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PVC Coaching Call 7.29.21

Okay. Good morning. Can you hear me? I don't know about morning. Listen. I think mornings a much happier way to greet people. It's filled with hope and promise

[00:01:51] everybody. We are in the middle of a tornado warning or something. So me and the family are holed up in the basement right now. I'm in the middle of a pretty big thunderstorms. So I hope I can stay online for as long as I can. There you go. Yeah. Hopefully hopefully we got one of these, like we get to one of these scary whatever they're called, like iPhone alerts that said take shelter now.

[00:02:19] So we're all in the basement watching TV and stuff. I grew up in west Texas. That's every other day he was here. Yeah. So I don't know. I guess we're going to stay down here for a bit, just to be safe. I know what's gone well. Yeah. You'll probably don't get a lot of those up there.

[00:02:38] Pretty much never. It was weird. It wasn't a watch. It was a warning, which means they spotted. So we just left. Yeah, we just went down, but we have a nice space in it and everything. It's just, anyway. Hence why I don't have my fancy setup today. Your background is blurred quite a bit.

[00:02:59] Yeah. That's like a zoom. That's a zoom setting. You can actually, if you go into backgrounds and filters, you can it's all this kind of crap. I, in reality it looks like that. Yeah, that's right. Okay, cool. There we go. Or this beach one, I used to rock. Okay. All right. Who wants to who wants to jump in first?

[00:03:31] I'll go. Okay. Let's do it. I got your feedback. You're ripping it up over there. I love it. It's time to light a fire and your you're like it. And let's see, let me pull up my, I guess I should share my screen shit, sorry. Sure. If you want to go, if you want to go over it. Yeah. I think we look, the last thing that I looked at was the positioning worksheet. Yes. And I've been working on that.

[00:04:09] Okay. So in looking at the companies that are actually doing what we do there are a bunch in town and a handful seem to be great big guys who are doing, huge drone footage and working with with like banks and the American heart association. And it looks like they also have like soundstages inside their studios.

[00:04:41] So they're pretty big guys. No, I forget. When I had asked you this in the group, did you say you wanted to like work locally or nationally? I think I had said locally, but now that we spent some time, it's not that important anymore. It's, what's more important is that they have that there's the socially conscious more than they're specifically doing or have a nonprofit work.

[00:05:13] Does that make sense? You're certainly going to have more potential if you go at least nationally, I think locally, you're likely to run into a lot of local business clients who not to have a limiting belief about folks, right in line. They're not going to want to, you can get anybody to pay anything.

[00:05:34] It's the art of sales, but that sale gets harder and harder. The more scarce the mindset is, and local businesses tend to be pretty scarce and mindset wise. If you want to work for mission-driven companies, I don't really see much of a reason not to target nationally, unless you really want to deliver Columbus stories, but I haven't necessarily gotten that vibe from, nah, I'm free range.

[00:05:57] I don't need to be tied down to Columbus. Great. And most of the other stuff was fine. It was this part where I start codifying everything where you said I needed to be more specific about what the actual content delivers. Sure. Like the results focusing on yeah don't conflate them.

[00:06:21] So the first thing was to get a little bit more specific about. Like what the SIS, like what the system entails, which is when I think that I mentioned something along the lines of what do you do? Do you like do you have a process where you take a more serious concept and then systematically flip it in a way that's ethical and PC to make it, to put, define the later side of things and that's the system.

[00:06:54]That was one thing. And then the other comment was for the other comment was for oh, the same as who was I talking to about this? I don't remember who it was now. Getting, framing it in terms of outcomes in your actual in your IPS, in your innovative positioning statement.

[00:07:17] So those are two separate things though. Okay. I just didn't want you to, I thought maybe as you were starting to introduce the topic, I thought maybe you were combining those two things, but those are the two pieces of the feedback. Okay. So I was taking a look at Once I start codifying the system, like what the system actually does.

[00:07:39] So it's sitting with them and trying to figure out it's here in step five. Try to find out what exactly story they're trying to tell what outcome they want. And then we can start building around that. Is that enough? Okay. So step one would be, yeah, it does need to be complicated. I just want you to be clear on what it is to yourself and then be able to talk about it. So step one is define goals.

[00:08:11] It looks like step two is

[00:08:19] step two is figuring out what story we're going to tell or how we build building, building out the whole process from there. So if you want more sales than this is the kind of story that's going to get you more sales, is it a specific type of story because of the sort of joy full mission that you want to bring forward?

[00:08:46]I would think that it's based on step one. No, no stories are going to be the same, but we're going to aim for the same feeling.

[00:08:57]I feel like it needs a qualifying word, like a very, like a specific type of story. That's unique to you. Like for me, you might be able to argue like an empathy driven story. So like for you, what would it be like a, I don't know about joy. That sounds a little bit like, not businessy, but it's and it doesn't need to be businessy.

[00:09:20] It's just, joy is a bit, it's a bit of a bubbly word. I wonder if there's like a word that's or maybe it's just define the angle or something like that.

[00:09:35] All right. Or like lightning, like a light man, like tough one. I get it. But I feel like it's the same time. Like it, it's a nice, it's a nice. Oh I totally, I hear what you're saying. I'll need to I'm just saying that it's a nice angle to be like specifically targeting businesses who have a social who want to have a social impact or do have a social impact, but don't know how to market that social impact and help it propel their business.

[00:10:13] And a lot of that is because of there's like a lack of I guess empathy, like always, it's oh, by my like sure, because it will help like starving children in Uganda. And unless you really care about serving children in Uganda, it's not going to necessarily propel you to buy the shirts.

[00:10:36] But if you tell the story potentially, so I wonder if there's something so that's where I feel like you could find some luck in, in your uniqueness. Okay. I like that phrase social impact. I'm still trying to find that sort of right. Phrasing that, does it feel too hippy dippy and driven makes sense.

[00:11:04] I also think right. You could also call it conscious businesses too. Like I know that there's a whole organization called conscious capitalism that buddy, I can't help you with Mario. I'm on a call. Sorry. In case you were late to the party, I'm holed up in the basement with my family. Cause we're on a tornado warning slash watch.

[00:11:27] So here we are. Right in this case, sitting in my basement, watching power Rangers on a hundred inch projector screen with the rest of the family. Hence why I have you on mute when I don't talk? You don't have to hear power Rangers. It's very campy. What was I saying? Oh yeah. Yeah. I feel like, yeah. Conscious capitalism is a huge organization that sort of can put like forms of community for all the types of businesses that you want to work with.

[00:11:56] And so that's a term that is used in business, like conscious businesses is like a really well-known term. And then the other one is mission driven. I think either of those is a great way to lead with the avatar. Okay.

[00:12:15] All right. So I'm looking for more adjectives around the story part.

[00:12:23] What the story is,

[00:12:30] I feel like it's going to be like the system, which is it's gonna be like if you can find like the perfect phrase that insinuates, that you create video content that serves your mission and feeds your bottom line, that's like the ultimate, that's like the ultimate hole in one, like we're going to make you more money than ever before, and therefore allowed you to have more impacts than you've ever had before.

[00:13:02] I think that's like ultimately a message that I think would resonate with the type of folks that you want to work with. Yeah, I think so. So then just codifying around that for sure. But to be honest with you I would take a little stab at that, share it with me, but then just let's get, just get up one of the simple funnels.

[00:13:23] That's what I would say. Just

[00:13:28] which, which funnel

[00:13:30]Obviously it's up to you, it's up to everybody, what they want to do with that kind of stuff. I so I'm working on rejiggering, like the order of the videos in the course and stuff to like better get a handle on picking your funnel here. But you obviously basically have two choices at the beginning.

[00:13:52]Like the first choice or, and you can choose both. The first choice is get up one of the performance-based hook funnels that are proven to just get you leads in pretty cheap and rock and roll it. And then you do most of the triaging on the calls, because a lot of people are going to come into those.

[00:14:11]But it'll get you leads and that's what you need is where apps. None of the second thing is obviously working towards building out of a bigger video sales letter type funnel. But I kinda not starting with that in for most of the businesses of the, most of the folks in this group are at a level in their business where you just need to like, I would rather have you just getting leads and getting sales calls, then trying to develop some big funnel where it's going to cost you a hundred dollars for a book to call, which is well worth it, because they're going to be good holiday qualified calls would that funnel. But if you're not like, you want to have your sales stuff up to snuff, you're going to be working out a lot of the kinks.

[00:14:56] So I do love the idea of doing one of the simple funnels. You could get up the lead generation based from a ad in 10 minutes. Okay. I can get up in 10 minutes, you get up in 20,

[00:15:15] cause you don't even need a landing page. And so and right now, Kelsey, I think you guys, hopefully you guys all saw the announcement that a lot of announcements, we have a portal, the portal should be done tomorrow and the portal will now house all of the funnel templates along with video instructions on it.

[00:15:35]And a bunch of other cool stuff. But yeah, and also the podcast the student only podcast, which is launching tomorrow. So those are all going to be in the portal in case you didn't watch my video, but anyway yeah, so it's up to you. That's what I would do now.

[00:15:57] All right. I'm down for that. And you're obviously still identifying your avatar. Like you're still saying I'm, you, that you're looking for socially conscious mission driven businesses to work with or whatever businesses who want to make a lot of money and care about their impact on the world.

[00:16:12] And then great. Like you're still identifying your avatar. It doesn't, like all sorts of people could come through this type of funnel, but you're still identifying that avatar.

[00:16:24] Awesome. Thanks. Good work. Good work, buddy. It was good. I was excited to see you light a fire under your ass. Oh my God. It was time. Yeah. I'm like an albatross slow to take off, but once we're sailing where we're up and running. Good. Good. Yeah. Awesome. That's great. Yeah. Let's let's go out there and get you some gave you some results.

[00:16:48] So just keep us, just keep me posted in the group.

[00:16:55] All right. Who wants to happen? Who's got a question.

[00:17:11] Yeah, how's it going? Can you guys hear me bold and brave Santy. What's going on, man? Hey, we're looking at you from a side angle today. I I actually hooked up my GoPro cause I don't have a camera, so I hooked it up to my, so the zoom call. So I don't have nowhere else to place it, but like right here. So I'll look this way.

[00:17:33]Yeah. So GoPro have a webcam plugin that makes it be able to talk to zoom and stuff. Watch it's not GoPro to DJI Osmo action. And that doesn't have a a plugin, but I found a workaround like downloading a software. Oh, gotcha. Gotcha. Yeah, I went, I actually made a video this week about how I, oh crap.

[00:17:54] We gotta turn off the water outside.

[00:17:59] Can you do it? Thank you. The pool's filling with water and my timer. I'm just going to overflow. Just overflowing.

[00:18:11] Yeah. Yeah. It was like a tornado warning and it was feeling, yeah. That's why I am where I am. Makes sense. Yeah. So yeah, the question that I had, I was looking at the video you made for hello? Yeah, sorry. I was muted. We're watching power Rangers down here on my my it's in the basement so that we don't get destroyed by the weather.

[00:18:38] Go ahead. So I think the last with you, I think we went over your positioning worksheet, right circle and I gave you some edits, right? Yeah. Yeah. I, one of the things you mentioned was cause I had in my statements or the ISP, I guess it's I had made it to general, I had put a company that produces results.

[00:19:01]So you asked me to get more specific on that. But I guess the question that I had right now was I was looking at the Facebook ad leads that you had posted that video earlier last week. And I'm just starting to finish a week too. So do I have to have a Facebook page to have that like Facebook ad leads and stuff like that?

[00:19:24]Okay. Because I haven't gotten to that yet where I need to make that Facebook page. And then I can set it up. Yeah. And dude don't let this drag you down, like creating a Facebook page 65 minutes. You'd like, you don't have to put very much work into it, but a picture of your face on it for the profile picture.

[00:19:46] And in week two, I'm going to be rejiggering a lot of week two to get the new funnel stuff and everything. But in week two in the, I don't remember what I called the lesson on Facebook ads, but it goes through that right in that lesson, like how to set up the Facebook page for business, what I recommend you have in it.

