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PVC Coaching Call 6.24.21

Doing well,

[00:00:09] this is Lorenzo.

[00:00:14] All right. Well, why don't we just jump right in Lorenzo? Why don't we start with you? My man,

[00:00:21] this is the first time we've seen you in a call. How's it going, sir? Everybody welcome Rob from, uh, Australia.

[00:00:31] Hey, Rob. Welcome to the team, man.

[00:00:37] Uh, okay, so go ahead, Lorenzo. Let's just, um, let's just jump in. You got some crazy banding going on on your video. I wonder what that's all about. Yeah. I don't know. I can see you. It doesn't matter.

[00:01:01] Uh, yeah, so like we, we talked about in the group, um, that guy, uh, the life coach, so we're pretty much, um, he, he decided to go ahead and work with me. Um, and we damn righty, dead. Yeah. So we're basically in the final stage of he, you know, he was on vacation. So you had to send me over some information to, you know, get the campaign up and running.

[00:01:37] I've been in love with him, you know, earlier today and trying to zoom in on the whole campaign in itself. In terms of the messaging, what's, it's going to be like the strategy. He sent me over some videos that he did, uh, the qualities warrant or the best, but I guess that's probably not the objective, but I think probably I should have, um, you know, gave him a skirt bar in boat line to follow because I, I didn't necessarily like, um, messaging in terms and he doesn't have like a, like a strong opening and also in call to action.

[00:02:24] So, um, you've got us probably we're going to have to make, um, tell him to redo the whole video. Yeah. Okay. It doesn't even really necessarily.

[00:02:46] This isn't even necessarily video. This is just sort of like, you're just running, you're just running a webinar funnel, sort of right. Yes. Somewhat. Um, okay, well, um,

[00:03:01] all right. So when do you need to launch this stuff? So I was, I was trying to hopefully get it launched by latest tomorrow, hopefully. Um, cause you know, I have access to his Facebook ads manager and all of that stuff, just going to it. Um, I was setting up the pixel today following your instruction. So yeah, I would say a certain number of pixel and um, so I just need to work on the, um, create the ad and then.

[00:03:40] Um, work on the messaging. Um, so I think what I'm, what I'm thinking of in terms of the ads is still run. Like probably, I dunno, probably I can get your insights here, um, to run like a video ad. Right. And also doing like a image ad with mostly texts since he's, since we're going to be running a video ad.

[00:04:08] Um, so first things first is the, is the landing page sorted out yet? Yeah, he, he, he tweaked it it's a bit, um, just the headline. I, I, he didn't do much. Um, I think he's cause he he's, didn't have a lot of time on his hand and the whole nine yards. So, um, it's pretty much the same, um, headline separate and apart from the fact that I had.

[00:04:39] You know, change the whole, the headline. Yeah. I had him change a headline where, and, but the still the whole region itself basically still remains the same. Okay. Yeah. Um, do you want to drop that link in the chat or, you know, it's in circles somewhere, but who knows? I have to dig through circle. Yeah. I'm going to find your, and we can take a look at it.

[00:05:08] Okay. Okay.

[00:05:28] Yeah.

[00:05:45] All right. So the main issue with this, I mean, in many ways, talking about this marketing can benefit everybody so that you can start to see how you need to think about this stuff. Um, all right. So let me share

[00:06:12] Uh, okay. I still, doesn't still doesn't focus on outcome, which I don't like, what the hell is a mastery class series. I still hate that. Like what, what is a mastery class series? It sounds like he's just trying to be different. It's it's, it's kind of pathetic. Um, but, but I know what it is. Cause we looked at it last time.

[00:06:32] It's something like a series of like seven live webinars or something, right. Or five. Yeah.

[00:06:41] Um, the seven core principles for massive income and impact in 2021 and beyond mastery class series for coaches. Like, all right. Well, if that's all that he's willing to change on the landing page, you can just let, let the numbers, uh, let the numbers show it. Um, and, um, Okay. So what's your comfort with, uh, I just switched back to Chrome.

[00:07:19] I need to download the pixel helper. What's your comfort in setting up ads? Have you done it before on Facebook? No. No, no, no. Does he know that? Uh, no. I'm just kidding. I'm just,

[00:07:38] I'm just kidding. I'm just kidding. My man.

[00:07:45] Well, he doesn't have a pixel on this page, dude. There's no pixel on this page. Oh, so what's the one question marks, right? Because when I went into his, uh, his Facebook business suite, um, I noticed this you're like, uh, two or three other pixels. So I was wondering if for like, An account. If I have to create like a separate Excel.

[00:08:12] No, no, no, no, no, no. You don't need separate pixels. Just one, just one pixel. No. So I guess my question is the existing picture that he has. Right. So do I use one of those or do I have to create an unknown? Is that what use it use it, but he needs to, I mean, I'll tell you right now. I know he's using lead pages because he clearly doesn't have his own domain hooked up.

[00:08:39] Cause it's dot L pages, that CEO. So you, so he needs to go into his lead pages and install the correct pixel on here. There's no pixel you can't run ads to a site without pixel pixel. Okay. So yeah, I, I, I noticed that. So I sent, I sent it to his assistant. I message to have the picture, et cetera in stock, but hopefully she hasn't responded as debt, so hopefully they're able to have it set up.

[00:09:13] Yeah. Um, so as far as setting up ads, um, did you go through the training that I have on ads in peak video creators? Uh, so, um, I'm half way through that. So a lot like that covers a lot of the basics, um, which will help. Um, it's a sort of similar idea ish to what I'm, you know, you guys all came in through my funnel, right?

[00:09:45] So you want to see my funnel? I'll show you how my funnel is set up for peak video creators.

[00:09:54] Um, so this is it right here. Um, we're not doing any retargeting right now and you probably won't do much maybe at all. Um, if you just want to get people opted in. So the basic level you have a campaign, okay. You set up that campaign and you want to set it up for a, um, a conversions objective. So when you go to create, you go to conversions, then you name that campaign.

[00:10:29] T O F stands for top of funnel. You'll see that in the training, um, then you'll go inside of it and then you create ad sets audiences. So you're going to want to use CBO at the beginning, meaning that your so conversions name, your campaign, blah, blah, blah. Okay. And then it'll take you into this. Turn campaign budget optimization on and Kelsey will post the replay up.

[00:11:00] Like she always does. Um, daily budget of, by the way, Rob, you're looking good and alert for six o'clock in the morning or whatever the hell it is.

[00:11:15] All right, man. Okay. Um, so I don't know what his ad budget is here, but honestly I would put his entire ad budget just in this one top of funnel campaign, given, given what it is, campaign budget optimization. Okay. Then you're going to go into the ads that level. And, uh, w what, what is his budget? Uh, B so initially he had said, uh, $3,000.

[00:11:51] Okay. Or three, three weeks. Okay. So how much is that a day? Alexa? What's 3000 divided by 21.

[00:12:10] 142.8571. So what I would do is, um, start with,

[00:12:26] yeah. Why don't you just start with a hundred dollars a day then? Okay. On, on here. Okay. And then on the ad set level, you're going to want to add, do three ad sets. Just like I have it set up for this one. TOF interests, get OJ. I have ignore the in draft thing. Cause that's the one that I'm such, I have three different ad sets.

[00:12:55] So these are three different audiences that I'm targeting, um, to recruit people to the PVC. Right. So what that's doing is it's testing those audiences against each.

[00:13:17] Okay. But the first thing that you'll do is just create one. So the first thing you do is create one. So who's his target audience, uh, life coaches, just life coach. Yeah, so I guess, and, uh, personal development professionals, but pretty much in the, in the life coaching space. Okay. Um, so there's all sorts of, I mean, I'm pretty sure that life coach is a interest, but that's going to be a lot of people.

[00:13:57] Uh, oh, wow. It's a really small audience. Um, mm, Hm. Life coaching, life coaching as an interest has 2.8 million. So you might want to do something like maybe like mix all these life coaching interests together that are really specific to life coaching. Um, you can always pick the first one and they go, oh, there we go.

[00:14:29] Well, that's good too. Life coaching

[00:14:38] motivation, personal development, 62 million people, and then always have this unchecked, this reach, target people beyond, and then layer that with Facebook page admins, which will make sure that you're only getting people that own a Facebook page.

[00:15:03] Okay. That takes it down to 16 million, which is a little bit more reasonable.

[00:15:10] And then maybe narrow further. We could layer it with gurus potentially, or what if we layered with what if we layered it with like business page admins instead?

[00:15:32] 1.5 million.

[00:15:50] Yeah. Anyway, something like that. I mean, I I'd like to see this more like 2.5 to 6 million, but something around those ranges. Um, do you understand how this works? Yeah. So I guess you're looking for a different sub categories, which in which in the life coaching, uh, niche. So the, this is targeting interests and stuff that, that, that life coaches could follow, but it's going to have all sorts of people in it.

[00:16:27] And I'm layering it with business page admins, because that means that it's only going to target people that are in this audience and they're in this audience, meaning that they have a business page because you're going to get a lot of people that don't own a business up here. Oh, okay. Automatic placements.

