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PVC Coaching Call 06.03.21

At the end of the day, it just comes down to money. I'm actually charging people a little bit more than you guys paid. Now. The pro the cost has gone up a little. So anyway, we will see how's it going? Good. I just got back from. I w I drove to Texas and saw family and I was in the car for 13 hours yesterday.

[00:00:20] So I got back late last night. So I'm kinda getting back in the groove here. So anyways, but yeah, I'm doing good. I've got a, I just heard back from that for the first week when we talked about sales and I had that call with that guy, so that's been, he I thought he was like, ghosted me, but he got back to me while I was out of town.

[00:00:39] And it sounds like they still want to do something. It's not really the kind of work that I'm trying to get going with, like our funnel and everything, but it could give me some video work in the short term, some kind of trying to figure out what to re reply to him back with. It's basically taking their blog content and making YouTube videos with it.

[00:00:58] And I've I've done a little work. So anyways he's asking me some questions. I'm trying to figure out how much to charge him. And so I, I may get your opinion. I may try to break it down a little bit as to what I think is going to well, how did Lorenzo was here and then he immediately left.

[00:01:14] I wonder if he's okay. He's yeah, I dunno. How did you run the sales process? Tell me how the sales process has gone to this point. We had that initial call where we just got to know each other and it was, it definitely was not. Looking at your process, it was not the way I would run my normal calls.

[00:01:33] Cause he and I were connected on slack through the ad skills network and we had chatted and then we just jumped on a call to talk. So it was pretty informal. And it's more about I think he just needs some help. This is a, it's a big company they're owned by So it's a corporate situation.

[00:01:51]I think they've got plenty of budget, but yeah, I think these videos, so basically it's just, he's asking me, what's the cost? What are you going to do? What exactly will you be providing and that kind of thing. So it's, I just, I don't have any clue as to what his budget is. And so that's the hard part it's got to fit you because you didn't do your job on the first call.

[00:02:11] I know I was a newbie. I was green. I was green. And yeah, I definitely see. So did you not? For example, like somebody is not somebody you didn't take control. Yeah. Yeah. Somebody is there he is again. You're never going to close somebody where you like you just told me, I just think he needs some help with video. That's not enough of a, it's not enough of a pain point to be. Like you may close him, but you're not going to be able to charge very much. You see how this works in the sales process.

[00:02:47]There's just, that's kinda how it rolls. That's why even with like referrals and like really warm leads, I still take them through the same exact process. Like we know them really well because if they take control it's I can't even imagine it's been so long since I let somebody take control of a sales call.

[00:03:11] I don't even know what that would be like. Can you imagine Hey Matt, what will you do for me? How much do you cost? Forget it. Yeah. And it's just, yeah, I totally see, like I'm sold. I, on the process for sure. And I'm gonna, I'm not going to do this to myself again, but okay.

[00:03:28] You're learning. I'm just basically this is like a learning moment where you get up where the ball is all in his court and you feel like you thought he was ghosting you like all of these different things and. Really it's just because you weren't able to take control of the process and you didn't, you probably didn't.

[00:03:49]Did you do it? You got you got to book the second call at the end of the first call, so you don't have this ghosting problem. And it's just all, there's just like a structure in place for it. So yeah, the best way to move forward now, is that what you want to know? I'm sure, I think you understand where the mistakes were.

[00:04:08]So to salvage this now in a way that makes sense for you where is it? Where is it? Like, where are we exactly well process. Yeah. He wants to like, farm this workout. So like he wants to take, they've got this blog that they're, they've got a bunch of high ranking articles and they basically want to turn them into YouTube videos.

[00:04:31] I think they're going to be about 13 minutes each. So I've sized up the work. I actually put together like a little bit like kinda mocked one up, put a quick and dirty version just to get an idea of how much work it would be on my end. Okay. Wait so what is it again?

[00:04:45]And is this how the call went? He was like, oh, we need these blogs turned into YouTube videos. Can you do that? That was how the call went. I mean that, yeah, that was the project. Yeah. Yeah. So that, that's what he needed help with. Because I had posted an ad skills, the slack.

[00:05:00] Hey, I'm looking to pick up more video work a while back like a couple months ago. And he replied to it saying, Hey, I've got some, I've got some work. You want to jump on a call. So that was really how this originated. So what's the job. Exactly. It's taken taking the, their blogs that they've got ranking for certain keywords and like specifically it's do you need an LLC for your rental property?

[00:05:23] Their market is DIY landlords it's so it's a SAS company. And so they sell software solutions to people that own rental property. And so they've got a blog that has an article that says do you need an LLC for your rental property night? They ranked number one on Google for that. So he wants to take that and basically turn it into a script.

[00:05:46] And then I guess have a, a human presenter that they would hire out, or it may just be like a narration. So that's the question I posed to him. I was like, is this just being narrated? Cause he's got somebody that can do the voiceover. So really I think all I have to do is I have to create the script, send it to him.

[00:06:03] They do a voiceover, he sends it back to me. I create all the slides, probably going to be about a 12 to 15 minute video. And just one video. No, I think there's the possibility of doing that. 30 or 40 or 50 of these things. I think it actually could be a lot of work. And so that's why I'm interested in it because this could give me some video work over the next few months while I'm getting this business up and running, so I'm interested in doing, because I think it's a sizeable amount of work. But I don't know if he's wanting to pay like 500 a video or a thousand, a video or 1500 a video, that kind of thing. So that's where I'm at and I've never really done this, so I don't really know what it's worth on and I'm trying to figure out, I think it would take me at least a few hours for each video.

[00:06:48]Like minimum, like probably a day or two, you need to redo a, do you need me to do another discovery call? So what, so where, what was the last communication? Okay. He sent me, okay. I'll I'll read. So the slack message, he said, Hey, Brad, sorry, I haven't got back to you sooner.

[00:07:12] I'm leaving on vacation next week, trying to fit everything in blah, blah, blah. He said biggest help for me would be understanding how you prefer to work order of ops what's needed, what you provide and costs from there. We can fine tune video direction. That's what I've got from him. And so I'm kinda like, eh, I don't even know what to say, yeah. So I just I just rerecorded the sales training today because I don't know if anybody watched it yet, but the audio was all blown out and I just couldn't have it up there. I won't leave it up there. It's cause I got my new camera and I kept the same audio settings on my mic and the preempt must be totally different on this camera because I don't know, it was not good.

[00:07:58] So I fixed it. But I bring that up because I talk a little bit about I talk a little bit in there about what to do when someone tries to wrestle control of a call from you when you're in your, when you're in the stage of trying to like pre-frame, I don't know. I don't know how much you guys have gone into the sales side of things, but when you're in that space.

[00:08:27] And so I think that what you need to do is course correct. The reason that you can't continue with it in this way, because you may end up like getting the gig, but you'll probably end up like severely underpaid and really overworked. That's what I'm afraid of. Yeah. So I think the way to fix this, and you may or may not get the gig, but I think the way to fix this, now, what I would do is I would be like, let's hop on another call so I can really drill down on either.

[00:09:09] I have so many questions about this. I need to know what the scope is. I need to know why you want this, why it matters to you. Even some of the things that you were saying, Brad is the way I'm trying. I want to shift your guys' mindset, away from this. Like for example, you were like, I don't know if he wants a narration or what it's like, you need to position yourself as the expert.

[00:09:32] He doesn't know. He wants your opinion on it. Probably should this be like what works in a YouTube video? And you're like, okay, I understand this now. So the best way to do this is going to be through having a human presenter, because then you can blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

[00:09:48]Positioning yourself as the expert there. That's what allows you to get paid? What you deserve to do this project. And it puts you in the driver's seat of it. So read is another discovery call. Yeah. So just basically be like, Hey, thanks for reaching out. Yeah, it's been a while and I'm trying to still like, figure out exactly what this project is and everything.

[00:10:11]Let's let's get a call on the books and if that needs to be after you get back from your vacation, so you don't feel rushed. And if he's just just tell me how much it costs and be like, I it's possible for me to give you a price right now, because I just don't have a full understanding of what the job is and what the, so it's impossible.

[00:10:33] All of our work is all of our projects are custom tailored to you so that you get the best possible result from them. So it's impossible for me to price it without us being able to hop on the phone and me ask you some questions. And if he bails at that point, it's his loss. Cause he's just going to go to Fiverr and hire some idiot, and then, and then you don't get to work with them.

[00:11:00] 'cause if you can, T if you continue to write with this current process, he would never trust you either. It would just always be the situation where Brad, what have you done for me lately? Whereas this clock's ticking, like it would just be, it would just be weird, and I can even tell from this like the way that he came back to you and all this stuff it's just a lot of business owners think they just want to know the price. They're just like, just tell me the price. And that's all I want to know is if you're shopping for canned beans or something like that, but it's not exactly people shopping for people.

[00:11:40]And I think even more challenging is he's an employee he's director of marketing. They're owned by It's a big company, which is even owned by news Corp. So like it's a big conglomerate. He just wants this off his back. I think the pain is that he wants to rank as high SEO possible.

[00:12:00] So I think this is an SEO play more than they're not really trying to build their channel. Okay. But yeah, that's not pain that happens all the time. It happens in college. When I teach the persona exercise too, like what is the pain? And then some of them will say, and sorry, this is you're in the program now.

[00:12:21] So now I get to be hard on you. The pain is not, they want to rank higher in SEO. So that's like a better. Like that, that's like a symptom of something that they might want out of it. So what's the actual pain are they not ranking high enough in SEO now? That's probably not.

[00:12:38] It, they probably are starting this YouTube channel SEO thing from scratch or something. Okay, great. What will that allow you to do? What will the SEO boosting allow you to do? It'll allow us to get seen by X number of customers. Oh, okay. So how much extra income do you feel like that would bring in if it achieved your goal, bringing in X number of customers?

[00:13:01]If they sign up for it, lifetime value is about $5,000. Oh, okay. So about $20,000 per video is what you're hoping, comes through as the SEO ranks. You're like, yeah. That's probably about what we're looking at. Okay, great. Now I understand, this is just you need artillery, right?

[00:13:19] Like you need to be able to, you need to have artillery. Yeah. So that when you, so that when you do pitch them and they have objections like, oh, you're too expensive. I don't know if now is the right time, whatever it may be. It's Is so is now the right time is now not the right time to add 20,000 more dollars to the business that you can go talk to your boss about and he'll make you happy.

