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PVC Coaching Call 6.10.21

Details. Congratulations. Nice job. Yeah, thanks. Yeah. Yeah, totally. Something we talked about helped you close that gig. Yeah, for sure. I think it, it definitely helped just having, yeah. Having a little bit of a structure, to the process. I definitely had more structure to the process than I would have had otherwise, okay. So let's see, he paid for it upfront on the phone. So how much did he pay? Oh, two, 2000. Yeah. So yeah, we did the 2000 and yeah. And so he's been a what's up Tyrone

[00:00:42] for it? Over the phone? Yeah yeah, he actually, I sent him a Stripe invoice and he paid it within a few minutes after we got off the phone. So do you know how to take up pain? Do you know how to take a credit card over the phone? Yeah, we were in the middle of doing it and his patent attorney called him and he had to jump off the phone.

[00:01:01] So he was like, he goes, Hey, just email it to me and I'll get it done. Yeah, so I was on the Stripe page, manually input about to manually input it and he had to jump off, dude. He's a fast moving Beverly Hills hot shot, a realtor. And then he invented this thing and he's got a patent on it and he's moving a thousand miles an hour.

[00:01:20] He's about to go to the UK and expand there. And so he's like a fast talking fast moving guy. So he's an interesting dude. Like he, he wanted me to get he he's been paying Kevin Anson to do some videos and he's had some other people doing them. And but yeah, he's just so definitely I think the there's gonna be a lot of opportunity with him cause he's, he wants to get new ones going like regularly.

[00:01:46]But yeah, we're a little bit, we're a little bit different as far as our, the vibe and approach. So I'm not, we'll see how it goes with them. I'm not Beverly Hills to deal with his price. Objection. Yeah. That was basically, yeah, basically I just said, Hey, look, if you want to keep paying 800, $1,200 for videos and not being able to scale your ads with those videos, then you know, how much are you really losing?

[00:02:15] And so he was like, yeah, fair enough. Okay. Let's do it. So I think he was just kinda and he did, I did get an important piece of information. Because when I was doing the discovery with him, he has a, he has an ad agency and they had quoted him. They want to do his videos, but they quoted him $3,000 for the videos.

[00:02:37] And so he was like, yeah, they want to do them for 3000. I said, yeah, that's the, that, that's what I charge. And so I said, but I can give you a better deal, on this time, because this video, we've got quite a bit of focus on what it's going to be. Cause we've got one to model after.

[00:02:51] And so yeah, so he had that anchored the 3000 from what they quoted him. And then also he had tried to get Kevin Anson to make him a video and Kevin's not available and referred him to me. So I think he was kinda, speed and time is as big as factor for him. So I think that worked in my favor too.

[00:03:12] He didn't want to mess around with having to try to find somebody else. Why didn't they agency? Why didn't he want to have the agency do it? I think he wanted to save money. And I also don't know that he has confidence that they will produce the best videos for them. Just because I think in his mind, they're in a, they're an ad agency and I think it comes back to probably what we've, our thought, which is just, they're not, they don't specialize in it.

[00:03:42]Great. So how can I help you? Yeah, so I basically, I need to figure out my approach. I know that I pretty much know what this video is going to be, because basically he said, Hey, here's a video that's working with this guy, just remake this with a girl.

[00:04:03] And so that's that's the objective. So it's pretty simple. But I gotta figure out the best. I need to hire somebody locally and figure out a place to shoot it. So that's my first. So I got to hustle that together a little bit. So what are type video, right? W he has a, quite a few of those.

[00:04:22] I went to his Instagram page and I don't know if he's used below or not, but he's got quite a few of those on there. And the problem with that is this video, the main hook in this video is the presenter using this radiation detector device on screen. And yeah so we would have to ship them the product, as well as this kind of this other device thing that they would have to ship back.

[00:04:50] And I don't, that seems like it might get a little bit messy with the below people. Just cause it's not just opening a box who you, here's what it is video it's a little bit more scripted. And so I think it'd be easier if I've got somebody here locally to do that. Just cause that's the but that was the ask, right?

[00:05:08] The ask was to make a video, just like a different video. That was the main yeah. Which was basically a UGC video. It is. But it's, if you watch that video, it's he's he's holding this cause I think the app, the avatar is very, most people aren't really aware of this whole, like radiation being a problem.

[00:05:32]So I think the ju the audience is probably fairly low on the problem, aware scale. So this ed, I think the reason this video is working well for him is because it's got a lot of education and Hey, guess what? Your earbuds are emitting a lot of radiation, and you can do something about that with this product.

[00:05:51] So that's a lot of his other videos don't have that hook. And so I think that's why this one's working. And so the way he does that, as he's the actor is holding the, this radiation device and they actually hold it up to the ear buds and it goes red, and it shows them on the video. So he's going to ship one of those two.

[00:06:11] So we can use it in the video. So that's why I was thinking it's not going to work with the below that format, if it was just, if it was just, Hey, let's just send you the little wave block things and they take them and wrap them on their earbuds and put them on, they could do that, but he's got quite a few of those videos on his Instagram page.

[00:06:29]And so I think you definitely looking for something different here. So yeah, so that was the one little wrinkle, cause I was hoping I could get away with doing that the below and not having to hire somebody locally, but I think I'm going to have to do that in order to achieve what I need to achieve here.

[00:06:49] So that'll be a new challenge for me. Cause I haven't done that before. So I've got to find a female, probably I'm thinking 25 to 35 40 and and find a place to shoot it, and do it. But I think scripting it'll be easy. I'm just going to take that other video and scripted out and and try to make it as close to that as possible is the okay.

[00:07:18] Does that make sense? Yeah. So you're still gonna give him. What he wants there as far as like basically having a different person creating the, like the same, it should feel raw. That's what he wants. Yay. Yeah. And that's my goal is to, and I even thought what I might do is hire somebody locally and say, Hey, look, here's the stuff, go home and make this on your own schedule with your own, with your phone.

[00:07:49] Here's some guidance on what I need you to do. Maybe even show them the video that I'm trying to recreate. And I could take that approach. There's that idea too. And then that way it might feel a little bit more like UGC type stuff, right? Yeah. Here's what I think these do. I think that we talked about you in order to solidify this, cause this could be regular work potentially.

[00:08:16]You guys have noticed that. Yeah. Yeah. I think what I would do if I were you is, and these are Facebook ads, right? I would hire an actor actress Who's exactly in their target. Whatever he wants like an attractive 30 year old woman or something as his goal. Get her for two hours and just go to your kitchen or home or what, just shoot it in your house.

[00:08:50]Clean up a little bit, shoot it in your house. And I would shoot two videos.

[00:09:01]Shoot it on your, have her take your phone and shoot it. So like she, because you want to, because one of the if you really want this to, it's gonna actually probably having done this a lot, it's going to cause you more headaches to have somebody else do it. Like if they're going to come over and get the device and you might as well just spend an hour with them and direct it and it doesn't have to be too crazy, but that's what I would do.

[00:09:31] Like a really off the cuff unscripted, like having bullet points there basically, but like very UGC. So just give her your phone and then she can shoot it on your phone. And then while you've got her there, I would also film I would also fill them a straight to camera scripted ad. Okay. If you're going to get an actress, take advantage of this, and then this will allow you to really over-deliver when you come to be like, listen.

[00:10:06] Like I also cause the other thing is that also it de-risks you slightly too, because if it's just the one video it's kinda there's a lot of things that could make an ad not work. And if that video like doesn't work for whatever reason, like it's not great, but like you might not have control over that.

[00:10:29] So if you do this hit, he'll probably love you and he'll be more than willing to have you on some sort of like I have with some like a $3,000 like creative retainer which if you're scaling Facebook ads to a certain level, you really do need to have a constant stream of creative.

[00:10:50] So let me have I showed you the videos that I have shot. Where they've been scripted and they've been a little bit funny and it's been like me to camera. Oh yeah. I don't know, but I'd love to see them again. I think I've seen maybe one of them or two of them. Yeah. I've only done a few, but they have been for every client that I've made it for.

[00:11:17] They've been the highest performing Facebook ad creative crossed out. Yeah. And that's why because the thing is, you're also going to shoot some sexy B roll of this. Yeah. And what, and he's just gonna feel like, and it's only going to take you a few hours to do everything. The edit will probably take the longest, but you can also outsource that if you want.

[00:11:38] But like he's going to feel like he got such a bargain, like all this sexy B roll of the product and then a video that you have to figure out what the is humor part of the brand or whatever it may be. I'll let me see if I can find it. Is it in here? Here? It is. Yeah. Let me make sure that I have sound shared. I'm pretty sure that I've showed this, but I'm going to show it, I guess I'll just show it again because. I do think that you should make this for them and I can help you with the script. You can take a stab at it and I can help you.

[00:12:12] And you don't need to shoot this in one take. You can just shoot it in 10, second bursts. But this hydro Vive, like they spend six, $7,000 a day on ads. And this is their best creative. It's made them millions of dollars. Most people have no clue how bad their water is. And it's completely different depending on where you live.

[00:12:32] I don't know if you have one yet, but everyone needs an under sink, water filter to protect their family. You have no idea what's hiding in your water. So I was watching the news and I heard some bad things about our water supply. So I started researching it and it turns out the market for these things.

[00:12:46] These under sink water filters is awful. You have to basically be a general contractor to install these things. I'm handy, but that's okay. A little handy. All right. I'm not handy drilling through your expensive countertop, doing all this crazy plumbing work and it costs you an arm and a leg that sounds awful and scary and I'm not doing it.

[00:13:08] So I basically given up, so I was sitting on the couch one night, I'm watching a rerun of shark tank and this guy came on and he was talking about this company, hydro Vive. They make water filters optimized for your water. This guy with a PhD created it. And apparently you can install them in 15 minutes.

[00:13:24] So I got one and yeah, it's true. It only takes 15 minutes. In fact, it took me 12, which I know is no surprise. Cause I'm so handy, but. Not handy. There's no crazy plumbing. It's less expensive and you don't have to drill into your countertop. And it's pretty awesome. They build it for the unique water at your house.