[00:16:48] You can leave everything else the same for now. Um, uh, you got to select that pixel there.

[00:17:00] Okay. Um, and then you were going to want to create your ad here.

[00:17:10] Uh, for some reason it's been defaulting to catalog lately, but. I just want you to just want a single image or video you add your video or image here. So I don't remember what I recommended in the course. I mean, I think it's like equally as powerful right now to go dynamic creative as it is to just do two different ads.

[00:17:31] But maybe just because you're such a beginner, like just do two different ads and duplicate the ad and just have one, be an image and one be a video. So the primary text is where you put it in your copy. You might want to sign up for a free trial. Oh no. Are they doing the copy?

[00:17:52] No. No. Okay. So you might want to sign up for a free trial of, so that, which is, uh, a good program. Um, that'll help you write copy for these Facebook ads. And you generally want to follow and you'll, you know, that software will help you, but you generally generally want to follow like the ADA methodology for like long form copy, which is, um,

[00:18:25] yeah, so you just, you, you grab them in with empathy. Um, you, uh, build, build interest by empathizing with them. And the problem we talk about the problem and the pain desire is building specific is building the specific desire for your solution to the problem and pay that you've set up. And then a is having a direct call to action, which in this case is register for my blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

[00:18:56] Now the main thing here, and the reason why this page is not good is it doesn't focus on outcomes. Right? So because, so for example, Marketing the peak video creators program. If I was just to tell you that our goal is to get you more clients, would that be attractive to you? You'd be like more clients, but I don't market it that way because that's not the outcome.

[00:19:27] The outcome is having is making 10 to $20,000 per month, living the life with freedom that you want to live. Right. Which is true. That's what we're doing in this program, but that's the outcome. That's what we market. Right. So when we're talking about this, he's saying, okay, well, this is about the seven core principles for massive income and impact.

[00:19:48] Okay, great. But what's the outcome like what's the specific outcome, like after I get an ma, maybe they won't change it on here, but you can be clear about it in the ad. Copy. What will I get as a result of taking this. Five-part mastery class when I'm done with it, what will happen? Will I have achieved?

[00:20:12] Like, what will I have achieved? What will I get? Right. Um, so he says massive income and impact, but you know what I mean? It's very general broad sort of, sort of vague. So I think getting very specific about that is important. You might be able to find it in here. He does hint at some of the outcomes down here.

[00:20:37] Like you're going to learn the number one skill, but that's not an outcome. It's just a little tactic. How do I attract more paying clients? Okay, great. You can attract more. This is a typo. I assume this is more high paying clients or is it just melt or maybe it's just, people usually do work for free. And now it's attracting pain clients.

[00:20:57] I don't know. Um, how do I increase your competence? Certainly deep dive. So, so what's the outcome of all of these things that they're going to learn. And then that starts to be the reason that they would opt in.

[00:21:11] Um, man, I wish that there was a simpler version of this landing page too. Um, it just, it looks like a lot to opt in for like, I'm just not it's, it's a lot, it's like a big, big piece to bite off. Um, okay, so that's the ad. You use a to copy, you put a headline, the headline should be the outcome, right? It can even, I mean, you could even, you could even test some like directly putting the avatar in there.

[00:21:43] Like life coaches use my system to unlock a it's going to be too long. Life coaches unlock. Um, I don't know, um,

[00:22:04] unlock the secrets to regular high paying clients or something.

[00:22:14] And then they'll go and then they'll register. If you want to screenshot this stuff, as you go and show it to me, I'm happy to um,

[00:22:28] oh, okay. So that's the basics of how you set it up. Questions about that. Yeah. Um, so in regards to the, the video ad, what do you suggest that I use long copy also? Um, I think for right now, you should just write one piece of copy. And put it in here with the first thing just for now. So you can test it and then just go here, go to quick duplicate, and then just literally on this other, on this duplication, just switch out the image or the video.

[00:23:15] So like, if you did the video on the first one, put an image in this one. Okay. Um, I think just to reduce the number of variables at the beginning, um, I think that's the way to go and I'll help you work on the copy. Um, uh, so that's the basics of the setup on that. And then, so for the audience, I think it's a good idea to, to test a few different interest based audience.

[00:23:46] So you have that first one there. So then once you have the ads, like both ads set up and your first initial odds. You're just going to do a quick duplicate on this ad set here

[00:24:04] and then try a different audience, take all the stuff that's in here out, and then just try a different audience in here. So for example, here, you might want to try gurus. So you might want to try targeting, um, you know, like the Tony Robbins, uh, uh, Burchard, rich dad, poor dad type crowd, right? So you can put those folks in there.

[00:24:38] Automatic placements take all the other stuff out. There you go. And then I would recommend doing three. So if you can think of one more segment, like audience grouping, all like segmented audience group. You duplicated again, and then that's going to give you three audiences inside this campaign, right?

[00:25:01] It's going to give you three audiences inside of this campaign, all the budget, all $100 is distributed at the campaign level. So it's going to try to find the people most likely to convert within these audiences and then within those audiences within these ads. Does that make sense? Yes. Okay. Um, now you have, so I have to tell it which pixel event to optimize for he is.

[00:25:26] I don't think he's, he doesn't even put the pixel on here. So in order for this to be set up correctly, he needs, I don't know how much you know about pixels, but in order for this to be set up correctly, he needs to put the pixel on the site, obviously, but then also he needs probably the lead event on the next page.

[00:25:51] So once they register in lead pages, they're going to get directed to a page. Right.

[00:26:07] And on this page, see, there's no pixel, you should see the lead event triggering so that when you're setting this up, see, I selected my pixel and now under the conversion events I can do lead. And then it's saying, okay, go get people that will register for my webinar. Does that make sense? Yes. Okay. So, got to get that.

[00:26:35] You gotta get that stuff sorted out and that's as simple as that. I mean, you can even see in my ads and I'm spending almost $500 a day. You can even see in my app. It's a pretty simple structure. Like these are actually all just tests up here. I'm testing different interests here. I'm testing interests with a slightly different objective and here I'm using lookalike audiences, but it's pretty much all the same ad.

[00:27:02] I have a couple of different images going. You guys might've seen them on Facebook. I have a couple of different images going, but mostly it's all the same ad. So, uh, it doesn't need to be, it doesn't need to be super complicated at the beginning. It's just like one ad two ads that take people to this, uh, this registration page and get them to opt in.

[00:27:31] Well, this is the lead page, so yeah. And if you want to do like a loom video, like recording yourself or something, um, of you setting it up so that I can watch that. Like what, whatever is easiest for me to, um, for me to be able to help you out with it. Um, I would definitely recommend, um, I would definitely recommend dropping the copy in circle that you want to do.

[00:28:06] And then I can just sort of edit it for you and then you can have like a decent thing thing in copy, unless you're like some amazing copywriter. I actually don't know. Okay. Um, so I'll just help you with it. I mean, I've run, I've done, I've done this a billion times, so just so just drop it in there, do your best.

[00:28:28] Um, and yeah, we can take it from there, but listen, like also come in with confidence. Like, you're going to be fine. I mean, it's basically me, me doing it, so it's not, you're going to be fine. If you have any questions, I'll just help you with it. Did he pay you yet? Yes, you did. Good.

[00:28:52] Okay. Rock and roll. Any other questions? Um, yeah. Um, so in regards to my copy, I, I sort of, you know, back to side job w cause I'm working.

[00:29:11] Hello? Yup. I'm here. Yes. So I was saying, um, yeah, in regards to my, my funnel that I was working on. Yeah. So I that's a little bit sidetracked because you know, this came into me. In, in the middle of things. And so I haven't actually, um, so I still need to work on, um, my offer. And so I get the innovative position statement that I sent you over.

[00:29:43] You said you suggested that, you know, that could potentially work. And also the system that I, uh, drafted you, you said that, you know, that was something that you, you liked and we could, uh, test it and see how it performs. So, um, as soon as I, you know, get this project out of the way or the campaign life, I'll just resume what I've been, um, working on for myself.

[00:30:13] Good. Yeah. No, no reason to wait. Everybody's waiting too long. You want clients, you want to make money hop to it. What's stopping you. Not me. All right. Um, yeah, so I guess basically that's it for me. I don't have much cause like I said, you know, I, I opposed the, my, my project because I was working on this and so, um, I resumed it or once the campaign is running.

[00:30:43] Okay. Yeah. Okay, cool. You feeling good? Yeah. Uh, I'm a little bit nervous because you know, of course I, you know, I want to deliver quality work. Yeah. Well, I mean two things. I mean, one you're in the right place. I mean, like if you would feel comfortable with me running it, then you're fine because we're just going to do it together.

[00:31:08] If I see mistakes, I'll point them out. We can look at it together. It's all good. I mean, you've got circled, just drop it in there. And so honestly, like mindset is a choice, you know? I mean, you can either choose to believe that you're going to crush it. Or you can choose that failure is potentially an option.