[00:13:46] Oh no. Now is the right time. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. So can you put it on a credit card and we'll just get going. Yeah. Yeah. Does this make sense? Okay. Yeah. Oh yeah, it does. And I've I felt this is the situation that I'm in. And so that's why I mentioned it because I've, I had a feeling, this is where you don't want me to do start back over. And he even mentioned start back over. He even mentioned on the last, and I think he knows it too.

[00:14:12] Cause on our first call, he said, he goes, Hey, we'll have another call and go through a real discovery and all that kind of stuff. Cause it, he's not a rookie he's been, he's probably sold lots of people and he's been sold and he knows the process. He may or may not be trying to, obviously he's trying to get a good deal, as I said, he's an employee he's leaving on vacation next week.

[00:14:30] He, I don't think he's got a real bad pain. I think this is more like they're already ranking number one for these things. They want to hang on to it. So I may be competing with a or type solution on this and it may not, but that's what I got to find out. Nope. Nobody in this program is going to be in a race to the bottom on price.

[00:14:50] Yeah. That's not what we're doing here. Like you're not compete. Like I don't see Fiverr as your competition. No, I'm just saying in his mind he may be, that may be what in his mind, sure. Yeah. That's why you have to take them through a classic sales process. Yeah. Cool. That's what I'll do. I'll just tell him that we need to set something up for when he gets back from vacation and then that gives me time to work on my sales techniques before he gets back.

[00:15:16] It's not even much techniques. It's just it's just like asking questions. Yeah. That's all, it's just like asking questions. Because, and it's all ethical. Like it's all it's all legit, by the way. Like you have no, like you, you couldn't answer his questions right now that he has. Yeah.

[00:15:36] I think I can't like, like if he was to ask you right now, can you help me? You would have to say, based on the information that I have now, no I don't even understand what this project is. Sounds like a lot of work. Yeah. For what? For what? I don't even know why it matters to you. Yeah.

[00:15:52] So the answer is no based on the information we have now. It's hard. I know a lot of it is mindset. Like going into each potential deal, not feeling like you have to close that deal is crucial. Yeah. And it's not because you're playing hard to get, it's just mindset. Like you're going to talk to a lot of people that are not going to end up working with you and it's okay.

[00:16:16] Yeah. It's absolutely. Okay. It's a business model thing at the end of the day, if you are closing 100% of deals that came to you, you would be overworked. And it would be probably if you're closing a hundred percent of deals, like a, one of my coaches told me this, once he said, if you're closing a hundred percent, like he said, if you're closing over 30% of any of your deals, you should, it means you need to increase your price.

[00:16:44] Yeah. He was like you're too cheap if you're closing over 30%, but if you're closing under 30%, it doesn't necessarily mean you have to lower your price. It means you need to be be better. You mean means you need to do a better job at the sales side. Yeah. And I'm excited to get into the routine of talking to my target market about the specific solution that I'm working on.

[00:17:08] This one was an, a wild card. The, that kind of just came up and it's so useful for other people on this call as well. To just hear going through like a real sales process and how that might work. Even if it's warm, even if it's a warm lead, you still need to take them through the process if you don't break rapport or anything, but you have to take them through the process.

[00:17:32] Yeah, for sure. And I just remembered that I forgot to put you in touch with Heather. Oh, yes. Yeah. Do I have your email, Brad?

[00:17:48] I don't. I don't. It's not saved in my email software. Okay. I'll set I'll yeah, I'll set you up here in a minute. I haven't talked to her in awhile, but she's pretty nice. Yeah. Yeah. I can do a quick little interview cause I've got to circle back and go back to week one. Avatar because avatar work.

[00:18:08] Cause when I did that, it was for something else. So that was before I knew what my niche was. So I'm going to circle back. That's actually number top priority for me is to get that done. And then I think once I get that done, I've got to decide on the type of sales mechanism I'm going to use what, and whether it's a VSL or some sort of training video or something like that.

[00:18:30]Or webinar for my funnel. So I think like high level, that's what I, that's what I feel like is my top priorities, go back, do the avatar work. So it would be good to talk to her. And I've been doing a lot of research and reading about the market while I was on this trip this week. So I'm getting a little bit more familiar with the businesses that are out there.

[00:18:52] And I'm trying to I've subscribed to a couple of magazines that I'm hoping to, I'm building kind of a list of the entrepreneurs that I can find and profile online and can reading interviews with them and that kind of thing too. But yeah, I'm going to go through the avatar work really quick, real quick, like today, tomorrow, get that done.

[00:19:10] And then I dunno, I think that's the next thing I need to do after that is just just decide what I need to build to get this funnel up and running. And I'm thinking of VSL probably. Cause I don't have any case studies in this niche. Is that what you think would be the most effective funnel at this point?

[00:19:28] Or maybe it's a webinar where I could teach that, I did that story method that I came up with just pulled it out of my ass. I could I wouldn't launch into a webinar it's just too much. Yeah. And I can write a VSL. I've written VSLs before For clients.

[00:19:44] So I feel like I could bust that out fairly quickly and I've gone through yours a couple of times. And so anyway, so I think that, so I think my goal is to get all that done, hopefully within the next week or so, and get, get that get some of that built and up and running. So I'd love to get some ads running pretty soon.

[00:20:06] Yeah. Yeah. Does that, you, I think that one, one thing that you could also do is you could just simply try a landing page and just see based on one of my templates and just see if it generates anything. The VSL is good. And by the way, we're adding it probably later today, I believe we're adding basically like a plug-in play email sequence that can basically go with any of these funnels so that if someone opts in, they would just go into this specific email sequence.

[00:20:44] Awesome. Yeah, whatever CRM you want to use to copy and paste the email. Yeah, I've got active campaign and then I have a WordPress thrive themes account, but I may just, depending on how much work it is to set up a click funnels account, just so I can pull those in a little bit faster. I don't know.

[00:21:05]I have the thrive themes it's already paid for a year. I've got hosting, but I could use that site for something else later. Maybe, but click funnels a hundred bucks a month. It's not the most expensive thing in the world, but I may but I'm all about time savings at this point.

[00:21:19]I don't want any friction to get this up and running. Yeah. Thrive is pretty good. I've used it. I avoid WordPress like the plague, but I it's yeah, it's good. But yeah, you would have to rebuild it. Yeah. There's like older, there's like only so much that I can do. Like we, we can do in the program too to make it plug and play the best.

[00:21:42] So that, that's why they're all in ClickFunnels because ClickFunnels has this great way of just, you can just duplicate it into your. Yeah. The best thing to do would be to start a new, I think you should just start a new click funnels account ride the 14 day trial, just so that at the very least you can get your handle on it.

[00:22:00] That's what I did. I got your free t-shirt, they're very comfortable. I love ClickFunnels. T-shirts they're very comfortable. They're try. They're try blend. I don't know if you they're very cozy. And beyond with it. Yeah. I set up an account while I was out of town and imported the know I started to look at it, but I haven't spent any time.

[00:22:20] So I'll probably just do that. Cause I need to be focused on other things. I don't want to get into the, listen, I don't love click funnels, but ease of use. Yeah, it works. Like I am now, like I avoided, I bought ClickFunnels when I was in the position that you guys are in your business because I was just getting up funnels, like all the time, testing, different funnels all the time and I didn't have much direction.

[00:22:43] And that's what my coaches were telling me to do and blah, blah, blah. But then as I grew in my career, I started eliminating it. But recently I brought it back. Cause I'm just like, you know what, at the end of the day, it's just easy, it's just easy. It just works. It works. Yeah. And yeah, so go for it.

[00:23:08] VSL. Can be a bit of a thing. Do you have do you have testimonials just in general about working with you? Yeah. Yeah. I have a cup. I have one of my clients did a video testimonial for me. I've got another couple of written ones. So I, I can put in a, in fact I have a page it's like it's under BD creative

[00:23:31] I've got a little landing page where I've sent warm leads before to sign up on a little discovery call kind of thing. And so one of the, one of the

[00:23:42]Let's see here.

[00:23:55] Okay. So I don't know if you guys saw, but there's a lot of funnels to choose from. So we have to decide what's right for you, but and this really needs to be organized or wait, I think Kelsey might have organized it. Kelsey's amazing by the way, if you guys ever need anything, feel free to reach out to her.

[00:24:12] She's like the best employee I've ever had. Shared funnels. Coaching. Yeah, I don't think it's okay. This is most of them here. So the other thing is case study landing page PVC from funnel framework, IES guide, social lead gen G S offer guide social Legion, video reel opt-in template. This is the landing page only template video reel opt-in template

[00:24:53] sales mechanism video here. Oh, this one actually needs an opt-in page on it. I'll have Kelsey put that in, but video sales letter template.

[00:25:07] Yes.

[00:25:12] Something that might be worth trying, and maybe I'll actually just have Kelsey format this one and add it to the list for you guys. Is this. So this is a funnel that I have tried that can work really well to get you quick calls. And it's not as much work as a VSL because getting a good VSL can be a lot of work.

[00:25:37]This is a good gateway drug to it. So basically it's this template here. And then they opt in to see the case studies and it would be about the story method. And then you get into here and then what this is it's, I'm going to turn my sound on.

[00:26:03] So they're coming to see these case studies and you can put these case studies down there. And you could like whatever the case studies are second to it, right? Like you can put the videos on there re-edit them. So they don't talk about like the other stuff that you did. So it's most mostly about talking about you and then put a couple of quotes down there if you have them.

[00:26:23] And then this video is really short. Hey, what's up guys. It's Matt Johnston. Thank you so much for reading our ad on Facebook. Hopefully something with it resonated with you, and that's why you're here watching this video. I'm going to keep this super short and get right to the point. We help people in competitive markets become distinct magnets to anyone that could ever buy from them.

[00:26:45] We do this with our methodology. That creates Blue's a little weird of a jump cut, but as that's what descript gives you sometimes. But I just had Kelsey throw this together, but that's the basic idea it's and I have a script for this that I can just give you on a platter. And you just follow it without wavering.

[00:27:04] And we can just write it together. You can just put it in a Google doc and then I can just look at it, just record it in 10 seconds, snippets, don't have to memorize it or use a teleprompter. If you want to do a video you could, that would be a good way to go because this is super easy to get together.

[00:27:23] Like you could just steal this template and then it works like this funnel generates calls. Yeah. And I've got I've got one video testimonial and it's a client, she's a course, a digital course provider and a member as a membership site. Totally different industry. And then I think I have a couple of other, quotes two or three quotes that I can use from people who are also in the digital course.