[00:13:45] So I highly recommend you check this out, go to hydro and get one H Y D R O V I So I'll put the link to this in the chat. Okay. So that you can deconstruct it, but that's a really easy shoot and it's like made, it's just, and I had another one I did for a client. I am now not working with cause man, they are assholes, but it is also their highest performing creative same idea, a little bit funny.

[00:14:18]Does a lot of education inside of it. It's just, it takes people from cold to sold. It's just using the heroic system. Like it just takes people from cold to sold in the course of one video hook, empathy, response, over deliver. And like you could actually like, I I think I told you guys, I haven't been shooting video forever.

[00:14:39] Now. It's like a passion, but I shot this before. I was like, even that good of a videographer. If I think I've showed you guys other videos, I've shopped for them more recently. That has great B roll in it. And if I re edited this one, I would probably put that I would put other kinds of B roll in it, but that's what I would do.

[00:14:57] So I would say like stock footage that you got for that one. Yeah. Mostly stock footage. There was one thing of the filter, which they already had that I grabbed. Just like I always preach. It's all about the story and all about the writing. So just get it, get a local actress, schedule a two hour shoot with her.

[00:15:22]And just get just basically have her take your phone and do it. That should pay, honestly, that should take 15 minutes. It doesn't matter what the lighting is or anything like that. Have her do a, have it be bright obviously, but you don't have to crazy then do this shoe, which the background just make it like, whatever.

[00:15:42] Like what is it? It's like a, it's just if your AirPods are like really giving you radiation or something. So like the little stem that six down from AirPods it's it's basically just like a sticker that you wrap around it and it stops the radiation from emitting into your skull. It actually makes it bounce away from your head.

[00:16:03] And the video will have the radiation meter that, that actually demonstrates that. So yeah, I think the biggest challenge with this is just educating people that, Hey, there's a problem that, you may or may not be aware of. And and then B it's really, it's a super simple fixes, these $20, $30 things.

[00:16:22] This is going to be, this is going to be great for this format. So for that, you just have her take the phone, just write out some bullet points of everything they need to hit, but it shouldn't feel super raw. Don't script anything for that for the other one, script it, but don't give her no, no teleprompters and have her like memorize like 10 seconds at a time.

[00:16:42] That's what I do when I shoot these. I just okay, I have it on my phone. And I'm just like, just shoot it 10 seconds at a time. And then for that, just put her in I don't know what the T so it sounds like it's they're not targeting like people that are using these for work.

[00:16:57] So maybe don't put her at a desk. I don't know for sure. But it's more lifestyley I guess yet it's, lifestyley so active. We could be at a park, we could be cause it's definitely, AirPods you're out, working out exercising. So that might be a good and we, so I could do something like that.

[00:17:16] Maybe do it outside. You don't have don't overthink it. But like also don't make the background too shitty. Like for that, I was just in the kitchen because that's normally where you install the water filter. So I don't know this, it could be like, this is something casual, like a park would be good, but I don't want you to break your bath on $2,000 video.

[00:17:37]But the script, like it writes itself from my perspective. And as far as lighting goes, if you're outside, you'll be in good shape cause you can probably just live with, you're probably good with outside lighting. If you just position her correctly, if you're inside, you just need you just really do really all you need to do.

[00:17:57] Usually with a key light and a window is probably going to be fine for this video, if you have a more advanced set up whatever. But I've got a couple of soft boxes in a ring light, and, do a basic three point lighting set up key light, little bit of fill and a a hair light, shutting some breaks in the background and then just have her do it in 10, second chunks.

[00:18:21] It shouldn't take more than a half hour to shoot the spark. And then she, it's just her talking to camera. And then. And playing this character who basically it's UGC, but it's much more intentional. Like it's almost like a testimonial commercial, right? It's it's so I read this, do so the script is basically do you have any idea how much radiation you're actually sucking in from your AirPods?

[00:18:47]I had no idea. So I came across this article the other day and I realized that there is actually a kind of scary amount of radiation that might be coming from my AirPods. That's not fun. I don't want to turn into some sort of mutant, dinosaur robot fish. I don't want to do that. So I went on the internet and I looked for solutions and they're just like, not a lot of stuff out there.

[00:19:13] But then I came across a, I came across this website for these people that actually can check the radiation coming out of your air pods and you just wrap this little strap around it and it actually blocks anything that could be harmful. So I checked it out and then I got one and wow, it's really cool.

[00:19:34] Let me show you how this thing works. Move into demos section. And then she's so you wrap this thing around and then you just put it up and so you can see here's the radiation that's coming in without the strap on here's the radiation that's coming with the strap on. How many times can I say strap on, in this call?

[00:19:53] And then

[00:19:53] and I feel completely safe and listen, let's be honest. I was never going to turn into some sort of monster robot, dinosaur fish from the bottom of garbage, swamp central, but I still, I have peace of mind. At least I'm not poisoning myself because let's be honest, all this technology in our lives.

[00:20:14] It hasn't really been around very long. We don't actually know what the long-term effects are. So it's really nice for me to know that at least this which I wear like hours every day is not going to be hurting me. And I don't feel like when I go on my runs or anything like that, like I may actually be hurting myself when I'm trying to help myself.

[00:20:33] If you want to check them out, go for it. Just go to back-up and try it out. This stuff is really cool. Okay. So there's, I think that's your script right there. That would be a great script. Yeah. Hell yeah. That's awesome. It's crazy how it's crazy how you can bust it out, but I can totally feel, I totally feel the light.

[00:20:55] Like I can see how you break it down and do it. So that's all, that's really. Yeah, it's always it's usually like with this I D I've just done, I have a lot of experience with these products that need a lot of education and where on the problem solution aware scale, like people are like, not very problem aware.

[00:21:12] So that's why, like this script format works really well because it empathetically puts your you were on the same level with this presenter who is basically at the same stage as you are. Like, I was not at all problem aware. I became problem aware because of inciting incident, that happened that allowed, that made me go and research this.

[00:21:38] And I learned this and I learned that and I learned that. So now I've actually brought these target audience of this ad. I've made them problem aware with me and now we can move into, so now we're just like moving together where we're in the, the, you have the person watching the ad is in the passenger seat and we're just driving together, down this solution aware road and, just moving through it.

[00:22:05] And whereas. And the reason why I want you to do this one too. Part of it is to over-deliver, but this video probably will perform better in ads, which is ultimately going to be just like great for your business. And it's just going to be great for you to go through the results. And it's perfect for this company.

[00:22:23] The thing is this UGC content is great, but I have, I've run, millions of dollars on UGC ads and I'll tell you they're pretty hit or miss like as far as what's going to work and what's not, like they are yes, the most popular type of Facebook ad and they tend to do the best, but they're very hit or miss like 30% of them work.

[00:22:46] They're extremely common. And also you don't have a lot of creative control. Over the actual marketing principles, right? This is what I talking about in this program. Like you, you don't have control over the marketing principles, so this is why you need video specialists to be able to do it. And that's the other thing when I like, we, like, when I signed on, like, when I signed on at the beginning, I remember like some of the stuff that I produced, like these texts on screen videos don't seem like there are anything special, even though they are from a writing standpoint.

[00:23:19] And I know that I remember that like this client, for example, that was the first thing we made for them. And I know that like they were thinking at the time they were I wonder if we could do this on our own, if we just had some sort of like content agency do it. Now I they couldn't because of the writing.

[00:23:33]But then when I started busting out stuff like this and the unboxing video I showed you last week and stuff, they were just like, oh man there's no way we could a do this on my own, or be like, find somebody to be able to do this effectively. It's just you basically, it basically builds a moat around your relationship with them so that they have to keep paying, because you're constantly creating videos that they can't get somebody like below to do because you have creative control over it because you understand what works in marketing.

[00:24:05]So that is. Yeah, and I like, I pretty much just gave you the script. I think that's great. I think that's a nice little it's good to put humor in them. So if they're okay with humor, I like that joke. I think that joke works okay. That I came up with, and then just I do think humor helps people convert.

[00:24:24]There's something about the affinity that's built during the course of that ad that makes people want to buy from you. I do think that's a big piece of it. And I think that'll do great. So it's like a 30 minute show. They just it's all written out. She just reads it out 10 seconds at a time and make sure she, do you have a mic?

[00:24:41] A live mic? Make sure she's loved miked. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. I've got a wired one. I need to test it and make sure wired is fine. Wired is fine. Yeah. Just run it under the shirt, obviously not in front of the shirt so that, you can't see it. And shoot it with your, shoot it with your nice camera, which vying you have a rebel series camera, right?

[00:25:03] Just like she has a nice camera. Put her right in the center, have her talk right to the lens. Just have auto focus on and just like stationary camera, press record. Make sure the audio is good and just like kosher through it, and her character that she's playing is basically someone who had no idea that this was happening.

[00:25:26] And she's someone who has a propensity to not want to take big risks. So she wants to, so when she found out she had to share it because she thinks it's important and she couldn't believe it. So her character is somebody who basically bought the product because they found out about it.

[00:25:43]It's just that's her character. And like the editing should be like, just I just like really quick and fast paced shoot some B roll on the table. Just get good lighting just like some panning shots and stuff. Like a lot of these brands don't even have basic sexy B roll, like panning shots and stuff.

[00:26:02] Like they just don't. Yeah. Like that's what I would do. That'll help you over deliver. They'll love it. Yeah, that's awesome. Hey, thanks so much. That's just that's really helps me get going. So I keep coming. What do you think I should budget for the actress? The actor on this?

[00:26:21] I don't know. Actors are used to doing work for free, so yeah, probably a couple of hundred bucks is going to be fine. I once got paid $200 to direct an entire summer production of as you like it in the park with a bunch of actors. So I it's actors, aren't used to getting paid a lot, which is not to say that we shouldn't pay them, but like it's just margins.