[00:31:31] I mean, you get to choose. Yeah, that is true. You're right about that. And also keep in mind that you do not have control over this entire thing. You're just running ads. Yeah. Because this is not your offer. I have not been involved in developing this offer. I, it doesn't sound like it's not a super attractive like headline and promise.

[00:32:00] So I don't know how it'll convert. Um, uh, the landing page needs work and it's not going to get it. So there's only so much you can do. So we're just gonna like you, you just need to put the best foot forward you possibly can in ads.

[00:32:21] Does he want, he asked me like, how, how do you use it to, uh, perform? I was like, Hey, um, we had this, I can't speak on, I can't give you any specifics until the campaign is live and running. And then whatever data we, we gather from, from the campaign, then we'll analyze that data and see what adjustments that needs to be made going forward.

[00:32:44] Yeah. I mean, you can never make promises. I mean, like,

[00:32:51] yeah. There's things I would change, but like at this point you're doing the ads, like let's, let's let's rock and roll it. Um, over communicate. That's one of my, that's one of the, it's one of my big tips with working with clients, like over communicate with him on everything, because the more, the more that you, the worst thing is for clients when they hire somebody.

[00:33:20] To do a job, like in the S in a service-based business, like we're at, and then they just sort of don't hear from them, like, and it's just kinda like, okay, like, I just assume that everything's working, doing okay, but I'm not sure, you know, but I just assume that everything's going fine. Um, so yeah. Um, over-communicate if you need anything like this pixel stuff, like I would be clear, like, listen, we need the pixel up ASAP and we need the lead event on the thank you page to the opt-in form standard lead event.

[00:33:59] If you don't know how to do that, I'll show you how to do that. I'm sorry. You said the lead event, the lead event. Can you, I'm not sure. I understand that. So the way that the Facebook pixel tracks things. The pixel is a piece of code that sits on your website. Yeah, that code it's a third it's uh, it's uh, it's a, it's a, it's a cookie.

[00:34:26] It's a third-party cookie. So what it does is it gathers information as people come in about who's coming in and then sends that back out to Facebook. Now, in order to know exactly what specific things people do within the pixel, we need to assign them events. Some of the only way that we know that there's a lead is if we add a little piece, a little snippet to that code that allows you to do that.

[00:34:58] Okay. So in lead page, I'll show you, cause I think I have a client that I'm not working with anymore. I think I have our lead pages. Um, if you want to take notes. Okay. I have been around the block. You guys, I feel like I've worked in every one of these platforms too many times. Let me share my screen.

[00:35:30] Okay. So if I am in a, um,

[00:35:39] this is like her, well, it wouldn't be there would it. So anyway, this is, this was her like, um, I didn't build this or anything, but this is, this is her opt-in page. And if you go to settings, analytics, head tracking code, that's where the pixel is. You see it, that's the pixel, and now you have to go and that's the opt-in page.

[00:36:03] Then you have to go to the page. That is that's where they. Where they go after they opt in, which is it? This, yeah, it's this, then you go to the same thing, settings analytics in the head tracking code. You have that pixel again, right? Okay. And then you need this exact snippet right here immediately before the closing body tag.

[00:36:38] Okay. And I'll just go ahead and send this to you in the chat. Maybe if I can find the chat. So just copy and paste that. So that goes in, it's going to go in the footer so that the general, the global pixel code goes in the header. And then the rash goes in the, the, the lead event tag goes in the.

[00:37:18] All right.

[00:37:26] Any questions?

[00:37:30] No. Uh, I think, um, I'm just going to go ahead and start working on the, on the copy. And then, um, once I have those organized and everything, uh, send them over into circus or you can have a look on them and tell me, yeah, for sure. Yeah. And keep in mind, you're not going to be able to set up the Facebook ads until the pixel thing is done.

[00:37:54] Like you're just going to hit a wall. You won't be able to do it. You gotta and make sure. They're they're used, they're going to put the same pixel on the website that you're going to use in the app, just to make sure that it's all what I did was I, so basically I, I created like a, another outset, like you had suggested.

[00:38:17] Um, so should I send them, should I send them the pixel or just have them do it from your end?

[00:38:26] Well, sorry, what was the question? So, alright. So like I said, they, they already have, um, a few current pixel, right. Um, so I'm actually, should I send them it or just have them create it from your end? Because it would, it would seem to me like they already know how to, how to create it on audit. Well, it, yeah.

[00:38:46] I mean, if, if the big exists that exists, it doesn't need to be created. So you just need to be like, just be like, Hey, like this is the pixel that I'm going to be using for ads. This is the make sure that that's the pixel that you install on the site and make sure that you put the lead event on the thank you page.

[00:39:05] If you need to know how to do that, just to be clear, here's the little snippet that goes in the footer of the page that it's going

[00:39:15] really.

[00:39:21] Oh, okay. All right. Cool. All right. Have fun, buddy. Hi, my three-year-old made an appearance. Sorry. I don't know if you could hear him. Um, okay. Uh, yeah, that, does that make sense? Yes, it does. Okay. Cool. Rock and roll. All right. Thank you, man. Yeah, of course.

[00:39:47] Who wants to jump in next?

[00:39:54] Okay. Uh, I was just, um, I mean, that was interesting. I, she just listened to Lorenzo's copywriting thing. Do you get it? Do you have to go in and, um, you obviously charged to go in and change the copy and, and everything like that for the guy. Do you, do you charge, is that within the pricing structure? Me or Lorenzo Lorenzo.

[00:40:20] Oh, well, actually for, for this particular campaign, um, I'm just focusing on running the ads for him. So I'm not changing the therapy. Well, of course, when Matt and I, um, spoke initially, he had suggested that we tweak the copy, but, um, they're a little bit hesitant simply because you're saying, okay, we want to get this company and open and running ASAP.

[00:40:46] Right. Um, and we. Uh, I just did a few changes, but as you can see, um, what if you saw the previous, uh, which is the same landing page. I mean, apart from that like seven principles, they haven't changed anything else. So, um, yeah. To answer your question. No, I'm not changing the entire copy. I'm just running the ads for them, but I mean, hopefully, um, what I'm thinking, I'm going to talk to him.

[00:41:16] Um, once the campaign is live and see, cause he's suggesting that probably we could work long-term so if that's the case, I'm going to be making some changes, some action that is in regards to his copy because it's, it's horrible. It's not unfair.

[00:41:37] Okay. That's cool. Thanks. All right.

[00:41:42] So what can I do for you, Rob? Um, So I was looking at niches and it's, um, and did the journaling and whatnot. And, um, basically good. And I'm thinking about going down the same step as Lorenzo with Kurt coaching, life coaching or gym or exercise or something like that, but it's kind of like trying to find, okay.

[00:42:05] It's like, which, which needs, it's the oldest seminal saying, you know, and I'm like there's direction, I think, going in that direction. Okay. So what's led you there, like, why are you drawn to that? Uh, well, I know a bit about it, uh, has been an interest of mine. So I did NLP, um, training and, and, uh, I was thinking of becoming a coach at one stage life coach, but, uh, kind of drew away from it and into internet marketing.

[00:42:35] So, uh, and I also think it's longevity, it's, it's a, it's a good, um, it's going to be there for a long time, you know, with artificial intelligence coming in and everything like that, it's kind of which careers are going to be the longest. So I thought it was, it was a good one. Um, the other one was exercise or yoga or along that area.

[00:43:00] So it's kind of like, um, I suppose my question is, uh, in, when you make the final choices that the niche, uh, Which is the final choice or would you have any suggestions? Well, don't get too crazy about like, thinking that it's your, you know, needs to be like, you know, like this is the direction you're going in and if it fails, uh, you're going to be living in a gutter somewhere.

[00:43:30] Um, I think, I think you really just ultimately just need to try something. Um, so whatever your gut is telling you to try try it and then do the work in module one around it. So if that's going to be a certain kind of coaches that you're going to like, like, um, whatever, like, like, uh, coaches, like, I guess not like me, but like you want like personal development type coaches, um, build up the avatar around them because remember, as I say all the time, Uh, people buy things, not because of what you offer, but it's the same feedback I gave you on that video.

[00:44:13] People buy things because of what you offer, but because of the pain and problem that they have, and then you're just positioned as the perfect solution to that pain or problem. So you need to do the avatar work, the persona exercise, whatever around that avatar, meaning that avatar, meaning ideal target customer.

[00:44:33] So you're going to take a stab at this being your ideal target customer. So then you start to key in on, okay. Here's their, um, here are their biggest pains and problems around video, um, or we're generally in their business, not just around video, but just generally, um, in their business. And then

[00:44:57] on that. And then we do the work on your unique positioning. To be able to, um, create video and the video that you specifically create, um, as the perfect, uh, solution to that problem or pain. Well, that's the journey that we're going on. So I don't have any thoughts on those two. I think they're both fine markets.

[00:45:34] Um, it kinda depends on the kind of work that you want to do, you know? I mean, like,

[00:45:41] I mean with COVID and everything. I know COVID is hitting her, hitting you guys in Australia hard. Right? So it's like, um, I mean, you might not want to do local business stuff where you go out and shoot stuff. So maybe it makes sense to sort of target this global audience of English speaking people where you can really help them, um, from like you, you can help them remotely.