[00:27:50]You're gonna, you're gonna present your system a little bit in the video. And if you don't want to be on camera, like if you're not comfortable on camera, I w I haven't tested this, but it might be fun to see what would have happened if you just did it in like a VSL format, like my VSL. And just to see what happens and even do it with a white, digital whiteboard, like a loom videos, too.

[00:28:13]That's kinda what I'm getting at is just some sort of loom video that, that follows this script and does some teaching. Yeah. Yeah, that would be pretty, probably better with the personal touch, like I have here, but yeah, not to toot my own horn, but I know how to be on camera. I don't think everybody knows how to do that.

[00:28:32]Like just some sort of loom video could work as well, and then you're putting them through the email sequence, although you don't have to wait for the email sequence to launch that might be the best way to get started with it. And what I'll do is I'll have Kelsey put this into the I'll have Kelsey put this into the portal, but I will also share the link with you in chat right now.

[00:29:01] Okay.

[00:29:10] There it is. So the big thing is for me too, like you've mentioned, I've got to present this as a new opportunity, right? It's this is, here's my background. Here's why I want to do this. I've got this background in food. I've got I live this lifestyle, that kind of thing. Let me just make it easy for you, Brad.

[00:29:30] Yeah, this is, oh, it's cause I stole this from my coach here, but this is the basics. Literally you could just copy this. Hey, what's up guys? It's Brad Davis. Thank you so much for reading our ad on Facebook or see me online wherever you saw me. Hopefully something resonated with you and that's why you're here.

[00:29:52] Like checking out this little loom video of mine. Listen, I'm going to keep this super short and get right to the point. I. Food businesses. I help state we help sustainable food businesses, build ads that are mouthwatering, that attract people to buy, like nothing you've ever seen before. And I do this with this very specific story methodology.

[00:30:18] That mix is a synthetic classic tried and true food video techniques that people have been using for years with the mission based stuff that is behind the reason that your company is likely built in the first place, because you can't get people to buy your food products just based on mission alone.

[00:30:42] They have to know that they're going to taste amazing. And that's what this does. The outcome of this enables you to moving from feeling like you're trying to compete against huge brands, like impossible foods and beyond burger and other plant-based alternatives. And instead. Makes you into being a magnet, to every potential customer that you could have and creating your own blue ocean within what you probably feel like is a very competitive market and magnetically draws sales to you.

[00:31:18] However you choose to use this video. To, to show you how this works, I'm going to take you right inside of this model. So let's go to the whiteboard here, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah story system. Here's the reason it works. If this is something you want my help to implement for your business, we should get on a call together.

[00:31:38] It's not going to be a high pressure strategy session or anything like that. I don't believe in strong arming people into something that they don't want or need. I'll just ask you a bunch of questions to make sure we can help. And then together, we'll come up with a personalized game plan for you. If you want to go forward and work with us personally, I can explain the investment what's involved, different payment options, et cetera.

[00:31:59] If you look below the video, you'll see some testimonials and case studies of other people that have worked with me and what their experience has been. And there's a calendar right here embedded in this page. If you're still listening and you really want to finally pull in the 100 sales a day, you deserve online or whatever end result goal is that.

[00:32:24] Just go down there, select a time that works for you. And we can jump on a call and we'll be chatting in the next week or so thank you so much. That's a great script. Good job. So that's your script. So just do that. And the only thing that you need to, the only thing that you need to add to that is

[00:32:45] rolling what happened? That's weird. The only thing that you need to add to that is your teaching. And this should be really short, just like a couple of minutes, two to three minutes where you just basically, you just write out the acronym, what it means and why it matters, and it should always be talking about the problem.

[00:33:10] Problem problem. So keying in on the core, like even when you're teaching it's core, core problem, whatever that is, we've identified it, but you got to really, you've got to really figure out what that core problem is. Probably it's it's not enough sales because.

[00:33:27] Too competitive of a market, whatever it may be, not enough sales because too small of a target audience or whatever it may be. So you're always want to be setting it up so that your solution is so that your video services are the solution to that core problem. But other than that, the whole rest of it is on a silver platter for you.

[00:33:51] So just to say that's bad ass yeah. I can do that. Yeah. Yeah. That's great. Yeah. Good. Thank you. Yeah, I'm excited. I'm excited to get started and start putting it together and like I stood up and I've got a whiteboard I can possibly shoot that. Obviously I don't have the theater background that you do in the mic.

[00:34:10] I haven't been on camera as much, but so I'll probably do it with a loom first or I've got an iPad with I can whiteboard on that. So I might look at a couple of options on that, but yeah, but don't let analysis paralysis like gets you like seriously, just use the whiteboard on loom. Like just use loom.

[00:34:30] Like I use do you have a Mac? Yeah. You don't have, see, I have one of these. I always forget about this. So I have one of these. I bought one of these. Drawing tablets, but I, cause I, I teach college, so I'm always writing on a whiteboard on zoom, but that's what I do. So I've got an iPad, I've got an iPad pro with a pencil and it's got the whole whiteboard stuff.

[00:34:56] And I think I can share, I don't know how you would record it. Can you like record it? Can you record your screen? I'm pretty sure I can get it to work. I'll look at what kind of options I've got, but I'm pretty sure I can do it that way. Yeah, don't get too. Don't get too crazy about it. Also.

[00:35:13] You could just skip the whiteboard thing. That was that's my own design cause I like whiteboards, but you could just put together three or four Google slides and just talk through those, which is probably the simplest way to do it. Okay. That could be rev one kind of easy version. Yeah. Oh yeah.

[00:35:30] Listen, just like once again, like you find out if the lion is there. Yeah, exactly. If that's what it takes, like just do a Google slide, like story system. Is it a story system? Yeah. Story. Yeah. Story method, story system. Yeah. Renzo's had the story method too. And I was like, did you guys steal each other's systems?

[00:35:55] I don't know. Yeah. Yeah. I just randomly came up, when I did the homework that week, it said, go ahead and take a shot, come up with your own little your thing. And so I just like. Just made one up really quick. There's a couple of things I'm going to change on it. But but yeah, so Lorenzo asks we help us better running business.

[00:36:15] And then, yeah, it's more of a USP, like a unique selling proposition, like a statement of your unique selling proposition. I would say like I, but it's similar to IPS. What I like with IPS is that it forces you to think from a third party perspective. If somebody else was describing your business, can you hear me, Lorenzo?

[00:36:41] I feel like it's like 80. Oh, you can. Yeah. But my is this big and crazy. Yeah. Oh, okay. I'll just keep talking. Just assuming everything's okay. What I like about the IPS that is a little different is that it forces you to pretend that it's a third party that is saying it. So it's like this company helps businesses in competitive markets become distinct magnets to everyone that could ever buy from them, but they're essentially the same.

[00:37:14]And really like with IPS, the whole point of me making you do that is to make you truly articulate. The unique nature of what you're building. That's really what it is. Yeah. Yeah. Did you, so the script that you just walk me through, do you have a link to it? Or yes. Okay. Because that was just a Google doc.

[00:37:42] Okay. Yes, indeed. So that next level of business is that's not James, what's his name? James Wedmore. He has a business called next level. I think it's, I think it's different though. The logo. Oh yeah, no, yeah. This is my coach. Like I, I adapted it from one of his templates. Oh yeah.

[00:38:01]It's Ali Bilson is who I work with. Oh, okay. One of my clients actually go isn't this thing called next level coaching with this guy named James Wedmore. That's why I asked. So I know, but it's more of a matte, it's more of a mastermind. I think that's what next. Yeah. That's what I do with Ali.

[00:38:22] It's like a $40,000 a year. Mastermind that I'm in with him. Yes. Insane. Yeah. What's obviously. Yeah, he's awesome. He's awesome. Anyone on those swimmers, let me change that to anyone for you.

[00:38:45] Yeah, that's a really, I like the script format. It seems really simple and straightforward. It is. This allows you to get up. This allows you to get it up quickly because I want you guys to get results. I just put it in there. Okay. I got it. And my little mind, and this is probably just coming from this place of just being new in my mind.

[00:39:13] I'm thinking that the first thing these people are going to object to is, oh, you haven't worked with any plant-based. Yeah. Any food companies or whatever. And, but I don't, do you think that's going to be like, I know starting out and getting this first client, I feel like that's going to be the hurdle.

[00:39:28]Just cause I haven't, I don't have the case study with them. Stop it. You are the expert. Yeah. It makes no difference that shouldn't even come up. Okay. The reason that they will buy from you is to solve their problem. Not because of how good your food videos are. Yeah. You got to shift it. You've gotta shift it.

[00:39:56] This is why this is why what was I going to say? Yeah, you guys, yeah, there was, do you think I need to like every single person, every single person I talk to, like so many people, these, every single day about this kind of stuff. And they all are just taking the gigs that come and every single person that's in your guys' position, you guys are in such a better position because you're doing the program and more people will come, obviously.

[00:40:27]But like they, they feel like their plan is okay, so I'm going to do a bunch of free work, build a demo reel because that's the golden ticket. Once I have the demo reel, then I'll have what I need to get business. So here we go, let's do the demo reel. And so then they do the demo reel and a lot of them haven't gotten around to it yet because they don't have the motivation for it.

[00:40:57] Cause it's a lot of work and they have to do a lot of free work for it. And then they're in a position where, okay, now I've got a demo reel, what do I do with it? And some people are like, if I just get that next big job, then that will leave. To growing a crazy successful video business. If I just get that next big job, if I can get one person to trust me, that will build the business.

[00:41:24] And it's just such a load of bullshit. I've had a lot of really successful people work with me and yeah, sometimes it leads to more work. Does it lead to a sustainable business that can grow predictably? No, it might lead to another $20,000 in work, but like when you're talking about building a business that at the very least makes a hundred thousand dollars a year, it's not going to happen from you putting together a demo reel, and I think it's just because people don't know what to do. Which is why this program exists. But yeah. Get over the limiting belief that you feel like that it's your it's in your way. That's not a, that's not an obstacle for you. Your biggest obstacle is your self and your ability to believe in yourself.

[00:42:13] Yeah. I agree with that. And I think that the I'm like and I think it's just because everybody that I've run into so far and it's because I haven't taken them through the sales process, the one of the first things they ask for is they want to see the videos I've done, and so send me, so I'll send them some stuff that I've done.