[00:20:09]And then how to set up like your pixel and your business manager. And that's all you really need, but for the lead ads, like you don't need you, you need an ad account and a pixel and the Facebook page, but it's super simple. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. It's super simple to get that up. Yeah, mean, yeah, just, I think just like being specific in your copy and then within the like text in the form about that you're looking for these like adventure sports brands.

[00:20:48] Like outdoor and adventure sports brands or whatever. It might be other people that come through the funnel, but that's okay. Like you just need like sales calls right now, just reps. Yeah. No. Okay. And for my repositioning worksheet, I the method or the system that I came up with was the art over ads method.

[00:21:08] And I'm trying to see how I can make that a method because pretty much what I want to do is I want I guess the client to know that, Hey, I'm not here to make just boring ads or ads that you already seen. I'm trying to make something that is, is actually something worthwhile watching something that people will grab people's attention and the old keep them.

[00:21:33] So that's where I'm going a little bit with the art over ads thing, not your typical ad that you see, but something a little more, so I don't know how to word it yet. I don't know if you have any ideas. So one of my ideas is to think of it less than terms of like really, it's you're talking about like a USP or a mission statement for your business, but what we're talking about here is defining a system.

[00:22:02] Okay. So for example, like for example, like my business creates like high converting video ads that are budget-friendly, that's basically what my business does. But it uses the hero system to do that. But the hero system is not the positioning. So they, the hero system is just the system.

[00:22:25] It's my system that I developed for what I use to help tell these stories. And it's an acronym. I've had it for years and that's what you're creating. So art over ads is in many ways, like your USP, like we, we create ads that will stand out, I guess don't feel like ads. So the question is when you're trying to figure out your system, the question is, how do you do that?

[00:22:54] And obviously you're new to all of this, but you just have to like we need to dig into your essence, like the essence of the way Santee makes videos to figure out what that system is. When I do it when I try to come up with systems and I've actually come up with a number of days I just like.

[00:23:17] Go on a whiteboard and just start like drawing this stuff out. We can go through actually. We, why don't we go through it briefly here. Sure. And then we can just talk through it together.

[00:23:49] So here we go. Oh, let me show my screen.

[00:24:05] No, I'm not bound, buddy. I'm not going to be on for a long time.

[00:24:13] One niche. I know, buddy. I'm sorry. I know. I'm sorry, buddy. Yeah,

[00:24:23] no, I have to.

[00:24:33] Cool.

[00:24:37] All right.

[00:24:40]In case you're wondering why we can't get the Mario power moon, right? Okay. Nope. This is not right. Where is it? Okay, so why did you go to film school? Why did I go to film school? I've I didn't begin like my journey with film. I think I saw a video from you somewhere to where there's some people that just start off because they picked up a camera on their little kid and they loved it ever since I didn't start that way.

[00:25:10] I actually got into film more like in my late teens. And it's because I was originally a communications major and I didn't really like it too much, but I realized that I like to communicate messages and I thought film was probably the outlet that I most liked communicating messages through. So that's how, and then I fell in love with the craft that for words, went to film school and being a cinematographer and all that stuff.

[00:25:39] So what is it about communicating messages that mean to you? I guess when you say that, I guess I've always felt that I've been a pretty good. I've been articulate or a good public speaker. And so when it comes to getting a message across or getting an idea across I've felt I've had ease to do that.

[00:26:03] And and my church, especially I've been able to, give messages and stuff like that. So I've always just felt that kind of like innate thing. What of things actually matter to me to be able to express them. So I just felt film was a good outlet for that.

[00:26:23] Okay. Cool, man. I love that word articulate some of my favorite words. Yeah. Yeah, so there's something specific about the way that you're able to, you feel like you have a unique knack for articulating messages for translating a message right. In a specific way. So that's super interesting. That's very interesting. Take your relation community, communicating.

[00:26:55] Yeah. And so you say you fell in love with the craft. What do you mean? Yeah, like when I actually got into film school and I actually started seeing what it takes to make a nice CMA, just cinema a nice cinematographic image. I really liked that whole process of like just making beautiful pictures and creating a story out of it.

[00:27:17] So I guess that's how I fell in love with the company. So tell me more about that. What do you mean you liked it? What did you like about it? I think it's also cause like old saying, a picture's worth a thousand words definitely through film and through moving pictures I felt your, I was able to the way it was framed, the way it was devised, you could say so much with the picture.

[00:27:43]Yeah, I think that's how I would say it. Interesting.

[00:27:55]It was like a thousand words, massive

[00:28:02] thousand words. Method ology

[00:28:11] based on a picture based on the idea that a picture is worth a thousand words, everyone else feels the need to show their message down your throat.

[00:28:40] But a single image communicates. We got the cross with a single frame in a single video can change people's lives and tell a story that could never be told otherwise, oh,

[00:29:11] this is a cool idea. I was just, this is just top of my head. You don't have to use any of this. And then so the way that the thousand words methodology works. Potentially is like number one, before you figure out how to communicate a message or articulate them as a, do you have to understand the message?

[00:29:32] So the first step is understanding or a similar term that's less cliche. Maybe the second

[00:29:44] is really it's really like relational empathy, which I don't think is a term. I think I just made that up. It's almost redundant. The second is like relational empathy. So first you have to understand the message. So like you understand and help articulate and communicate like what the business you're working for.

[00:30:09] Like what they're trying to communicate. They probably don't know a lot. So you gotta help with them. Then you understand, then you have to get, you have to use, this is an important step because you have to wrap your brain around.

[00:30:25]You have to wrap your brain around how this might actually relate to the target audience. Their they're targeting. Let's say you're working with GoPro, you'll understand first, what their message or like what they're trying to communicate with the world is then you try to understand how that messaging impact facts, can emotionally impact the target audience, then you articulate and then you produce basically.

[00:31:03] So maybe there's some, something about that. So there you go, you rap, but the a thousand words, methodology, I dunno, it's just bull, it just occurred to me when you said that I can see the title thousand words, methods, again, getting a lot of traction. So this is this is interesting, right?

[00:31:19]So this is what I'm trying to get to, right? And this is what I've done with a lot of students. I don't know if you've been around for those, but like figuring out I'm not trying to force a strategy, like a system on you that you don't feel aligned with. We're just trying to pull out what you're already aligned with and then just, articulate it into.

[00:31:40] Into a methodology of sorts so that you can feel that uniqueness. So something like this is cool. So why don't you meditate and sleep on some of this and see how you feel about it? How are you feeling about where we're gone today? Actually, that actually has piqued my interest. Yeah. And actually, I think I might take something out of this.

[00:32:02] Sure. Feel free to copy it, you're paying for my brain. So anything that comes out of it, you're allowed to steal. So yeah. Th this is cool. This could be cool. It also, in a way, it inherently talks about the USP. Like why video, like the thousand words of methodology has why video like big into it's very excellence because it's because it says that you can't tell these stories without images, why video?

[00:32:31] Because you can't tell these stories without images and you can't tell them in this way. So that's kinda, it's interesting. So yeah, I think on this and feel free to use this. I might try to if you love this and you want to just roll with it, I might just sit for a second and just think on these four.

[00:32:47] And if these four terms make the most sense to you. I don't love understanding here, but maybe there's something else that can go there. This, again, I made up this term, I think so. I don't even know what that is, but that might be a good thing. I love making up words, articulate, produce. Those are pretty good.

[00:33:06] So yeah I like, I think let me see if I can can I take a screenshot of that or is it too late? No, it's not too late. Let me take a quick screenshot it. Yeah. Got it.

[00:33:28]Stop share. All right. Rock and roll. Okay. No, thank you, man. That actually, yeah, definitely.

[00:33:42] Yeah, dude. This is what you need. This is what you need. So I have a coach and then, get in there, codify it and then just. Just get that, just get the leads to start getting some leads, getting on some calls.

[00:33:58] Great. That sounds good. For now, I think if I have anything else, I'll call ring again. Cool. Awesome, man. Yeah.

[00:34:10] Sounds good. All right, who's next.

[00:34:19] Can you guys hear me? Okay. I think it's using my Bluetooth headphone microphone. I don't know how to do that.

[00:34:29]So the fiscal, it didn't turn up. I just wanted to go through the script if that's okay. What are we talking about? Sorry, I missed that. Yeah, let's do it. Go through the

[00:34:44]Go like that opens. Okay. They get to the set. The agenda is okay. Then I get to this bit is section three. Yeah. So is that different to section four? Is that section four? Are these, the questions in section 4, 5, 6. Is that fair? Yeah. So let me get, and to be honest with you, Google docs are great and the script might be great and it will, it is.

[00:35:14] It's just I love that. Have you looked at the Trello board that I created? Yeah. Yeah. And I actually updated that a couple of days ago too, or was it yesterday? I don't remember when and that sort of helps define it even more. So just to be clear about how it works here yeah, where, oh, I'm going to have to find it. Okay. Of course. I want to find it in the course. Okay. I'll pull it up in a minute, basically. Here's the way it goes. And actually, this is the topic of the podcast tomorrow. Yay. Okay. So you'll have that too. But build rapport for three minutes.

[00:36:01] Pre-frame meaning set the agenda. Here's how these calls work that I put out that I actually changed the language a little bit on that in the Trello board, just to make sure. A little bit clearer that it was going into a second call and the pre-frame so definitely check that out. I'll pull this up.

[00:36:19]Maybe if Kelsey's around, can you send me the Trello board blank for PVC sales, please? Okay. And then it's immediately into the questioning. So you end the pre-frame with sound good. It's important to get that little mini yes. Confirmation at the end of that. So basically the way I would do it is build your business on two, but the way I would do it is build rapport. And at the end of building then you're only like two minutes, don't get bananas here.

[00:36:54]They're going to think you're just screwing with them, just Hey, where do you live? Are? Nah, my sister is from there. I went there a couple of times. It's awesome. Great wine there or whatever. Then you're like if you're ready to jump, if you're ready to get started, I can just jump right in.

[00:37:08] How's that sound sounds good. Okay, great. So here's how these calls work. I'm going to ask you a number of questions about your business, just to see where you're at and see if we can help. If I feel like we can help we can schedule another call and talk business and Turkey and all that good stuff.

[00:37:24] Sound good. Yep. Okay, cool. All so what motivated you to book the call and then you'll, and then you just systematically. That's why I was bringing up the Trello board because the Trello board is a little more, I just, for some reason with the Google doc, I created it just so I could like easily when I'm on a call, just punch buttons.

[00:37:45] But I understand what the script might be less updated though, than the trouble board. Cause I've been going in and changing some things on a Trello board. I'm gonna I'll change the script as well. But like for example, that pre-frame, that I just recited is different than it is in the script, but I would do what I just said.

[00:38:02]Yeah, it's just questions. So then there's four sections of questions, like first is personal, the second or it's like finding the problem so what's not working. Why is it not working? Tell me more about that. Tell me more about that. And then. You're just, okay, great.

[00:38:19] Got that. Then you want to understand their business? What do you sell? How much is it? Who are your customers? Okay, great. As soon as you feel like you've under, as soon as you feel that they understand, as soon as you feel that they feel, you understand their business, you can move on, then it's money.

[00:38:36] Okay. What's your revenue per month right now? What's that like? How's that been going? Has that been up or down? Like where are you at? Where do you want it to be in six to 12 months? And then the next section is oh, good. Kelsey just sent it to me. Okay. So pain problem motivated you to book the call.

[00:39:00] Where are you at today? Business understanding, which we just went through money, which we just went through. Where are you at? Where do you want to be? What's your motivation to get there? What would you be able to do if your business made that much every month? And then acknowledgement. So like this here.

[00:39:17] So this is you get all of this information, you get them to really state their problems and understand their problems. And then in this last, these last questions are there for them to acknowledge to themselves that they need help. So what's stopping you from getting there right on your own, right?