[00:46:05] You don't need to be there or anything like that, so they can send you a video type content, whatever you can help them, you know? No, we just need to figure out what the offer is that you can have. So what, whether it's a specific way to use video for these types of coaches, um, your unique way of making video and how it solves their core problems in their business.

[00:46:29] And we can flesh that out. That makes sense.

[00:46:35] Well, a lot of life coaching and that sort of areas, it's such a big area. Like, so, so niche down in that life coaching. And do you find certain this guy was niche down within life coaching too much? I would keep it. I mean, I think it's, I mean, yeah, it's broad, but like, if you were to go like do NLP coaches or something, like it would just be too, it would just be too small.

[00:47:01] I think just, just keep it to like that Tony Robbins, wannabe crowd, and like, see what happens, you know, I think it'll allow you to cast a bit of a wider net. Um, so yeah, if, if that's the road that you want to start down, I always say, I know this is your first call. Echoing myself a lot, but you know, like just pick a road and run down it and see what happens.

[00:47:30] The worst thing that happens is you turn around and take a different road. I mean, like we're not here to be perfect. We're not here to get it, to nail it from day one. We're here to build a business, which is messy. So, um, let's, let's die, but, but I want you to get clients as soon as possible. So just dive in.

[00:47:49] Yeah, that sounds good. Yeah. And you know, I know that, um, I saw, I saw your email, that you're having that, you know, that you lost some work over the coming days because of COVID. And I mean, honestly, who cares? I mean, really who cares? You are in a program that is designed. If you do the work to get you more clients that will hopefully pay you more you're in great shape, right?

[00:48:19] Like, um, And I know it's tough mindset wise. I actually just recorded a mindset lesson that I'm putting in week one. I'm going to put in week one because it's so important, but, um, think abundantly and you will get abundance, right? Thanks, scarce. And you will get scarce in return. So, um, just dive in, there's nothing more important that you can be doing to solve the income problem in your life right now, then doing this work.

[00:48:53] Like that's why you're here. So dive in, just start, you know, I mean you could plow through, I mean, I don't know how many, I think you have access to two weeks at this point. Maybe, um, blast them, blast them. You can do them all today. If you wanted for it, what's stopping you. You want to know what's on my wall.

[00:49:19] I put it in the mindset video, but the, oh, it's okay. Um, I mean, I'm always, I don't have to miss many times I always land on my feet, but, um, it was just, um, I was a little bit nervous about making it, so I just wanted to let you know, of course, so you guys are flexible, which I think Ben sent me a thing. So that's all, I was just a bit nervous around that, but not up on my wall.

[00:49:48] I have two reminders. One, how can I achieve my 10 year goal in six months? And the second is money loves speed. And it's true. It's true. And I it's, I, I try to, I try to, so I try to like, get you always get you guys going on this stuff because, um, What else are you doing? I mean, you know, if you're not making money, what are your, your, you know what, like what's happening, right?

[00:50:21] So that's why I'm urging both Lorenzo and Brad, who, I guess isn't here today. I was telling Brad the other day, don't get obsessed with your client project and stop trying to generate leads while you're working on another project. Because then when that project's over, what's going to happen. You're going to be starting again from square one.

[00:50:45] Um, and you're going to have, you're going to immediately move into scarcity mindset saying, oh, I don't have any leads in the project. Ran out. You don't want to be in that. You know, the, the, the key to any business is having a consistent sales pipeline. So you're good, man. I just say move fast and break things.

[00:51:07] That's my advice. Okay. I'll take it. Any other questions? Um, no. Yeah, no, that was good. Thanks for the reveal, uh, uh, video. I did. That's correct. As you said, that kind of realistic. Yeah. Yeah. Right. I mean, you know, first questions are like, when I'm, when I'm like attacking like a client video. Okay. Client, what goal are you trying to achieve with this video?

[00:51:44] Where's it going to live? What do you want it to do there? And what are the biggest pain and problem points? Uh, the biggest pains and problems that you solve in your target customer. And then fourth and only fourth, do I say, okay then how are you a unique solution to that problem? And then you have everything that you need to be able to make that content, because if a video is going to be like a Facebook video ad or a YouTube video, or it's going to be a website video, you're going to create it differently based on those different objectives, you know, but no matter what you do, it's still going to have to follow the basic marketing 1 0 1 of, uh, pain agitate solve, like what's the pain, agitate, the pain, solve the problem, and then ask them to take a valuable action.

[00:52:43] So no matter what, that's what it's going to be all about. And I think it's good that we go over this stuff because I want you guys, it's really important to me that as we go through and you get on sales calls and everything that you are. Um, positioning yourself as experts, you know, and to be, and people are going to hire you to do video because they are it's marketing content.

[00:53:10] Otherwise like th th that's why they have video. That's why they want video D to market it. That's the reason. So if you are positioning yourself as, as an expert in both the editorial storytelling and the marketing, as well as the video side of things, they're going to trust you more and you're going to have more creative control and the projects that you embark on, what was the question?

[00:53:35] She just came up while you're talking. I'm supposing they don't have a Facebook account. Do you use other ways of like driving traffic? So you mean for clients? Yeah. Well, it depends on what their goals are. I mean, they want more leads. Okay. You want a video to get more leads? Okay. Well, a video alone is not going to get you more leads.

[00:54:01] How are you going to distribute the video and then see what they say? If they're like, uh, maybe run some advertising with it. Okay. So let's decide what the best, like, are you going to do that yourself? Is that something you were hoping that I was doing? Like, do you want me to just create the content or do you want me to be involved in the distribution light?

[00:54:22] Like, like where, like, what do you need? Right. And so, depending on what business you want to run, if you want to offer distribution as well, and you do not have to depends on your business, but if you want to offer distribution as well, you could say, okay, well, I can also, um, I could run traffic to it, you know, through advertising or, um, I could simply create a video that ends up on your website for your existing traffic.

[00:54:47] It depends on what your goals are for this, for this video and what you want to do with it. Um, cause there are a bunch of ways. I mean like Facebook ads are the most popular way to get, you know, good high quality traffic, but there's a billion different ad platforms, right? Like there's Google Pinterest, Tik, TOK, YouTube, Snapchat.

[00:55:08] And then there's organic stuff. Like having blogs that rank for SEO that you might want to embed a video on having your general website, uh, ranks high and people are finding it through whatever means they're finding it on and they need a video to get there. Um, but it's pretty basic, right? Like make the video, make a video that is, um, that has all of its marketing 1 0 1 basics in place and is built for the platform that you're going to put it on.

[00:55:38] And then you find a way we're working with them or they find a way if it's not part of the scope of getting eyeballs on the video. Cause ultimately if you make a video and nobody watches. You know, that's kind of an art question, right? Like if you make it and nobody sees it, did you make it, does it again, some would say yes, some would say no.

[00:56:05] So it just depends on what you want to offer, um, in your, in the, like, when we, when we, when we get your core offering down, Lorenzo wants to do a video ads. So that's what Lorenzo is doing. Uh, but somebody like Alex, so I think he's on the call. Uh, he hasn't expressed an interest in that so far and probably just make the video content.

[00:56:27] So it depends on what you want to, what you want to do with it. Okay. You get to choose.

[00:56:36] So dig in, use circle. Okay. So all the homework and everything like that use use circle. And let me give you feedback so that, you know, it shouldn't like just wait in between the calls to make progress. Um, cool. That's good. Thanks for that, man. Yeah. Anyone else have a question?

[00:57:05] Well, I'm still trying to sort out the Raquesh innovative positioning statement. How's life in Vancouver. Pretty good. Are they locked down still? We're starting to open up. I've been resisting, opening up because I don't have my vaccines yet. Yeah. Yeah. My first ghost tomorrow, your first dose tomorrow, Saturday, actually the day after.

[00:57:37] Yeah. Take this with a grain of salt, because it's different for everybody. But the first dose kicked my butt. Like I was out cold for a day. I couldn't move. I just sat in my car. I just sat in my room and laid in bed and watched doctor who all day long. That was what I did. I couldn't do anything. Yeah. It seems like it's very random.

[00:57:57] Some people it is that affected by either one, some people or all by first one.

[00:58:10] Yeah. I don't know. I don't know. So your, your, uh, your, uh, innovative positioning statement? Yes. Um, we were close, uh, remind me where we left off in my, in our last, um, circle chat. Well, the last circle chat, I ended up posting. Oh, there it is. Yup. I see it here. Here we go.

[00:58:45] On the bright side, that discussion we had helped me put together my artist's statement for training. I needed an artist. They went together as part of the package of stuff by assemble for, for applying for the ASC mentorship program. So that was good for a bit of my attention over the weekend. So one day while they're waiting for them to say yes or no,

[00:59:26] but I want to get it out of the way so I can get back and focus on this stuff. Okay. Yeah, for sure. For sure. Yeah. I think. So we, well, I'll just share this so that we're all looking at the same

[00:59:44] thing here. Um, and this was, this was before we had our conversation. So, so you had stories, script pre-production production, post deliver, dramatic arc, et cetera, et cetera. And I was just, um, yeah, sort of shortening it up, maybe limited to like three things. And, and if you wanted to get specific about outdoor and adventure brands as well was part of it.