[00:26:43]Like you shouldn't have to really buy anything for this. So it's just them. So yeah, I'd say two, 300 bucks is nice for a couple hours of their time. You could probably do it for cheaper, honestly. Like we've had actors do, I don't know, like for for 150 bucks, they would do twice that yeah.

[00:27:02]So yeah, that's my, what's a good, what's a good way to find that person. Do you have, yeah, that's tough. That's tough. So what I would do if I were you, is you live in Memphis? Is that right? Yeah. Yeah. I would find all of the theater the theater companies around and email the artistic director.

[00:27:24] My friend runs a opera Memphis. And so I'll, I may reach out to him and get some names and I've got another, I've got some friends in the creative community, my daughter's role involved in theater too oh yeah, that's great. Yeah. Just get the word out. This is actually something I'm trying to hire some actors around here for similar stuff and I'm running into similar roadblocks, but yeah, I think that but I live in a smaller sort of place.

[00:27:47] Like it's not there's probably a similar amount of people live here, but we're spread out. It's not a city. You probably have more arts and culture there than I do. So I think that yeah, I think that you'll be good. They're reaching out to some artistic directors. Yeah. And okay, cool. So I think I've got the basics for that.

[00:28:04]So I guess what I'll do is I'll start reaching out and get that process going while I'm writing it. And and hopefully by early, cause I really want to get this delivered in two weeks. Cause I've got I've got some planned hopefully I can get it turned around that passed.

[00:28:17]It seems aggressive in my mind, but I'm like, I want to push myself. Why? Most videos that I do take me a day. So it's not gonna, it's not going to be too bad. Listen and like people always put frames around oh, I don't know if I can get this done, blah, blah, blah.

[00:28:34] Like I'm giving myself two weeks. It's give me a break. You're going to cram it at the end. Just set a deadline. Like how long is it really going to take you to write the script? I just gave it to you. It's going to take you 10 minutes. Like just like almost done and then throw it in here in in circle and I'll edit it and we'll get that completely sorted out.

[00:28:54]So you should just like, so just get that done. And then all you need to worry about is getting the actress and then you're done. That's it. Then you spent two hours with her shooting it, get some get some B roll with her to take 10 minutes of her. Just like doing basic little B roll things like close and medium shots of her.

[00:29:11] Like picking it up, putting it down, putting your ear pods in, and taking them down, wrapping it around, stuff like that. But Yeah, you're going to be, you're going to be in good shape. Two weeks, give me a break. Like you can get it done by Sunday. If you want, you just got to find the actress.

[00:29:25] That's the biggest thing. That's the accent. And then it's super easy. Yeah. I don't know what your editing chops are like. I can help you with that too. If you want to give me if you want to send a first draft in circle and what we can do is I'll pop it into my frame is, and this goes for anything you guys ever want me to look at, you can send it to me, send me a link that I can download it and, or Kelsey or whatever, as we grow this community.

[00:29:52] And we'll pop it into my frame IO here, which allows me to make timestamped edits on it. And then I can super easily just give you feedback on videos. But yeah we pay for this tool and the company. So we'll just, I can just give you review links. I've done V I've used Vimeo to share videos and where people can drop comments and stuff.

[00:30:15] Is it have more advanced version of that? Yeah. It's just bad. It's just a little better cleaner this is all that this app does. Vimeo does all that other shit. Yeah. Vimeo. Yeah. Vimeo is a little bit clunky for it. F frame IO is just a little bit better across platforms and it only does.

[00:30:35] It's only a video review tool. That's it's whole. Yeah. So yeah, I'm still a fairly Evan editing for a little while now. I haven't done a ton of projects yet, but I like to dive in and and do it, so I enjoy it. I'm excited to get this going, but yeah I'll get like the first edit and send it to you, but I'm sure there'll be some things that come up before then.

[00:30:58]Yeah. Hey, that's awesome. Perfect timing that came along and then I'm in this program and I feel like everything's aligned for me to deliver this successfully. And like you said, get more work from him and this could be a great kind of case study for me to build a funnel off of too.

[00:31:17] Yeah no, of course. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. She'd make sure that you have some sort of some sort of way to be able to see the performance of it once they do throw it in ads. Yeah. The other thing that I would say is I would make two versions of every video. Super simple. So the output you would give him would be four video files.

[00:31:38] So one would be the UGC with nothing just it looks like completely you've edited it, but it looks completely raw. This is just for their own testing purchase purposes and ads. The other one would be bars on the top and bottom with like subtitles burned down. Yeah. And you can use something like I use clip scribe for that.

[00:31:59]I don't know how much it is. I'm in some really cheap grandfathered deal, but I know they have a seven day free trial. And then for the other one, I would do the same thing. I would have one version that you edit in 16 by nine, and then you can say to them, oh, by the way, they're there. They're going to love this.

[00:32:16] Oh, by the way, this is actually optimized for YouTube ads as well. If you want it to go there. So use the 16 by nine version for YouTube ads, because this is basically a YouTube ad script. It's it has all the good, it has all the right elements. I know you didn't tell me you needed that, but it works great for that.

[00:32:32] And it works great on Facebook and then throw it in clip scribe, and then put bars on the top and bottom for it'll look like this is an ad that I just made for the PVC where I edited it in 16. It's basically I did the same thing. I took a YouTube ad if you've got a passion skill or interest, the, so we have the bars on the top.

[00:32:53]We have the subtitles on the bottom and the 16 by nine just sandwiches in there. And it's really easy to do unclip scribe. I've done that. I've done quite a few projects where I've done that kind of thing, and I've just done it in Adobe. Yeah. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Okay. Cool man. You're in good shape.

[00:33:11] Yeah, I think so. Yeah. I think I'd definitely I'll definitely get rolling with the script and start trying to find somebody and then I'll post any questions I have, but yeah. Thanks so much for all the guidance. Yeah. You're going to crush it. You're going to crush. It sounds wants to go next.

[00:33:31] They were cash a couple of behind the scenes questions. So those bars, kitchen table questions. If you're throwing the bars on, then that's optimizing much more for Instagram and Facebook. Like it makes it square without having to go in and re edit and reposition all of the video.

[00:34:00] Exactly. Exactly. It makes it square, but it also serves the need that you have because 80 to 90% of those videos are watched without sound. So you have to have subtitles on them. And so it serves that need. And also by having the headline on top it's it's just another way to hook, hook people with this like interruption marketing.

[00:34:20] That's the sort of, that's the idea behind it, basically. Yeah. That's genius. I spent a lot of time. Yeah. Repositioning how it looks so that it fills the whole screen. But if I can just slap some bars on the top of the bottom, then that saved myself. Yeah. It's probably better ideally to have a version that's square, but I don't know.

[00:34:42] I go back and forth with if it's worth my time, because it can be a pain in the ass. Like I actually did it for a video yesterday and it was just a pain in my ass. I usually shoot in well and keep everything centered. And then when I go in and start doing my edits I'll put a square guide over the 16 by nine, with a ruler or whatever.

[00:35:04] And then that way, if I'm doing any text on screen or whatever, or any animation, I'm keeping it within the square. So then I can give them a 16 by nine or a one by one or a four by five that way from the same video. Yeah. That's good. That's good. That's good too. Yeah. My, my general rule of thumb is if it has if it has like people talking in it, then I'll do the bars thing because I'm going to have to burn the subtitles in any way.

[00:35:31] And if it doesn't have people talking, it's just B roll, then I'll try to make a square version so that it takes up the whole. So it takes up more space. That's my general rule. Yep, because square videos do get a hundred percent more engagement on the platform. So you do want to make them square. My next quick question is so I'm getting to the point where I want to farm out some of the editing, cause I've got lots of videos to deliver, but how who you're working for?

[00:36:06] Don't you just have this one client right now? The yoga studio, so we've got a bunch of videos that need to be edited and they're real simple. And I feel like I've got to spend a couple hours doing this. I would rather charge the studio for a couple hours and then pay somebody some of that and get all my time back.

[00:36:32]Let's talk about the business model. Like how much are they paying you for each video and your time and like how's the money work out? Good. I'm getting paid by the hour 60 bucks an hour and it will take me a couple hours easy from start to finish with all the editing. There's no shooting.

[00:36:53] It's just editing. Just editing. Oh, okay. So your involvement in it is what? Just editing.

[00:37:04]They're interviews. So I set up the interviews. I've

[00:37:07] Oh, okay. Gotcha. Gotcha. How long do you think it'll take you to edit one of those? You,

[00:37:16] it usually takes me about three, four hours to edit one video. Yeah. And so what's the format of these videos? No, it'll be about a 45 minutes zoom video. And so I'm

[00:37:37] doing the edits where sometimes it's both people on screen. Sometimes it's the one person, whoever's talking get zoomed in on, but it's a pretty straightforward forty-five minutes. So you're basically edit you're basically cutting up one big, long zoom video into one other big, long zoom video.

[00:37:58] Yes. Cause it's a 45 minute video. Yes. Okay. And so what are you doing mostly like cutting out boring parts and stuff, or what are you doing? Cutting. Cutting out boring parts. I've got I ended up having to watch that video once. Once while I'm fact checking it. And then a couple other times during the edit.

[00:38:29] So it ends up taking, even if I'm editing while that's going, it takes me going through it a couple of times. So that's why it ends up taking a couple of hours. Cause I ended up having to watch it. But do you like change, like zooming it, do you like crop it and stuff at certain points to focus on people?

[00:38:48] Or is it mostly just cutting up boring parts, getting a board reports and cropping so that so the video doesn't feel that boring. If it's just two people on camera, I feel like that's a bit dull. So you know every minute or so I'll zoom in on whoever's talking and do those back and forth edits.

[00:39:09] I don't think you're charging enough to outsource this. I think that you'll end up either losing money or breaking even. And it'll be like, why am I even doing this? It's more it's more it's more like pro bono work cause like ultimately they would pay you what like 250 bucks for this video.