[00:39:36]So what's stopping you from getting there on your own, and then they're going to say I don't have the expertise. I don't know what works to make money online advertising. I don't know. I'm just a product guy, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Okay. Yep. Got it. How soon do you want to fix this?

[00:39:50] They always say they want to fix it ASAP. Cool. Okay. So that's the question section. So we have the, pre-frame the question section and then pretty easy then you just say, okay. I definitely think there's some potential here. Why don't we do this? Let me go back and talk with my team because I want to make a thousand percent sure everyone involved is motivated around this.

[00:40:14] And they agree with me that there's a lot of potential here to reach the goals that you want. So let's set up another call on a day or two. I can report back on that we can hash the rest out. Are you free tomorrow at 2:00 PM? See, oh, he's booked the second call on the first call and that's it. That's the whole first call.

[00:40:33] Does that help? Yeah, sure. Yeah, I do a lot. So I really just three sections. It's only just four sections report, free frame questions book, the second call. That's it. Okay. That makes it a lot easier to actually and that, would you ask about that? If you add videos beforehand, that sort of thing, have you been successful in Google ads?

[00:40:55] Facebook ads. I think you'll get that. Because because again, it's not about what you do, it's about what they need. So you'll identify the problem and their problem is probably going to be related to sales or something or leads, and then you'll ask them, and it's in the script somewhere.

[00:41:15] Okay. What have you been trying to do to fix that problem? And it'll probably naturally progress into that type of stuff. You're going to learn. You're going to learn all of that. But ultimately that's really, it's not so much the tactics. If you tried like ads or video or anything like that, it's more what have you act?

[00:41:33]What kind of things have you actually tried to solve this core problem that you've just told me you have in your business? And some of them might, I think largely a lot of them will probably say they haven't tried it any well, they'll be like, I've tried everything and they haven't really tried much of anything or they actually have some of them burn through some agencies or web, whatever it might be.

[00:41:56]So yeah. And one of the things that I talk about in the podcast and again, this is a private podcast just for you guys. It's not a it's not a public podcast is about. Not getting too off kilter with your questioning. Like it's okay to ask follow up questions, but number one, listen, don't talk like number two, like just, don't go too far down the path.

[00:42:23] Like you start talking, like having some weird long conversation about Facebook ad performance or something. It's just don't get too bananas about that. Like just talk to them, like just, if you once you understand the answer to the, to it, and you feel like you've got a deep enough answer.

[00:42:39] And one of the things I talked about in the podcast is that is the power of, tell me more about that. It's a great question to ask because people will give you a surface level answer on stuff, right? What have you tried to get leads and sales? And there'll be like, oh, I've tried some Facebook ads and we've obviously done organic social media.

[00:43:01] I've got a great intern that did that stuff. So that's what we've been trying. You don't have your answer to that question cause there's no you don't know enough about that. So you might say, oh, tell me more about that. Yeah, we did. It wasn't super successful. I think that we probably blew about $15,000 trying ads when we gave up.

[00:43:20] And so now we don't really have much that's going, so that is that. So that's where the valuable information is. So it's when you, it's, when you dig Molo, and just get them to go a little bit deeper on a certain topic so that you can really get the answers and these things help establish your authority.

[00:43:40] This is another thing I talked about a lot is about how you being in control of the call and having that confidence through it, there allows you to, it just builds an inherent trust. The first call is super important for that stuff, but it's not about what you do. It's almost about what you don't do.

[00:44:01] Okay. So it's like spinning plates where just give a little nurse now and again. Yeah. That's exactly what it's like. You know what I mean? You're ultimately like you're interviewing them, not the other way around. That's the way the college. And so if they come up with what the what are the businesses, have you done this for?

[00:44:23] Or what are the videos see some YouTube videos, that sort of thing, what have you, what what videos did you created before? I mean that, first of all, like if they try to bring anything like that up in the first 45 minutes, I just steamroll them. Because that, then they're trying to take control of the call and if they get control of the call on never closed, you'll never close them. So let's say so, so very often what you'll get and you're not going to get a whole lot of this when you're in control with, and you'll see, it's magical, however, you will get know for sure.

[00:44:57]But like sometimes people will be like, like they sometimes they'll try to take control a little bit. And then this is why pre-framing is so important. They usually don't try to take control. It's a pre-framing occasionally they'll say something like I feel like, yeah, we've just been talking about me, tell me what you do.

[00:45:17] Exactly. And then I'll just blow over them on that. I'll just take, you have to wrestle back control there and you just said. You just say, oh yeah, we'll get to that. But I just want to make sure first, before I waste, anybody's time that I can even help you. So my next question is, right.

[00:45:36] So ideally if you're in control all the way through, they're not going to ask that now it might come up on the second call, but that's a different thing like that, those that's objection handling. But on the first call, that kind of stuff, shouldn't come up, you shouldn't end it with you shouldn't end it and the call with an opportunity for them to interview you, you know where it's okay, so you got any questions for me?

[00:46:11]Yeah, I have a fuck load of questions. What do you do? What, like what, like how much does it cost? All of a sudden you're just like, whoa, dude. No, you don't even want to do that. You just take control, get them into the second call. You've made it clear in the pre-frame that you're not going to talk money today.

[00:46:31] There's going to be no sale. There's no selling in this conversation. You've made that clear. And we can deal with the second call step as it comes. But yeah.

[00:46:45] So it didn't come up in the first call. The second call is a totally different beast. Okay. With this second call and you want to go through now, or have you had any calls yet? I was one yesterday, but she didn't turn up. So I've got two more to go to. I tried to call another guy, who's the restaurant owner in Sheffield.

[00:47:12] So talking about restaurants last last week and I was like, oh Lord. But it's a fancy restaurant. So these are all coming through the lead ads. Are they coming through? Yeah. Yeah. I'll just check to actually this morning, I've got another one and the last makeup, we pretty good, but I checked her Facebook page and she had some not very good reviews to be honest.

[00:47:34] And but she sounded good on the phone when I first called her. And then when I set up the zoom call I put Australia time and UK time. And then when I last night I met, set up for, she didn't turn up. I tried to call her, went down some machine, so I've just seen him. Okay. Yeah, it happens.

[00:47:56]So are these people not booking in your account? No, this is they're just getting them from the Facebook I'm just going in and getting their numbers from Facebook, the form. Yeah. But and that's fine. That's cool. That's what you should do. If they just fill out the form and they don't book an appointment with you, call them and then follow up twice after, however do you have a button on the thank you page of the form?

[00:48:22] Oh my thank you. On the I yes. A button that goes not book a call. It says visit the website. Yeah. Let me just show you how it, let me just show you how it should be and then you can, I can show you mine. I've got it set up if you like. Sure. Go ahead.

[00:48:46]Sure. Yeah. Can you see mine? Yeah. So that's the landing page. Is that what you're sending people? This is the learning. Yeah, this is the landing page that it's for businesses. So I'm sending them to this one, but this is the link that I have in here.

[00:49:08] Oh, so you are, I'm confused. All right. Okay. Now go back to Facebook ads. Okay. This is the numbers are look great. Okay. So go to the ad level. It's the right objective here for the form one, but let's see, just on a side note, you see here, the business, I tried to split it so that this was UK and this was Australia. But when I changed the audience, so let's get in here.

[00:49:45] When I go into the set that said name and I changed the audience here, I do Australia and UK. It changes this one as well. So it can't have a different audience for these two. Yeah. I'm pretty sure you can. I'm pretty sure you can not. Okay. I'll have another, probably had them both selected and didn't know it because it will update multiple at the same time.

[00:50:11] If you have them both selected on the left. As in life, like when you first duplicate it, the default behavior, we'll have them both highlighted and editable certain things. You can edit multiple ads on multiple at the same time. Some things you can't, it's getting better about, it's getting better about notifying you at the top when you're in that mode.

[00:50:38] But whenever you duplicate, make sure you click a couple of times on the left, on the specific, when you're checking. Oh, I know. No, Brad, I know what he, I know what's going on. Look, it's a saved audience. So when you change it, you're changing an existing saved audience. So it's populating to both of them.

[00:50:57] That's what's, that's what's happening. So you have to either create a new saved audience, or to be honest with you, I never use saved audiences. I just create them on. I just create them in the ad set. So I just click this one here. Yes, exactly. Yeah. Okay, cool. Okay. Thanks. Thanks for that. So if I go into here and then set here yeah, let's take a look at the form. So basically coconut with word. Yeah. Okay. But did the arrows as arrows down the bottom. See where it says one up. Yeah, there you go. Okay. Keep going. Okay. Keep going. All right. So what's that. So where does that go? That goes to here. Okay. So I don't recommend doing this that so go back and watch that video. And these are actually two different strategies like that, that landing page is a, that's a different funnel.

[00:52:09]If you, yeah. If you want to use that, you create a Facebook conversions campaign and for a different thing, there are, these are actually separate. You actually don't need a landing page for what you're doing. Instead I'd rather get them on the call. So what you should do and you can go and watch the video I made on it.

[00:52:27] And it's in there is just say let me just show you. I'll just show you mine, but it gets them to book a call. Yeah.

[00:52:45] Okay. I'm not, I turned off the testing for now, but where is it here? Look at that 22 leads at $15 a lead on this performance-based.

[00:52:58] Okay. So if we look, this was, if anybody wants to know this was the top performing creative, interestingly enough.

[00:53:09]Yeah. Who knows? You never know what will work, test, test everything. Usually black and white. Isn't super clicky either, but test everything. Okay. Look. Yeah.

[00:53:28] And that goes to the calendar. Is that right? Yeah. Yeah. This link goes directly to account and you grab that by just going there. Okay.

[00:53:47] More luck with this. People are, I know that other students are doing this right. And you're getting people to book calls. Other folks you are, I know you are. And they're doing it with me with in, in our testing to a majority of people were booking calls there.

[00:54:01]So in the so when it comes, I remember as I wrote in the in the video I made the other day, I know I sent you guys a lot of stuff in circle, but that's good. Doom like just zoom so there's no messing around, no screwing around, like in Calendly. It should be clear that it's zoom.

[00:54:25] So one thing too is you'll have to create a new form. You can't edit the form, just FYI. Yeah. So obnoxious, but I think you might be able to duplicate it. Yeah, you can duplicate it. You can just duplicate it and change the change. The thank you page. So you got this. Yeah, no, that's good. With a zoom call and here change this to book now.

[00:54:50] Not visit website. Yeah. Yeah. And then do the Calendly book anyway in the calendar. But I'm telling you, I'm telling you they do. Oh, okay, good. That's why I wanted you to put it in there. I know Alex is running this funnel and he's seeing people book into the calendar in my testing. I think 60% of them were booking into the calendar.

[00:55:17]So yeah it's worth it for sure. Instead of chasing people around, I don't like to chase people around. If they can book him, that would be best. And then you stay in control the whole way through too. And because some of them are from the UK, actually the majority.

[00:55:34] So I'm getting the time difference thing. It's kinda up to you, like being in Australia, it's kinda up to you. Like you can, if you want to open your calendar up for 4:00 AM to 9:00 AM and like up to 1:00 AM then, you just have to, or you could just stick to Australia and New Zealand and see if you have luck because it's a small audience is a hard thing.

[00:56:02] It's just like Australia is small. How many people live in the whole country of Australia and they're all on the coasts, right? Like it's all just desert in the middle, right? Yeah.

[00:56:16] Yeah. There's yeah, just kangaroos in the middle as it spiders. Okay. So with the zoom call, you wouldn't do it like a Skype call. It wouldn't do like a foam instead of a video. It's just a zoom call. Okay. Alrighty. You're, it's great. If you can do it on a video call, is it builds a little more, but if you, I don't know, sometimes I do it the worst way and if they turn on their camera, I turn on my camera.

[00:56:48] But if they don't turn on their camera, I just treat it like a phone call over zoom. But ultimately, like you probably get slightly better results over the long haul if everybody had their camera on, because of just like this, like we're able to connect and communicate and look at each other. There's just more, more personal rapport built that way.