[01:00:16] So what are your thoughts there? Well, I don't know if we want to limit it to just the entrepreneur adventure brands rather than including travel, just because the, now I were to venture brands or. They tend to be either large, well established brands that would be rather an awkward target for somebody coming into the market because companies like REI already have their own media team.

[01:00:51] Well, that, I mean, I, and, and listen, you may decide that you don't want that, that you don't want to limit it, but let me just say that that is definitely a limiting belief. I mean, there are hundreds to thousands of startups and small businesses in this outdoor space. Yeah. Well that was the other, because a lot of those startups aren't highly budgeted.

[01:01:18] Yeah. But like, I mean, what are we talking about here? Like, you, you need a video ad that, I mean, like, if you, if you like, like if they need a video ad or something like that, or a video for their website, I mean, like, they're gonna like. Like don't have the limiting belief that people don't have money. Cause they do, you know, like they have $3,000 or $3,500 for you to make them a video if you sell them into it.

[01:01:43] You know? I mean, so, you know, because, because the thing is like, once you start talking about online stores, that's not, it's not bad or anything. It's just that e-commerce in general is like very, very broad. So it's just going to help you signal out a little bit if you niche. Um, but if you want to start broader, you can.

[01:02:10] I just, I don't want you to do it because of like, because there, there is money there there's plenty of money there. There's money everywhere.

[01:02:26] REI, like, I mean, I have had tons and tons and tons of clients in the outdoor and venture space that are nowhere near REI. I mean, like there's just tons, but if you want to go broader, you can sure. Broader was to food travel. Yeah. Right, right. Right. Not limit myself to companies making outdoor adventure gear, but include companies like that.

[01:02:56] Focus on travel, like share makes RVs specifically for family vacations and that sort of thing. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. Take the shotgun approach and just target all e-commerce or anything of that particularly abroad.

[01:03:22] But I do want to, I do want to try to appeal to basically travel industry. Yeah. Great, great. So yeah, we just did just need to make sure that we include them all in your messaging, but yeah, that sounds great. That's a nice niche. I mean, travel fits in with that stuff. Generally, the kind of thing that you would, you know, shoot outdoors and, you know, it makes, it makes a lot of sense.

[01:04:00] And what about your, um, your sort of unique, your uniqueness that we've been talking about? Where are you, how are you feeling about that right now? Conceptually, I feel we've been better. It doesn't affect that. I do bring a cinematic approach to. Making video. So I have a higher degree of craftsmanship, both from the storytelling and the visual quality side of things.

[01:04:29] And obviously the storytelling is the more important one, but what they're going to see is going to include production value. Right.

[01:04:41] I'm just not, I just haven't figured out yet. Good way of saying that that is concise is what I have here says that, but it's not concise. And a lot of what's in there really, a lot of what I've written, isn't really all that useful to tell to a client upfront, because I think that's too many words that it would turn them off, but I haven't figured out a way consolidated.

[01:05:12] Yeah. That's what I'm trying to get some help.

[01:05:17] Yeah. Um,

[01:05:23] so I guess what I'm saying, so what I have here presenting it. So what you've written is approach like a film project, professional narrative oriented emotion and mood incorporated dramatic arc into the narrative, emphasize emotion because emotion increases engagement design to look for the film upfront to emphasize the impact of the final product.

[01:05:55] Well,

[01:05:59] trying to think about how, how accessible the word cinematic is to a broad audience.

[01:06:12] Yeah. Cinematic means something to other people on the call.

[01:06:20] Yeah, it does. To you Tyrone. Yeah. You're in video. Welcome Tyrone Lorenzo. What is cinema? Does the cinematic mean anything to you? Uh, I would say nah, no? Yeah, yeah. I'd say, um, uh, production costs is behind. Huh? Huh? Interesting. Yeah, it kinda makes people feel it doesn't ha it's not true, but, um, certainly that could be, that could be something that people think.

[01:06:55] Um,

[01:07:01] I don't know to me, if, if you are offering someone a cinematic solution. So whatever their problems are. Um, I would think that if I were a business owner and trying to get videos done, that that sort of cinematic ideas sets, whatever that is, it tells me that it's going to look like a movie. It tells me that it's going to be more than just a video shot on an iPhone.

[01:07:27] Yeah. Yeah, for sure. So I think it's kind of like,

[01:07:36] and maybe if we counter that, I'm glad you mentioned that Rob, it's super smart that you mentioned that because I, it's not something I, I thought about. Um, um, I think it's yeah, go, go ahead, Lorenzo. Sorry. So yeah, I mean right off the bat, I had said no, but, um, I'm thinking about your pitch. Especially when this is cinematic from, especially from like a Hollywood perspective, then I think if that would sort of give the idea that, you know, you can incorporate that type of, uh, our whole concept, um, that would, I think that would help sell the whole idea of something cinema.

[01:08:29] Sure, sure. Yeah. I feel like it's, I feel like something like some, some messaging along the lines of, if you want to make, if you want to increase your revenue next year, 10 X, and you want to use any kind of marketing to do that, you need video, but not just any video you need to move. And I don't mean some expensive, big budget, Hollywood production.

[01:09:03] I mean, you need something that is beautiful enough to demonstrate your value at a price that you can afford. That's what I do. That's pretty good. Actually. That was good because that's really says it, you, you're kind of, uh, knocking out that, um, which came to my mind where you wonder if you want it well shot, but at the same time, as you don't want to like massive production costs and like the whole, it goes good.

[01:09:44] What do you think we're cash? Are we getting closer? Yeah, I think so.

[01:09:52] Great.

[01:09:57] Inertia solves all problems. Oh, that's good. I'm going to put that on a t-shirt. Hold on. Inertia solves all problems. I'm going to write that down. Maybe that'll be my thing. Hey, who got their shirts? Who has a shirt? You got one for cash, Mary. Nice. I got mine in the mail on Saturday. Did you get one Lorenzo?

[01:10:19] No ever received mine as yet. I saw, I saw Tyrone posting on I'm like, wow, I need mine. It's I think it's in the mail. Let me check Kelsey, let me check with Kelsey. Cause I got one, um, inertia solves all problems. Just like money loves money. Loves speed. Let me check with, uh, Kelsey, can you make sure Lorenzo is set to get his shirt?

[01:10:59] There you go see Kelsey's on the ball, so, okay. So what, so, uh, so Rick Ash, what are you going to do now?

[01:11:11] Well, I'm going to start putting that. I'm going to start running with, to increase your revenues. Your, we need a video as beautiful as Hollywood movies, but without the big Hollywood budget, that's great. Then from there, start thinking about the three to go front end offer.

[01:11:39] You have any recommendations about creating that right now? I don't have case studies and testimonials. So I'm looking for a way to convey the benefits of. Of the video without lying about what I've already done in masks. Yep. Yeah, definitely. No need to lie. Um, uh, well, one thing that I definitely think that you should do is finish that spec video and, and something that I was thinking that would be good for you since you haven't made a lot of this type of content, and this is just also for your own confidence.

[01:12:24] That's not for necessarily anything else, but I'd like to give you like, and this might sound repulsive as an artist, but fuck it. I want to give you something to copy, you know, so that you can basically say, okay, if I was to make like, you know, like, uh, a cinematic ad to sort of copy for your spec so that you can take, so you can sort of.

[01:12:52] Deconstruct that formula somewhat, to be able to, to be able to turn it into a product that is like, you like, feels like it could perform in that way. Does that make sense? Yeah. So it's actually really similar to, uh, I put out a YouTube video yesterday that takes you through all this, like how I make my product videos story-driven and my sort of formula for that.

[01:13:28] So I think like, and, and, and along with that comes pace, you know, and comes, um, the way you edit to music comes. The, the, the order of things to per all, again, Matt broken record, like problem agitate solution call to action. I think that would be super useful, but I don't want you, I don't want that to slow you up.

[01:13:59] Um, as far as your front end offer offer goes, um,

[01:14:08] uh, okay. You go into your

[01:14:17] faded them. Okay. Um, there are a few things that we can do to build a sales mechanism. There is, um,

[01:14:34] there's obviously like some sort of mini webinar. That you th that you could do where it's basically teaching people, what makes a good piece of marketing video content? You know, like what, like what sort of cinematic videos, um, so you could even be like, you could be breaking down a video, for example, um, you could make that video and then you could break that video down and it would be like a little bit of a VSL.

[01:15:05] Um, and you could basically make a little loom video that you record, which is kind of like if you're here, um, uh, listen, I understand you're a, you run a business and this, and you as a business, want to make more money in the next year. And you know that in order to do that, you're going to need to. Run ads likely, and you're going to need to create marketing content.

[01:15:34] What you probably know, because you're hearing it from everywhere is that video is the way to do that. But for some reason, everybody has us believing that any video is good video, that the little sensors that we have on our phones and anybody without any skills is perfectly capable of recording something that can blow up the internet.

