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Magnets and Hammers

I love magnets.

While most objects in the universe have to push to have any impact... Magnets pull.

They have it pretty good...

The things they are most attracted to are inherently attracted to them..

Magnets can simply sit back, relax, and attract their desired scenario at any given time....

And when something is drawn to a magnet, and ends up attached to it, it's happy to be there... because it's found it's other half, it's completion. The place it was meant to be...

Hammers, on the other hand, have it rough.

Nothing comes easy for a hammer. That nail won't plunge itself into that slab of pine...

A hammer's only option is to work. Tirelessly, violently even, until it gets its desired scenario.

Hammers get beat up, they're unattractive, and are meant to counter resistance with force.

Nobody wants to use a hammer, they have to...

Give me the magnet any day in my business... in my life

I don't want to resort to violent force to achieve my goals, I would much prefer to build something so attractive and powerful that it streamed to me like a moth to a flame....

Sound too difficult to achieve? Too risky? Think you're not good enough, smart enough, ready enough?

Try empathy.

Try compassion.

Try service.

Build value around these things....

And pulling what you want into your business (and into your life)

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