[00:57:08] And that's important like them knowing you, liking you and trusting you as the whole game. And then you can have your Trello board above and you just follow the that you can see it on the, on your screen. Can't you? That's what I do. Yeah. That's what I, that's what I yeah, Ben's taking all the calls right now for the agency and for peak video creators, but I took the first like 70 sales calls for this program and yeah, I just have the Trello board right in front of me and I would just click it like a soundboard when they like, oh, objection, came up.

[00:57:42] Think like I would just hit it and then read it. It makes it super easy to do. Alrighty, thanks for that man. Yeah, I eh, you're so you're getting really good results on Facebook right now, which is great. I think. With the book of call link there, you're going to get more people booking in and you just get, just start getting raps.

[00:58:08]There's always going to be no shows, but it's definitely less work. It's like less stressful for you. If you, if they're booking a call, I hate chasing people around, but a leads the lead. If they opt in, chase them, go after them channel your inner Gary V and Gill hustle and going on those leads and just sorry, I just thought of another question.

[00:58:33] What happens after the call too? If they say yes, it's like, what's the process kind of thing after that as well. If they click if they say verbally, yes. Enclosed on the on-call to, I sent him a contract and an invoice, like as soon as you can, but do you set a date for the next call or the next don't do anything until people pay.

[00:58:53] Okay. That's my policy because you never know with people. That's my policy. Be like, okay, great. That sounds good. W where I'm going to do is I'm going to send you a contract and an invoice as soon as those are taken care of, we're going to schedule the creative kickoff call and immediately get things rolling so that we can hit X goal of yours.

[00:59:11] Sound good. And then I would just do it. And all of that stuff is in week four, that you need to be able to have that, like there's a contract template in there and other stuff striped and all that stuff. You'd probably use that stuff before I go over all of it in there so that you can take payment.

[00:59:32] Alrighty. Sounds good. Thank you. Let's go make some money. Who's mag

[00:59:45] cannot help you for pain, do something different. Oh, I guess I'll, I guess I'll go. But yeah, I, so yeah, set up the funnel. I ran, I got some leads and none of them booked through and none of them responded to any tickets or calls. I actually ended up spending about 120 bucks and turned the ads off. So I'm going to, I'm going to try it again, after I'll revisit it and I'm all, and I'll have the funnel done pretty soon too, but that's not very much money.

[01:00:17] How many leads did you get? Oh, I know. Yeah. I just, this the media buyer and me, I'm like, if I'm like five times CPA, I, and I'm not getting anybody booked, I'm just going to try some different creative and go at it again. So yeah, I know it's not very much, but if I'm trying to get, it's pretty small sample size, I'm surprised none of them book.

[01:00:42] Do you have the thank you on the lead page, exactly the same as mine with the booking, the game plan, call and stuff. Yeah. Yeah. It was it's it was identical. But you never know, I'll definitely turn it back on. I'm going to get different pictures and turn it back on, but I want her to be closer to having my funnel done too, so I could split test those together and see what might cause, I'm willing to pay more for a lead if they book through the website and they're a higher quality leads.

[01:01:14] Oh yeah, of course. Of course, for sure with that. And yeah, just trying, working on projects, trying to cast a new shoot, trying to get, trying to navigate the world of Tik TOK videos, which is a new thing for me. And yeah, I think, yeah. Thanks for the feedback on that script.

[01:01:36] I ended up writing like six of them. I've submitted a task on below to try to get a creator to do one for the first time. And then I'm going to shoot. Yeah. I don't know. I don't really know what I'll get for that, but I'm, it's $59. So might as well try one out. Yeah. By the way, Brad, do you have a CRM for your business?

[01:02:00] I've got active campaign and zap my leads over to active campaign. Good. Yeah. I mean leave leaves or leaves. These people might come back around don't this is one of the things that came up at one of my masterminds the other day, but those of us that run agencies to forget about our own marketing.

[01:02:18]But yeah, don't give up on them and then just keep optimizing. I have to imagine that, you'll get people, you'll get people starting to book him for sure on that and you will get better. You'll get slightly better leads on the landing page. There'll be a little bit more expensive, but you'll get slightly better leads there.

[01:02:38] And the, cause they'll go through that. They'll go through a deeper form first. But for a lot of it for a lot of folks that are a little, that aren't quite as far along as you you just need to leads, and so this is just to get those leads in. Yeah, that's great. We actually had a couple of good ones for guide social in testing.

[01:02:58] They were booking in. Ben was like, oh man, I got seven calls booked from this funnel. I don't know how much we spent. I think of that 22 leads that came in on Facebook. I don't know, maybe 60, I think 60% of them booked the call and he is going to close one on some $5,000 deal. And then the next day or two.

[01:03:23] So that'll be a little bit like a 20 X ROI on those ads or something like that. I think I only spent, I don't know, I don't know. I spent a couple of hundred dollars on ads or something before I was like, okay, this is validated. Cause that's the thing. You never know who's going to come from, who's going to come.

[01:03:40] That's why I said just spend more money ultimately like just keep testing. Like I've validated that it works. So it's probably a little fluky, so just keep going for it. Yeah. And I was targeting the same audience that Shopify WooCommerce set, yeah. Yeah. The CPMs were like 30 bucks or whatever.

[01:04:02] That's great though. Compared to, they're going to be more expensive for the landing. Yeah. They're going to be more like 50, 60, 70, sometimes it depends on also if you're going for just us or not, if you're going for just us, it's way more. It's. Yeah, it was us. And then I had another ad set that limited narrowed the audience to Facebook admins as well.

[01:04:24] And that's always so expensive. Yeah. That one didn't get as much spin and I had them in a CBO, but but I'll yeah, I'll go back and play with it again. I've been so like true for the business. I've got, I've been busy doing projects, I've got a couple of contracts, I've got a couple of media buying contracts that keep me busy.

[01:04:42] One of them, I'm actually probably not going to renew this month and I'm going to offer to only help them with creative instead of managing ads because they I'm helping to manage about 10 ad accounts. And I'm going to just propose, Hey, you guys, cause they don't need, they're stuck in this mindset that they need help, that they just can switch their targeting.

[01:05:04] And Facebook's going to magically start with, you always get that. I'm like, no, y'all need better creative, new, better ads. That's your problem. And so I'm hoping that because we've got a lot of baseball clients and I've got a son who plays competitive 14 year old baseball. And so it's a good opportunity for me to get a lot of footage.

[01:05:26] So I can get a lot of original footage at a lot of the games and tournaments we go to and Sue and make some cool videos for them and using my studio, getting close-up shots of different things. So yeah, so I'm just gonna, I'm going to pitch that on Monday. So hopefully get rid of that kind of adds management aspect of my business for them and shift to creative.

[01:05:49] Cause that'll help me focus more on this side, which I'm slowly transitioning to. That's great. You're doing the right thing. I was talking to one of our more high-profile clients the other day, and we were talking about how my business has pivoted slightly to where we've gotten away from performance and like becoming just creative house and like he would, he agree.

[01:06:13] He was like, oh, that is by far the best move. Because like you shouldn't like, they shouldn't be, you should run your ads. Learn how to run your ads yourself and then, or hire a freelancer or something, don't get some expensive agency and then just get, and then just get creative.

[01:06:29] And I think in some ways it's made me realize how revolutionary this program is because there's never really been a better time to launch a program like this, which is basically helping you all create creative agencies largely. And those are that, that, that kind of program does not exist, but it's the perfect time for it because creative is the biggest commodity right now in the digital.

[01:06:57] Yeah. And that's how I'm shaping my methodology. If you will. Is my background in the media buying and seeing the trends because really what's happened is with, I was 14. And the depth of the pixel Facebook is now Facebook has been able to serve you a warm audience for the past several years, because they had so much visibility into your actions on the, on your computer.

[01:07:20] So they can target people who were definitely interested in this. Now they don't know that. So those same, those interest based audiences and those lookalike audiences they're really cold now. Like they weren't before they were technically like we were calling them cold audiences, but let's be honest.

[01:07:37] They were warm. We could say, Hey, give me teachers. And a lot of them were teachers. And so they may not have heard of you, but they, we knew there at least in the market, so now we've got really cold audiences. And so we've got to go, old-school more branding. Like you've got to, you've got to tap into their personal interests, like their films, their books, their TVs, you gotta be entertaining and try to introduce your brand to them in that way first and then retarget them.

[01:08:06] So we'll like I'm getting away from running any type of lead or purchase conversion. To a cold audience, like to where we were running reach or video view or brand, brand awareness campaigns first. And then we're retargeting those people with our, leader purchased. And so it's making us rethink our whole strategy on the creative, because we've got to have that real top of funnel creative, which doesn't have a really it's introducing your brand, but it's being more entertaining.

[01:08:41]So it's a different strategy. Cause I, I think that's what people are going to have to do because what's happened is Facebook doesn't have the visibility anymore to get those audiences for you, but they're still charging you the same price. And so your CPA and your CPLs are going up, and this isn't going to change back overnight.

[01:09:01] You've got to figure out a new ad strategy or you've got to make better ads one way or another. And so I think that's, what I want to do is I want to help people. Kind of people who were dependent on that warmish audience that Facebook could serve up so easily and affordably for the past five years or more how to not give up on ads, cause my like a lot of my clients, their funnels have gotten so expensive, like the turn stuff off or, we've had to really look at their strategy.

[01:09:33]So I think the answer is always coming back to creative. And so I want to get out of the ads management side. I can advise them on strategy, but it's I'm going to help you with a creative and this is why, so that's where I'm at with that. And I'm trying to build my process around that this shift that's going on because I think it's going to create some good opportunity.

[01:09:56] Yeah. 100%. It's yeah, it's great. It's great. It's similar to some of the messaging that we use and I think it's great. It's effective. Proving that you can create high converting stuff because you have been inside of hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad account spend and seeing what works is a great USB.

[01:10:19]Just make sure that you're talking to people in a language they understand. Yeah. For sure. Yeah. That's yeah, because once you get very deep into how that works they glaze over. So it's you got to keep it high level for sure. Oh yeah, for sure. For sure. But your sales, I love I've used, I had somebody call me the other day, a local person that owns like a nightclub in a dance studio.

[01:10:45] And like his first question was, how much do you charge for videos to? I said, oh, I said, hold on a second. I need to ask you some questions first. We'll sit down and so textbook. Yeah. Yeah. How much do you charge? Cause that's the only thing that makes me interested in you as Christ.

[01:11:02] Exactly. I'm sitting there going, yeah. I lose interest when that's their first question. I'm not that interested, especially like a local business, but and a lot of in a lot, they just need to go through the process. Th there, there was a time in our culture.

[01:11:17] I don't know when it was. Like mostly during the eighties and nineties, I think I'm just guessing you're, but it was, like it was a big thing to request a quote, so it made like that CTA was a thing like before digital and really in the beginning days of digital too, nobody really uses it anymore.

[01:11:37] But like that is still in people's minds, oh, you got a car problem, like bringing in for an estimate so we can see what the damages and get a quote. It just makes it all about price. What, rather than prices, just a teeny tiny reasons that someone will buy something. Yeah, good job.

[01:11:57]They were taught that was the smart thing to do to be a good shopper. And so you just have to, yeah. People like to drop anchors too, right? Like they, they like just drop little anchors. Like I don't have a lot of money. I may say that towards the beginning. I don't have a lot of budget or whatever, and they look at it as like really what it is like a very lame, like uneducated.

[01:12:23] Negotiation tactic. They're just like, oh, if I like set the bar super low, they're going to pitch me super loud because they'll see me as some sort of charity case or something like that. Yeah, exactly. Ultimately the goal of sales is to look for win-win situations. Like how can like, like through partnering together, I win because I'm able to help these people.

[01:12:49] I can do good work and be paid well for it. They win because it's this con, because my service is going to allow them to achieve their goals. That's ultimately what sales is looking for. Win-wins yeah, totally agree. No, keep on trucking along, let us know how the funnel stuff goes. Keep on keeping on working on getting those leads and yeah.

