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How to Turn Any Web Page Into a Mac App

Browser-based web tools are all the rage. From project management, to CRM software, analytics... whatever. For whatever reason we have been forced into an existence of endless tabs to run our businesses.

It's pure and utter madness.

Anyone who thinks having 75 Chrome tabs open is going to make my life easier has some serious soul searching to do.

So one morning I woke up determined to solve this issue and came across a handy, easy to use little app called Fluid.

How Fluid Works

It really couldn't be any easier.

Take any url you want to turn into an app, copy it from the address bar, and paste it into Notion. It will instantly create an app you can put in your dock, link to on your desktop, whatever you want.

You can launch it just like any app and it works flawlessly

How to Set Up an App in Fluid

First, download the Fluid App and install it. It's free.

Now just double click the icon to launch it and you'll see this dialogue box:

Go to the tab where you have the app open and copy the URL from the address bar. Note, I would go directly to whatever your main view is in the web app and take that URL (for example,

It might not be as seamless for you if you just use the homepage address.

In the name field you simply name your app.

I recommend under Location choosing the Applications folder rather than default Desktop, so it's grouped with all your other applications.

Under Icon, you can upload your own image, or just have it grab the Favicon from the URL.

If you're wondering what a Favicon is, it's that little icon that shows up in the tab bar:

And that's it!

You can just go to your applications folder and launch it. If you want it to stay in your dock, just right click the dock icon, go to options, and select Keep in Dock.

Enjoy the tab-free life.

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