13:19] worst. And I'm tired of telling people. Yeah you can't have an email address that is nor business at genie. Oh, but that's free. Nope. Okay. I can't do that anymore and say, I do want to work with businesses that are, you're going to run into that with almost every yoga studio. Oh God.

[01:13:38] Yeah. So now I do want to work with businesses that get, this is what the plan is. Okay. How much do I need to write the checkout for that? That sounds like a good plan. Who do I write the checkout to? As opposed to, oh, you know what? I don't know. A thousand dollars seems like a lot of money for a roadmap.

[01:14:01] That's going to make me solve it. Yeah. Yep. I hear ya. I was going to post a video about this the other day. I didn't, I haven't done it yet, but client selection is just huge. It's very easy. When you guys are at the stage you're at, in your business to just.

[01:14:23] Does this take anybody who we'll pay you to do anything? Because it seems like it's like a little money is better than no money. Oh, but man, I can tell you from experience just don't go down that road. Don't go down that road. I had to fire at least $15,000 off of my client, like monthly recurring revenue off of my client roster four months ago, because they were just driving everybody fucking insane.

[01:14:51] And my company, cause they were like too demanding too mean too money, scared. Didn't want to spend money. Didn't want to invest, like whatever amount, the few thousand dollars they were paying us to month like per month. Obviously it was nothing compared to what they were getting, but they just they're just crunching numbers and like not willing to invest in things.

[01:15:12] Yeah you just don't want to, you don't want to like those headaches. You have to value your time. And those headaches are just not going to be worth it at the end of the day. And you're going to get into really bad conversations later on with these companies when you're just like my depth video only was directly attributable to $500 in revenue.

[01:15:33] Why did you make me pay 3000 for it? That's bullshit. You don't want to get into that, yeah. Local businesses I've found because that's how I started out. I transitioned from being a restaurant owner to helping other restaurant owners. And so I found that working with a local brick and mortar business, if there was only one location, it was almost impossible.

[01:15:56] Add much value and make any money. So I set a threshold of, multiple locations, maybe two or three or four. And so that may be a good way to approach that with the yoga studios is just if they're a multi location. And so if you're going to do a brick and mortar business, make sure it's at least a few locations, but I like the idea of maybe the online, coaches, that's a much bigger business, to focus on two, but you could do both in that regard because they would be a similar market.

[01:16:24] One would be going for the physical traffic and one would be going for the digital traffic, And I feel like after having worked and studied, and I had a couple of coaches, for the sort of idea of how to create a system for someone, with those levels, level one, level, two level three, what kind of content do you need to create and what sort of mix of content?

[01:16:48] I think that's fairly easy to put together for someone when you're working with them. These are the kinds of videos that you need and then send them off to make them so they have much more skin in the game because they're doing all. They at, which also means that they understand how difficult it is to make a decent video.

[01:17:07]You can send it to me and I can give you feedback. And I'm like, okay I think you need to go refilm that cause your shirt was gapping open and you looked crazy, go do that. And then they start to feel differently about the video. And I think the, they actually start to own it and understand it and appreciate it.

[01:17:33] Yeah. The only thing you're going to encounter with that offer is what I have encountered as well. Is. What I was talking about earlier about how people get intimidated by video. And they're just like, can you just do it for me? Cause it seems people have, this is what my whole book, my whole first book is about.

[01:17:52]Which is just basically about trying to knock down people's beliefs that they can't do video because they don't have a specific skillset or whatever. So you just have to overcome that objection basically, but it's just an objection and it depends on what the offer is. Maybe you will do it for them, but maybe you'll hire people to do it or whatever it may be.

[01:18:11]Yeah. So we just have to work out the business model. Because what we're, cause that's what we're figuring out for you is like a M for all of us, like we, we have to come up with a whole new business model that works, right? Like how much is it going to cost me to acquire a customer? How much once I acquire that customer, how much is the fulfillment going to cost for that customer?

[01:18:29] Everything left is profit and that's what you can scale. And so you just have to figure that out. If you can sell strategy, that's great, super high margin, a little tougher to sell, but you can do it. Of course. Yeah, we just have to figure that out. And I think that the thing is you don't need to think about that yet.

[01:18:51] All you really need to think about right now is who do I want to help and what is their core problem and how can I present a solution? Yeah. Because then how you solve it as later, right? Once you get them in the door, you can solve their problem. This is why I'm telling Brad to ask all these questions on the sales call about what the problem is, because if it ends up turning into what video can you make for me, he's not going to make any money.

