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6 Proven Ways to Win in a Competitive Market

What if you were a magnet to anyone that could ever buy from you?

How would that feel?

What would that do for your business and your life?

Here are 6 Rules of the Road that EVERY business owner can follow to become a magnet in their market!

Rule #1: “Build It and They Will Come.”

The first of these six rules of the road is from a movie I know from growing up as a kid; “Build it and they will come.” One of the problems is, a lot of people are afraid to build it because they are afraid people won’t come.

That gets them into analysis paralysis and they never end up doing anything.

This is one of the most damaging things you can do in your business. Even if it is just a minimum viable version of it. The only way to see what people want and what you should build is by building it. I'm not saying you should take three years to build something and just have hope and faith people will come, I'm saying the exact opposite. You go forward and build the core of the idea you want to build and see what people want.

It also has to do with content. There are many different ways you can get more revenue into your business. One of these ways is by running ads and having sales pages, etc. Another way is actually pulling people in, that is the magic of content. Content marketing is one of the best possible ways to become a market magnet. All these different pillars like your YouTube channel, your blog, your organic social media and your Twitter, are ways that you can start to get business development by creating value-based content.

When it comes to content, when it comes to your business, build it and they will come. And if the right people don't come, you build something different and they will come.

Rule #2: Tell A Story

The second rule of the road is to tell a story. This is what my strategy, the Matterhorn Strategy (we will discuss this in a moment), is built around. It has to do with the idea that we as human beings are part of a large story. And have been telling stories since the beginning of time. Since that is so hardwired into our being, these stories actually become the framework for every single thing we do in our business and in our life. When we can map that out ahead of time using this strategy, you can be ahead of the game every step of the way in your business. Everything falls into line.

That's why the Matterhorn Strategy is so powerful. And it is all based on storytelling. Tell a story and tell it authentically. The more people are forward facing in your business and the more authentic they are, the more vulnerable they are, the more that you will magnetically draw people to you

Rule #3: Create A Blue Ocean

That's what we want. It's empathy. We're just searching for empathy. Do you think your competitors are doing this? They're not.

And that gets into my third rule of the road, which is create a blue ocean. You have got to create a blue ocean around your business. This isn't to say to change your entire industry or your entire field. Just a blue ocean where there is no blue ocean.

It's a mucky dirty ocean. It's very hard to find an ocean that isn't mucky and dirty. You need to create a blue ocean within that. If you're staring at a big ocean full of brown and you see one, one mile long stretch of blue ocean, it's going to stick out to you like a sore thumb. That's what we want to create in our own industries and our own markets in our own field.

Now let's discuss the Matterhorn Strategy I mentioned earlier.

The Matterhorn Strategy

I call it this system Matterhorn for one simple reason, it looks like the Matterhorn mountain. Nearly everything you do in business can be plugged in to this specific methodology. At the most base level, we are telling a story. That is the secret to creating magnetism.

The before is the landscape. We start to understand what the landscape is and just like a story, we need to make a change. The scales are going to get tipped here and our new challenge arises. This could be all sorts of things in your business. It could be new competition enters the field that wasn't there. Before that your resources were hit as a business, you have to get scrappy to differentiate.

Some people may find themselves in an okay shape without going way out, but what happens? This new challenge arrives and they have to do something about it. And what do they do about it? They take a risk, a calculated risk, a risk that comes from intuition. A risk that comes from really knowing and understanding where everybody else in the landscape is at and how you can just bucket. Of course it takes coaching to get there. I have to work with people and sometimes it takes time to get over that hump and to understand what risk they should take. You can take huge risks that are actually risk averse. We go over that a lot in the program, but you have to do something big and bold. You've got your big, bold moment. That big, bold moment is the climax of our story.

Once we have our big, bold moment, we achieve transformation and you see how much hinges on what this big, bold moment is. Then we find our blue ocean, you're differentiated. How do we do all of this? We do it through creativity. That creativity permeates your business. Everything from your creative to your advertising to the way you position yourself in your industry. This is how you create a blue ocean from pretty much anywhere. It's extremely powerful. The Matterhorn strategy, has worked for hundreds of businesses. It could work for you too.

Rule #4: Stop Selling

The fourth rule of the road is to stop selling.

Stop. Selling.

Instead of selling I want you to focus on inviting and serving. Whether you're selling a $40 product or you're selling a $10,000 course, it's all about the way that you approach it.

Are you going to approach it from a place of service or are you going to approach it from a place of selling? We're using tactics, scaring people and trying to move people to do things by strong arming them. You don't need to do that because at the end of the day, business is here to solve a problem. Once you've identified that problem, you've identified the pain points and empathy that is involved with that problem. As you empathize with it, you start to see if there's a fit here, a true fit, not a, can I take your money? Now? You say, I can serve this person.

Then you can make an invitation.

"I want to invite you to be a part of it, because I think I can help you."

"I think I can be of service to you."

Now, of course, sometimes you have to pull some sales levers along the way to get people to convert and to believe in themselves because we all know some people just don't believe in themselves and need that help to get over the line. But at the most basic level, it's all service. It's just inviting and giving service

Rule #5: Create Authentic, Consistent Content

Road rule five is create authentic, consistent content. There's no better way to become a magnet in your marketplace than through value-based content.

My two favorite words are empathy and value.

They work hand in hand. Empathy is the reason why anybody clicks on anything online, the reason why anyone buys anything online. Empathy is, in fact, the reason why anybody buys anything in general. That's why business exists. It exists through empathy. It exists to solve people's problems, human problems, human problems solved by humans.

The more we are depositing in that relationship, instead of just taking, the more magnetic we become. We're giving this value. We start to build these legions of super fans around us and that makes us so magnetic because you have showed them and you're not lying that you care about them. Maybe even more than they could possibly care about you. And that's okay because you're here to serve.

Creating consistent content could be a YouTube channel, TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn or anything. Whatever it is, I urge you to be consistent, vulnerable, empathetic and always giving value. You may just focus on one platform, I do not personally think it's necessary to be all over all platforms. You need to be everything in one or two places. So where do you fit best? Is it a podcast? Is it a blog? Is it a newsletter? Is it a combination of some of these? You will realize you don't need to be everywhere as long as you're giving as much value as humanly possible and building a community. That community, those people that you draw into you magnetically, that's where you'll win.

Rule #6: Believe in Your Outcome

Rule six is to believe in your outcome. Now, if you'll let me get just a little bit woo here... I really strongly believe in the law of attraction. I really believe that your thoughts become your reality. If you believe something will happen, in your bones, it will come true.

I think that the best things in life are not things that we make happen or strong arm into happening. The best things are ones where we create the circumstances within which to pull into our lives. There is so much more value in you doing the internal work to make this magnetism happen than the external work, you've got to believe. It's possible.

You've got to believe in yourself. You have to believe in your ability to achieve incredible things because you can, and you have to stop saying "I can't this, I can't that." And start saying, I am this. Those are very powerful thoughts. And those thoughts have a funny way of turning in to reality.

If you have an online store here's a video that will show you how to use one of my great strategies to create a sales mechanism inside your store that's iOS 14 proof.

If you want to know how to create a video that has the potential to go viral, my HERO system is the best framework for this.

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If any of these road rules resonated with you or maybe all of them did, I definitely want you to know that I have a market magnet pilot program that is starting soon. Contact me using the link below to find out more!

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