[00:39:28] Yeah. Yeah. Like it's going to be, You don't have a whole lot else going on right now with the business, right? Like you're trying to build and grow and you're working on the stuff in this program. Like just do it yourself. But like I really think you should do it yourself, but what but we can figure out how to do it faster.

[00:39:47] I think that you should run it through a descript. Have we talked about the script? I don't think so.

[00:40:03] So descript is like 30 bucks a month or something. Brad knows descript. That's what I talked to about descript. He's used it before. This is going to make your life so much easier for these silly little video projects that are like, not that much fun. Okay. So basically I, you get the raw footage there, like you have that long interview and then you this is like a video.

[00:40:32] This is an artistic video editors nightmare, this this type of thing, because it's basically like, where'd it go? Is it installing it?

[00:40:55]All right. So you take the, you take that talking head thing and then you upload it into descript here. And let me see, is this like a YouTube video I did or something, so then you upload it and then it transcribes it for you, you say yes, transcribe this video. Okay. And I must have shot it in log.

[00:41:21] That's why it looks like this. And then you just listen to it and you can edit the whole thing through text. So you could, I guess ways you can you hear the sound or no? Yes. Okay. So basically number one, you can go to playback speed, go to 1.5 X, right? Cause you're just trying to get through it, again, with you helping you make videos, make money today, we're going to talk about the three biggest ways you can quickly level up your video ads in 2021 without further ado. But I could a couple of things now. I already did this. First of all, you can go to shorten word gaps. And say, okay, anytime that people are speaking, like people stop speaking for longer than 0.2 0.3 0.4 seconds or whatever, just shorten that to 0.05 point 10 and it'll just do it.

[00:42:20] See, I'll do it right now. Okay. Now it just shortened 116 word gaps. Okay. Brad, we're talking about the script. I let's say I was like, oh, I want to get rid of this. Let's see video ads in 20, 21 without further ado without further. Okay. Let's just get rid of that part. So we're just going to delete that.

[00:42:40] And now it's gone up your video ads in 2021. Number one is going to be a little bit unpopular with some people and it just makes a cut in the video. And you can even remove filler words if you really wanted to like where people say I know like stuff like that, this is the way to do it because they don't want anything artistic or anything like that.

[00:42:59] They just want it to be a little bit better. Run the whole damn thing through the script. You don't have to listen to it a bunch of times. Cause it's all sitting right here. Make little edits inside here where you want to make little edits. You can even like you, you could even select the track from down here.

[00:43:16] If you want it to, you can do the whole thing in here if you wanted. And you could just oh, let's like scale it and crop it here. You could, what I did a lot of times when I've experimented with this, I have do you edit on premiere? I do. So you see, when you when you do all this stuff, it creates these cuts, right?

[00:43:40] So you can, it's basically editing the video for you. So what you could do is you could just go to share export and export this Adobe premiere timeline, and then what it would give you. No, not premier league. See, I don't edit on Adobe premier anymore, but I do still pay for it because I'm an idiot.

[00:44:09] Yeah. Let's see if I can bring up a project that I've use this for project formats. What'd you say? Because the script out in any other project formats, it it goes to final cut pro. It does a final cut pro XML. It does audition pro tools and premiere. So for resolve might be, it doesn't work that way.

[00:44:44] You might want to, you may be able to import yeah, you can. I've done it. I've done it. Yeah. If you want to do the actually, no, you can't, I've tried this. If you want to do it in resolve, you have to, you, you export the well, no, did it? I can't remember. One way I got it to work was putting it into premiere and then re-export the timeline out of premiere and that got it to work for some reason, the sound wouldn't work otherwise, but yeah, it doesn't work.

[00:45:15] It doesn't play as nicely with resolve, but I do think the final cut one might work for premiere. It's pretty seamless. Man, I don't know if I've, I don't edit on this anymore. I could export it. Let's see Adobe premier included media files for export. We can just share, we'll just throw it in my downloads file.

[00:45:36] Exporting timeline. Now if I go to here and I go to new project. Okay. And whoops, let me just grab level up your videos and I'll just drag the XML over here. And now that whole timeline is a sequence with all the cuts. Look at all those cuts that it made. And so what's cool is that these are not permanent.

[00:46:12]It's not like you exported a video project, you exported the timeline. So if you were like, oh, I actually don't like where resolved or where descripted this, you can roll it back, like you can use the, whatever this tool is called would be, and roll it forward, and then you can be like, oh every time, every other time there's a cut.

[00:46:31] I should probably make a little bit of a change. So it's more interesting. So then you can go to be like, oh, okay, here we'll just want me to sit here in here, gray. Now I'll go and copy the motion. And for every other clip, we'll just go ahead and paste that motion attribute like you just, you like, you don't want to pay somebody to do this, like use technology like this doesn't it's not supposed to be Scorsese, like it's just supposed to be some long zoom interview.

[00:47:03]Did, do you see what I'm saying? Do you see the value there? I don't know how much you would end up paying someone to do it, but descript at 30 bucks a month is a much better investment, I think. And like you just get to take home all that money, because it's just it's going to cut your time.

[00:47:22] Editing these probably by, I don't know, 400%, I would think like how long could it take, like it does all the work for you. So yeah, I paid for it. I've been using it for a while with my clients. They, when they take, they shoot their podcasts in zoom and I take it and put it into script and cut it and turn it into a, some ads form and stuff.

[00:47:45] But it's been working really well for me. I like it a lot. Awesome. Okay. Then that helps. That was a lot I'll play around with it this week. Yeah. Yeah. Brad, did you know, what did you hear what Tyrone's trying to do? He was just like, yeah, he was just basically saying oh, I might want to outsource this four-hour video editing project where I have to cut the zoom interview and make the zoom interview a little more interesting and dynamic.

[00:48:11] And I was like, oh, just get the script. It'll be like so much faster and easier. So yeah. Yeah. Think about what you're getting paid for. I don't know how much yeah. Like you said, I'm sure it would be expensive to hire somebody and it's not going to be that hard to do it. It's actually fun.

[00:48:28] I like editing and descript. It's it's not very taxing on your brain. And yeah. If you have, non-fun like boring, like talking head video edits to just put the do for clients to script as a lifesaver. I feel like it is. Yeah. Especially automatically ums and hours and all that crap that make them sound stupid.

[00:48:51] Yeah, totally. Totally. If you guys were ever in a position where you were like, somebody hired you to like edit videos for their YouTube channel, this is 100% what I would do because you, YouTube videos need to move with a lot of quick cuts. And so you can just be like, okay, remove all the word gaps. Okay, great.

[00:49:09] Now remove all the filler words where they screwed up and said okay, great. Now just export it to the timeline. You can edit out where they repeated stuff. You can just like delete words, delete sentences, where they repeated it by just looking through it. You don't even have to listen to it and then Chuck it in premiere and just do whatever you need to do their color grading or whatever you want to do.

[00:49:31] There. It's a time-saver. Honestly for me and I've been editing video for years, all sorts of different types of video, but I've never felt that any tool was good at the sifting part. Like when you've got tons of footage that you need to decide, especially when you're dealing with a lot of sound bites and you're trying to decide what to do, what to use.

[00:49:53] I don't even want to talk about, I used to be, I used to be a TV producer. In a news TV producer. And I used to have to listen to like hours of interview clips with like police officers on like stuff like that, to be able to pull out one single sound bite, imagine that was in like 2008 or something.

[00:50:12] So we didn't have this technology then, but imagine if I had this technology sifting get like that sifting issue is fixed here with this. Which is just awesome. Just mixing the transcription with the video side is genius. It's genius. So yeah, go for it.

[00:50:34] Yeah. I take the I'll take the long kind of the big file that they give me and then I'll break it into multiple smaller file. So I'll just make copies of a descript and delete everything, but a small section and then have basically create four or five different subsections of the main file. And then I'll that I'll end up making four or five different videos out of one long file.

[00:51:02] And but it actually took me a while to figure out that I could export it to premier. I didn't really realize that it even had that feature for awhile. I was just I was doing everything in the script. And then I realized I could take it. I could take the, when I realized that I could take it to premiere with the cuts, that was like this huge light bulb moment, cause, cause I saw what you did there where you'll highlight it and you zoom in on the next piece. And then copy those attributes down the timeline. So that was a big light bulb moment for me that wouldn't very long ago that I'd discovered them. Yeah. And it's not perfect.

[00:51:34] So like it's probably good. If you're doing something that needs to be like, have a certain level of production value, like a YouTube video like that, you do bump it into premiere to finish it off. But if you're just doing some little Facebook video ad, getting it up for a client or re cutting a zoom interview, like you're doing Tyrrell and yeah, I would just descript as a lifesaver.

[00:51:55]Honestly, like you could just like print money off of that if you were like, if you were good if you got really good at the process that I just did, you could do it in under an hour easily under an hour for the whole 45 minutes soon. And then you're just like, you just take all the money and run you're in good shape.

[00:52:12] Yeah. Okay. That, that's inspirational because I kept thinking this taking so long for these stupid interviews and, I can pay that much for this. I'm going to be honest with you, Tyrone. I'm hoping that you can fire them soon. You really should not be working with people that are paying you this little.

[00:52:30]These are like a $250 job. That's barely putting food on your table. We need to get you high paying clients as soon as possible. Yeah. That's the goal. That's the goal. And do a great purge, of all the like super low paying jobs where people are, paying you to do almost nothing, whatever it may be.

[00:52:56]So yeah, outsource that editing, you'd probably end up paying 250 bucks to an editor to have it done. Yup. Or they do the same thing and just hack it and they would hose you because all of a sudden they're like, oh yeah, sure. I'll do that for you. It'll take me 10 minutes to throw it into script and pop it back out to you.

[00:53:16] Give me 250 bucks. Yeah. For sure. That's also, this is just this is the kind of work that I also don't really want my students doing, unless you get paid a lot of money for it. Cause it's also I wouldn't call it soul sucking, but yeah. There's no joy in it, and so you should only I want to get you to a point in your business as soon as possible, where you're only doing jobs like that.