[01:13:18] I'm to do that. And then I'm, trying to, hopefully I can fulfill this like Tik TOK project, I don't think the client has a, he's working with another media buyer. They seem to know what they're doing. They're a performance-based agency. Hopefully they've got experience with tick talk, but they're wanting to run.

[01:13:38] On the platform, 50 bucks a day with a purchase conversion. So work very well. I don't know much about tick-tock ads. I've heard that traffic campaigns are what most people run. And then I've heard that I basically, this is why when you asked me is the breadcrumb techniques still relevant stuff?

[01:13:56] The answer is yes, because that's still what works organically. And that's what I have in my research. That's what I've seen works. The best is stuff. It feels organic. I think that those will probably do well on Facebook too. That's what I'm hoping is we can take the best ones and run them on Facebook. But the thing is we with a B, if you're going to run them as ads you have to use the commercial music library, the commercial sound library, you can't use the trending stuff.

[01:14:31] So you can't really latch onto the trends. So it limits what you can do on that. Yeah. And the other thing is you can go really viral with short crumbs scripts. Like I taught in the thing, but that course was largely for organic. And that's why I said for ads, we're going to need more education, that, to talk about the science and stuff.

[01:14:55] That's all. If you want, I can post what I came up with and feel free to poke some holes in it. Cause I'm not real comfortable that it's going to work very well. So I may post those other scripts I came up with. So yeah. If you went through my course, even if you skimmed it, you definitely know What the algorithm likes, right?

[01:15:18] Yeah. And that's what it's all about. So if you can optimize the algorithm, which is similar to YouTube, right? Because it's like, how can you give them to watch to the end? Yeah. And ideally loop it like that is what spurs engagement. And I think for ads, from the best that I can understand, the best thing that you can do is create stuff that feels like organic.

[01:15:41] But in reality, in order for the clicks to not be total garbage, you're going to have to do some marketing in those videos, like beyond the like six line breadcrumb script that back when I used to do a lot of tech talk, I used to, I made a lot of viral videos just doing that, but they weren't ads. So I didn't like it.

[01:16:05] Wasn't a specific action other than trying to get views. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I, thing I did is your YouTube video from last week when you shared the the breakdown of your water filter ad. I basically went through that screen cause that's actually like this wave block product on marketing for this one.

[01:16:26] That's a F I was like looking at that script. I was like, man, that, that could work something like that. Almost same setup. So I went there and broke that script down and wrote one for wave block with that same setup. And I'm, that's what I'm trying to cast right now. And shoot, he keeps, it keeps rejecting all my I've sent him like 10 different actors and he's rejected everybody.

[01:16:47] So hopefully I can find somebody who likes and shoot that. Cause I'm just going to do it with a phone and my kitchen like you were set up. And so I don't know, he's just being picky. He wants like a young mom. I didn't do that with my phone, but I did it, but it might as well have been with my phone because I

[01:17:07] 4k with crappy out anyway, it wasn't very good, but but it wasn't super well shot and it didn't matter. It's like massively successful. I was just gonna say, do you think a lower production feel is one of the reasons it was so successful? No it doesn't have a super low production feel, cause it's clear. Cause it's clearly scripted a shot with a decent camera. It's wide screen largely. And there's B roll and stuff in it. Yeah. And obviously it's not super high production quality, but when somebody says, oh, this is like a low bricks. You not like I'm thinking about like a selfie video.

[01:17:44]Like I got chose. So what we're doing now cause we're like iterating that out now. Cause that works so well. Is that we are, I'm gonna I'm having actors do two versions. Like I'm having them do a version that I shoot with a two camera shoot, like pretty nice with just face the camera and then I'm having them do the same script, holding my phone and talking to it, just to see which version looks better.

[01:18:12] And then I'm starting B roll would be actors and stuff as well. Cool. Yeah. I'll yeah. So I'm excited about that. That's a that's a great model, that video. So I was glad that you shared that. Yeah, totally. Totally. Okay. Cool man. Yeah. Thanks a lot. I appreciate it. You got it. Anyone else want to jump in?

[01:18:42] Yeah. This is Mike. I just want to say a, appreciate your help with the the niche. There was definitely leaning more towards the first one that I had posted last week. But I, I definitely saw which I definitely meditated on it. I can see what you were saying while I restructure it, but yeah, so the whole live events thing I really wanted to target musicians originally.

[01:19:07]But I just couldn't think of the whole market as a whole there. But I guess my question, I ran a weight way back in the day in the agency, I ran a performance-based hook, which is what we're doing for, which is what everybody's doing in here. I ran a performance-based hook offer in Facebook ads to, I think it was for music events specifically.

[01:19:34] And it fricking crushed. It was amazing. So I would definitely go after that for sure. They're out there. I was getting some weird leads to I got a couple of circus leads coming in and stuff, but like events of all kinds. So I know that there's.

[01:19:52] There's that there's appetite of out there. So yeah, I would definitely roll with that for sure. Just go broad with a vet. Like I would go, why the way that I framed it when I did it and we don't do this anymore, so whatever, but I framed it as entertainment events basically. So there was like comedy shows with sometimes come up and that would come into the funnel as well.

[01:20:15]A lot of musicians would come through the funnel and music and then what was the other one? Yeah. And then be the occasional circus and stuff like that. So yeah, that, that might be the, can you leave the light on? Oh, I'm going to stay down here. Thanks, dude. You want me to fill my sweat?

[01:20:36] I was like, what's going on over there, dude. I know. Seriously. I know Ben. Yeah, the fricking tornado. Hold us up then. I guess we're giving the sun's out now. So I guess we're fine. I didn't die. So when we know that it's okay. Yeah. But look what they did in my house. Like they fricking like the basement is a disaster now.

[01:21:00] Anyway, he see me in my blanket here. I'm all cozy. This is how I look. In my recliner I'll cozy. Yeah. So if you're up for it, I would probably use that. I would talk about entertainment events and just go for that. Yeah. You actually answered my question, so I wasn't sure if I should have niched it down and targeted one thing, but see, my whole thing also is don't necessarily have a lot of experience in the arena.

[01:21:30] Yeah, I know. Don't worry about just got no, I know, I just got a lot out of what Ewen, Huff. Geez. I forget his name. Bob gentlemen. Yeah, the gentleman that was just talking. No, not Rob Brad. Oh, Brad. Because I know I did some, just some surface research on it and I know they're going to have a lot of questions about running ads and running the actual video work that I do for the ticket sales or whatever.

[01:21:55] How would I guess I'm not even anywhere close to a handle on that, but what I pass that along or try to push that off on a freelancer or some other kind of agency, or there's probably a possibility I'll be working with an agency doing some of this video work. So yeah, I'd say first of all don't, whoa, don't count your chickens before they hatch or don't put the cart in front of the horse or whatever the hell, like cross that bridge when you get to it.

[01:22:24]If you get a lead. Like I like Alex and I went through this with the person that he was pitching in his first ever call there. And we, it was just you can decide like if that seems like you just have to see what the lead is like I don't think it needs to be part of all of your offers for example, that you're helping them with the distribution side of it, but it just depends on, like what their problem and pain point is.

[01:22:50]If they've got nothing going on from a marketing standpoint, you're just going to make video, like I would, I might recommend that you have a discussion with them in the pitch about a distribution strategy and to be S to either. And I know when I was talking to Alex and he had a similar question, cause this was the story with this lead.

[01:23:12] I was I was like, listen, like Alex, you can choose to like, say that you'll do the advertising and just fake it till you make it. And obviously you've got me to be able to help you with stuff. And I know what I'm doing you, but obviously like I'm available like every 24 hours on the circle and stuff, it could be, it's totally doable.

[01:23:37] I'm willing to help. And I can always look at any of this stuff in calls. You could be honest. About it and just be like, listen, I don't know the distribution side, but you should definitely lock that down. But when you partner with me, I'll help you find the perfect person that will not cost you an arm and a leg.

[01:23:53]And then we can work together to find people like that. Or you could just not pitch it at all. Not even touch the distribution side. The only thing I don't like about that is that ultimately like I'm I want you all to run super ethical businesses. Not, that's not a good way to put it.

[01:24:11] It's not that it's unethical. It's just that if you talk to, oh your back, if you talk to a business owner who doesn't know Jack about marketing and you sell them a video and then they don't know what to do with it, they're not going to get any results. And ultimately you should always, as I was just saying to Brad or whoever, like if you're looking for a win-win it's really up to you, man.

[01:24:36] Like what you want to, what you want to do, but I wouldn't worry about it. Everybody's always thinking about that stuff too soon. Like first get the leads, then worry about the calls. Then when you get to actually pitch someone, we can cross that bridge when we get to it. Okay. No, that makes sense. So yeah, just keep it open though.

[01:24:58] Don't niche down to like just musicians or I would say entertainment. Okay. Yeah. As long as you're, as long as you're okay with that, then I would just say, yeah, I would just go with entertainment events for sure. Okay. Yeah, no, I just kept saying musician because you nailed it on the head when you're looking at the niche thing.

[01:25:17] Like where does that where'd that interest come from? And it's because I used to play music and it's just right. Yeah. It's always been a passion of mine, a journey to get more involved with when it's, concerts and stuff, I'd really like the, a guerrilla filmmaking kind of style of events.

[01:25:32] And I kinda want to develop my style in that kind of, I think it just more appealing nowadays, you know what I mean to get, yeah. I also might connect you with a friend of mine who has an agency that just works with musicians and getting them brand awareness and stuff like that. So I'll see if she needs any video work or anything like that to help you pat up your resume a little bit.

[01:26:00] Yeah, that'd be awesome. Yeah. I'm in the area, I'm going to everything around here too, just to get some spec work into like I said, I'm in a nice little town, they have events every other week. We had an art festival tomorrow or Saturday. But yeah, just a little things like that. I'm gonna get my spec work up and it's there, right?

[01:26:16] Yeah. Yeah. I'm not a believer that you need like proof to be able to sell, but. I am very much in favor of doing spec stuff. As long as you don't have that take up too much of your time or let it get in the way of you like putting the marketing and sales funnel together for your business, because that's ultimately the most important.

[01:26:44] Yes. Yeah, for sure. Yeah. I was already thinking about making a demo reel out of a, B R M B roll footage, stock footage, but I don't know, like just, yeah, that's just useless, spend your time getting on the phone. Okay. That makes sense. So your time figuring out how to get on the phone with people. That's the biggest thing.

[01:27:07] Okay. All right. I like it. That's going to be a fun. That's going to be a fun one. Once you get up you're once you get up your marketing for that, I think you're going to get some thick. You're going to get some cool leads and yeah, I'm excited. If I can get a circus comedian, any musician, all in one, I'd be satisfied.

[01:27:24] I might, I could die. Happy. This whole course would be a success. You guys, you guys, again just to be clear, like I'm expecting in this program that you guys are, will not charge your full rate at the beginning of this program. I want you to be charging three to $5,000 for a video activation, whatever that means at least.

[01:27:46] But if you want to. Do some stuff for 1500 to don't go below that. But if you want it, and I know a lot of you are used to doing three, $400 or free, but if you want to throw around some 1500, $2,000 deals to get some wins and get some money in the door to pay off ad spend and get your spec in get some more real stuff.

[01:28:08] I'm all about that. That's still money. If you do five, $2,000 deals a month, then you've got your 10 K right there. So I'm all about it. If you want it to go down a little bit at the beginning, it's my it's the progression of the program to get yourself over the course of about three, two to three months to be charging like three to $5,000 a video because you gain that confidence on sales calls.

[01:28:40] Cool. Thank you. Thank you. You got it. All right, Alex and ruckus. You guys want anything or you just here to, I ride the waves. I've mostly just been listening to other people's advice. It's been good.

[01:29:01] Yeah. You get your leads up for cash. We want to get your ad. Let's get your ads up.