[00:42:38] But it obviously has nothing to do with their market. It's not really the style of what they're looking for. And then, so it just doesn't, it doesn't help, here's what I think. If I were you, I would, to be completely honest with you. If I were you, I would make a spec video just because it would make you feel better and you and I can work on it together to make sure that it's killer.

[00:43:08] Yeah. And then you would feel really confident that when you do get to that point in the process, which by the way is going to be much later in the process where they they need that to seal the deal. You can show them this and there'll be like, whoa. So cool. Okay. So if I were you, I would do that.

[00:43:27] And I think you'll find it super fun. I like making video. I do this kind of stuff for fun all the time. I shot a commercial yesterday back here, just cause I was like, eh, like one of my, one of my clients really needed another video and I was like, ah, this would be fun to play around with this. I haven't shot a commercial on my AR five yet.

[00:43:45]Let's go rock it out. And so I did, it's fun. I did it in a day. Usually it doesn't take me more than a day to do a video like this and not like constantly working either like probably four hours of total work. So if you, so I think that might make you feel better and you'll just feel like you have everything you need.

[00:44:03] It's just that I want to be clear though, that's not, what's going to get you the job. Yeah. That's another thing. I talk to people a lot about actually I talked to a lot of people that invested $10,000 in camera gear, and now they can't get leads, but they're, but they balk a little bit at joining this program because they just spent $10,000 on camera gear.

[00:44:30] And I'm like, I wish that you had joined this program and then got the gear. Cause you would have realized that the gear is not important. Getting leads is important. Building, building a business, building a predictable business and building a business you want to build is important. You can figure the rest out later.

[00:44:47] Yeah. Once you get your gig, we're going to, I'm going to help you make an amazing commercial. Yeah. Yeah. And I'll look over everything like we're in this together, but yeah. Anyway. Okay. That's what my guts telling me to I play with this a lot. Ever since I got this, I just I don't know why I need to stop doing it.

[00:45:05] It's like a habit. It's so fun though. I've got one of those. I've got one of these things too, but I dunno. I have one before I highly recommend this one. It's Samsung. I think we talked about this last time. It's super cheap. I love it. Anyway. Oh, I was just going to say no, that this makes me feel so much better.

[00:45:22]I feel like I can see from a high level, the big pieces that I need to work on. And, my guts been telling me that I do need a spec video. So I'm glad to hear you say that, but I realized that it's not the first thing that I needed to focus on, but and I started, I have some footage from some stuff that I just was working on before I joined the program.

[00:45:44]And so I've got some ideas for some things I might do just to get some videos done. So yeah, and I go over this in the new sales training thing too. And then in the videos that I shot today is it's even if they ask that question, I would deflect because that's an objection. So if they, so when they asked the question, because they're not going to ask it until later, because you're going to do the process, you're going to take control of the process. So it's not like jumping on the phone and being like, can you send me a link to the stuff you've done so that I can review it with you on the call? Imagine it sounds awful. Like it's just an objection and I would just deflect. I would just be like, oh yeah, I, yeah.

[00:46:29]Listen, I understand that for sure. But let me just ask you, like all of this stuff aside, what the hell, that's my computer. Tell me what time it is. Wow. That's aggressive. It is. I need to, I didn't change the settings. But yeah, no, I would just deflect when that came up, but I would say yeah, no, I understand that but

[00:46:49] why do you feel like, why do you feel like this is what you need right now to move forward, to get from X place to Y place? What is what do you like about this so far? What do you think about the idea? Of, whatever it may be. so like you just have to build trust through that process, but it's not about that.

[00:47:13]And another way that I would answer that objection, head on if I didn't deflect. Cause I would say, listen, I understand that, but I'm going to be honest with you. Every single. Project that we work on is completely bespoke. It's 100% customized to what a client wants. And sometimes they come to us wanting more raw, dirty looking stuff for their ads, and sometimes they want other types of stuff.

[00:47:40] And for confidentiality, there's only certain things I can share anyway. So let me just ask you, what is what is it that's holding you back from this being a complete no-brainer for you right now? Yeah. So ultimately they don't want us they don't really need to see your work. Yeah. That's awesome that I like it.

[00:48:04] I'm going to rewatch this a couple of times and take notes. Cause you, you said there's a few gems in there for sure. In that script and then in the objections so bit by bit. Yeah yeah, watch it back. So you can get how I plugged your business into this mini main event script, but then also but don't get too caught up in the sales stuff yet.

[00:48:23] Like I would just build, I would just build and see if you can get some calls. Yeah. I've just, I've had just that little bit of nagging fear that when I do, if I build this and get the calls that there was going to be something missing in the form of that proof side of things. And but that this really alleviates a lot of that.

[00:48:43] And I think a lot of it is going to be my skill on deflecting and then, having the spec video will be there if, and what I needed at the very end. And and it'll be a fun process to go through. So yeah, I think I'm good. I've got a lot to work on and you'll be hear from you over the next several days.

[00:48:58] My kids are gone for four days, so I'm gonna do a lot of work, gotcha. Yeah. I'm just the, I'm just the opposite soon. My my wife is going away for a week on Monday and it's just going to be me and the kids for a week, which is going to be a lot. How old are you looking forward to it?

[00:49:17] Five and three. Okay, so you monitor 13 and 18, so it's yeah, so they're a little bit more self-sustainable yeah. Yeah. Mine's still pee on the floor sometimes.

[00:49:32] Yeah. Those are fun days. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. We're going to take a two minute break. Cause if I don't go to the bathroom, things are going to happen. I'll be right back. Go for it. All right. Hey, how are you guys doing? I'm doing good. Yeah. Working through This does repositioning worksheet. And it feels and I'm busy doing other stuff. And I'm like, I've got to focus on this and it's starts and stops. Like it'll be real smooth. And then I'll hit one of those questions and think, yeah, I don't know what makes you unique?

[00:50:14] This is the hardest questions to answer. Yeah. But I don't know. He, I feel like he's got it boiled down to like these essentials that that, if you focus on answering those questions you'll come a long ways. Oh yeah. I totally get the importance of it. I was in a different program and the other program coaching was really just about setting up ads and doing that sort of Facebook ad management.

[00:50:41] Yeah. Yeah. Which is cool. But this feels much more valuable because it's all about my business. What is it that my company is doing? Who am I actually trying to target so that I can stop taking anybody who shows up and says, I want Facebook ads. Yeah. Is that what you run into more than anything people that want Facebook ad videos?

[00:51:09]What I've run into seems to be but my current batch of clients, they're all like, oh, we need video. And I'm like, but you don't have any sort of thought or strategy behind the video. It feels basic. Who is this video talking to? I can make you a sexy video, but it doesn't mean anything.

[00:51:32] If, you don't know who you're talking to and you don't know what you want the video to achieve. Are you used to shooting a lot of footage? Like on set, like building sets or going on set? No. Okay. I'm much more a guerrilla style man on the street talking head. So I can set up a couple of lights and just talk to somebody if that's what we're going to do.

[00:51:58] Yeah. Okay. And and most of your clients who are local to you then? Yes. Or known to me, I have a friend I'm in Columbus and I did a couple of videos for a studio out in Connecticut. But that's because I tell her, this is what, this is the footage that. Here's the video that we're going to create.

[00:52:21] This is what I need you to shoot. Yeah. And because we're doing that sort of low five videos and it can all be done on a cell phone. I need you to talk into your cell phone and give me this footage so that we can create this content for you. See, that's how I got sucked into this business as my, my, my media buying clients, I was running their ads and then we'd get to their campaigns and they need a video.

[00:52:51] And they're like, what should we say? They're like, what do we make? And I'm like just get your phone and go shoot this. And then I'll throw, I'll put something together for you. And that's how I got into this. Cause I wasn't really trying to do video like specifically. But it seems to be a pretty workable process, yeah. It's I it's totally doable. The big video I did for them was this Corona procedures for the studio, how are we keeping everybody safe? And it was, it had lots of stuff going on. Lots of graphics. And it was big and halfway through, I thought, oh my God, I am totally not charging enough for this.

[00:53:30]It's so crazy and fun. That I'm just going to roll with it and get it done, but there's no way that I should be doing this video for them. Yeah. I hear ya.

[00:53:51] Good. I'm glad to hear you guys were talking. I was worried. You just wouldn't get to know each other. I'm a chatter. I'll chat all day long. I'll talk all your ears off if you let me. So it's really a funny thing. I hot as hell in here. I actually think I'm an introvert. I've been thinking a lot about this and I think I'm an introvert.

[00:54:15] Yeah. I don't seem like it to anybody. I don't think anybody that like you guys would probably not think I'm an introvert because I'm really like comfortable talking. I've always been really, I just like to do my own thing really. I don't enjoy, I'm not chatty. Like I don't like going to like the kids' birthday parties.

[00:54:36] I get dragged to all the time or, I don't know. It's just not, it's just not me. I'm just like working on my business and like doing my thing and I always have some sort of hobby. That's like consuming me and I'm spending a ton of money on typically and yeah, pretty happy just doing that.

[00:54:57]Like the most social thing I do is my softball league. And even then I'm very much not a leader, I'm a follower in that team. I'm just like, this is where, like this it's my time to just go and just show up and not be running things. Cause all day I'm running a business and like teaching you guys or I teach college, softball is my time to just go be a follower, I don't know. I'm the best on the team or anything like I'm decent now. I'm just kind kinda hanging out. That'd be fun to do a softball. Like I need to, I go to a lot of baseball games. My son plays to play competitive baseball. We travel to tournaments every weekend oh nice. Hopefully I play soccer. Oh yeah.

[00:55:39] Yeah, man. I, when I was in Florida a few months literally a month ago. And I was there for six months and for the entire six months I played soccer. I was just talking to one of my like yesterday arts. It empowers the games going. Cause I love playing soccer. That's awesome. I ever played it's a lot of running.

[00:56:01] Yeah, it is.

[00:56:08] I used to call soccer games though. I think I told you guys, I used to be a sports broadcaster. So that's how I learned I know the game of soccer because I call it called hundreds of soccer games, but yeah, like you really get some cardio in. Yeah, man. I was on an adult who wants to go next?

[00:56:28] Anybody else got a question for me?

[00:56:34] You want to go Tyrone? Yeah. Okay. I've been walking my way through the process, and I'm up to the repositioning worksheet. And it's that step four. What is unique or special about my process? So is that just me making up a process, I'm going to call this the smash story process and find a way to Akron demonize it acronym.

[00:57:08] Is it acronym, eyes? It, I can nymity add some acronymity to it. No, it's not. It's not pulling something out of your ass. There's like there, there's an, elder's a small element of pulling something out of your ass, but I think it's, self-discovery what we went through with Lorenzo last week.