[00:53:39] If somebody is paying you like five grand or something, or three grand to do it, and obviously the yoga studio is never going to do that. So it's a client selection thing and a sales thing, and all of the things we talk about together, but yeah, ultimately I want you to enjoy and have creative freedom in what you're doing.

[00:53:59]Brad, for example, you're going to have a ton of creative freedom in this project. You're going to love it. It's going to be so much fun to do that work on that video, so that's awesome. And you're going to get paid well for it and yeah he's he's open for whatever his biggest thing is just speed.

[00:54:16] He wants to bust out videos as fast as possible. And yeah, if I give him something that works, I think he's going to be right back, when something else right after it. So yeah, and he, cause he didn't have a lot of specific ideas for what he needed. He was just like, yeah.

[00:54:30] Make me something that works, so much fun. Just thinking about how much fun it's going to be to direct it. Shoot the B roll. Like when you're like, when you, it's going to be a fun, I don't know. Maybe I'm a dork who loves editing and I do, but like it's a fun edit, like it's w with comedy.

[00:54:46] And does your camera's shooting 4k? No, no not my, no, not my camera. Yeah. Canada. Yeah. Yeah. I'd prefer you shoot it in for that video in 4k, but you don't need to, by any means only because that'll allow you to crop in and out at will and pretend you it's a two camera pretend it's a two camera shoot.

[00:55:08]So may, maybe we can get you upgraded here after you get a couple of gigs. I like it though. I talked to a lot of people that want to go, they want to come into this program. And they're like, oh, I don't know. I just spent like $10,000 on this camera. So I dunno if I can afford it.

[00:55:22] I'm like, dude, buy the camera after you work with me so that we can make money for you. Like it's so much more about, obviously there's people like for cash who is more established, you've been doing this stuff forever. So obviously you have this kind of equipment, but I think that Brad, like you're in great shape.

[00:55:38] You're going to be able to shoot a great video with what you have and then you can level up into even an entry-level muralists that does 4k would be fine to be able to have more dynamic. If you end up shooting this all the time, shooting these kinds of things all the time, it'll pay for itself.

[00:55:54] Yeah. Yeah. I can really see this like th the script, oh, there we go there. So there's a real piece of homework.

[00:56:03] Yeah. Komodo love that soccer. So wait, so there's no, built-in viewfinder on that, right? You have to use an external monitor. You come over. It has a built-in monitor. Oh, it does. Yeah. This wasn't the come over. This was the big brother. Oh, that was the big brother right there. Your brother doesn't have a built-in monitor.

[00:56:27]Of course. Not. Of course not. Yeah. But yeah, Brad, I think that's a good, that's a good opportunity, Tyrone. Anything else you wanted to touch on today? No, I'm pretty good. I'm sure something will bubble up during the call. I'll jump back in here. You, you're are you plugging away on on everything?

[00:56:47] Yeah. Yeah. Listen, rough man. Disruptive to have to reimagine everything that I'm doing, but look, I love it. And I was looking at where's my, so when we're looking at the repositioning statement, right? It's the next part that I add is the codify, it codify it the system that I'm using, which we talked about last week. And I'm really good at what, where I'm going. It's that? How do I frame it as a system? What are we talking about last week? What did we decide on at the end of the day?

[00:57:34] I believe that we did come up with something of a system. I

[00:57:40] don't think we did. We talked about your background. Yep. And so I'm clear on who I'm working with. It's that kind of fun. The system, I, I do this, cause I, it still feels a bit nebulous, am going, gonna sit with you over coffee and make some shit up. Isn't that inspiring? Not to say it that way, but yeah.

[00:58:08]What did we talk about? Because I actually do, I actually think we got a little bit closer than you're saying, so we talked about I believe we did touch on the unique way that you do that, that you'll like, what did we touch on as far as the unique thing that you're going to bring to the table?

[00:58:26]It was like my background, my, my use of humor. Oh, you're right. Oh, yes, that's right. We can't, we did this work already. We talked about like humor. We talked about your specific methodology for basically, which is totally true of using humor to cut the tension on, on, on tougher stories, to be able to both sell products for these socially conscious brands and fulfill the mission.

[00:59:01]Yeah, we did that already right on. I didn't I guess it didn't feel like humor was bigger. It was big enough. It's fine. It's your unique way? It's your unique way of doing it? Remember, like we're always positioning our stuff as how we're solving the biggest pain points and problems of your avatar.

[00:59:27] And so for these folks it's sales, but with a side of mission statement, making sure that it always comes through and oh, you have a specific methodology for doing that. Like you just do. There you go. Okay. And yeah, like at the most base level it's the editorial perspective that you take when you're scripting or planning out what this video content is going to be, but it's, it can be much more about that, it can be, and then you just need to figure out. Okay. So what is that method like, actually think about how you come up with video content like that. I think you were talking about some sort of the hell is happening outside there. Just like all sorts of gigantic trucks, like digging into it. All right.

[01:00:20] Anyway what is that like a chainsaw truck. Yeah. They're really think about how you approach those types of products. Those types of projects do you interview those people first? Do you experience the mission first or whatever it might be. Okay, great. And then you come up with some sort of mission statement of like off of it or something.

[01:00:45] Okay, great. So that's part of it. And then do you basically do you, how do you come up with the idea for the angle to take to it so that it doesn't so that it doesn't dig too dark, but it's light enough to actually drive sales. Okay. So that's part of it, like all of this is your unique methodology.

[01:01:04] It's like people think that it's like just some sort of marketing ploy, but it's not, it's just that nobody ever does the work enough to talk, to, to think about how they're different to have the self-confidence to say that what they do is different. And then you can modify it because ultimately people will select you.

[01:01:25] You will select them, but ultimately you'll work with people because of your use. And so you need to get clear on that. And you having a very specific methodology, which means using humor in these situations to help them achieve their goals as a business. That's great. Give it a name and or whatever, and then yeah. And then you're off to the races. Okay. So what I needed were those middle steps. It's that? All right. So I'm going to, for me to widen back and actually look at how I would take somebody through the process, once, once you've decided that we're going to work together, this is how I make sure that we script out an idea out the video.

[01:02:18] Yes. I'm good with that. It make, now that makes more sense because the methodology piece, me naming the methodology comes later. Once I've actually figured out this is exactly how I work. Yeah. But I feel like you're, you might be easily prone to analysis paralysis, and I want to get you moving. So if you have a whiteboard at home or something like that's what I do.

[01:02:45] Every time I've come up with a system, I just get on my whiteboard. And I just start I'm like, oh, step one, step two. Yeah, I do this step three. Yeah, I do this step four. Yeah, I do this. Okay. There's a system. What's a way to link those things together and something that can feel unique to me. Okay.

[01:03:05] Great. Work done. Move on to the next thing. Don't like, like we can't think about things for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks. Time's money. Let's just get after it.

[01:03:22] You're doing great. You're doing great. We're cash. How are you doing? Where are you at? Very good. I haven't started this week's training yet because I just got access to it this morning. Yup. Yup. It's a good it's a good one. It's week two, right? You just got week two. Yeah. So it's a big juicy one on positioning.

[01:03:46] Yeah. I'm not there yet, but will be soon. I'm thinking about what to do the product video on. You should do something. You should do something, in the niche that you are thinking of going after some kind of camping equipment or biking equipment or something like that. You have anything like nice and visual.

[01:04:10] You could. Laying around the house. I bet you do. I think so. So I was thinking of doing so there's this Canadian company that makes us rather nice flask that I use when I go back and carry whiskey.

[01:04:31] Not going to be good. Is it very, it's like visually appealing and stuff. I can show you

[01:04:55] play with the compass.

[01:05:00] That's a flask. Yeah. Oh, cool. So it has a compass on the bottom and a flashlight on the other side, a couple of songs is on top of the flashlights on the bottom. Oh, that's yeah, that's a great one. That'll be it that make a nice little innovative product video in

[01:05:23] flashlights and encompasses are good for drunk people that are out in the woods. That's true.

[01:05:38] Oh, that's awesome. That's cool. Yeah, that's a great one. That's going to be a great one. I wasn't sure when you said flask, I thought it was just like, just going to be a flask, which is a very different type of video. So the fact that it's like a Swiss army knife flask, that's perfect. Okay.

[01:05:59] That's going to be great. And you're going to feel part of the reason why I wanted to do this challenge, and I may do a bigger one for a bigger group at some point. But part of the reason I wanted to do this challenge is because I'm pretty firm that the reasons that people will buy from you, like that will hire you, will not be because of your past work.

[01:06:27] They're gonna hire you because you will have taken them through a process where it's clear that you're the solution to their problem. Now, that being said, I think that I had just having talked with everyone. I think that you'll all feel more comfortable if you do have something in your portfolio, that's exactly right on tap that we've worked on together.

[01:06:49]So that you just have that you feel like you have that in your back pocket, should you need it? So that was the idea there, So you mentioned that the heroic system. Oh, so the challenge. Yeah. And I went through it a little bit. Yeah. Did did Kelsey send you my book?

[01:07:10] I haven't gotten them yet. I don't think. Okay. Unless you emailed it, is a digital physical. Yeah. It could be, yeah. I'm going to have her send you the audio book and the ebook for now so that you can have it ASAP. Can you send Rick cash? My audio book and ebook please. So that sorta, that sort of breaks down my system.

[01:07:40]And like just generally it's like hook, empathy, response over-deliver and then heroic the IC there is like initiate and call to action. So basically you always need to have that hook right at the beginning, that visual hook. So like for you. Oh, she said she sent it the other day. I think I, so she's gonna re-send it.

[01:08:01]I don't know. I'd have to play with it a little bit. I'm not sure.

