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How to Run Successful Brand Awareness Campaigns Through YouTube Ads

We talk a lot about how to run conversion campaigns on YouTube directly driving leads and purchases - but there's a lot more to advertising than direct response.

We sat down with Erick Silvio this week on the podcast who specializes in running brand awareness campaigns through YouTube ads. We talked about how he sets up these campaigns, what KPI's he goes after, the mistakes people make, and how to structure the creative to be effective.

Erick started digital marketing in 2013 with an emphasis on SEO. Shortly after starting his first agency, he began getting involved in YouTube and Pay Per Click Ads. In 2015 WordStream named him as being among the top 5% of advertisers in the country. He’s also been featured in The Huffington Post, was featured on and held the record of the #1 marketing writer at

Today Erick spends a lot of time teaching others how to create effective YouTube campaigns while he also runs his digital marketing business.

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