[01:16:01] The problem is what these people don't know is that the power of video is really in the power of story. And that's something that they've understood in Hollywood for a hundred years. And it's shocking that we don't see this more often online. Even though TV has been doing stuff like this for decades.

[01:16:27] Well, I know how to create these videos that are online. And I want to take you inside my system for doing these types of videos. And then you can sort of teach them that system, then get them on a call with you, and then you could sell, sell to them. If you don't feel comfortable doing a VSL, like you don't want to present in that way.

[01:16:49] Um,

[01:16:53] we could,

[01:17:04] it's hard with no case studies, obviously, which is fine. You don't need case studies. It just

[01:17:16] isn't something available yet. So yeah, of course we've all been there.

[01:17:30] I'm just opening up,

[01:17:39] opening up Thinkific here. Well, what are your thoughts on that? Do you feel comfortable doing like a screen recorded? Like it wouldn't be your face on camera at all. It would just be a loom video, like a screen recording video where you sort of teach people that I can help you. Right. Would that be interesting or do you not, do you not think that would be work for you?

[01:18:04] I could do that. I don't do very well on camera because I tend to get too focused on the fact that I belong behind the camera, but I do find the voiceover. Yeah, it just be voiceover, just like, it's just almost like the video that you guys all saw that I did very similar. Um, it would be cool though, if you could, I don't want to stop you too much, but um,

[01:18:38] if I could get your help writing it, that would be invaluable because oh, of course I'll write, I'll write it. Um, yeah, of course. We'll write it for you a hundred percent. It's why you're in this program. Yeah, partly that I think that would be helpful probably because it's well marketing, which I don't have a lot of experience with.

[01:18:55] So it'd be good practice running a marketing oriented scripts. And also that would therefore help you write marketing oriented stories. That road is one of the things that, um, Because my experience is in narratives. We're not trying to sell anything and we have more time usually. So it's a new skill that I need to develop.

[01:19:28] So it'd be good practice. Good to get some practice at it. Scrape my own working on Tim. Yeah. Yeah, for sure. For sure. Um, uh,

[01:19:45] yeah, the only thing, the only missing piece in there is that there needs to be like a little bit of a teaching section. So we just need to decide what the mechanism is going to be for the teaching section. Um,

[01:20:03] but you could also rip other people's ads. You don't need to use yours. Yeah. That's a good idea. So you could, so for example, if your system is. Like what were the kind of system things that we were coming up with last time, because that's, that's the hook to get them into the VSL. Right? The hook is to, um, the hook is to, uh, is to see the system, like to understand the system, your, your system, like, why does this work?

[01:20:35] So to do that, um,

[01:20:43] we just need a sales mechanism in there. So, so you could, you could like, if the, if the system was like, I don't remember what we said last time, it was something about like scripting production and, or scripting color and something else, whatever you could just grab examples from like other ads that inspire you.

[01:21:10] And that could be, you could teach them that. And then if anybody was wondering why you didn't use your own, you just be like, well, I'm wanting to pick brands that people knew, you know, for, for sure. So that you, in commercials that you see you've seen before, it's an obvious thing. So once you get your system like laid out, it can just be three simple things.

[01:21:31] And then you could just basically pull up many screenshots or whatever, or we can get little videos, like mini video clips in there, and then you could just be like that, then that, then that, cause the thing is I'm, I'm also one of the things that I'm working on for you guys is I'm working on a funnel for you guys that you can just plug and play and get up ASAP.

[01:21:57] That's very risk reversal. Like. Guaranteed to get you leads, but you'll have to sell them. So basically like, almost like, you know, like, like, you know, have basically some sort of guarantee involved, um, so that, so that they can sign. So it's, it's less friction to sign up because the thing with the VSL is it's going to get you better quality leads, but it takes a little bit more time to get together, to get together.

[01:22:33] Whereas a guarantee funnel, um, would allow you to get, would allow you to get leads much sooner, but they're not there. They're not all going to want to pay you the prices that you want, but there could be value in just getting on the phone with these people to, um, to just do just practice. That was what I did when I first started, like way back.

[01:22:59] I had a funnel that was all about like, The hook of the funnel was basically only pay us when you get results, basically. And you know, my phone was ringing off the hook and it just sort of taught me sales, you know, um, I wasn't closing a ton of them cause I was charging seven to 10 grand and, and, uh, they were coming in being like, wait a minute.

[01:23:25] And of course I wasn't lying to them, but there were certain stipulations to qualify for that offer that they just chose to ignore. And then they got the phone anyway. So, um, I'll, I'll give everybody that option by early next week, if they want to do that, I'll have a, I'll have a funnel built and ready to go to do that.

[01:23:44] But I do think that ultimately the VSL funnel is going to give you the better quality leads, because they're going to come into the calls with you already sort of warmed up pre qualified and ready to rock and roll. So. Maybe that's what we should start to build for this first. So I think that you need to just get your system nailed down so that we can build that VSL together.

[01:24:12] Okay. Make it simple too. Don't make it super complicated. Like 80 steps or anything like that. Just like three steps, like three and they don't have to be sequentially there. Like my, my hero system is not sequential. It's more of like a checklist it's nonlinear. It doesn't need to be linear. It just needs to be true.

[01:24:33] Spear. Yeah. Cause I have, I don't have BTS from this particular shoot, but I shot a spec, uh,

[01:24:50] shortly before the pandemic that I've always been really pleased about because it's production guy.

[01:24:59] And

[01:25:03] when you were suggesting, so the teaching approach, one thought I had was the show. If I'm ripping out, ripping other ads, choose ones that reflect what I'm talking about, then show them the end product of working with me. I showed me this one. I don't know if you've seen it before. I don't remember you sending me anything except for the, the, the one you did for the challenge.

[01:25:44] Like it showed you, like see it, have it up on Vimeo. Sure. Absolutely.

[01:25:53] Yeah, go ahead. Make sure that you share, uh, you click the tick, the little share with audio button down there.

[01:26:04] I guess we'll find out.

[01:27:08] Oh, I really liked that

[01:27:12] it was a little creepy. I was like, it had an almost like, is this guy going to go like kill her vibe, but then. And I, I actually kind of thought it didn't work cause for those reasons. But then when I saw that the tagline was steeped in mystery, I was like, well, maybe that's where we were going with that.

[01:27:35] Good.

[01:27:39] I dig that. I dig that he was dressed really weird though. Well, oh, but he was dressed for the tea party, I guess. Like it was an event

[01:27:49] there's this kind of steam punkish. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. That's cool. I mean, you could probably break that down. You could just probably break down that video. I think that that would be cool. That would be interesting. The other idea that I had specific to like color that I was thinking for you is you could literally just do a mini training on, do you want to know how the color in your videos can make them astronomically more emotionally affected?

[01:28:20] To the people that watch them and make them buy more from you and just like do a little 10 minute thing on color science. I can definitely see that converting as well. If you wrote the VSL in a problem solution way, like it was like, listen, here's, it's the same thing. It's almost the same thing. It's like, you actually wouldn't have to show almost anything.

[01:28:39] Maybe some screenshots, it could be similar to that. I think I mentioned the YouTube video I watched the other day. It could be sort of similar to that where it's sort of like, um, listen, I get it. You're a business that runs videos. wants to use video to make more money. You don't make enough money. You have a, so you have a constant need for content because you need to be constantly marketing now to be able to keep up in, in the, in the business world these days.

[01:29:08] So you need video because you need constant content to make it work. Problem is where do you get this video from?

[01:29:18] And then the question is, okay, now, once you've got that video is all video created equal? What is it that, that a video can have infused within it. That's going to actually make people want to buy, and you might be shocked to hear this, but the secret is color. And I'm going to tell you why, because when you make videos that can make people feel very specific emotions, it can make them take extremely valuable actions in your marketing campaigns.

[01:29:51] And the best way to make people feel very specific emotions in a visual cue is color. And nobody's talking about it, but me and I'm going to teach you about it right now. I could see that being kind of a sexy hook that people would get into, especially once more. Um, well, yeah, in the, in the, in the film world, did you say, well, anybody?

[01:30:20] Yeah. So, so it's like, you, you, you can talk, I mean, it's, it's odd. It's obvious. Like you can just talk about, you know, and then take some screenshots about like, oh, well, in this ad they use this blue color, uh, juxtaposed against this red color in certain scenes because they wanted their product to feel like safe choice versus the other dangerous option or something like that.

[01:30:41] People will be like, oh shit. Wow. That's amazing. Never heard anything like that before. Um, that could be, that could be cool. That that's interesting. And it could be easier for you to make, honestly, I don't know. It's another idea. It's a good hook. You just need a hook, you know, it's all about the hook.

[01:31:04] Oh, sorry. I'm I'm, I'm looking at you, but you're on the other monitor. Let me pull you on to my teleprompter anyway. So. Yeah, I think that from down the system, and then think about these two angles that we talked about and, and what you want to create. I'll give you a little template for the VSL. You can take a little stab at it and then I'll go in and fix it up and help you write it up, help you write it.