[00:57:32] One of the, when I was asking Lorenzo about, by the way, your name is awesome. There's just something about Lorenzo. I just feel like a dude means business. Something about that name. I didn't like his name and I was out when I went up when I was much younger. But when, after the girls start girls, the way they call it middle of many more.

[00:57:55] Yeah.

[00:58:01]But just like we did with Lorenzo, remember how last week we went through this whole process of where I had Lorenzo, spew his life story and like why he wants to get into working with life coaches and things like that. And then we ended up settling on what could have been potentially like something of a system that felt very organic, but he'd just never looked at it in that way before.

[00:58:31] Okay. That's what we need to do with you. Does that make sense? Yes. So why don't you re articulate to me. Who you've dislike, what, who you've decided to work with. Okay.

[00:58:50]Okay. This is fun. Do you guys enjoy this? I think this is a good group. I like this group. I like this a lot. Oh yeah. I'm really enjoying it. I love it. You're doing, everybody's doing a great job. Okay, Tyrone. Who's your what are you thinking for niche? I remember a little bit, but let's re articulate.

[00:59:10] Yeah. I'm working with nonprofits and socially conscious businesses. And I think we decided you wanted to mostly focus on socially conscious businesses now, right? Correct. Cause something, something just scares me about trying to deal with non-profits.

[00:59:30]So let's talk about like, why did you choose that?

[00:59:38] Yeah. Most of what I've done professionally has involved some sort of social aspect to it. Some sort of give back, take care of the community. Aspects from why? I don't know. That seems to be where I've landed. That what the hippie in me says, that's what feeds my soul. Tell me more about that.

[01:00:10]You're hardcore about this. I

[01:00:17] had to say that out loud. I'll play your game. I'm just saying this is rough. I dunno. I just feel like we should be doing something that matters. I feel like I should be doing something that actually matters and the best way to do that is to really help the other businesses that are doing the good work. So it's spreading them out

[01:00:43] more than just yeah. See that wasn't that hard of a question hard. You tell me, yeah. You tell me that my heart says that it feeds my soul or whatever. Okay, great. So let's dig more into that. And so does this come down because.

[01:01:10] Listen, marketing big marketing thing.

[01:01:17] Everybody has belief systems. Like every human being has a set of beliefs that govern their lives, whether they directly articulate those and are like aware of them consciously or not. And are our belief systems are how we live our lives. They silently dictate how we live our lives.

[01:01:39] Okay. One of the things that we do subconsciously in marketing are aligned belief systems, not in authentically, but find people with similar belief systems so that you can, as Seth Godin would say, get on the same team with them and say, people like us do things like this, right? So everybody's on the same team and that's just aligning belief systems.

[01:02:13] So in order to market to your target audience, we want to try to work towards aligning those belief systems in order to do this authentically and ethically, we need to get real about what our belief systems are. And then we become very forward about our belief system. And how it fuels the business that we want to create.

[01:02:39] And then we get, we ask other people with similar business with similar belief systems, if they would like to join me on this journey towards the same goal. Cause we have this in common. We both have this. We have the same beliefs. So digging into this stuff is the type of work as a business owner that you need to do to be able to build an ethical, sustainable business that creates a community around their work and creates ultimately constant streams of referral traffic.

[01:03:23] Because you're building like with the clients that you bring on you're not just building a business, you're building a community around you, of people with similar beliefs. And what's so great about what you're bringing to the table is even though ultimately you're going to be solving goals and talking to them about problems or solving, like not generating enough revenue, ultimately you share the same belief systems about whatever it may be like.

[01:03:52] Ultimately every thing we do in the world should serve. A purpose greater than ourselves, whatever that means. And that could be for somebody on the side of the road, or it could be a religious belief, like whatever it is. But ultimately our time on earth is greater than ourselves. If that's what you believe, I'm just like spewing, but that's a belief system.

[01:04:17] And then as you're marketing, like when you're right, when you're writing marketing copy for to get these types of clients, that is, that's what you're doing. You're trying to become a magnet for people that have the same belief systems as you, and that have pain and problems that you have solutions for.

[01:04:43] So you're so they're not going to go. So if they, if there's a puzzle that they're the missing piece too, they're not the missing piece to everybody's puzzle. You need to attract that right. Missing piece into your puzzle. So that's why I went so hardcore with Lorenzo and figuring out why he wants to work with life coaches.

[01:05:01] That's why we're going deeper with you on why you want to work with socially conscious businesses. Because it that's not, I think socially conscious businesses are awesome, but it's not in my like, God it's not that's what I need to be doing, but for you, it is. Okay, great. Let's dig more into that because that's going to help you.

[01:05:25] It's going to break it wide open for you. Does that make sense? Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Okay. Yeah. Okay. So let's expand on it a little bit more. Why socially conscious businesses, why does that feed your soul?

[01:05:44] Cause I do believe I believe I've said for years that I want to do things that matter, and actually create positive change. And I've seen, I seen the ability of media to, to create change in either direction. And so I think it's important that if we're putting stuff out, it should shift people up.

[01:06:07] And I've also had a lot of friends who've had small businesses and and I think, oh it's hard. And if we just figure out a few things that it, that I know, I did a lot of the stuff I already know, like tabletop. I don't know that I'm an expert at it, but compared compared to a lot of my friends who are running businesses, I know a hell of a lot more than they do that can make it easier for them to do what they need to do.

[01:06:40] So it's all the same thing. It's selfish for me to not help people if I know how to do it, and I can do it in a way that actually makes things better circular, but that's where I'm at.

[01:07:01] Sorry, I don't want you guys to have to hear me eating. SunChips I've been on the phone all day. I had to grab a sandwich. You could have paid me $5,000 just for the insight you came today. This is everything like, you know exactly what your website's going to look like. Now, there's going to be a big header and it's going to say video that matters period.

[01:07:25] And then underneath, there's going to be a USP. We create video content for socially conscious businesses that not only makes them an unprecedented amount of money, but brings good into the world in a way that only uniquely human storytelling can or something like that. And so we're going to move people right through this part.

[01:08:00]Don't you want to run that business? Doesn't that sound like a business you would want to run. Yeah. Great. Let's build it. That, that kind of clarity to me, at least for me that's mind blowing, like to be able to have that kind of clarity because when you have clarity, everything comes together, you're like, oh, I know how to market this because I know who I'm talking to.

[01:08:27] Oh, I know what kind of video I'm going to create, because it's very clear, like I'm going to make video. That is mission driven and sales driven at the same time, because that's what my customers care about. I get it. It all makes sense. I even see the colors, they're the colors of trust and care and heart, and like those things, like I see it all, like I see all of your business with this amount of clarity. Do you see that? Yeah, I do now.

[01:09:02] Yeah. Great. Great. So getting back so let's,

[01:09:11] is there a specific reason in your life? Why you feel this way?

[01:09:18] Is there something in your upbringing? Were you bullied? Were you. Did you have a difficult child? Is there something in your what is it about your life that's, magnetised you to people that give a shit? Yeah. I don't know that there's one specific trauma I could put my finger on, but there is that growing up in a family that where my mother was one of the first people to to integrate the school system in in little rock Arkansas, she was that woman and I've got family members who were the first of a lot of things in new Orleans when our first black nurses, first chief of police.

[01:10:03] And so there's that making sure that things are better for the people behind that's one of the things that mom always talked about, and yet here I am in Columbus, Ohio, and we were consistently one of the few faces of color, like in the Catholic school where I grew up. And I don't think it was any less traumatic than anybody else, but it wasn't great that sort of childhood, but, it's, this is what you do.

[01:10:37] You do what you can do,

[01:10:42] Brad and Lorenzo. What are your thoughts on hearing all of this?

[01:10:49]I I have the same reaction as you. It was like, I felt like there was a lot of, he had a lot of clarity in what he said originally, and then it was like last week with Lorenzo or a couple of weeks ago, whenever that was when he went through his thing and then we helped shape that.

[01:11:04] So I feel like that kinda just happened, and that was pretty cool to see but I like where you're, I like how you're probing them now, because you know what he wants to do and, but really pulling out the that why that can give a story that he can tell and also tell himself and remind himself why he is as committed to this, and yeah, that's really cool. And then what a great mission, like when you've got something that fundamental in your life that drives you and that's driving your business, then that's like the ultimate motivation cause you, you're, it's generational. And so I dunno, really cool stuff.

[01:11:44] I'm so glad that I just asked you to go deeper because you are hiding this fact from. And you weren't doing it on purpose. It's just not that big a deal to you because it's just part of your life. But I didn't know that. And so now it makes total sense to me. And when you tell that story, it's going to make sense to everybody, right?

[01:12:05] Like my mother was the first was the first person to integrate a school. Whatever you'd say, in, in little rock Arkansas, some of some people in my family were the first black police officers, the first black I don't remember what else you said the first black superintendents, the first X, Y, Z.

[01:12:25] I know how important it is to have a mission in life that is bigger than money, bigger than business, bigger than all the banal things in life. I know what it means to leave a legacy. And so that's why I've dedicated my life to creating content, to do using the skills in media video that I love to be able to help socially conscious businesses

[01:13:08] elevate above the status quo. Just like my mom. No there you go, there's your business and you see the belief system there and there's going to be people that really identify with that. And that's the belief, it's cool. Yeah. Yeah. Can I interject? Yeah. Yeah. It's so funny and what you said and the way you you relate that story because I remember this quote that I came across sometime ago.

[01:13:42] He says that you're ordinary is someone else extraordinary. And I see what much is really helping us do, because when, this comes from like your core, spirituality life, or I don't know for me, and for many others, when something is really centered, our own, who you are and your identity, I believe that fuels you in a way that oftentimes cannot be explained in words, and I think we all have that inherently on a subliminal level is just the articulated that we find it challenging.

[01:14:22] It's surprising that this feels like it's cracked open a lot. Of the moving forward, because now a lot of this makes a lot more sense for me to, now I have a definite lane to be in which it feels different. I wanna, I want to get from here to there, but it's all roads seem to lead there, but now this makes narrow, it narrows it down.

[01:14:47] So I feel like I had more freedom to work with it. It's like we have running on Twitter that, that sort of put the barriers around. It makes it a little easier to craft the stuff that goes inside of it. Good. Yeah. Th this is the secret, like this is the secret. This is this is the stuff that I don't talk about when I market like this program, because people don't think they need it.