[01:08:13] I'm not sure what the best visual hook is there. I don't know if it's like a fast cutting thing of everything that it can do in five seconds like this, whatever. Certainly a text headline would be killer for this. Like I think a text headline no,

[01:08:30] I think when you look at it, it's not a flask. Like you're like this isn't a flask. So it was kinda like,

[01:08:40] oh man, I don't know. But yeah, I think it's like showing the shot glass and the flashlight and the, I don't know some sort of visual hook at the beginning. And then empathy is really digging into the pain and problem of it. So this is what a lot of people get wrong when they make these product videos, because they just they're just like making it look sexy, but like they're not addressing the reason why people would buy it.

[01:09:10] So if you have texts that you're using on screen, it's easy. Because you can just tell that story a little bit. If you want to just do it with B roll, it can be a little bit harder, but you just have to find a way to, but this is why we love this work. Write creatively, like visually represent the core problem that it solves, which is why, when you were asking me the other day, like with this work, this persona work and everything be good to do for our clients, I'm like, yeah, 100%.

[01:09:38] And that's, and this is why. So like, why did you, why would you buy that flask? Besides it just, oh, this would be cool. That's not really the problem. It's I don't know. I needed a way to carry whiskey with me on long camping trips or whatever it is, long hikes, whatever it might be.

[01:09:55]So finding a way to visually represent that. And that's where the empathy comes in. And a lot of the over-deliver and response stuff, like that's the, for these types of videos, it's like the visual style or having a way to add a layer of like social proof to it, meaning like a testimonial, but you don't need to have that there.

[01:10:18] I think that what I like with these type of videos for over-delivers to really over deliver an aesthetic value so that you could just make it look like and seem like a very valuable. Piece of equipment, cause there's just a lot of junk out on the internet. So when you can shoot, when you have the ability to shoot really great B roll, as you can have a product you can really over-deliver there.

[01:10:39] The, I stands for initiate and this is specific to the ads side of things because people need to be educated on how the product works. So they're basically these videos need some sort of demo piece in them. Again, there doesn't need to be any talking, but there needs to be some sort of demo piece to them.

[01:11:01]Whether it's like with this, it might be like taking it apart and putting it back together in a way that's very clear and easy to understand and fun to watch. So that I know exactly what I'm buying basically like there, so that it's very clear and I know why I would use it and how I would use it and then see is like a CTA, like very clearly asking them to buy something.

[01:11:23] So that's the basics of it's like a checklist to help you make videos that are optimized to be online commercials and the way that there'll be featured. Does that mostly make sense? Yeah. And I was like, I was on the right track. Cause what I was thinking of doing for the video was actually to go out.

[01:11:50]Duke John, as a commitment, I can backpack this weekend because I need to be here on Saturday. So am I, so it would have to be a day trip, but I was thinking of hiking out to one of the Alpine lakes and pumped down a stool, pull this out on poor shot in camera. Yep. Yeah. And you can shoot some B roll out there too.

[01:12:16] And then you get, you get some nice beer, all of it and its natural environment. Little demos of it. Yeah. No, I think that's great. I think that's great. I think that'll be awesome. I think it would be easier if I could bring someone else so I could have them actually manipulate it so I can see what's on camera, but yup.

[01:12:41] Yup. It would be, we do the best. We do the best weekend or you're like me and you only buy cameras with very angle touchscreens so you can always see what you're shooting, but yeah. You've got external monitors, right? Throw the external monitor on. There you go. It's always easier to have someone, but you don't need it.

[01:13:08]It's not necessary usually, unless you're like the only time where it's not really necessary. I don't know. I can't really say that. Cause there's all sorts of circumstances, but typically I usually run into the most issues trying to shoot stuff myself when there's like a life like lifestyle photos needed.

[01:13:26] Or if I'm not the avatar, like I have clients that have, that are just like women's skincare products and stuff. And I always end up having to hire somebody or sometimes my wife, helps me. But yeah,

[01:13:42] I think you'll be fine doing it by yourself. Pretty simple. Shoot. If you have a tripod GorillaPod whatever, throw it down should be, it should be fine to the moving shots that are tougher. Yeah. Those are hard to do while you're in. You shouldn't be in the shot. Yeah. You can find ways to do it. Yeah. And I can't use it.

[01:14:08] Can't use this acronym, do a thing where I'm like, oh, I'm putting it on the ground. I want to move. I do a lot of handheld movements when I'm shooting stuff by myself just to do moving shots. A lot of the time, my God, I have to tell ya, I am considering selling this lens. I love it.

[01:14:25] But I'm considering selling it. It is so bad. This 15 to 35. This it's just so big. I don't know if I need it, but that's for another day

[01:14:41] and my wife's lens, 18 millimeters. I've actually never had a need to go wider than that. And I usually use it at 35. I can't imagine what it feels like it is. So it's just, this is a 15 to 35 RF and it is, it's very heavy. And mostly I wanted a wide angle lens cause I do a lot of me talking on camera stuff.

[01:15:06] And so you get that sort of YouTube aesthetic, right? Because the, when you have a wide angle lens, obviously distorts it a little bit and it looks more like you're coming into the camera. This is a 35 millimeter effectively that we're talking on right now. It's a 22 with a 1.6 crop, which is 35 and it's perfect.

[01:15:24] I love it. So I'm thinking about getting a 35, there's a 35. It was also a $2,300 lens. So I'm thinking about selling it and getting a 35. There's like a 35 millimeter macro. That's 500 bucks that would, I would shoot pretty much all my B roll with probably for product shoots. And then I might just get if I can find like some 16 millimeter autofocus for YouTube video shoots and stuff like that, I think I would be fine.

[01:15:52] Just have prime lenses. I've got a telephoto, I nerd out to this stuff. So I'll just talk about this forever. If somebody doesn't stop me, how are we doing everybody? So Rakesh, how are you feeling about all of your avatar work? Do you want to share it with everybody? I know we've been talking a little bit about it.

[01:16:10]So folks we've been talking like Raquesh is like a bay hiker and backpacker and camper and stuff. So he was thinking about moving into doing like product ish type videos for like outdoor adventure brands and everything, which is a cool thing. Yeah. And I'd like to expand into resorts.

[01:16:28] Aggregate started partly because resort smells would be a good venue for adding fine art prints to the sales. Yeah. Yeah, of course. Yeah. Photography across the board. I'm trying to refine some of my packages right now. And Dave, you might be interested in this as well or not. Dave, Brad, you might be interested in this as well.

[01:16:59]Where I'm basically putting together some sort of like maybe 3,500 to $5,000. So package that would basically be like a creative kickstart for any online advertising brands. So it would be I would make a, I would make three, like two to three, three core videos, very similar to what you're doing, Brad, but I would throw in my like classic text on screen type video, like a B roll unboxing video.

[01:17:27] Like I showed you guys that I made last. I think I showed you one that I last week and then like a person on camera video, like I'm telling you to do. And then basically like 20 lifestyle photos that they, and so basically like you'd have every, like you have, you need to run a big profitable, fun ad campaign.

[01:17:50] That'll last you five or six months with that package. And I feel like it might be easy to sell. That might be a good one way to sort of those of you that, that are looking at working with pro companies with physical products to solve that core pain point that they don't have creative. So we'll just have to see how it works.

[01:18:11]If mostly like what the pain point is of the specific avatars, right? Brad you're like food people might be, because I do want you to get into that stuff because I think it would be fun for you. I want you to follow your heart with that stuff, but like they may end up wanting content, not as much for ads for some reason.

[01:18:30] Like maybe they want, maybe you ended up specializing in some sort of like website or demo type videos for that I don't know, or explainer type videos. And the same thing for cash. Although I'm guessing that usually in this day and age, the biggest need for creative is in advertising and it's a big pain point that nobody's really solving, at least not in the way that I'm trading you guys to solve it.

[01:18:53]Which is awesome. So I liked the idea of the starter package. That sounds like a good approach online business. Yeah. Yeah. And does it, because the thing is, they're going to want photos too. You always need to test photos alongside those. So you get to throw together a package where you get to do like a bunch of fun lifestyle photos to throw them in Lightroom, do your thing on 'em.

[01:19:19]Edit these videos, give them a couple of different versions with different aspect ratios. It's like a nice high margin sale because it's really just your time. At that point, the only other, the only X factor, like we talked about earlier, Brad is just like getting a roster of actors or whatever that can help you with this stuff.

[01:19:42] Yeah. It seems like that is the secret weapon, if you can develop that locally. Yeah, it's funny. Cause I used to, I used to direct theater and I just, I was surrounded by actors for 10 years in Manhattan, but now out here in Allentown and I haven't been in the theater world for awhile.

[01:19:58]But they're out there man. And they just want to work. And like the videos that you guys, my daughter's friends are all high school, college age. And so

[01:20:11] they may be a little young for what I'm trying to do for this video, but I'm going to reach out through them and see, because they may have older siblings or even moms, of some of the friends. Yeah. Yeah. The only thing is you want to make sure for the scripted video that we went over earlier that, that needs to be an actor.

[01:20:26]It's one thing to have models. Like for you mostly just need models. If you just want someone to move some stuff around while you shoot B roll or it's lifestyle shots, but the scripted video we're talking about, like you need an actor for that. Yeah. Yeah. Otherwise it will be bad.

[01:20:43] It will be poor. It will be poor. Yeah. But you can find them they're out there, they're out there. But I think that's just, that's my first hurdle that I've got to clear, but it's not going to be rocket science. It's just going to be a little hustle and getting out there and meeting people, yeah just send some emails around. There's always actors that want to work. Yeah. There's I think the labor market is pretty tight right now. Like all the restaurants are hurting for people. And so I think there's a lot of work out there, but people who want to act and be creative and that kind of thing, they're always looking for opportunities.

[01:21:20]So I think that's always working in your face. Yeah. People interested will act it every time. Yeah. And I've seen some actors work on projects that frankly were an embarrassment. Yeah. Didn't get paid for them, but they'd slots to the projects anyway. Yep. Yeah. And these are even sexier, honestly, because like Brad, listen, if you were shooting like an independent, short film or something.