[01:29:10] I got the funnel updated and reformat it, the privacy and the two policies you have. So I've adapted them onto my page. Customize them. Are you going, gonna send them to the landing page or are you going to run the Facebook lead ad? Just the form. I'm going to use the landing page because I was already supposed to have it all done and I figured I might as well just go for it.

[01:29:39] Great. Yeah. Rock and roll. You'll get leads. I've tested them both. They both work. Mark is going to the Facebook only one. I just, I spent my time finishing it out. So tonight I'm ready to put the ad itself together and start getting it out there. Good. Yeah. Rock and roll. Let's start. Let's start making some, probably searching for any more questions, but that'll be a good problem to have.

[01:30:10] Oh yeah. Oh yeah. It'll start. Yeah. You've seen it happening in the group. There's the circle group has been a bit of a fever pitch lately. Now that people are like getting leads all the time and they're like, ah, sales calls. It's great. It's awesome. It's awesome. You're always like, how do I get leads?

[01:30:27] And then you're like, oh, I'll get leads as easy with this funnel. Now I got to talk to them. Oh, my gosh,

[01:30:38] all part of it's all part of building a successful operation. All good. All right, man. We'll keep us updated. Keep us updated in circle with how it's going. As soon as I could also start getting ads, you'll probably start seeing HR more also. Good. All right. I like that. It sounds good. So the district I should be getting using when I start learning how to drive sales calls is the one in Trello.

[01:31:10] Yeah. But I'm going to try to update it in the next 24 hours to make sure they're all the same. Trello's just easier for me to update. Yeah, something I've been doing that I've had a lot of success with and I've only been doing it for a week, so take it with a grain of salt y'all and I wish that everybody was here for me to talk about this.

[01:31:29] I'll make a video on it. I'll make a YouTube video on it. Maybe it needs to be good. But what I've decided to do is hyper optimize my calendar. And I basically took all of the core things that I need to be doing for my business. I have really a couple of businesses. So all the core things that I need to be doing for those businesses in order of importance.

[01:31:58] And I've blocked out specific calendar times in the day to do them. So and it's really helped me enormously with focus. And it's been a game changer for me just so you can see where's my calendar. Whoops. It looks like I'm super busy. But I'm really not. I am, but I'm really not.

[01:32:23] So every Monday, I, every day at 10:00 AM, I write an email to the list. You guys probably get them every day at 10 30. I do a little bit of guide social client work at 11:00 AM. So on Mondays, I have an hour set aside for peak video creators, sales analysis, and optimization. And I can only work. My, my rule is I can only work on that at that time and nothing else because otherwise I will add it out.

[01:32:51] Like I will just do something. So I can catch myself every day at one, I go through circle in depth to make sure I'm answering everybody's questions. Every day at three or Mondays at three, I go through PVC marketing in depth. Then I go to softball. Same thing on Tuesdays. Tuesday's my meeting day.

[01:33:14] Like I've made it, so I'm not getting on any zoom calls except for Tuesdays for meetings. Wednesdays are my shooting day. So like I had one yesterday. I just shot video all day long for YouTube and for you guys and for like other stuff. And today is PVC product refinement day. So I spent all day today working with Kelsey on getting the portal in line, getting the podcast in shape and going through the script the sales script in ch in Trello and making some tweaks, going through the course and looking at which course videos I want to rerecord and tweak and things like that.

[01:33:53] And tomorrow I have stuffed as well, like financial operations audit, stuff like that. It seems a little anal, but I'll tell you, I usually spend my day just fricking flittering from thing to thing and never getting anything done. And it's really who else does that? Probably all of you, right?

[01:34:09] It's very difficult. This has been a game changer for me. Like I'm getting so much more done and it's prioritized right. First most important thing is your sales and marketing because your whole, the whole rest of your business doesn't exist without it. So the most amount of time and focus that you have blocked in your calendar is building and refining.

[01:34:31] The sales pipeline for your business. Second is whatever, you can go down the line with like fulfillment and like all of these types of things. So anyway, I would highly recommend that I also today experimented with going a step further with that stuff and doing the Pomodoro technique.

[01:34:48] And it really resonated with me anybody know what that is. Do you guys know that? No, it's just going to ask them it's this sort of, it's just this sort of simple technique. Somebody wrote a whole book about it's very famous in business where basically you set a timer for twenty-five minutes and of focused work.

[01:35:08] And that 1 25 minutes of session of focus work is one Pomodoro. And so basically you do, you set a timer and you spend 25 minutes just blasting on that. You take a five minute break and then you spend 25 minutes blasting on one other focus, task break, 25 minutes, work break 25 minutes after you do four Pomodoros, then you take a longer, like 15 to 20 minutes.

[01:35:34] And then you go back into the, and I was I was loving it today. Like it was keeping me on task. It was keeping me focused. There's tons of apps in the app store that like, if you search Pomodoro timer on the app store, you're going to find all sorts of stuff. I might recommend it if you're somebody that procrastinates or whatever, what do you got?

[01:35:54] I've got a little, so I do it. I didn't know what it was called, but I do that sometimes. And I learned this from gene Schwartz, the copywriter, he always would write copy for 33 minutes and 33 seconds and he would set a time and then he would stop and take a five or 10 minute break and then come back. So he did.

[01:36:19] And then I've also, I don't know if you know the copywriter, ed Dale he's in the ad skills network ad skills program. He works for Justin, Brooke. He promotes like a, he teaches on his YouTube channel doing like 45 minutes sessions, but I kinda liked the shorter sessions. Like you're talking about those have worked better for me.

[01:36:36]But this is huge. I just bought this off Amazon for 15 bucks. I love it. Yeah. Yeah. I'm telling you like and this is just like random insight of what I've been trying because I. Like I'll start doing something and I'll get totally distracted. Especially working from home. I'll get totally distracted.

[01:36:55] I'll check Facebook. I'll check slack constantly. Cause I run a company, so there's always chatter in slack and I'm like checking it all the time and like trying to get stuff done at the same time. And but this is oh man, these next 25 minutes are dedicated to this. So today when I was trying it and I caught myself doing one of these other things, it was like meditation.

[01:37:15]I would just pop it back and get right back on track. And I crossed a lot of things off my to-do list. It's been like my most productive week ever for sure, just because of this scheduling things out. So anyway, if you are one of these people that gets distracted a lot and you're not getting things done as fast as you want, I would highly recommend doing something like this.

[01:37:38] Some sort of hack like this to cause you, you actually would you actually work less and are less stress. Like I don't work after five. It's not like I work after 5:00 PM. I'm just hyper optimized from nine to five, it seems stressful, but you can actually get stuff done. It's different being an entrepreneur.

[01:37:56]Cause you have, you gotta it's up to you, this is your thing. You're not like fulfilling somebody else's mission. This is your thing, your life. Yeah. You're responsible for the money. You're responsible for the sales and that's what can make you a million. You can't become a millionaire being somebody who's employee, but you can running your own business.

[01:38:16]So the sky's the limit. If you're willing to like, do what it takes to get there. That's what I love about being an entree runner

[01:38:26] monologue over. Was there anything else you needed regarding okay, cool. Alex, did you have something in the script? Is that when I reviewed it, I noticed it was talking about coaching and it was like, oh, that's all I'm coaching. Oh yeah. I'm going to go in and tweak some of that stuff. Some of it might've been a hold over from like an older version, which I tried to update.

[01:38:57] It's all the same. That's the thing. Every sale is the same. It's all the same. It's all the same process. Although with coaching, I don't typically make it like a two call process, but yeah, I'll make sure it will. We'll make sure that it's all set in the next 24 hours. I like the Trello board better personally, but I think everybody has a different, like learning modality would that stuff.

[01:39:20] So yeah. Make sure that's optimized reading the script just to get familiar with it is easier in PDF form because you can just view it, like a book, but I can see how following. Then Trello would be easier when you need to navigate it. I totally get you. Yeah. Yeah. My thing with Trello and this isn't something I heard about, this is just my idea.

[01:39:47] Cause I was on all these sales calls and I was like, ah, like random objections come up and I don't want to have to scroll through a Google doc to learn what I should say. I would rather just click a button and have it pop up. So that's where the Trello board thing came from. But yeah, I can see plus and minuses on both.

[01:40:03] So I just need to make those two things match. Trello is more updated right now. Yeah. It's just harder to read. The whole thing is just to read it to be familiar with it because it is, you're familiar with it, even if you're not using it in order. I'll tell Kelsey that right now. Can you go through this and make sure it matches the script in the course?

[01:40:31] Exactly. Thanks. By the way. It won't match spoiler alert. LOL. Kelsey's awesome. Okay. So we'll get that taken care of for you. Cool. Thanks. Yeah. It's not like it's a huge deal since the Trello one is up to date, but it will be nice. Yeah. Yeah. And you gotta get some phone calls first. Yeah.

[01:41:00] That's why I want to launch the ad tonight. Boom. Love it. Alrighty. Alex, do you need anything or are you good? A few questions. That's cool. Yeah. Yeah. First thanks for everything, man. I appreciate it. I listened to your book. I'm on chapter seven. So have a couple more like what, seven more minutes to listen to?

[01:41:22]A whole lot more. It's not it's not it's not long. Yes. Super good though, man. It's I feel like I'm gonna have to listen to it. Oh, good. I appreciate that. I appreciate that. It was a lot harder to do than I thought I was like, oh, I'm going to whip up this book just to throw it together.

[01:41:38] It took me forever. Not even that long. Crazy what goes into it. Yeah, man. I like it. And your reading voices is as enjoyable to listen to. So it's good. Yeah, man. Okay. Let's see. Okay. I guess one of the things that I'm struggling with is I think my keywords so I I think I've gotten two more leads, but I think I also accidentally not accidentally right.

[01:42:05] Change my Calendly link. And so then I think on my Facebook, yeah. It, when they click on book now, I don't think it goes to book now anymore. It's like the link doesn't exist anymore because they changed it. So I just wanted to change it. I hope that works. But anyways, I would definitely fix that. Yeah. I just did that.

[01:42:25] Cause I thought about it when you guys were talking and I was like, oh, freak. I think that's why I'm not seeing much, but yeah. Yeah, I have, I've done. It happens to me all the time. You break one link and then you have to change everything. It's just part of the deal. Yeah. But I guess the thing that I'm, I guess I'm feeling a little desperate, so this is probably the bad thing.

[01:42:43] So I just kinda wanted, I need a little mentality shakeup or I don't know, but after the call, I don't know if you were able to check out the second call I had with the lady, but she ended up just would you just $1,500? She's this must be some boom video. And I was like, oh my gosh, this is why you had to find out the financials on that first call, because this is such a waste of time to talk the second one.

[01:43:05]And then you can't look at it as a waste of time. You're going to learn, remember you're not going to close or even close so fine. You have to learn. Even once you do learn, you're only going to close 20, 25%. So just. It's all. It's all. It's all good. Yeah. $1,500 of course. But you weren't able to chunk up and chunk down.

[01:43:27] So you had no real idea. I think you knew how much they wanted to make over a year or something, but it wasn't. Yeah. I was like 6,000 a month, so I was like 70,000 last year, but I also realized that I changed I've listened to it. I actually completely forgot. Oh, if you can if you can retell it, if you want me to listen to it still re retag me so that it resurfaces.

[01:43:48] Okay. Okay. For sure. Yeah. She then and then I realized, because I did that before you made the zoom call count the video. So I changed it to a zoom call after that from now on, because I also realized in that call she was totally distracted. So when I was describing all the meat of everything, she just was like, oh wait, what?

[01:44:07] $1,500 a month. And I was like, oh my goodness. I was like, oh, that's for distribution? For three months. Not high. No. So she was like, sorry, I'm not really. She's sorry, I got caught up through something else. And so I just realized you see, there's all sorts of reasons you didn't close that. If you, yeah, if I got any inkling that somebody, and I'm very clear about this in my thank you video, like no car.