[01:19:20] Everybody's going to get frustrated instead. It's in order to market yourself, it's okay yeah, I want to help. I want to help online yoga coaches make six figures this year. Okay, great. What's there. I'm not saying you have to do this. That might not be right, but what's their core problem.

[01:19:36] Their core problem. I don't know. They're maybe their studio shut down because of COVID they're trying to move it online or like half of it is gone because of COVID and they're trying to move it online. They're not making enough money to feed their family really now. Like they just don't have enough money anymore, so they need to get up to at least.

[01:19:55] At least $10,000 a month to be able to like, feel comfortable where they are and they want to be doing it with yoga. They don't want to have to get another stupid job. They want to make, they want to do it with yoga because they want to be happy. Like they went through all of this ridiculous training to be a yoga instructor and they love it.

[01:20:14] So they want to find a way to do it, but they have no idea how to market themselves online. They know they need to be doing video cause everybody's shouts. You need to do video. But one, they don't know how video will make them money. And they don't know how, like what video to make in the first place.

[01:20:29] They don't know if they need to be using advertising. They don't know if they need to be posting on social channels. They don't know if they have to start some stupid clubhouse room about yoga poses. Like they, they have no idea. So all you're going to focus on in this first stage is problem solution.

[01:20:47] So we'll just come up with that offer in that sales mechanism that says, listen, I'm looking for yoga studio, or I'm looking for online yoga coaches who want to make six figures this year and feel completely lost on how to get there. I have a solution and a methodology that can get you to six figures this year, so that you can have the freedom in your life that you know, that you want without having to take on some shitty corporate job.

[01:21:15] That's my offer to you, get them in the door and then solve that problem. So all you need to think about is the problem. You don't need to think about the solution right now. You just need to think about the problem. Does that make sense? That's why we're focusing so much right now on who you want to help, because once you've, because once you figure out who you want to help, then you can get much more laser focused on.

[01:21:39] Emotional problems. Cause that's why they'll buy stuff like that. That's what they'll respond to. First step is going to be getting them into your sales mechanism with a promise of being able to help them do what they can't do on their own that they need information on second step is talking to them because you have a very unique solution.

[01:22:02] They can do it on their own or they could, we can hop on a call and see if I can help. If I can't help, I'm not gonna offer you anything and then get clients. And ultimately they're going to go through that process and you'll figure it out and it'll become a thing. But once you get just we just have to get them in the front door first.

[01:22:25] So first thing, who do I want to help? And what do they care about really care about.

[01:22:41] Anything else you guys want to bring up?

[01:22:46] Do you have things you want to talk about? I said, I, as I always say, I'll sit on these calls as long as you need it. One thing I've noticed when I was approaching this from a problem perspective, thinking about who I, who I could help, but what kind of problems people are having right now, it's if you're working with any type of employer right now, everybody is massively short-staffed and so that's a problem that's out there right now.

[01:23:11] So I as an idea, I toyed with the idea of maybe making recruiting videos for employee, for certain types of businesses, because all the restaurants are short-staffed anybody that. Then shut down, partially this ramping up is really painful, for them and mostly from a staffing perspective.

[01:23:30] So that was just this random. Yeah. You mean they're actively hiring now. Yeah. Yeah. That's what we're running into. Everybody has signs in front of their stores right now we're hiring. And then if you go in they're, short-staffed, they're stressed. They're, you can tell they're thin.

[01:23:46] And a lot of places not know where we live. Everything's wide open, pretty much wide open. So I'm in Tennessee, but it's probably a little bit different in the Northeast, but but it'll be there quickly though. I think it's on the way. But that's what everybody's suffering right now.

[01:24:00] Anyways. It was just a thought I had, you could start a little business based around. Perfecting that like a recruiting type video, and that's a problem. A lot of people are having right now. So it was just a random yeah, sure. As long as you can validate the problem. It's going to take time to validate the offers anywhere.

[01:24:17]We'll be tweaking offers to make sure, but yeah. I think that's great. Yeah. As long as it's, it has to be wide enough like there's enough people feeling this problem that there's a model there. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So I'll do some more thinking about who as well.

[01:24:39] Cause I really don't know that yet, so I'm going to be really spending a lot of time on that over the next few days. Yeah. That's nailed it. Good. Good. Good. Cool. Anything else? Oh, I think this has been great. I'm excited. This is going to be a fun process. Yeah. Yeah. It's going to be a lot of fun going to be a lot of fun and lucrative.