[01:15:14] No, you do. Yeah. You, yes. You need leads and sales and all these things, but you'll get that, but I don't want you to quit in a month either. I don't mean quit the program. Wait Mike

[01:15:33] I'm back. Okay. I don't mean quit the program. Quit the business. I don't want you to build to start building a business that you hate, or you don't feel aligned with it. Because alignment is so important, but a lot of people can't do that on their own, or you start a business for other reasons and you wonder why it's not working because you've just like cookie cutter in somebody else's business or something like that, oh, I'll build a social media marketing business.

[01:16:02] Cause I saw XYZ, like I did Tai Lopez's course. So now I'll just build what Tai Lopez built. Cause I did his course. I'll just say and so finding yourselves in it is like so key. And I think now we've done that with each one of you, which is really cool. That's really cool stuff.

[01:16:19] I love that. Yeah. There's nothing worse than getting in the middle of a project and you get into the messy middle and you're tired and you're being challenged and you don't believe in the mission of the client, it just makes it, but when you can circle back to Hey, I really do want to help these people that can help you push through those moments.

[01:16:42]And so that, that's kinda what I'm excited about is narrowing down. The type of people I work with to people that align with me. Yep. I'm like, by the way, and I think I mentioned this last week. I mean like this doesn't have to be fine. You may end up revising this along the way, but again, you got to run down a path and just go you just go, just start running.

[01:17:10] I think that's great. Yeah. I've run enough. Facebook ads to know that, like the first thing you need to do is align that belief system. Like you said, like that's actually how we structure campaigns. Like the top of funnel campaign is almost the goal of that is simply to align the belief system, and then we'll retarget the next like the video, the people who watched the video views on top of funnel, we retarget them with with a, more of a conversion campaign. And that's how I designed a lot of my stuff for clients. And but yeah, that's what I tell the client when they're like, Hey, we need them, what do we need to make you for our campaign, for our launch or whatever content wise I might look, think about your avatar and what beliefs do you need to align with them?

[01:18:04] Or what do you have in common with them? Or, I forget how I usually put it, but I was like, we need to make a video that aligns your beliefs with them. And that, that basically finds you the right people. And so anyways, but it's the same thing in anything, same thing with what we're trying to do too.

[01:18:22] Yeah. It's all about aligning belief systems and this helps people select right. It's so it becomes much more self-selection. So presumably if you're really clear about those sorts of things, then your people will show up. So you spend less time with dealing with people who's who doesn't, who don't click with you.

[01:18:47]Exactly. Yeah. Self-selection for sure. For sure. Yeah. Super important and very effective as a marketing strategy, but also as, but also just for your mindset as a business owner. So digging back into the system part of, listen, you can make whatever video you want for these folks or advise them on video or whatever it is you want to build, but

[01:19:15] what do you think, what type of content do you feel like.

[01:19:24] Powerful to get results for companies like that, that you want to work with

[01:19:35] it's content that makes them human, right? Because when you're dealing with communities, then it is about seeing yourself in that community. Trusting, whoever is part of that community, so that it's not, you don't feel like, oh, this is another corporation. Who's just trying to say the right words.

[01:19:59] It's somebody who actually cares, you buy from people in your community. So you, I want them to be seen as these are the humans who are inside the community doing this good work. Okay. So give me an example of a video like that, that you've done for a client.

[01:20:23] We

[01:20:24]The Corona COVID procedure video for the yoga studio was a little bit long, cause we had a lot of information to do. But I had all of the instructors involved with it. So you could see everybody who worked at the studio and it was bright and it was fun and it was different.

[01:20:46] So it, it gave the studio personality. So it wasn't just, when you come in, you have to wash your hands and we have to take your temperature. It was like one of the instructors, the oldest one sitting at home, I had her selfie looking like she was thinking, and then we added a thought bubble of like somebody in a hazmat suit doing yoga and her saying the voiceover was, ah, I'd like to go to yoga, but I'm not sure if it's safe, a and then we start the owner, giving the, those sort of, this is how we address it.

[01:21:30] And we did that over and over. Ask a question, answer a question, ask a question, to answer a question with different instructors. So it was fun. It was a different take on a serious subject, but you got to see everybody who worked at the studio too. Okay. What do you feel like was unique?

[01:21:55] Like most unique about that

[01:22:05] at a time when most of the information coming out about like safety procedures were really serious this had a really light tone to it. And we took a light approach to a serious subject without it feeling like we didn't, we weren't taking it seriously. You could tell we were taking it seriously, but the approach was like, that makes sense.

[01:22:33] So that's interesting. That's interesting. And that certainly is a problem that I often see with video content. That's like mission focus. Like it's very like advocacy, like it's very serious, right? Yeah. And that's not my style. Feed the children, save the rain forest. Slike like making making a very serious type video about something like that.

[01:23:01] Not really your style. Okay. So we're getting there. So lightness, levity, I'm starting to, I'm starting to get a sense for it. So is there, so I think that your way of doing things let's see human storytelling interviews probably but always a exploring the less serious side of the most serious

[01:23:36] exploring the less serious side of,

[01:23:45] I don't know, the most important issues of our time, potentially something like that. One of, one of the phrases that, that I use all the time is basically that joy matters, so a lot of videos that we've done, we've curated for joy. It's supposed to feel good,

[01:24:14] curated for joy. Did you just start a new company, duh.

[01:24:26] It's a good company name, curated for joy. Yeah, I liked that, right? Like you you find smiles where there aren't usually smiles, I think. And I think that what's unique about this system is that it's also going to lead to a lot more customers for these companies because humor and levity sells.

[01:24:56] And I've seen this firsthand so many times a couple of the videos that I made for clients that have been really successful over the past four months. Like they've made millions of dollars in revenue for some of these companies. And one of the clients asked me yesterday. He said, why do you think this video is working so well?

[01:25:16] And I was like like I think some of the copywriting, it takes people from cold to sold, and stuff like that. And then I was like, but I think a lot of it is that they were funny and like people just ended up aligning themselves with the brand more because they felt like there was like a unique spin on it.

[01:25:37]There was just something, there was something about it that made them feel something that wasn't like fear or like law. W which is typical in marketing, like making people feel like they're missing something that needs to be obtained. And we did some of that obviously, cause there was marketing copy in it, but humor allows you to make people feel something that, that immediately magnetizes them to you.

[01:26:07]Yeah. So it's like funny videos about serious things, right? It's I think that people, I think that conscious businesses and nonprofits are always trying to figure out like, oh, how do I make, how do I make content around lupus research? Like how do I be the first that was the first non-profit that I worked in was a lupus research foundation.

[01:26:31] How do I make content around lupus research? How do I make con content around? I dunno, cancer prevention. How do I make content around saving the whales that doesn't feel like I don't know. I'm trying to think of a sad movie, that doesn't feel like a old yeller,

[01:27:01]Save the whales. Oh this is the, this is, flipper, the whale and flipper. The whale is, has been living in this same ocean for twenty-five years. And she lost her mother years ago and since has been on her own, but she's been working her way through, but one day flipper came head to head with a whaling boat that decided to plunge a knife through her heart.

[01:27:33] And she, and it's just that's the type of content that like these companies are relying on because it's that will make people feel like that this needs to be stopped. And like it does align belief systems. But it's it's emotionally charged in a different way, and if you're a socially conscious company, you're going to have a tougher time with that type of content. If you want to make your mission and your company, when at the same time you're going to need to devise a specific type of content that brings the mission home as well as makes people fall in love with your products and services.

[01:28:14] And you can only do that with levity. You can't do that with Tear, jerking tear jerking stuff, because that ultimately will push people away, even if you don't mean to push people away. And then you, certainly once they're customers, you can tell them all sorts of stories, but in there in your marketing content to get new customers, which is the core way that you solve their core problem, you, this is the type of stuff you create.

[01:28:43] So Tyrone's system actually has a lot to do with bringing levity to important life-changing situations that socially conscious businesses have gotten behind so that it does two things that no other types of video can do get larger amounts of sales by building mass affinity and doing good marketing in your videos, using the heroic system and make push forward awareness of the mission and awareness of your support of the mission at the same time, which seals the deal on them, becoming customers of yours.

[01:29:29] By the end of every one of Tyrone's videos, using this unique system of levity and mission meets sales, you will have gotten. Not just more customers, but more customers that will love you forever because they also care about the things that you care about in your business, because they care about your mission because it's their mission too.

[01:29:57] And that's why they will buy from you forever through this content. So if you can just take all that and turn it into a codified system, it's not pulled out of your ass. Cause it's 100% true. I just had to get it out of you and

[01:30:18] I pulled it out of your ass, right? Yeah. It's all real, it's all legit. I feel about this. I feel really good about that. Yeah. Cause it feels really true and important. The, this feels like I was what I was looking for, at least for now, this makes a lot of sense now.

[01:30:40] Yeah. I see your system. I see it. Yeah. And I've already been doing this. This is what I've done for a whole bunch of clients. My favorite clients anyway. Exactly. So you came into the conversation saying, what do I just pull this out of my ass or something and make it up to, what the system is actually, cause you've been doing it.

[01:31:06] So now that we've we've looked at it, we've seen it. It's going to be very easy for you to just turn it into something, turn it into something for marketing purposes, like this is my system. Yeah. That's great. Awesome. Your whole brand feels really developed to me now in the span of a half hour.

[01:31:27] I love it. This was worth the signup fee. I know. That's what I'm saying. I just got, I'm just going to say Matt, like the way you like, the way you articulate that. On the fly is crazy. I can definitely tell you've got this editorial background, just, yeah.

[01:31:47]I'm a recovering journalist. Yeah. Like you, you put together this well thought out narrative just on the fly. It's crazy. I'm impressed. Yeah. It's awesome stuff, man. It's awesome. You guys are coming to some really good. You guys are coming to some really good conclusions. This is a super cool Lorenzo, you got anything for me?

[01:32:10] Oh, Harmon brothers. Yeah, the Harmon brothers. They're there. The Harmon brothers. Hey, I was going to ask great. I was going to ask you real quick, Matt, and you mentioned some of the videos you've made. Have you, is there any way you might share, like some of your videos that you've made that you think would be good inspiration for us?

[01:32:35]I know we've seen a couple of them. I've seen like the videos, like a big girl with one of the coffee companies you did, I've seen a couple of videos, but if you think there's maybe a F a few that I would love to see if you just, a, for inspiration, some of your product videos, maybe.