[01:44:36] Like no taking calls in cars. Like no, anything. Like we, we set aside at the time you give me the risk. She doesn't respect you, man. Like you should not be working with her. Now, that being said I would have, I wouldn't have done the call. If I had felt that she was just learning, it's all good.

[01:44:53] But if I had felt that she was distracted, like I could tell that she was doing something else while we were talking I would have been like, is this still a good time? Maybe be like, oh yeah, I'm just doing a couple of things. I'd be like, yeah. I think, I think if you don't mind, I'd like to just schedule for a time when we can both really focus.

[01:45:12]It's important to me. I know this is important to you. We're talking about like the future of your business right now. So what about, should we try again tomorrow? Around the same time? That's what I would do. Don't talk to people. I made this mistake when I was in your position like in my business, like whatever many years ago to I took second, like I'd pitched people when they were in their car, like not giving two shifts about what I had, like you'll never close a distracted person.

[01:45:39]Like they need to be just as committed to their business as you are to yours and but it's all good learning experiences, but listen, like I don't like what is the desperation here? Okay. Yeah. So I guess the thing is the desperation piece is the keywords and apparel companies.

[01:45:58] I'm just not seeing any attraction. Maybe I don't understand how to do the keywords fully, but I think I feel like I need to, I feel like I have to broaden it and be more like focused on businesses. I don't know. I'm not really sure cause I, wait, what is it gonna have to do with desperation? Because I feel like if I niche down to apparel and I don't get much from it, then I feel desperate.

[01:46:21] They need to open it up. Cause I want, I just want to get on calls. I do just want to get in calls to get leads. I don't have to necessarily fully, always close it, but I just don't want to practice. But also I have, I'm the only one working, I just had a kid. And so I've gotten to feel like all that.

[01:46:34]I just wanna and then so spending money on ads, I just I, it's hard for me to feel like, okay, how do I keep this up? So I just, I'm trying to figure out how do I just get on a call? So to get the sales part, at least down he's getting my reps in. And I guess, yeah, listen, here's, Go.

[01:46:52]Go back and watch my mindset thing. Of course. But

[01:46:59] I think I even, I was listening to it earlier because like I said, today, I went through and I went through optimizing everything. And I know that one of the lines I said was like, think rich, get rich, think poor, get poor, like a desperation breeds, death, like braids, struggle breathe, desperation, breeds, struggle.

[01:47:19] Like as soon as you start, like the more you talk about how I'm the sole income earner and I have a baby and what if it doesn't happen? You won't close a single deal because you're going to just not you're not welcoming those things into your life. You're just basically being like, how can I clean up the scraps?

[01:47:36] You did just go. Listen, everything works out. Your baby's going to eat. Your family's going to be fine. Your business is going to grow. It's going to happen. You've got deals. Like you're getting paid $18,000 to do that dance thing. You've got money coming in, if you if everything collapsed, you could go work at the Starbucks and everybody will be fine, and then you can do this on this. Everything is like everything that's not going to happen, but everything always works out in life. It really does. I'm not saying that bad things don't happen, but

[01:48:12] the. What you're doing is worrying. And one of the things that I just love, the concepts that I love to tell people is ha has the act of worrying ever had a beneficial impact on your life ever? I'm not talking about planning, find a plan and it's fine to do those types of things, but is, does worrying serve you?

[01:48:38]Does it like, is there anything there that serves you? Because from my vantage point, every time I worry or I see other people worrying, all I see are cortisol levels rising. The there's really nothing else happening there except stress and creating more negativity. So you have to create the, you have to create, you have to just flip the switch in your brain and be like, it's going to work and just believe it and go for it.

[01:49:10] Yeah. No, I really appreciate that. Yeah. I'm going, gonna work out. What's the worst that can happen. Nobody's going to end up in a ditch, like every, like living in a ditch, drinking bad water, like getting, everything's gonna be fine. Like we all grew up thinking that money didn't grow on trees, but it.

[01:49:30] It's everywhere. Seriously. It's literally everywhere. You just need to start learning how to ask for it. Like everybody has money, I mean like you guys are all trying to really hard to get to 10 K a month, but I can get to 10 K a month in my sleep. Just because of experience. No, not even close to how good I am or whatever.

[01:49:51] It just comes from reps, just being like, oh yeah, there's money out there and there's problems to solve. So I'll charge the money to solve their problems, you gotta get reps and experience to do it. And so you just have to believe in the abundance of it all. Listen, like you've taken huge steps here.

[01:50:07] You were the first, you were like the first PVC student to get a lead would be with these funnels. And you started like a wave, of folks that are now out there getting leads. And it's awesome. You're getting on calls tastic. Yeah, I mean like the worst things that you can say to yourself are things like, I need this to work or this has to work.

[01:50:32] Or if this doesn't happen, I'm going to have to ex you know, like those do not serve you because like I'm not a big believer in plan B, not the birth control method, the, a plan B the. In general, like why haven't planned B you only live once. Go get plan a until somebody like, literally beat the living shit out of you.

[01:51:01]Go after plan a, and you've got work too. It's not like you don't have any work. Like you do have work, it's all gonna work out. It always does. It always does, a few months ago, my or six months ago, I don't remember what it was. I don't know. Maybe it was longer.

[01:51:20] Anyway, at one point in my company, I made a really big business mistake. We grew so big that I was getting really concerned about clients being results. And because we were getting slower delivering, because we had so many people in the company and it created a lot of red tape and we were doing, we were at like a million over a million dollar, a year run rate, doing like 80,000 a month or something.

[01:51:55] And but I had so many employees and we started to lose clients and I was looking at the money and I'm like, oh my gosh. Let's oh my goodness. What's happening. Exactly. And. I went to my coach. I work with a coach. I pay him like 40 grand a year. He's one of the top marketers in the world.

[01:52:17] Amazing dude. And he goes, you got to fire everybody. That's what he told me. He was like, you gotta fire everybody. He's I just, cause he looked at my number. I said, can you look at my numbers? He looked at my numbers, like for the, like my like P and L's like my profit and loss and how much staff was costing and how much it was costing us to fulfill and everything.

[01:52:36] And he was like, you gotta fire everybody. So I did, I walked in the next day and I fired everybody except for one person or two people like Ben, my sales guy, who's amazing and core and Cammie. And it was amazing. It was the best thing I ever did for the company. And we're it's, it was amazing.

[01:52:54] It really was. But in that moment, I, it was, I had a choice. I had a fork in the road, like with these given circumstances, because life is just a series of like things just come up. Like you can choose to allow external circumstances to guide your reality, or you can create your own reality.

[01:53:15] You choose. So in that moment, I could choose to sink into alcohol and getting really upset and depressed that I had to fire a bunch of people and that our revenue had dropped to a point where we had to change a little bit of what we were doing. And just basically say, man, I think I might have to just get away from this entrepreneur thing.

[01:53:35] Cause it's too hard, but I didn't do that instead. I said, I, and I kept saying this to the remaining team. This is an opportunity, like we can deliver better than we ever have before because we're small and nimble and listen, like everything always works out. Let's just believe it.

[01:53:52] And I did believe it. And I'll tell ya, last month we had our biggest month ever in company history. And this is with a third of the staff. We're just like crushing it, kicking on all cylinders. And cause failure is not an option. It's just not, yeah, it's just not, what I can't even imagine I guess you guys don't know me that well, but can you imagine me like going and getting a job somewhere that's not going to happen again.

[01:54:22]It's a hard thing to do. I meditate. I don't know if you're a meditator, highly recommend meditating big and I'm a big meditator. I meditate 25 minutes a day and I would highly recommend the app meditation studio. They were originally launched by game and then they were bought by news, but they have amazing guided meditations in there.

[01:54:45] And they have a whole section just for entrepreneurs. That's like dealing with failure bouncing back from adversity. Focusing on your goals, connecting with abundance is a good one. All of this types of all of this type of stuff. But as, call it woo or not, but I'm a big believer in your thoughts, create your reality.

[01:55:05]If you're going around telling your wife every day that you're desperate, you're going to be desperate. If you go around being like, Hey, I've never gotten a lead before. And I just got five in the last four days. Great. This seems like it's going up. Let's keep going. We were all raised in a culture that's like opposite to the spanking.

[01:55:31] So I know that it's a little bit of reprogramming. It was a big, it was a lot of reprogramming for me. I grew up with parents that were very frugal and oh my gosh, like one of the things they used to say all the time was don't get your hopes. This is the there was bullshit advice.

[01:55:48]Get your hopes up. Are you kidding me? What else are you doing? Get busy living or get busy dying. I'm like, go ahead and get your hopes up. I actually don't really believe in the word hope though. I don't know about believe, but don't hope go a step beyond hope, just be like, yep, that's happening.

[01:56:10]And spend 10 minutes every day, picturing yourself in that Tesla that you bought yourself with, like one client's work and then you're good to go. And just keep putting yourself in that moment every single day. I'm serious about this. You will make more money with your mindset than any funnel.

[01:56:28] So this work is really important and you shouldn't come to these calls with questions like this, because these are the questions that are going to make you make you win at the end of the day. Yeah. I really appreciate it, man. I it's I was like, oh, is it tears? I'm like, oh crap. I think part of it for me is I so when I was 18, I got Filipino America.

[01:56:51] It's all my family's oh, be a nurse, be a doctor, and all that kind of thing, be a lawyer kind of thing. And I was like, I'm going to be a musician. So I did that whole thing and then start my own business, doing video stats for the past, like 10 years. And so I made enough to survive. But I feel like now that I have a kid and a family, now, it feels harder for me.

[01:57:09] Cause I don't have a plan B either. I decided when I was younger, I was like, yo, I just, there's nothing else I could do. I don't want to do anything else. I have to do this. I have to make it work. And so now there's feels like more pressure. And so now it feels like the risks that I take don't just affect me anymore, affects like this little guy who has so innocent and he has, it's not his fault for the decisions that I make, and so I'm hoping and believing that this is, this is the first time I spent money to like really go on a course, but I really believe that this is possible. And you sold me with everything that like, I've just, I liked everything you said. I aligned with my heart. Like my heart is like there with it.

[01:57:45]I think I'm just really struggling with some minor defeats that happen. When in reality there are really good things happening. I think I feel overwhelmed because I don't feel capable. Like how do I manage all of this too? There's, I'm working with somebody and I'm now I'm trying to hire some other, people's help just do some small edits and at least like $50 an hour, whenever do I, can I even manage this?

[01:58:06] I was like, oh my gosh. And then try to stay healthy or whatever. It's like, how do you do that? And then feel good about it. Like being with your family. So I like seeing your calendar. I was like, okay, how do I do that? And then feel good about coming home and being able to be with my kid, how do I, and my wife and still hold that because that's like everything to me too, I don't want to lose that either. So yeah. It's all in your head, man. It's all in your head. So it's all in your head. And let me tell you, when it comes to kids, I have two kids and I had one kid when I started this business with nothing but a hope and a prayer. Because, but you know what I live in a much bigger house and have a much bigger salary than my parents ever did combined.

[01:58:55] And it was all from risks. They didn't take risks. That's fine. Like my dad worked at Syracuse university in the heating department for like for 40 years. And then he retired and my mom just butted around from like admin job, the secretary admin job, and she's still doing it now. And like it was like put, it was like a put food on the table mentality and yeah, that is real.

[01:59:24] But if I had I never, would've been able to create this life for my children, if I wasn't an entrepreneur. Yeah, there was like a route that was easier. It's not even safer, man. It's not even safer. Now that I'm in charge of hiring and firing people at a big level, like I always had employees and I was like running video at New York magazine and stuff like that.

[01:59:47] I always had employees and a big team underneath me. But now that I'm like at the top of a company, I realize how basically like my employees, they're just little pieces of it, right? Like I care about them and I value them. But ultimately if it's not making sense for the business, they're going to have to go.

[02:00:05] And that happened when I fired everybody. I don't want to be in that position. That doesn't sound safe to me. And then when, now that I've left New York magazine and gone on, like my whole video department at New York magazine got laid off when they got bought by Vox. I got laid off at now this because they cut all the lifestyle like me and all my team got laid off.