[01:25:07] Okay. This is different than making product videos that I thought I was going to be doing. You can do that if you want to do that, by the way. Oh, I'm a right with however, this shakes out. I just want you to do, I want you to do what you want to do. But Yeah. There's not there's many ways to make money doing this and you're going to be most successful if it comes from you.

[01:25:36]And then I help you shape it. Then me putting you in a box, there's a lot of products in the health and wellness industry. Like even the, in the yoga industry itself, there are products in there too. So the blood products. Yeah, but products. Yeah. We had a, I did consulting with a yoga client a few months ago and they sent me one of their maps.

[01:26:01] They make these mats, they sell for like a hundred dollars, which are like they're a little longer there. They're like super sticky. So you th they're no slip. That's what I meant. Okay. And they actually have alignment poses like not poses, but like they have grids and stuff on them so that you can align your, like, when you're in warrior one, like you can put your foot in exactly the right spot and the front and the back and be like, totally aligned.

[01:26:26] That'd be warrior two, but yeah. Anyway, a hundred dollars for that product startup. They need nothing but video. So yeah there's stuff there as well. If you wanted to, if you wanted to get into that space, there's all sorts of possibilities. Nothing but possibilities.

[01:26:45] Okay, guys. You got circle. If you have questions, always Brad, please update us on how the call. Yeah, we'll do. And then we'll talk about, we'll talk in the group about how to tackle the second call. Yeah. Yeah. I'll look for, I'll look for the recording and then get my questions and hopefully by tomorrow morning, I'll have those lined up and ready to go.

[01:27:07]But yeah, somebody even talked about, by the way, we didn't even talk about objections yet, but you're not going to get any objections until the second call because you're not going to pitch. That's true. We can talk about that a little bit in the group. That's when people start saying, I got to think about it.

[01:27:23] I don't have a, I don't have the money right now. I need to talk to my business partner about it. These are all bullshit. Yeah. So you need to have a process for countering those objections. And by the way, if you want to, if you want to get a book on it, I it's a weird book recommendation in some ways because but I love a good I'm a guy that loves a good process.

[01:27:50]Jordan Belfort, yes. The Wolf of wall street guy way of the Wolf. It's just a sales book. It's just a really good sales point. Awesome. I'll check it out. I, I've read some sales books, I've gone through some, I, my problem is I just haven't applied it and gone through the process and done the calls like that.

[01:28:13] And so being in a pro like honestly, half of being in a program like this as accountable. If you're dropping in and saying I'm not closing anybody, and then I'm like, Hey, are you going through the sales process? And you're like, no, I chicken down. And we're like no shit. You're not closing anybody.

[01:28:31] So that, that accountability is going to be is going to be big, I think. Yeah. I'll watch the Wolf of wall street again and I'll order the book and I do love the movie, but man, the movie is but yeah, he's he's good. Like he's has turned his life around and become a sales trainer and it's pretty much, it's a similar system.

[01:28:49] Like it's the same system. But what I do like where you really earn your muster in sales is in objections. Like after you pitch and then. They start throwing up smokescreens. That's where you really that's where the real stuff of sales is. And the reason that I like this book the best is because he actually has a system for dealing with that.

[01:29:15] And usually I don't come across that. Usually I come across people that are like, oh yeah I have a bunch of these canned answers depending on what people say. But his theory, which I like very much is like, when people say things like I don't have the money right now, I don't I have to think about it.

[01:29:33]They're like none of they're all lies. And to like as defense mechanisms, people throw up and your ability to deal with those is your ability to do sales and. He has a system for it. And I liked that. I like systems they're easy. They're easy to plug in. Like sales trainer I ever had didn't really have a system.

[01:29:59] He had a script but he was mostly like, it was all very like each call could change from time to time. And with this book, it's no matter what they say in that first objection, your answer is always the same, no matter what they say in the second. Objection, your answer is always the same because they're not actually saying what they're saying.

[01:30:18] They're just saying they don't trust you yet. Yeah. You know that, that's what they're actually saying. So you need to then spend your time moving them to a certain level of certainty about you and the product in the objection handling. So that's why I like this book is because it deals with that stuff because this stuff you're going to find is easy.

[01:30:43]Not this is the objection one, but the sales call question ones are easy. Like you're just going to, you're going to interview him basically, and just make sure that you get to the pain, which is going to be hard with the marketing guy, but you'll figure it out. That's all right. I don't want to take up too much of your time, I'm here for ya.

[01:31:01] Yeah, no, I appreciate it. Nice to meet. Nice to meet you both like face-to-face for the first time. So yeah. Look forward to next week. Next week. I'll see you in the group. Okay.

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