[01:32:51]Yeah. And I'm no master of product videos. I think I've told you guys that I really I've known how to edit for years, but I only really learned to shoot a few months ago and it just accelerated, so I don't have a, I won't say that I'm some sort of master, master videographer. I can show you guys one really quick that I'm proud of though, that I think is pretty good that I feel comfortable with sharing.

[01:33:17]Where is it? Some of the ones that have actually made the most money or me on camera, like delivering something. But yeah, like a product video. This one's pretty good. Did I turn the sound on? Okay.

[01:33:38] Do you have any idea how bad your water filter is or what? Not that one's good too, but not that one. Hydro yeah. This one.

[01:33:50] Can you guys do this? I don't think

[01:34:35] Yeah. That's awesome. Yeah. Yeah. I think that's pretty good. It's doing really well down the middle and bottom of funnel for them. Cause it's like an unboxing video. Yeah. Yeah, that's a good one. Yeah. Oh yeah. I sent you over my repositioning worksheet and you dissected it.

[01:34:55]I am still struggling to come up with my my IPS to get it to a level where, F it makes a lot of sense. I don't know, probably I don't know if I'm overthinking the whole process in terms of how to integrate that that, that element of specificity into my IPS and to, so that it feels natural.

[01:35:21] It connects with the audience and, make, I don't know, make sense. Yeah. All right. So let me pull it up here. General. Okay, so let's take a look.

[01:35:42]Yeah, I'll share this together. Okay. Can you give me a second? Someone is ringing the doorbell. It honestly.

[01:36:09]Do sh.

[01:36:17] Okay.

[01:36:25] You back. Yeah. Okay, cool. All right.

[01:36:35] Okay. I think I might've dictated something to you on the loom. Yes, you did. You sent me so I wrote it down here.

[01:36:51]Tell your story. All right. So basically what I had was so I guess you asked me what is unique about the mechanism and you had I help people, Charlie, I help tell your personal story as a life coach, so powerful that your ideal customer will flock to your life coaching business, and also telling transformative stories of we help bring your unique methodology of coaching, of changing peoples of changing lives.

[01:37:21] And we make it so clear so clear, precise, and attractive that no one under the planet would not want to go through your program and connect with you. I don't me sounds like something I would say.

[01:37:47] Yeah. I think that it's up it's ultimately up to you to decide because I can get into very, like I can get, I can go off with an idea and you always have to reign me in if it's not what you actually want to do. But what I did like the idea of

[01:38:11] like life coach avatar you ideal customer of mine at life coach. What I will do for you, what my unique type of creating videos will do for you is tell your story, your unique, personal story in a way. That is so powerful and effective, that it will make you a magnet for every client that could ever work with you.

[01:39:01] And so the reason I liked that is because there's also a little bit of like vanity in there. Listen, every coach has a little bit of vanity. And I think that a lot of the life coaches have, they've got vanity a little bit, right? Like it's just they want to be seen, they want to be heard.

[01:39:22] They feel like they have a message that that they want people to listen to. And by, by saying that we're going to use your amazing, awesome newness and turn it into the most powerful marketing strategy you could ever have. That sounds attractive to me because it makes them feel like they're going to be put up on this big pedestal and.

[01:39:51] It just works. I also think it will work, because, just because my core beliefs and empathy it will allow you to use empathy as your main driver to get clients for your life coach. Because ideally most coaches become coaches because they make a transformation themselves and then they teach other people how to make that transformation.

[01:40:15] So essentially what we're just doing is we're telling that story of the trend of transformation so that we can empathetically bring in other people that have been there or feel the same way, had the same problems, have the same issues and want to be brought into the process. So does that make sense?

[01:40:37] Yeah. It makes a lot of sense. Like you said life coaches has a lot of volunteers. They like they can relate and, they want to help out a person. So basically, so that would be one, I think you wanted what three IPS. Yeah, but that's okay. I just wanted you to go through the work.

[01:40:59]Yeah. I guess there is ways to test it, but I think if you like that core approach, I would just. Make a couple versions of that are just like slightly tweaked. Like maybe you use a different word here or there. But yeah. Mostly you're in good shape now. If you're aligned with that.

[01:41:18]Yeah. I'm definitely on the action plan. Yeah, I think you're, I think you're good. And then I think the you just want to give a little bit of thought, but don't think journal thinking is passive journaling is active do a little bit of journaling around

[01:41:39] what a unique mechanism would be to serve those purposes of telling that transformational story. And it doesn't have to be even just the video side of it. It could like, like one piece of it could be the video. One piece of it can be traffic. One piece of it could be webinar. I don't know whatever it is.

[01:41:56]So that you have that unique sort of mechanism with you. Does that make sense? Yeah. So I guess what you're saying is that you're, I should develop a unique mechanism, which ultimately becomes the sales mechanism, like you mentioned in the video. It's not so when I talk about a sales mechanism, what I'm talking about is I make sure that.

[01:42:22] When I'm talking about a sales mechanism, what I'm talking about is

[01:42:29] like a device in your funnel that converts people. Okay. So like a webinar is an example of a sales mechanism, just like a VSL is an example of a sales mechanism. A sales letter is a sales mechanism. It's actually one of the big mistakes that a lot of businesses make is that they don't have a sales mechanism.

[01:42:51] E-commerce makes this all the time. They think that they can just send people to a product page and it'll just convert. It's not, but it doesn't have a sales mechanism. I made a whole YouTube video about this. A lot of coaches more do understand the idea of a sales mechanism because they understand they need to take people from being, from not knowing who they are at all to being sold.

[01:43:11]So that's what a sales mechanism is. Does that make sense? Yes, it does. So the unique mechanism that you're building is more, it's more for your USP, right? It's more to make you unique in the market. Oh, okay. So based on what you just explained that differs from what a sales mechanism. Like in your sales mechanism, which is more of like a tactical thing. You'll talk about this unique mechanism and maybe I shouldn't use a mechanism. You need a system, like some sort of system. Like I have the hero system, I have other systems, yo yeah. You've read my book. So you need something like the hero system.

[01:43:59] Oh. So I guess I should develop my own system. It's just it's just like with Tyrone, right? Like we were talking about,

[01:44:14] we were talking about that and it just came from where he was. We actually did this last week. Really? So we talked about how your own personal story led you to wanting to work with life coaches. Yeah. And so ultimately it was that emotional identification that like empathy that you feel towards life coaches and people that are struggling, like more like two to the people that life coaches serve, you were just drawn to that you're unique.

[01:44:47] And then we've talked about cause this all doesn't need to be so complicated, right? And then we talked about how the ISP or the USP, whatever is all going to be around you telling the coaches personal story as a, as the flagship of the marketing of that coaching business. So your system is just how you use video to tell and sell with that story.

[01:45:22] So it could be something as simple as

[01:45:26]Like one interview. Like first I do it it's basically your process, like step one interview, like you do a deep interview with this life coach beyond what you would do in some sort of onboarding call. So you can really find out what the mission is, why it matters, what they care about, where their heart is.

[01:45:45] Step two. And again, you don't have to think through it too much. Step two script. I write a video script based specifically on the things that come out of that interview to make sure that it is infused with both marketing principles to make people come to you. And that unique story that they tell you, step three create.

[01:46:09] So this is where we begin to put together the building blocks of what this video is, and then actually make it step four, distribute. This is where we start driving tons of traffic to this video, to get them to your sales mechanism, whether it's a webinar or a VSL or a sales letter or whatever, it may be step six scale.

[01:46:35] This is where we blow up your business. And we take we basically, pour gas on the fire of your business and explode it so that you can make more impact and have more clients than you ever have in your life. That could be your system and you can just call it something and you'll, that is true and resonates.

[01:46:56] And then, so it sounds derivative because you're like, oh, that's just how you make a video, but that's your unique system. And, you've got the interview section in there and stuff like, does this make sense? Yeah. Yeah. So I'm sorry if I asked lot the questions, cause I'm just trying to get to donors concrete as much as possible.

[01:47:14] So that's why we're here. So like whenever we get off this call, I know specifically what I need to work on. Yeah, I have this story. I have the IPS and then develop like a system Whether, like you just mentioned musical. Yeah I would, so go back and watch. I think that the thing you need to do is go back and to the, just going into the learning portal now go back into the learning portal and just make sure that you've done, like after this conversation, revisiting some of the journaling assignments that are around creating that system and stuff, just to make sure that you nail that all down.

[01:48:05]But then you just need to move to week two. Okay, cool. Will definitely, I'll definitely revisit. So if you just go, yeah. So I would just go back through that stuff and just start to get a sense for it so that you are doing all the work necessary to be able to uniquely position. I think some of that is at the beginning of week two, is that right?

[01:48:34] I'm trying to remember now it's all a blur in my mind, but there's that lesson on positioning at the beginning of week two. And I think that's where a lot of this lives. So go through that. I just, I love this because it forces you into some limitations that are going to be freeing for you. I don't want you to just like like you're not going to come up with a system on your own. And if I don't tell you to come up with a system, so just do it. Cause it's going to be great for your marketing.

[01:49:06] It's going to make people love you. Like it's so automatically unique. This guy has a system. But we want it to be ethical too. So it needs to be real. So that's why we spend the time talking through these systems because there is a unique way that you'll do things we just need to like, let's just like we did with Tyrone.

[01:49:23] We just need to like unearth it because that's, what's going to build your business. That's what's going to bring leads to you and make your marketing super easy. Yeah. So I think I have a bit of a better grasp on teams now.

[01:49:45] You damn right. You do.

[01:49:49] All right. Raquesh thanks for joining us. How are ya? You there? Yeah, pretty good. What's happening? Meet the team. Hello? All right. Yeah.

[01:50:12] No. I know you're just digging in today. Recash but how are things going? What's the biggest thing on your mind right now? Oh, right now I'm just looking forward to getting started. I haven't actually been able to access the course yet. And you've been technically unable to, yeah. I was going to ping you about it today, but I followed the link.

[01:50:34] When I went to the getting started page. You clicked on the course link. I got a remember correctly. There's a four or four. All right. Let's take a look.

[01:50:54] Did any of you guys have that problem? If you're trying to get to it from circle it doesn't take you anywhere. Oh, is the circle link wrong? All right. I think it might've been because I changed the the root domain of it at a certain point that would explain the error that I got. Yeah. Cause it should be, let's see.

[01:51:25] Oh, it's fixed.