[01:21:56] I got, I don't know, maybe a couple of hundred people would see that maybe I don't know. I don't know how many people would see it, but this video that you're going to make for your client. Yeah. It's going to be seen by millions of people, guaranteed, because it's because they're going to, because they're going to be boosting it like crazy, like millions of people.

[01:22:13] Like you don't. Like they should be paying you to be in the video. Yeah. There's been an 800 a day right now. They went from 600 to 800 a day on their ad spend. Yeah. Yeah. So there's going to be, yeah. Yeah. I have, I have video ads that are sitting out there with 20 million, 30 million views on them and stuff like it's there's a ton of exposure out there, so just, yeah.

[01:22:41] It won't be a hard sell. It's an easy sell, it's an easy sale. I've just gotta be careful about who I reach out to. And then I've gotta be decisive about finding the right person to looking for those right qualities. And I don't want to get stuck in that and overthink it. But so I definitely need, I think like the biggest thing is.

[01:23:04]If they're in the right age and then, attractive kind of female and then none, I'm just going to make sure that they know I'm not some creepy dude trying to invite them over to my house to make videos. So if I know if I, if we have a mutual friend that'll help a little bit too.

[01:23:19] Yeah. You could always meet them in a, probably meet at a coffee shop or something and, or somewhere else or something like that. Yeah. You can obviously show them your website and stuff like that. At least some of the coffee shops are back open again. The Starbucks aren't open again, but some of the local spots are like the inside.

[01:23:40] Yeah. So here's the other thing, Brad. And this is important. And some of my thoughts of the day have been around this. And all of you have various work going on. I just want you to remember that there is nothing more important than your business than your sales pipeline. So if you only spend the next two weeks on this video, that's not a good idea.

[01:24:05]You need to be building the stuff that we're building in this course at the same time. Yeah. I have a call tomorrow at 10:00 AM with another prospect. It's not for work. It's a media buying. Yeah, but it definitely could turn into some creative. Take them through the same sales process that I taught you because it works.

[01:24:26] Yeah. So I have that. I have that going on and then yeah. I'll continue to work on the the funnel. And yeah. yeah, no, that's it. That's definitely a good thing to keep in mind. Cause it's easy to get bogged down and over-focus on one thing, I've got another client that's in the middle of a webinar launch and that's taken up a lot of my time now, too.

[01:24:49] So I'm juggling a few different things and their freaking Facebook ads are not working like they used to they're struggling just cause it's, like they've got this tiny little sub niche, they go after teachers, but not just teachers who teach middle school, but not just teachers who teach middle school, but teachers who teach middle school ELA and you're trying to run Facebook ads to find those people.

[01:25:15] And it's just a tiny little sub niche and they used to be able to get leads for two or three bucks, but now it's cost them six or seven bucks. And it's just a challenge. A lot of that's just the iOS stuff, the tracking and the targeting is a little bit tougher for them, but anyway, I would highly recommend.

[01:25:36] Planning your days more intentionally, if, okay like you for example, you might say, okay, every day from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM or 9:00 AM to noon or whatever, I'm only going to focus on things in my business that are revenue generating activities. So any emails I need to write any funnel building, I need to do any homework that I need to do for the PVC.

[01:26:10] Like any of that stuff. That's what I'm doing. Cause that's revenue generating activity. And if I don't schedule that in, I'm risking my business because I'm not moving forward. I'm because ultimately you can never bank on keeping clients. And of course, like with the business model that we're going over in this, you can build whatever business you want, but most students are going to be taking on folks on a project by project basis.

[01:26:40] So you need to constantly have this, these aren't retainer clients. So you need to keep them coming in. The revenue's good because you're charging high prices, but you still have to, you still got to get three or four of these deals a month to get to 10 K per month. Which is not hard, but you need to make sure to schedule out time.

[01:26:57] Each day for the revenue generating activities. Cause you can just get stuck in the weeds of oh like Facebook account I gotta do this for a webinar and and then nothing ends up getting done because there's a lack of, there's a lack of focus. The best thing you can, I know everybody has other stuff going on and listen, like I am a much I do, as I say, not as I do, because I'm not amazing at this, but I'm telling you it's something I'm working hard at right now.

[01:27:25] And I think it's important. I think it's important to make sure you're doing that, but there's nothing more important than that. Close the deals, get more sales. Yeah. Revenue like revenue generating activities like the working on your business aspect, I think that's the best got to be the most important thing.

[01:27:45] And so I agree that should be probably first thing in the morning and then do my client work in the afternoon and that's what I'm trying to do. So maybe what you might need, I did this yesterday actually is just put it in your calendar like this is in your calendar and don't like, no zoom calls allowed, like you have specific times when you can do client zoom calls and other things like that.

[01:28:09]That that's your time when I've done that. And I've been disciplined about that. It's, I've had a lot of success and then it's really easy to slip out of that and then forget what that's like. And yeah, I think it's just a matter of just making that now that I've got these new things going on.

[01:28:27] I think it's more important than ever that I get some boundaries in place. So yeah I'll do that for sure. That's definitely good advice. I'm also battling for everybody. Yeah. But the other thing that hit me this week, my kids, I pick them up from their grandparents and they came back and got me sick.

[01:28:45] Everybody had a cold, so I've had a cold for the first time in years, I think I, like achy and a fever. And so like in the middle of all this, like my energy levels, like super, super low, so I'm struggling, but hopefully that'll be overseeing. Yeah. You'll get over it. I would normally be a lot more excited about what's going on right now.

[01:29:03] Yeah, no it's great. It's great. It's awesome. Question, we mentioned, we talked real quick about the mic that I would use. I need to double check, but it seems like I had one of those wired lovelier mikes, but it seems like last time I tried to use it, I was having a problem with it. So if I test it out and something It seems funny with it.

[01:29:24] If it's not working, what would you suggest I buy if I have to buy something? Yeah. Yeah. Let's let Raquesh chime in and then I'll tell you what I use, which is a more expensive when you talk about recording voiceovers and that sort of thing for a, or you're talking about for on set.

[01:29:43] Yeah. On set. He's talking about, yeah. The most cost effective, all the mikes I have found so far then either road or aperture. But I've been using the first model daddy for a long time and it's been, it has been very good. Okay. And is it wireless or wired? It's wireless. Probably a wired. Okay. It's very expensive to get a good quality environments. Yeah. That's what I was seeing. Yeah. I don't recommend it because of the price. Can you send me can you send, can you, what was the model on that one?

[01:30:25] It's a website it's called Danny. How do you spell that? The I T Y okay. Second. The second one I would recommend is actually rude. Okay. Yeah, I have a little bit of road gear, but I have a road mic that plugs in to my camera, just as a hot shot, kinda Mike.

[01:30:55] Oh, if you're looking for a

[01:31:02] quality, if you're looking for quality, then I'd actually recommend something like either one of the dating shotgun bikes or

[01:31:16] this one I'm not familiar with because it's new, but these are the least expensive.

[01:31:25] Yeah. I'm definitely thinking like right now, like I'm thinking best bang for the buck, that something that is worth hanging on to but very budget friendly. Sorry. I I don't know how, but I just found a cut on my finger, so I had to run and get a bandaid. So for me I actually I swear by my road wireless, go-to, I'm obsessed with it and I use it for everything.

[01:31:53] Okay. But it's $250. So you might not want to, you might not want to do that right away. What I like about it is it's a, I like a lot about it. It sounds great. And it's wireless and it actually comes with two transmitters. Which is awesome. If you want to do an interview or something like that. And it records the audio internally as a backup, which is fricking incredible.

[01:32:28]But anyway but honestly, sorry, go ahead, Rick Ash, what'd you say? And then I bring the, those wireless mics for supplemental audio, because even though sonically shotguns always will blow away by the weirs, there are sometimes a pain in the ass. It's gotta be a good one too, though. Like I have a couple of shotguns that I don't trust unless I'm super close to them, so you'd have to boom it.

[01:32:58] And if you're shooting at yourself, that can be a pain in the ass. So I've got this little shotgun, it's a road like this. I have this, I have the same one. I have the same one. I find that I have to be pretty damn close to that, to be happy with the sound. I also don't have great sound in this room, so I can't shoot with it.

[01:33:16] But I have another larger one, but yeah, if you could avoid it. And NTG, whatever it's called. Those are nice shotguns, but those are like 400 bucks or something like that. Yeah. Those are, they're basically Sennheiser quality, but at about half the price. Yeah. This is what I use. It's the road wireless go two years.

[01:33:40] See if my M 50 auto focuses, these things are killer. Yeah, that's fine. I'm just going to batting one of those to the kit because the boom mic, isn't always ideal for solo. And what they do is, so this is the receiver. So this hooks up this hooks into your camera, and then this comes with the transmitters, come with a clip.

[01:34:06] So you can just, and there's a mic right on it. And you can just wear them like a loud microphone, or I bought the magnet adapter thing. So if you've ever seen, actually you'll see this in my videos. If you're ever wondering what the little black rectangle is in the course videos that I've shot, that's it right there.

[01:34:22] It's the road with the magnet holding it on right there. It's fricking incredible. There's a company called Holly land that makes the kid,

[01:34:38] yeah, this is the one that's 300 bucks. Has gotten only positive reviews and is probably one of the, one of the go's best competitors. I don't think it has an internal recording, but it does like it auto links, everything when you charged them. Yeah. I think the go-to is like 250 bucks. I think it was like 250 bucks.

[01:35:06] It's pretty, pretty awesome. Is that one of the cheaper ones or is that one of the more expensive ones? That's pretty on par for a good wireless system, because wireless does get, there's cheap wireless stuff on Amazon and I have bought it and always returned it. Yeah. And so ultimately I ended up with the wireless, but honestly, I gotta be honest with you this right here.

[01:35:28] Like that hydro video, I shot it with a wired, oh my camera bag fell with a wired pop voice microphone. Yeah. And this was like $14 on Amazon and it sounds fucking incredible. I don't know about, I don't know about fucking incredible, but it sounds like really good and very, this is what I use for that hydro V video you watched earlier today.