[01:31:32] You should take a step. First. I work best with clay, but I think that that'll be good. Well, I'd actually prefer that anyway, because

[01:31:43] have you given me feedback on it as I'm working on will be better for learning how to build these rather than having you write it for me? Yeah, absolutely. I mean, you guys in this program are going to be so far ahead of your peers, which is why I want everybody to be in this program. Well, people that are going to commit because if you know, marketing and sales, you're unstoppable, I mean, that's the way to monetize your video content, not to wait for Hollywood to call.

[01:32:17] You can work on that in your spare time while you're collecting cash in your business. But knowing how to make videos that sell is the most valuable skill you can have as a video creator, because it's just prince your passport to success, and then you can do all the creative stuff you want to do. So it's great that you're learning it and you definitely should do.

[01:32:43] Yeah. Just figure out your hook, just figure out what, which of these hooks we've talked about, speaks to you. Is there any reason to limit myself to just one hook, especially with third hooks that are very complimentary? Yeah. You only want one hook. I mean, you could test different hooks, but you just want to test one at the beginning because people it's all it's, it's in my, um, it's similar to that.

[01:33:10] I don't know if you've read my book yet, but I talk about this system I have for creating headlines called the seed system. And the first thing is specificity. And it's there because people will, are more likely to click very specific things and opt in and sign up for very specific things, because they have a sense for what the expectation is on the other side of their clicked or their opt-in or whatever it might be.

[01:33:36] So having that one angle is important. It's kind of what I was talking to Lorenzo about with this course guy. Like I have no expectation for what's on the other side of my opt-in, because it's so big that it's going to be hard to sell. Like it doesn't have that specificity. So that's what I was concerned about.

[01:33:54] He doesn't have that hook and the hook is about outcomes, right? Like I'm going to show you how to use color to make your videos unstoppable. Advertising powerhouses or something. It's a very specific expectation. Like I know exactly what I'm going to get when I sign up for this. So that's why you only want to do one hook.

[01:34:20] You want to test multiple hook share, but not, not right now. So if I do end up making a series of focus on the same, each one, a series of a series of what basically self promotional videos that'd be itself. Oh yeah. But you're only gonna make one VSL. I mean, down the road you'll make more and you can try other hooks in those.

[01:34:51] But right now, one, one video sales letter, one hook, one sales mechanism, get people in, get them on the phone with you. Start seeing if it works. That's the main, that's the main goal. Keep it consistent all the way through. Um, I think that makes sense. Okay. I can work with that. It's so much fun. I love this group.

[01:35:17] Anything else I can do for you? Yeah. That's so

[01:35:27] I'll have to get back to you on that. Okay. Yeah. Great. Awesome. Okay. Who's next?

[01:35:48] Anyone else?

[01:35:56] I guess I'll ask a question if no one else is gonna go, um, how's it going, man? Lorenzo's shirt says it was delivered Saturday. Where are you? Oh, you Lorenzo's not here. Okay. There he is. Lorenzo Lorenzo. Kelsey says, Kelsey says that your shirt was delivered Saturday, according to tracking. No, I'm going to have to check the mailbox, but I haven't received in a shirt and I don't like that.

[01:36:36] I like that. I'm going to check in a bit.

[01:36:46] Alright. Anyway. Sorry. Go ahead, Alex. What's happening? Yeah, no. Um, so I just wanted to ask you if I could. Um, so one thing that I just got from our caches conversation that you both had was I like what you said is like, all you need to do is just focus on one thing and then kind of go from there. I'm still trying, I don't know.

[01:37:07] Anyways. Yeah. So, um, with my last, uh, I don't know what you call it, but what I put in my comment. I want to, I create these videos. I mean, I help this business product businesses to, by creating videos, certainly specific kinds of videos to help the certain problem. Um, and I guess I wanted to ask you about that in, I was trying to figure out how to narrow it down a little bit more.

[01:37:43] Um, is product businesses too vague into broad? Do I need to be more specific of what kind of product? Um, maybe, well, so, so how, so, how far, how far are you in the, um, in the coursework? So, I mean, I just finished day one yesterday, going to day two today, I just started, I just got on. Okay. So.

[01:38:14] So, so you've done your journaling exercises around like niche and stuff. So, so, so what came out in those? What were the predominant things that came out as you were going through that? Yeah, so, um, there's two things. Um, two types of people that I, I figured that I really wanted to do. And I think similar as there are caches, except I'm not at that level, skill level wise, but that's kind of like narrative cinematic narratives, um, more compelling, emotional, uh, videos, uh, uh, story-based yeah.

[01:38:47] Videos I want to create for businesses. Um, so one of them was more people like Nike or Adidas, obviously one day, but then I can tell stories of their product that are talking about greatness or like confidence itself and telling different stories and creating videos that way, um, where people can identify with it.

[01:39:06] Then the other one was more like missions organizations or mission initiatives, more like, I don't know, the compassionate. Or do you know where, um, I'm telling stories of people's like documentary kind of style, uh, telling people's stories that don't have a voice and giving them a voice kind of thing.

[01:39:25] Like, those are kind of the places where I really, you know, even in communities in America and stuff like that, too, just underprivileged areas and yeah, I really want to connect with those kinds of people and tell those kinds of stories. That's what, um, Tyrone is digging into as well. Oh, cool. Those, um, sort of conscious capitalism, conscious capitalism.

[01:39:50] I like that. Yeah. Yeah. Um, uh,

[01:40:00] okay, cool. I mean, but your, your, your thing is. Your, your thing is that you really want to do the like human storytelling element. Well, you could work with any business. I mean, really cause there's humans behind any business. So,

[01:40:22] and you do want to focus on corporate business, like actual businesses, right? Not like nonprofits or something like that. Uh, I mean the non-profits would be cool, but I don't know. Yeah. I mean, yeah, I guess I haven't really, yeah. I don't know. I guess if I don't, yeah. I don't know. I don't really thought about it was the first thing you said.

[01:40:43] So there was the conscious capitalism thing. And what was the second part? Um, like the product, uh, based businesses like Nike and Adidas, like kind of, is there a certain kind of product based business that speaks to you specifically or, um, I think just being like, um, so sports in general, I think, or music and art being able to just kind of.

[01:41:06] Take a products within those spaces and tell it and give it a different type of angle where like a humanizes the product, um, and people can relate to, I guess, is kind of, yeah. I mean, specifically with like music and arts. Hmm. Um, yeah, I mean, like, even like headphones or like even gear, like confidence, like I love a lot of, um, like I have a lot of ideas for product lines for like shirts and stuff.

[01:41:33] And I really like thinking about like concepts of that. So I love being able to try to tell stories of merge kind of like, you know, um, fashion design kind of stuff, but I, those kinds of things. Yeah. So I think that for the purposes of this first, like run through, I think you should choose one. I think that, I think.

[01:42:01] Like one potential avatar is the conscious capitalism people. If you want to choose that, another one, another choice is fashion basically. Um, and another choice is

[01:42:26] I guess, gear basically. Okay. I think they, you should choose one of those three to start with. Cause they're all pretty separate. Now the one thing about, well, I don't know. Okay. So anyway, go ahead. Well, let, okay, so, so you want to do the human storytelling stuff to also think about like where that best fits to yeah.

[01:42:54] Within those three choices. Okay. Yeah. I mean, I think that conscious capitalism is like kind of the easiest thing for my mind to, you know, read my mind, you know, I have to say though, it could be quite interesting to take the angle on the other two. True, true. Like if you were to say, like, for example,

[01:43:19] I mean, what's the key to marketing. The key to marketing is to present what feels like an incredibly unique opportunity to somebody with a problem that's really marketing. So the way that this could be unique is like, let's say that you chose, let's say that you chose clothes, fashion. Okay. So you could say something like.

[01:43:56] You know, I see fashion ads in my Instagram feed, literally all the time. That's all. I see. Fashion ad fashion ad fashion ad. He looks amazing. She looks gorgeous. He looks like he just popped out of like a boy band concert. Like she looks like she, you know, w w whatever, but like, why is it that every single fashion ad that I see out there is focusing on the clothes, because you know what, the reason that people will buy these clothes is not because of the clothes.

[01:44:32] It's how the clothes will make them feel. So what you want, you want to know what these videos are missing. These videos. Don't talk about the people that wear them. That's where I come in. I make video ads. I make marketing videos for fashion brands that focus. On how people will feel and what their stories are when they put on these clothes and then expose themselves to the world.

[01:45:06] And I do this by using real human stories. I put the humans back in the clothes because that's what they were made for in the first place. That could be an interesting angle. Right? Absolutely. That's brilliant. Yeah. It's really, it's really counter to the way that, because that's how it is with fashion brands.

[01:45:27] It's just like, it's just like, Hey, let me show you basically an ad of a frickin clothing rack basically. So you can just like say, oh, like, that looks good. That looks good. That doesn't look good. Let me click it and see what it is, but there's no emotion tight. Yeah, you could make the same argument really with gear.