[02:00:28] They were just like, oh, we're only gonna do news. Now. They got rid of all the lifestyle channels. These it sucks to be an employee. That's not safe. Imagine if you were put into the position where you had to be an entrepreneur, rather than wanting to be an entrepreneur, then you'd really feel desperate.

[02:00:46] So I think that you guys are on a really privileged position right now to have had the ball. To sign up for this program and build something that can be like where you can make more money than you could ever make an a job have more freedom than you could ever have an, a job B be actually doing creative work for a living and get paid well for it because it's out there despite what people say.

[02:01:14]Yeah, you're in an amazing position, but you've got to turn, you've got to flip your brain around and start thinking about abundance and just realizing that you have the universe has a safety net for you. Like your kid will eat and your kid will will benefit way more. This is so true.

[02:01:37] Your kid will benefit way more from the risks you take than the risks. You don't take a hundred percent. I don't think any great thing in my life that has happened has been like a, non-risk like every amazing thing in my life is a risk that I've taken from starting a business to, I don't know, like asking out my wife too.

[02:02:01] I don't know what other risks I've taken. Whatever I don't even think about spending money anymore. Cause I just, it's all gonna work out. It all just comes out in the w I spoil myself with PAC and camera equipment and shit like that. And cause it's just all it all comes out.

[02:02:21] So like this money you're spending on ads, that's the other thing, like you could spend a thousand dollars and get 50 leads and just close one of them and you'd be profitable. You just gotta pay. And so it's it's just a money in money, out thing. So long story short, don't feel desperate and needing to brought out.

[02:02:41]You need to, because obviously non apparel people are coming through the funnel anyway. So let me and I know it's easy to get caught up in minor defeats. That's the hardest thing about sales. You don't look like you, you lose a sale and you like we're always real quick to blame ourselves.

[02:03:03]And usually, yeah, like there are things that you could have done better and maybe you could have closed the deal, but ultimately. There's a lot of reasons why a sale might not close. There is a lot of reasons, the things that they've got going on just having a little empathy for their situation, like things that they've got going on like where you are at, in your journey of learning to get better at sales all of these types of things.

[02:03:31]It's tough. I'm a really sensitive guy. I hate, I am really bad at feedback and criticism and I take I'm. I hate, I don't love sales because I do get caught up in the minor defeats, but I just keep coming back and realizing that at the end of the day, the goal is not to close the deal it's to serve the most people and have the most maximum impact.

[02:03:58] And if I go in looking for that and the win-wins, then I will, then the money will just flow and it's all true by the way. So it's all about the way that you approach it. So there's just like literally no logical explanation for worrying. There's no there's explanation, but there's no justification for worrying.

[02:04:18] There's no justification to think about scarcity because that will never help you. It can only bury you deeper. I would just like, every time you don't close every time, one of these things, like you don't close a deal or you have a day where you didn't get a lead or something, just force yourself to smile and do something else, because it's just a it's about the law.

[02:04:40] It's about the long haul, yeah. Yeah. One man, I really appreciate everything and your vulnerability and transparency too, because it's just oh crazy. I know we're all in a same kind of boat, but it's really cool to hear your story and to see where you're at. It's like really encouraging.

[02:04:55]And then also just like the fact that when I started this program for what I've done, if I say yours, I like so better off the best one that I have ever been. So I went from like artists to like business person, like more than I ever have when I got in. So I just I would've never made the switch even with mentality.

[02:05:14] So I'm really thankful. And I'm, I love your perspective too, of just like serving people and then that's a win and that's just like care for people. Cause that's all I really want to be able to do too. So I really appreciate that. Yeah, dude, you just got to believe in yourself. I believe in you, everybody else believes in you, you gotta believe in yourself and yeah, like this, it's not like it's not going to be an instantaneous for everybody.

[02:05:37] You gotta learn stuff, but yeah. If you've been running a video business for 10 years by yourself with no like education or anything like that. Yeah. I'm not surprised like this program is a shortcut, even though like you're not going to close your first deals or whatever, like it's a big shortcut, so you're in good shape.

[02:05:57]Don't broaden your targeting, get your Calendly link, fix, keep pushing on, this funnel is so validated as you've seen, you could spend a hundred dollars bet and just get on the phone all the time if you want it. I don't know. Yeah. We spend five to 600 a day for this program.

[02:06:17] Now the calls are way more expensive than this program, but that's because it's a whole funnel, it's a VSL and it's a $5,000 program, like all of these things. But but the math works, right? It's all about the math working, like for this program, our metrics are we get a phone call books for a hundred to $150.

[02:06:38] We close 20% of those deals. We get people into the program, that's the boring part of it. And now, and I, since Ben is all doing it now, like I get the chance to make the product really good. So I'm just like so focused on you guys and making this as good as it can be. And ultimately. That's business.

[02:06:57] Like you guys are going to have success and refer on and it's going to get me more business. And Ben's going to have the sales funnel and the product's great. The marketing's great. And that's all, that's what you need to do in your video business. And I'm coaching you through it. So it's so it's but it's a build and learn.

[02:07:17] Cool. Yeah, because you can get the leads, then you got to learn how to close them and you gotta learn. Then you're going to be like, oh man, I'm going to stuff now. I don't know how to fulfill this. Or how do I send a contract? Or when do I there's all sorts of things that are going to come up in your business.

[02:07:30] This person hasn't paid their invoice. Yeah, this shit always happens. You just can't get used to it. But anyway, if there's one word I leave you with it's abundance. Like I think having a mindset of forcing, even when it's uncomfortable, a mindset of abundance will ultimately is the only path to victory.

[02:07:51]If I may interject it's Alex. Cause I think I've just been talking for like hours on a monologue. I'm just going to piggyback off because everything you said was great. These, I couldn't have said it better, but I just want to share with that. I'm in a similar position. I don't know if you can see we got a baby, definitely all those same thoughts, but I just, I don't know if this is going to inspire you.

[02:08:18] I literally did lose everything. I did some time for some criminal acts a while ago, lost a lot of time in my life, but I completely changed. It helped me because I completely changed my mindset. Everything that matches shared with you. And, since I've been out, I wouldn't be able to have the things that I have.

[02:08:34] Like I've already started. I've taken the risks like you talked about. I'm going all in and I have things now in my life that I can be proud of. You know what I mean? Because I'm creating them. I'm creating my life essentially. And you're doing the same. You've been doing it for 10 years. So you should stand on that and always remind yourself, you can plug into me anytime, man.

[02:08:52]Anytime you're feeling those feelings or whatever, plug into me and I can help you out, I can put the mindset stuff. But ultimately at the end of the day, like this woman supports me no matter what I do. And I'm sure your wife is the same way and your son's gonna think you're a hero, no matter what.

[02:09:09] That's all that matters at the end of the day. You know what I mean? Yeah. Thanks bro. I really appreciate that. Awesome. Alex is going to get off this call and he's going to burst into tears.

[02:09:25] Yeah. Thanks so much, man. Congratulations to you. That's super exciting. Thanks for sharing your story, man. That's the, yeah, that's great. Listen guys, like we do we do a lot of marketing for this program and there's a lot of marketing stuff throughout everything to get people into the program, but I am like so committed to getting you guys where you want to be like, no matter what it takes like that is my sole focus is making this like the best.

[02:09:51]I'm glad you guys are getting wins and I hope you know that I'm here for you, whatever you need, and then we're going to get there together. And luckily I think luckily for you, I'm a mindset junkie. Like I believe that mindset can change everything and that's good if I was just full of tactics and nothing else you and you wouldn't want to work with me, mindset will make you way more money than a fall.

[02:10:14]I think you're in the right place, so let's lighten it up. I saw this Facebook ad earlier. This is a great ad. Does anybody else want to buy one? It's like a light size canvas. Isn't that cool? That is awesome. First of all, that's a great video ad and it does literally anyone could do it.

[02:10:35]If you have no video experience, you can make videos like this. And people will buy it look at the engagement on this ad, but then I clicked over to their site and it just made me think, I think I might buy this. I don't know. I'm not really sure I understand that fish, but where is it there?

[02:10:52] It didn't actually go. Oh, that's awesome. Yeah,

[02:10:58] that image is dope. Yeah. Yeah. That's a cool, that's a cool image. And then this one's mindset too, but it's oh, a cat with a lion in the reflection. Yeah. So anyway, I thought that I would, I thought that I would end it on a little brevity.

[02:11:20] You have a mindset, you have a mindset. Skinny. Yeah. Just convince yourself that it's cold and it will become cold. That's the Buddhist, that's the Buddhist Woohoo. Manifest the answer or actually we're cashed, to be honest with you buy some damn air conditioning because I know you don't have air conditioning.

[02:11:46] I haven't been able to find an air conditioners that I can actually use because of the fact that I have heard of a windows and I don't have them install one yet. So that's been, oh, vertical. Wait, what about that window behind you in that room over there? You can't put a unit in there. The windows opened vertically.

[02:12:06] Oh, they make we actually have one, they have ones that they stand up in the room and it seeds out of any kind of window or any kind of opening. They're inexpensive too. They work really well because we live in like a converted barn. We had the same kind of issue.

[02:12:26] You could just sit in the fridge for awhile. The question is like, how hot is it? Cause I know that the heat index, here's the 110%,

[02:12:37] it's hot.

[02:12:42] They issued a heat warning for BC. Vancouver's planning on deploying cooling stations with misters around the city and all that. Yeah. That's hot for y'all cooler that I put on my desk, which does help, but it only goes so far. Those wouldn't work here with arguments. Vancouver is not that much drier, but it gives you a few degrees of coolness.

[02:13:12] I've also got this. I, my, my office is above the garage and central air doesn't get over there very easily. So Meg bought me this I don't know, it's like an air cooler or something. Like it's a big unit and you pour a shitload of water in it and turn it on. And there's some ice cubes on the top or something and it works pretty well actually cooling up the room.

[02:13:34] That's an evaporative cooler. Yeah, I guess so. Yeah, it works. It works. It's not, it doesn't work as well as an air conditioner, but it works. Okay. Yeah. The nice thing is it does give you a cold breeze to sit in front of, so it's not, so it does help, but it wouldn't heat a whole like apartment. No. You can have four of them.

[02:14:00] They don't call them. They don't call them the rooms. They just give you a cold breeze, which really only feels cold when you're in front of it. Yeah. I think you're just going to have to follow Michael's advice and get your stuff a vertical whatever the hell he has tried to find.

[02:14:21] Alrighty, anything else? Oh, see, I was just going to say to Alex, actually, when I was really impressed with this first call that really encouraged me to make my calls. So it was good to see it and see it go through it. Know, I thought I did a great job. Thanks. Awesome. Totally. Yeah. Having the bravery to post it.

[02:14:41] It's not it's nerve wracking to be on those calls. So

[02:14:48]Yeah, it's great. It's great. Nothing good happens in your comfort zone. So I wouldn't say nothing good. Nothing that will change your life will happen in your comfort zone. How about that? All right, guys, it's been a good goal. I believe we've hit a record. I think this is our longest call ever.

[02:15:09] So congratulations to everybody for rocking two and a half hours of juicy video business. Goodness. It was fun. I got my lead ads back on, by the way, I uploaded a new creative while we're on the call. So they're running again. There you go. Don't turn it off until you've spent like three or $400.

[02:15:30] Yeah. Remember if you close one of them, you have a 25 X ROI. So just keep it going. If it's not producing leads, that's one thing. But yeah, whatever, you're a media buyer, it's all you just gotta look at seven day windows. See what happens. Yeah. I think, yeah. I'll give it more time, but thought you'd find that interesting.

[02:15:55] Hell yeah. Hell yeah. Yeah. I talked to everybody into action. Hopefully act. All right, guys. Thank you for for your vulnerability and amazingness today. I appreciate you all. Please let me know if you need anything. Okay. I'll talk to you soon.

[02:16:13] Cheers.

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