[01:35:52] That may be similar to the one that I actually have that I think that I might have issues with. I'm going to go see if I can find it. Okay. Is it an adaptor issue you need to be using the, what is it called? TRRS or TRS or something? Yeah, I'm not sure.

[01:36:14] I'm not even sure where it is. I'm going to have to dig it up somewhere, but it's in one of those little patches just like that. Yep. And yeah I'll find it and test it out and if it works, I'll use that. And if it doesn't, I may buy another cheap one like that's wired just for this job and then get something like more like the road to, later on.

[01:36:35] Yeah. Yeah, definitely. You don't have to go too crazy on gear, I have a lot of gear personally, but yeah. Like just let it justify itself up. You're even pretty good with your camera at this point. Like it's just just keep rocking it and rolling it.

[01:36:50] Yeah. It's it's just a decent crop sensor camera, but the kind of videos that I'm making, I think it'll work. It fits my skill level, no, the camera that I, both of my cameras are crop sensor cameras also. Yeah. Even the $30,000 monster. It is that's an APC. It's a super 30.

[01:37:13] Oh, interesting. Which is super 35 because that's the standard cinema aspect, ratio and format. Yeah. Huh. I'm talking to you guys on a crop sensor, but I just upgraded to full frame whatever crop sensors are fine and there's plenty of lenses for them. So just go to work. I can't wait to see your, I can't wait to see your video.

[01:37:43]Definitely post it up and I'm sure that, Tyrone ricochet and others will want to chime in as well. We'll all work together as a team to make sure that you crush it on these videos. The first thing I'm going to need, I think is a lens because I've just got the 10 to 18 wide one and I've got a 50 millimeter fixed and those are my only two lenses.

[01:38:06] So I've got that. So you really need I would just shoot these videos with the 50 probably. And then that's fine. Yeah. Yeah. You just have to set, but I'll have to set it a ways away from the subject, but yeah. Might because it's a crop sensor, so it's actually 85 or something, isn't it?

[01:38:27] Yeah. Yeah. So there's just use the ATM. That's good. Yeah. I think it'll be fine. That's probably what that's 30 is formula. Exactly. Yeah. That's not too bad. It's about what would you suggest? If I could get if I got one more lens, like a fixed length prime, what would you suggest if I'm going to do the, doing these types of shoots with the camera, I've got like a what are you looking to?

[01:38:56] What kind of shots are you looking to do? Is that what you're trying to? What kind of folk like yeah. And I need to explore, like this type of project that I'm working on right now, which we talked about earlier in the call, but I'm going to have an actor doing a product scripted shot.

[01:39:15] So yeah, no, just, yeah, disregard that. I know that's a loaded question. It's buying lenses is always a tough choice if you don't know what your, what you actually need, because there are zillions of lenses out there now. And the primary determining factor in deciding which lens is going to be the most useful is what kind of shots you're trying to do as it's purely a physical thing.

[01:39:44] Totally. If you're trying to do extreme closeups, then we need to get a macro, but you do really wide shots, then you don't really need another ones anyway. Cause you already have a Y. Yeah. Yeah. And since it's a crop sensor, you have you can do a lot. Like I, I'm a really big fan of the 35 millimeter focal length, which is about where you're at 18.

[01:40:12] You're a little under that. Like you can produce pretty much everything there. I'm not like Raquesh is way beyond me in this technical stuff, but I have shot most of my like sexy bureau videos before. Cause I just got the AR five a couple of weeks ago, but I shot most of them on this camera with this lens, which is a 22 millimeter, F two, and it's a crop sensor.

[01:40:35] So that means it's a 35 and I shoot everything with it. It's an F two. So you get a great Boca, you get great Boca. It's a really sharp lens. It's perfect for product video shooting. I did a used it for, till I did all my talking had YouTube videos with I, you can't really, you can't really go wrong.

[01:40:57] That's why I'm thinking about selling this lens and going for the 35 millimeter. Macro lens, which is only 500 bucks, because ultimately I know that I can shoot everything. I need to shoot with that lens and there'll be light. And yeah. So ultimately all I have to really say to you is don't buy another lens.

[01:41:17] You're fine. Go with the maximum focal distance and go to work. And as I talk about in my book, which I know you've read, focus on the writing. Yeah. And that's where the money yeah. The story, the writing is in the writing is a secondary story. Focus on the story. Yeah. I'm totally with you on that one.

[01:41:39] Now, if you're looking for looking to get, okay, you don't actually necessarily have to go with a long lens or a super fast lens, just shoot wider, open and back your talent up from the camera. Keep your talent background. Yeah. And then again, yeah. And in fact, if you're going to invest in anything and then you felt her might be your best bet because you can get the right one, you can use it on everything and not be limited to one particular lens or whatever.

[01:42:18] And if you ever do add lenses, you can use it on those. Yeah. Nope. Do you have one of those bread? Because you're going to need it if you shoot outside. Yeah. Get one of those a filter. Yeah. Yeah. You can get them pretty cheap. I've got I've got this. What is it called? F pro MRC? I don't know.

[01:42:43] Yeah, I've got a polarizing filter. Yeah. That's different. That just softens up the image, but the ND filter it's like sunglasses for your lens. So it allows you to shoot at fast apertures outside. Yeah. Which is where you'll get the Boca from. Because otherwise, if you weren't using it, you would have to like, make your settings, make it like, really, like you'd have to basically get, it would be like an iPhone shot where there's no depth of field at all.

[01:43:12] That's the biggest, one of the biggest annoyances about the iPhone video. You have to stop down. You have no more steps. I feel. Yeah. Sometimes I mix up, stop down and stop up. But yeah. You know what I mean? Yeah. Yeah. Anyway. Yeah. I got that polarizing filter for doing product videos Just cause it would polarizers are useful.

[01:43:38] Although they're really difficult to use when you're doing video because they affect sun and the way they affect the sun depends on the angle to the sun. So if you do a pan with a wide angle lens, with a polarizer, you will often, and by often almost always see a change in the sky. Like it'll change the color of the sky because it will cut through the haze to a different degree at different angles.

[01:44:10] So as you pan, or if you use a really wide lens, the sky will be blazing as you're over here and pale over here. Yeah. It's it can be distracting. I bought it in case I was doing like a product shoot inside with just to soften and even out the light, the reflection on the product itself during the shoot.

[01:44:32]Cause I haven't really used it. You're better off using a bounce card. Just polarizers don't affect. They don't give you the light. They don't actually soften contrast. They don't fix contrast problems and they'll just cut speculars out of skin. So they'll make skin look. Cleaner because it will have fewer specular highlights on it, but it won't feel on shadows and I won't soften harshness and you're far better off getting diffusion, go out to the nearest fabric store by a bolt of silk about 15 feet long,

[01:45:14] and basically string that up and fire your lights through that and then put a bounce and it will look like you let it with condor. And as Sonya did that on a feature film where we you're doing a shot in June and the Pacific Northwest in middle of the day on, in an open field, worst possible lighting, you could imagine it looked horrendously bad.

[01:45:43] So we got, we put up a scaffold, we had a 15 foot silk, which is literally just a chunk of sill nylon to get attached you. So grommets need to attach a couple of bulls and had held that up over the scene and then use electrodes to create a rim light. And it actually looked like we led it with about $10,000 worth of lighting gear.

[01:46:11] Yeah, that's awesome. It would've been easier if we could have brought in a condo. Because we wouldn't have had to have people standing on scaffolds, plus people holding scaffolds and all that will look exactly the same more labor costs. Yeah, that's cool. Okay. That's really the best way to, to soften shadows and clean up your lighting is use the bounce card and yeah.

[01:46:46] And if you're going to be endorsed, you don't need to worry about so nylon because soaks lasts a long time. If you don't snag them on rush and things like that. Yeah. And a lot tougher, but if you're endorsed, yeah. As long as you don't set it on fire, which that could happen, possibly with some of these, if I do some food videos, but there might be fire involved.

[01:47:13] We'll see. That's later on down the road,

[01:47:20] but seriously, if you want to watch your legs look good, polarizers. Knock it out. Yeah.

[01:47:29]That sounds good. So does anybody else? Yeah. I love talking about this. But I do want to make sure we're making you guys money first. Does everybody have any other questions about making more money?

[01:47:46] I'm just going to watch the replay and get my script set I'll I'll go through the video. I'll get working on my script. That's how I'm going to make some money. And then I guess this will be my challenge. Is this going to be my challenge video? The timing of it is perfect. So I guess I'll use this as my challenge video.

[01:48:03] If you can get it done by Tuesday, that's the deadline. Oh yeah. That's the problem. Maybe he'll send me the, he should get me the product so I could do like a product shot with it. There you go. And then you can send it to them and you can be like, Hey, I made even another video. Okay, I'll check and see if it's on the way.

[01:48:22] I bet it is. Cause he's Mr gung-ho. Yeah. And you have airplane. Yeah. You're using AirPods, so yeah. You're all good to go. Yeah. Yeah. I don't have AirPods. I would have to, I would have to buy some. Yeah. And my kids have. Yeah. Okay. Does anybody else have any any more questions for me?

[01:48:43] I'm a European Amy. I think I'm good. I'm good. Okay. All right guys. Fun is always, I love these calls. These calls are cool.

[01:49:02] Yeah. They're wonderful. Let me know if you need anything, feel free to use circle. I've been tagging everybody when I post stuff, because I feel like you don't get notifications if posts just go up, but I would love it if you did. I don't know if there's a way to do that, but yeah, cause I'm trying to post more stuff in there too.

[01:49:22]I want to make sure everybody sees it. So if you're having any issues with seeing everything in circle, let me know. Unfortunately, for Rakesh, he has an Android and apparently we learned when we were on the call the other day that they don't have an Android app,

[01:49:39] but you can still get on it. All right. You know where to find me, let me know if you need anything. Yeah. Thanks man. Thanks. Take care. Bye.

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