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How to Leverage Powerful Data to Crush Your YouTube Ad Campaigns

I often say that when you are starting to build a new YouTube advertising campaign, there is nothing more important (and time consuming) than the research phase.

This is the phase where you get all your keywords, placements, audiences, etc. together and deep dive on your avatar's behavior.

Doing this directly in YouTube can be an absolute slog. It will also make an already lengthy process even more lengthy. The most incredible thing about digital advertising in broad strokes is your ability to gather and leverage data.

One of the best at this is Justin Sardi, one of the top influencers in the YouTube advertising world. He is also the creator of Tubesift, an online software tool for hunting down powerful keywords and placements so you can crush your YouTube campaigns. Justin and I spoke about what's working on YouTube ads in 2019, and how to leverage data and analytics in your campaigns.

All of this will go a long ways in maximizing your ROI.



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