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I Deleted Clubhouse and You Should Too

Guys it's time for me to go on a little rant.

I've been thinking about this rant for a really long time... and I thought I might make some people angry. Maybe you're one of them, but listen, here's the deal...

Clubhouse sucks.

Yeah really sucks. All right. Let me be more specific...

There are really two things that just drive me crazy about this platform and how sexy it is everywhere.

The first thing that drives me nuts is really just the status stuff that's behind it all.

Reinforcing Status Dynamics

It drives me crazy. We are in a world where it's so hard to break through. We're in a world where it seems like there are some people that are at up here and there are some people down here and you're constantly trying to claw up and be one of the more famous people. You want to go more viral. We want to get more attention, forget the business aspect of it, you just want more attention.

Okay, fine. But then this platform gets super popular, like Clubhouse, and it's all about status dynamics. It's sitting in rooms for hours, waiting for your turn to talk. And at the end of the day, I know that it is not a valuable enough use of people's time to be spending a crap load of time on this platform. I think that it can lead to some bad self-esteem issues for some people. And if you're famous, great, people are going to be climbing up to you if you've got time to spend on there. But if you're one of these people that's just vying for attention, it’s tough. It starts to basically reinforce those dynamics, like reinforce that segregation.

So I'm there with people that look up to me as being micro famous in the marketing community. And then there's me and Elon Musk; sorry but me and Elon are not at the same level. Or then there's me and Justin Timberlake, not hanging out in a room, but we share a space of clubhouse, which not really a space.

A lot of people love Clubhouse, and we used to say this about Twitter in the early days as well, because it allows you to talk to people who you wouldn't otherwise be able to talk to you. You can hang out in a room with Elon Musk or someone like that. Okay, great. How much are you actually interacting with them? Or are you just waiting hours and hours for your turn to ask a question that you'll never get to answer whatever it may be? And at the end of the day, is it moving the needle for your business?

Insane Time Commitment

A lot of people are making the argument that, "Hey, listen, I get a lot of leads through clubhouse. I get people all the time that are interested in me, my business. And I'm just getting all sorts of clients from it. Cause it's getting to build so much trust and that's awesome." I'm not here to take that away from you at all, but how much time are you spending on there?

It's like being in a five hour a day conference, every single day or even a couple times a day. Honestly, I'm either working, making video content for you or for clients, or I'm hanging out with my kids. I don't have time to sit on clubhouse for hours a day and I did it at the beginning when it first came out, I was a relatively early adopter. I was in there and I would just sit in these rooms forever, and when I was moderating fine, that's all well and great and you can meet some really cool people. But my gosh, the time commitment of clubhouse is insane.

Again, time is money. And it's great if you're getting leads and clients, but at what cost? And certainly you can stay there, but this is why it's not for me. And that's why I deleted it off my phone because it's just not for me.

At the end of the day, it's not even the time thing as much. Yeah, it's going to be impossible for me to ever be on the platform because of time. But I just don't like the status dynamics. I don't like this whole am I on stage? Am I not on stage? Who's talking? Who's allowed to talk? What are the rules here? And then a lot of the faux intellectualism that happens here, can we just have a beer and chat? Side note, I don't drink. Haven't drank for years. Can we have a pretend beer? Can we have a non alcoholic beer? Can we have a kombucha and just talk? That's what drives me. Just like absolutely crazy.

I'm sharing this because I think there might be a lot of other people out there, like me, that are always chasing the new social media platform, because they feel like "if I go after something new and trendy, there's an opportunity to break through." But at the same time, at what cost? Because at the basic level, the same stuff always works. Have a sales mechanism in your business, get well-qualified traffic to that sales mechanism and convert those people through "know, like, trust." That's the basics and that's never going to change. That's just human psychology.

All of these tips and tricks and tactics like be on this platform, post a billion times a day on this platform, spend five hours a day, create your own room, et cetera on Clubhouse, it just ends up costing you so much money. Because time is money when you're an entrepreneur. I know a lot of you out there, entrepreneurs and marketers, and I just want to serve you.

If you needed somebody out there to give you permission to not be on Clubhouse, just because it's sexy and everybody's doing it, you have my permission. I'm not on it. I'm not going to go back to it. I'm not going to join Twitter Spaces. I'm not going to do Facebook Whatever the Clubhouse competitor is that they're building. It's just not for me. It doesn't seem like the best use of my resources. Even if it could move my business 5 to 10%, are there other ways that I can move my business 5 to 10% with 600% less time, effort and energy? Yeah, probably. Does my time, effort and energy equate to money? Yeah, definitely. Because time is money when you're an entrepreneur.

So if you needed somebody to release you from that, please feel free. Use me as that. That's my rant for today.

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