[01:51:30] I sent a note this afternoon, right before the call to to Kelsey. I love it. Tyrone. You're so on top of it. So Rick hash, see Steve, you can get in now

[01:51:48] and I'm checking the back end just to make sure that everything is in order video, Yeah. So still getting a DNS or a DNS error. Oh, no. Try. Let's see, let me pull this up in an incognito window. See what happens if you go to learn, I'll put it, I'll put it in the chat. Learned up peak video

[01:52:44] Yay. All right. Great. Awesome.

[01:52:53] Okay. Perfect.

[01:53:00] Cool. Anything else on your mind today? We're cash. Oh, not yet. I haven't got started since I just signed up yesterday.

[01:53:12]Yeah, of course. And we have our onboarding call tomorrow, right? Yeah. Cool. Yeah, that was quick. Cool. Yeah. So we can talk about, we can talk through we can talk through whatever you want, but we'll I'll take you through all this stuff so that, what's going on. We can talk through your company name, thing that you were asking me about before and get a sense for that.

[01:53:35]But yeah, the way that these calls usually work is people who come with their questions and we dig into it. Does anybody else have any other anything else that they want to bring up? We went through a lot today. Let's see. We repositioned Tyrone's entire business. We created a unique system and mechanism for Lorenzo's marketing.

[01:53:56] And what do we do for you, Brad? And I just talk to you off a ledge, a sales ledger, or something got me. Yeah, I've got the script for my sales mechanism. Talked about the photo. That's right. We got the whole script for the marketing automation. Yeah. The funnel. You're talking about the funnel.

[01:54:15]I liked the idea of that funnel for you because you'll be able to get it up really quickly. Yeah. Yeah. I think I've gone through that funnel that I've actually gone through that funnel for you that you've got live. So I've seen it. I've watched that really? Yeah. So I'm familiar with, yeah, I did it for a little bit, for a different offer for a little bit.

[01:54:38]But yeah, I never really drove any real traffic, like significant I did. It gets calls like it works, I've validated it. But it's just like the easiest one to put together. I think that my goal would be for you to get that going so that you can start getting these leads ASAP and then you can slowly start working on a slightly more impactful funnel in the background while these leads are coming in, like a VSL or something like that.

[01:55:06]And you can make your spec video as well. Yeah, by the way. If you like you and ruckus should connect at some point too, he's a. Or catches a professional shooter. Like this guy can shoot the hell out of anything. I think I haven't seen his work, but I feel like after talking to him if you want any tips, I'm sure that he'd be able to help out with that stuff.

[01:55:28] Awesome. Yeah. Yeah. I'm a total, I'm a total amateur, so I'm going from amateur land to semi-pro hopefully fairly soon. Yeah. So Rakesh Brad's going to be doing a lot of sort of food videos specifically. We, an interesting thing to talk about how to make food videos sexy.

[01:55:45] Oh, cool. Did you put your port awesome? Yeah. So one is my lifestyle photography portfolio and the other is basically my film portfolio. Okay. I just bookmarked those. I'll go. I'll check it out. And for sure. Yeah, that's super cool. Oh yeah. I want to watch some of this stuff too. I've got okay. Does anybody else have anything they want to bring up?

[01:56:14] I actually just have one question that I just thought of. Yeah. Because I have heard people say that it's, that clients like to have both photography and video. Is that, how true is that? And is that a good value add or is that just marketing mumbo-jumbo yeah, no, I think it's true. And I think it's, I think ultimately it comes down to if if that's something that you want to do and you're interested in doing, because one of the first things that we're going to work on Rakesh is like building the business in the niche that you want to build that fills your heart with joy and where you can make a ton of money at the same time.

[01:57:06] So if you, if that's something you want to offer as well, yes, 100%. Because if you just think about, as we talk about a lot in the program, the primary reason why everybody is going to buy Lorenzo, make a scone for me, or whatever the hell you make. I forget that's going see makes something else pastries, but scar is a pastry.

[01:57:36] All right. Take it easy. Take it easy. One of the things we talked about a lot is being, yeah. In order to build this business, you need to be able to speak the language of business owners in order to speak the language of business owners, you have to speak basically like they all have one primary reason they would hire you and that's to make more money.

[01:57:54] So the way that they leverage these videos is everything. And most of them will be leveraging these videos through some form of paid advertising, paid marketing, there'll be driving traffic to it in some way. And they almost always need photos as well. Like almost always. And as that's a pretty easy up sell.

[01:58:17]If you're already shooting video of this content, then you're in pretty good shape. Especially if it's like a product or a service or you want to do a lifetime like a lifestyle, like lifestyle photography of it. Chances are you're already in that space. I think that they do want that as long as you don't position yourself as a catchall, like one of the things that you'll see in the courses, we talk a lot about positioning your self and your business as inherently truly unique then yeah, for sure.

[01:58:50] And you can decide whether it's part of the core offering or if it's an upsell, does that help? Yeah, that's actually one reason I was wondering is there's I do photography and video and I don't want to run the risk. Marketing myself as a generalist because I'm really not. Yeah. You won't, I wouldn't let you market yourself as a generalist because it never works.

[01:59:15]Nobody wants to hire a generalist. It's they may think they do, but like ultimately you don't get them in the door that way, but then you could like during the sales process, it'll come out about whether they want to do it and you could create, ideally you'll create, custom bespoke packages for people.

[01:59:35]And so you could just loop photography in there. If it's something that you truly enjoy, you might as well. I know that every company that I have worked with and created video for, it would be static for images cause they're starving for them. They're just starving for them.

[01:59:55] One of the, one of the cinematographers that I taught a class at creative lives and clients like having photography and video from the same person, because they get a coherent look out of it. Yeah. That makes a lot of sense. Yeah. That's one of the big pain points is that people. They don't want to like, especially people that are super brand conscious, they don't want to mix aesthetics.

[02:00:23] They get really into not wanting to mix aesthetic. So if they have to have 80 different creative conversations with 80 different creative people, it can be really frustrating. And that's something that you can always talk about in your, in the sales process as well. So that's true. And I know Brad, you work with a lot of business owners, I'm sure you would back me up on this, that the more photos, the better, like no business has enough photos.

[02:00:48] Like they just don't oh yeah. I have a client that has a launch next week. It's a webinar launch. And so we're setting up the Facebook campaigns and she sent me a link to her Google drive yesterday, and it only has four photos and one tiny little video night. She's here's the creative that we've got.

[02:01:05] So I'm like, it's just, it's the same problem over and over. I can't like, they always need more creative and then it ends up I'm their media buyer. It's really not my responsibility to come up with this stuff. But I ended up having to take what they give me and go manufacture something, out of thin air and that's so yeah, they're one of the ones that is super picky.

[02:01:28] Like they, they suffer from a lack of everything because they're afraid to like. Unleash, let somebody just go make stuff for them. Cause they, they have too much, they want too much control over it for the wrong reasons, right? Yeah. Yeah. But that's like the hidden secret, that I know. And people in this program know, but like a lot of other people don't and one of the reasons the program exists, like there is a huge market gap for creativity.

[02:01:57]Like there are just millions of businesses that have just no creative assets whatsoever. No idea how to get them. No idea who to buy them from. No idea what they're looking for. And those of us that are creatives we gotta start taking advantage of that. And bring our own unique flavor to it.

[02:02:18]Yeah, a hundred percent, every business that I work with needs more photo. Everybody needs more photos. It's just endless because photos are just as useful sometimes. Like when you're doing a marketing campaign, that's why a company needs a video it's for marketing purposes. They need both, the video is more important, a lot of ways, because as we all know, video moves mountains, but yeah, they need both.

[02:02:42] So yeah. That's a great, that's a great question.

[02:02:50] Cool. Anything else? Y'all I think I've got my work cut out. Yep. I got a lot of work to do. I know I do too. I just don't know where to start yet. Yeah we'll have our onboarding call tomorrow, but I would start just going through the lessons in week one, because they're just all about niche and positioning.

[02:03:13] Like they are very square one. And I know that you need that stuff, so just, I would just dig into that. That'll really help guide it right from the beginning. Yeah. I was planning to start on that now that I've access to him before, rather than waiting for the onboarding. Yeah. Okay. Awesome. Rock and roll.

[02:03:34] Wow. Great call today. You guys, we had some like big moments, some breakthroughs, which I love. Yeah, this was great. Yeah. Yeah. Super awesome stuff. Okay. I will. And recap, you said you would prefer, this was later in the day, right? I recently changed teams of work for, because we're a bureau and my previous team met at eight o'clock talk every day.

[02:04:03] This team meets at nine, 15 Pacific time. I personally, how long is that meeting? Is it long or is it like a daily huddle? Most of the time it's a daily huddle. Thursday happens to also be the day when we do one of our other sprint ceremonies. And today was one of those sprint ceremonies. So it's usually a 15 minute meeting.

[02:04:26] Oh, okay. Gotcha. Gotcha. All right. I've been thinking about moving it to a different time of day. So we'll see. I may do that as the evidence comes in because if somebody from it just occurred to me that if somebody from Australia and New Zealand comes into the program, they're going to be screwed.

[02:04:45]I've been thinking about that. So yeah, I may end up moving it later in the day. So we'll see about that. Yeah. Getting that broad time zones is really tough to do. It is tough. It is tough. I want to make sure everybody comes all. Ultimately you're going to get value whether you come every week or not, but I want to make it as accessible as possible.

[02:05:03] I think that if I did it at 5:00 PM or something, it would be good for every time zone. It's not like amazing for me because the kids just got home and stuff, but I can do it. I dunno if it would be Thursdays. Cause I but yeah, we'll figure it out anyway. We will get it sorted. I had one team that I was working on, had some people that was the farthest west.

[02:05:30] They had most of the team on the east coast and about a third of the team. Somewhere in India. I don't remember what city I'm thinking hybrid, but that may have been a different team. I don't know, but because it was so spread out and because the project management was in India and I was the only person not on the east coast.

[02:05:57] I kept getting shafted meeting wise. Cause they were, they would have originally they originally scheduled it for 7:00 AM my time every day. Yeah. They started shuffling it around, but they will send out the meeting updates at three o'clock in the morning. My time. Yeah. How are you even supposed to? I think we're cash.

[02:06:21] I think the answer to this is replace your income with video and yeah. Let me get to make your own schedule and you get to make your own schedule. That's right. Yeah, absolutely. I've worked my way into the CFC. Yep. All right guys, have a great rest of your week. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Rakesh as always you've got circle.

[02:06:47]I'm always there. Thanks Matt. Thanks.

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