[01:45:47] You could basically say, you know what, there's always like a new, like headphone coming out, a new Bluetooth speaker, a new phone holder, a new monitor coming out. And what do these ads all look like? They're all the same thing. Cue, panoramic, zoom, uh, slide of product back and forth. Just show a bunch of amazing views of the product back and forth and back and forth.

[01:46:25] There is rarely people in these ads. And if there are people, we have no idea who they are, what they care about or why they're buying this product in the first. All we know about them is what we see, which is that they're hot. And we feel like maybe we can be hot too, but if you really want to move people, you'll do that with empathy.

[01:46:46] And if you really want to draw me to people, I have to see myself in them. And if I don't know their story, I can't see myself in them. I can just see a version of what maybe I could be. So that's where I come in. I put the human back in tech. I put the human back in gear, instead of talking about the headphones, I talk about the person wearing the headphones, and then I show you why the headphones are such a good fit for them.

[01:47:13] And this makes stuff fly out, fly out of your online store. So there's another angle, right? And it's, it basically gets you your human storytelling element in this really interesting way. Um, and you could do it, like, it could be a unique thing where you do do docu-style type ads, maybe. I mean, these could be true, true real stories, you know, like, Hey, here's what we do our process is we find somebody to test your product for a few days.

[01:47:45] We follow them around and we tell their story and we include the ugly stuff and the great stuff. And at the end, your product is the hero every time. What do you think? And then there's the conscious capitalism vibe, which is more on the nose, right. It's kind of like, oh, like we're helping people in XYZ who don't have access to clean water.

[01:48:12] And then you tell the stories of the people, you know, I have to clean water, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Um, one of the things that actually makes that harder is that. It's hard, like telling that story is more like branded content and branded content is hard to like set. It's hard to sell it because they don't, it doesn't sell it in and of itself.

[01:48:38] It's just kind of like these people don't have access to clean water, bad story, bad story, bad story, bad things happen to them. XYZ support, blah, blah, blah, brought to you by company a and company aid. Doesn't get a whole lot out of it. Other than PR. One of the great things about, about what I teach you guys here is just, is how to appeal to what business owners actually want, because PR is really hard to sell because it's very hard to directly tie it to their main pain points, um, which is that they want to make more money.

[01:49:19] I mean, ultimately the outcome is they want to grow their business. And how do you make an argument that, you know, it's hard to make an argument that awareness will grow your business. Hmm. Um, so there's three ways. I mean, I like all those. I think that whichever one you're most drawn to, I think could be a good direction to go in and they're all kind of sexy and you know, what's fun.

[01:49:44] Is that in the, in, in those fashion and tech examples, it actually, like if you ended up trying out styles of videos like that, it's kinda similar, like on a micro scale to the kind of stuff that you were telling me in our onboarding call that you wanted to do, where you were like, sort of like following people a little bit and telling their story, but like turning it into a product video.

[01:50:08] Like that's super cool. So you'd have to like figure out. You know, you gotta, you gotta make it work. But, um, it's interesting. So yeah, maybe that helps. Yeah, absolutely. No, that's super helpful. Yeah. I, I think, um, some things out I was thinking that would be cool is like most businesses usually, I don't know if that's true, but they, they already have testimonials and like all these impactful stories.

[01:50:33] So then I would tap into their testimonial people and be like, Hey, can we hear their stories? Can we tell their stories and how, and then, and how would I identify with them? Um, but yeah, those are totally that. That's totally that's. I love the way you put that. I love the way you said that. Cause I think that's, uh, other kinds of things I want to try to get it to at least try.

[01:50:51] That really interests me. So thank you. That's cool. Yeah. Just thinking about which way you want to go. I mean, that's a whole other thing that you could do by the way. I mean, you could do the testimonial route. I mean, there's nothing really more valuable than social proof, um, and having those testimonials.

[01:51:08] So, um, You have to figure out how it's unique because there's actually a lot of video companies that are already in that space, but there's, there's a lot of video companies in every space. So, I mean, it's all about like, figuring out like what your USP is there, but yeah. Give that, give that some thought, you know, about how, but what you'd want to do there, how you'd want to do it, what makes the most sense?

[01:51:33] Um, and then we can, we can sort of take it from there, but don't forget money loves speed. Go for it. Absolutely. Thank you. I appreciate it. Well, cool. Anything else you need while you got me on the call? Um, that at the moment, I don't think so. I'll just be listening. Thank you. All right. Anybody else? I guess I've heard from everybody.

[01:52:04] Tyrone. Are you okay? Anything today? Are you okay? No, I'm okay. I have to thank you again for the throat punch. When you told me that I had analysis paralysis and I realized, oh shit, that's that? I do. So I've been, um, yeah, plowing through thinking. I don't think there's any, I don't think I've done enough.

[01:52:27] Fuck it. I just got to keep moving. Otherwise I'm going to be a little bit stuck on those things, so, um, yep. I'm doing the best I can with what my soul will let me. Okay. Well, I challenge you before the next call in circle. I want to see your innovative positioning statement I want, and I want to see your methodology, your system, or whatever, which I know we've talked about in depth so that you can just launch into getting clients.

[01:53:04] Okay. You got it. All right.

[01:53:10] Uh, anybody, wait, I have a, I have a message from somebody, but let me click it. Can you take a look at this video? Okay. You want to take a look at this on the call? Lorenzo? Are you still there?

[01:53:23] Yes. Uh, sure. Let's take a look.

[01:53:32] Hey coaches, if you are relatively new in business and you're just, dude, what are you doing in the rain? Okay. At your first good influx of clients, or maybe you've been in business for a while and usually want to get your business to whatever that next level is, you've been searching for. I'm sure. At some point you felt like you've just been dog paddling in the water with no boat, right?

[01:53:52] I mean, that's really what the experience of entrepreneurial-ism is. Especially for coaches in the coaching industry. I've been in this industry for over 15 years, we've made millions and millions. But the thing that I've been paying attention to the most is what causes successful coaches to succeed. And what causes the struggling coaches to drown.

[01:54:13] The reason is they lack foundational. The reason is they either have or lack foundational success. The reason is they either have, okay, let's see what the like is that I do now in being able to talk to anybody about anything, when you put those three pillars together, then it doesn't matter what the conditions are in the marketing world.

[01:54:40] It doesn't matter when the weather changes, you will be able to succeed because your certainty, confidence and conviction will be sourced internally rather than like most coaches externally. I can't wait to see you all. Okay. Yeah. It's actually not bad.

[01:55:04] You gotta, you gotta, you gotta slice it down and make it a little bit shorter, but don't put too much work into it, subtitle it, burn in the subtitles. If you can, um, make it square, it's gotta be a square ad.

[01:55:20] Alrighty. Um, but yeah, it's not that bad. I actually liked that he's in the rain. I mean, it's kind of ridiculous, but it's gonna like stop people in the feed, which ultimately like, fuck it. Like, that's what we need them to do. We need them to stop and watch first. So, um, even if it is some lame metaphor for the weather changing and your business changing.

[01:55:43] Yeah. I guess that's what he ended up doing because he was, he told me it was, uh, you know, cause he's actually on vacation now and he was Fleming and then the rain came down. Anita's like, whatever. Yeah, no, I, it, it actually works. Um, and he's pretty. He, he has a pretty good presence on camera. So I think that this should be good.

[01:56:06] So yeah, just, but you're going to have to give it a little bit of editing love. Um, so I mean, but you notice at the end, you didn't have a clear call to action. Is, is that okay? I didn't, well, I didn't watch the whole thing, so I don't know if there was a clear call to action earlier or not. I mean, he said, see you on the inside of the end, but I didn't watch the whole thing.

[01:56:30] I sort of assumed that he made more of a clear call to action earlier in the video. Did he not? Yeah. Yeah. It wasn't. So I don't know. I'll probably bring it up.

[01:56:47] No, I'm saying, um, in the copy. Yeah. Yeah, it'll be in the copy and it'll be that, you know, there'll be a headline. It'll say learn more. It's not that big a deal. I mean, I think it'll be all right. I mean, this is not the worst. This is not the worst video ad I've ever seen a coach shoot. So I think you should be in good shape.

[01:57:05] Just make it square burning the subtitles. Um, I don't know if I've told you about clip scribe. Uh, that would be a good thing to use for that, for this, um, and to make it square and put it, you put a headline at the top, um, and see if it works. Okay. Okay.

[01:57:29] Okay. Anything else? Anybody else? I know we dug in pretty deep a year. Oh, why did you just forget to check your mailbox? No, I went outside and checked in and it was in here. All right. I love it.

[01:57:55] Amazing. Everybody's getting one. If you don't have yours yet, it's just because you just joined. We got a mailer. Just think of the savings, right. It's program doesn't cost as much as you thought that it costs, just knock the $40 for the shirt off, right? It's like an instant refund and you get to be part of a team.

[01:58:19] You know, that one day we're all going to get together in person and we're all going to have to wear our shirts and take a big picture. You know, it's going to happen. Right. So, oh, sorry. Okay. Does anybody else need anything?

[01:58:39] Okay. Just a reminder, feel free to use circle.

[01:58:46] All right. Bye everybody. Thanks for your time today. Thanks.

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