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3 Proven Ways to Instantly Level Up Your Live Videos

Do you freeze up when you hit the GO LIVE button on your phone?

Or worse, do you start rambling uncontrollably and take forever to get into the content?

If so you might not feel that confident up there...

I am going to share my 3 step foolproof solution for you to be more magnetic, more valuable, and more profitable in your live streams.

Step 1: The Moment Before

I used to teach this in acting class, in a former life. We used this device all the time to get into character and start making strong choices right off the bat. The moment before is like a diving board, instead of standing on the edge and flopping off, you force down and launch into the air with energy and gusto.

All you need to do is close your eyes a few moments and visualize what that moment is right before you go live. As long as it's full of energy it can be real or fictional, it doesn't matter. For example, I might close my eyes and visualize myself getting ready to speak on stage in front of 1,000 of my biggest fans. My name is about to be announced and I will come out to cheers when I push the live button. BOOM! I am ready to be the most confident version of myself.

Step 2: The Cold Open

Remember how every episode of The Office started not with the title sequence but with an entire story line? Do this in your live videos from the first second. Launch right into the value. Nobody wants to watch a live video, especially if it is a replay, where you spend the first 10 minutes waiting for people to show up or telling some boring story about how hard it was to get out of bed today. People came for value so, launch into value.

Step 3: Objective

The last step is another one stolen from acting class. Your objective in any live video should be super clear. What is the specific reason or outcome you are looking to achieve with this live video? Write it down before you go live, and use a verb.

For example, I want to change people's minds about Clubhouse and convince them that it is garbage. (Spoiler alert: working on a video about that right now.) That is a super active objective and if I stay focused on that intention the entire video, it will be tight, it will be powerful and it will achieve it's purpose; which is the entire goal of doing this stuff in the first place.

Do these three things and I guarantee that your live video efforts will be 500% improved in no time. Remember, it is super important that you know who you are talking to; I have a video here that can help you do that.

Full video at the top of this article! Subscribe to my YouTube.

If this resonated with you, I want you to know that I have a market magnet pilot program that is starting soon. Contact me using the link below to find out more!


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