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How to Build a Funnel For Your Video Business

We're talking about building a funnel for your video business that you can get more leads. Which leads to more clients, leads to more money.

So how do you design a funnel experience for people?

Basic Funnel Design

The first thing that you need is a traffic source. This can be something like an ad, SEO, organic social media, whatever it is. It's something that prospects for you. It gets your offer out in front of people. Then we're going to send people to some sort of landing page experience and on this landing page, this is where we're very clear about a few things...

We're very clear about what our offer is. And we also want to be clear about what the call to action is, what we want people to do on that page, as well as the USP, which means how we are unique. Because there's a lot of people out there that can make content for businesses. How are you going to specifically be unique with your offer? That is what we want on our landing page.

My students in the PVC program and I are talking about selling their videos for high ticket because you and I both know that this type of creative work is not cheap. You can't find it everywhere, supply and demand. You are valuable. You are way more valuable than you think you are, and you need to charge that. As you're charging this high ticket offer people aren't just going to go click a button and purchase. You're going to probably want to get them on a phone call.

In order to get them on a phone call, you'll be sending them to some sort of scheduler. Now, when you're sending them to this schedule, ask yourself "Okay how do I want to qualify prospects?" You want to make sure that you have a form in here that adds certain things like, do you have money to invest in your business? How much revenue are you making? Now you want to ask them things that tie it to money, because remember the reason that people are going to buy creative work from you is because they want to make money with it. So you're framing it all the way through as you're creating content to make them money.

You want to have some sort of form and you want this to link directly through your calendar. You might use something like Calendly. This is what we use in the business. HubSpot has one, it is kind of expensive. You can use ScheduleOnce, Book Like A Boss, anything like that.

We have a form, we have a scheduler, they book a call with us, and then we go into the sales call so that we can qualify them by asking, "Hey, what are your problems?"

This is the basic construction of what we do for a funnel.

Since it's a funnel, we're segmenting people as we go. We have all these people that are coming in through the ads, social media, SEO, whatever it may be and as they come in, they're segmenting along the way. Some people aren't interested in the ad and then they'll drop off. Or when they get to the landing page, they decide, eh, the offer isn't good enough or this doesn't resonate with me. Then they'll drop off. They're moving through this funnel. And the most qualified people get to the scheduler.

Now the big thing here is it's all about the offer. It's all about your USP and it's all about getting the sales call booked and closed. The whole point is to get people on the phone. If you have something like a low ticket offer, let's say that you're just selling stuff for $500; it's not going to be worth getting somebody on the phone. This is what probably the mistake that a lot of you are making is you're not charging enough. And you're spending all this time getting on the phone with people that are only spending $500. That's just not a good idea.

Those are the basics of a sales funnel.

Get qualified traffic in.

Bring them to a landing page with a very specific offer or USP.

Take them to the scheduler where they can book a call with you.

Assess their needs, figure out how you can help and then charge them a fair price for the value that you're going to provide.

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